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+++++++Notable LFAP Posts++++++++

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+++++++Notable LFAP Posts++++++++

Post# 8454

Ever seen a well known Market Maker take a long term position to create, establish, develop, manage and fund a LGBT Preference Index, LGBT Exchange Traded Fund and/or LGBT Loyalty Sponsor Fund?

Even if its just a pump and dump. It might one for the ages... and they have not even begun to draw interest to this ticker. We are buying the opening act.

An MM will know how to draw intest. They MAKE markets!

More big players will join us imo. The info is still spreading.... and the float already tight


Post# 8664

Maxim is not only the owner of 49.99%, they also have control over the insiders actions... IMO they set this up to use the connections of the gay insiders to bring an attractive investment vehicle to the gay community, which is one of the most brand loyal groups.

Maxim likely had the ideas and know how (obviously) for these investment vehicles, but they needed someone thats gay and connected in the community to be the face.

This looks like the Maxim CEOs pet project and with the price moving nicely on these filings, i bet they are motivated to get some PRs out and the price up to a level that allows them to use the equity to build this out.


John Kent
Post# 8558
$LFAP MAXM has complete control outside of public float there are no shares to be had company cannot dilute either this is the best of both worlds for retail



Post# 8718


$LFAP 8-K The LGBT Loyalty (ETF) Index Fund is expected to be the first “preference” index fund to survey a representative group of the LGBT community to determine which companies within the S&P 500 $SPY #ETF.


$LFAP makes sense to bring in Maxim Partners if they are planning and ETF. Check out $PRID similiar setup. A company with an ETF of S&P500 companies would bring unheard of value.


Post# 8267

TA confirmed 16,873,317 float last month.

Outstanding Shares




Post# 10089
How is Maxim acquiring 49.99% “meaningless hype”?! lol... Have you not taken the time to DD Maxim and their vast business experience? I suggest you do: http://www.maximgrp.com/the-firm/executive-management-team/

I see no substance included in your post, supporting that weak argument. Not even a logical opinion.

Anybody can make a bogus claim, but its much harder to back it up... Like ive been doing with my claims


Post# 9934

Is that small website a conviction?

People always make the harshest claims when they lose money on an investment, but that’s not a conviction.

How many Bankruptcies has our president had? People have said similar about him and he became president. lol

... but if it is a scam, that just means it has even more near term potential. The biggest pennyland runs are often the biggest scams, because they will say/do anything to push them... and these guys haven’t even started to pump this ticker. These filings are just the opening act. Do you think everything will just end right now?! Or will they light this on fire with news?... This ticker already has the most important ingredient = eyeballs/interest

You do realize that Maxim holds the keys to this car, right? Even if the CEO wanted to screw us he can’t without them standing in his way... This appears to be Maxims pet project. As far as I can tell they have never done a deal like this. It feels like it’s personal


$LFAP you want to take a look at the DD posted below &look at the

Chart and the L2 pix i will post below
$ 90,000. Dollars were on the bid at one point
18 million bid at 0.005

MAXM takes 121 million shares on Schedule 13D



I can't find an #ETF that trades for under a dollar

Stock Name: $LFAP

*#LTQB ETF fund
*MAXM (institutional buyer) owns 49.99% of the O/S
*Float is ~16 million
*CEO is the former CEO of SONY

#nasdaq #nyse #stockstowatch #stocks #StockAlert #Bloomberg #MSNBC #FoxBusiness


Efficient Trader
Post# 10084

Official news havent came out yet and all the experienced traders know more good news is coming. A lot more!

Maxim and Jack Tretton is very wealthy, experienced and successful.

Anything they touch turns to gold!

Start play at 1:08

With them theres so many options and possibilities of revenues. This is the beginning stage of $LFAP growth and theres no resistance in sight.
Money coming hot and fast! Question is do you guys want to lose your shares?


Profit Trader
Post# 10033
They have audited SEC compliant financials for a reason

Why would they spend money on audited financials if they have no revenue? They are getting ready to up-list to the big boards (imo)


John Kent
Post# 10122
This board was nice and clean until price shot up and late arrivals saw DD and were like oh-$hit and are working overtime to beat this down.

This is a win win for longs if it goes higher we bank if it goes lower more of the float goes into stronger hands.

SHM* is at .60 range without any major institutional investor MAXM owns 49.9% am not sure any sensible person will be betting against them this has been a plan that has been unfolding for 3 years for anyone paying attention to filings here.

These are the ingredients needed for parabolic moves

1)Huge catalyst check -Maxim ownership/ETF plan

2)Low float/ No dilution

3)Basic laws of supply and demand - Demand right now outweighs (Static Supply)





$LFAP LGBT Loyalty is creating, establish, develop, manage and fund a LGBT Preference Index, LGBT Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and/or LGBT Loyalty Sponsor Fund.



$LFAP Check the address on the SC 13D and MAXIM contacts.

Also look who they're members with FINRA, NASDAQ, NYSE, IEX, SIPC!


#LGBTQ community will find out they have an ETF fund this weekend and then there will be a long line once the market opens for shares Monday morning
MAXM 50% owner!!! I can’t stress this enough


$LFAP With MAXIM being involved owning 49.99% and Jack Tretton former CEO of @Sony with an ETF plan, $1 is cheap.

Just to show you how big we're talking.
Maxim recent transactions doing highs of $175,000,000


Post# 10136
Well said Rocket. We (retail) are always upset or harping on how a MM is "manipulating" the market and treating us so unfair. Well, in this instance, we get to play along with the big boys and just let them do their thing while we benefit with massive gains.

Whats the one thing we ALL KNOW?!? Market Makers NEVER lose. I am more than ecstatic to be invested in a OTC company with a market maker. First time for me && it's no surprise that it's the fastest moving stock I've ever been in. We darn near skipped the .03s and .07s on the initial surge up smile, INSANE!

$LFAP has the potential for multiple dollars. I was in $OWCP from sub penny to $3.3 and no Market maker owned half the OS. I can only imagine what MAXM has in store for this ticker but I truly believe it is something that will shock and awe us little OTC investors


The most common type of market maker is a brokerage house that provides purchase and sale solutions for investors in order to keep the financial markets liquid. A market maker can also be an individual intermediary, but due to the size of securities needed to facilitate the volume of purchases and sales, almost all market makers are or work for large institutions.

"Making a market" means a willingness to buy and sell the securities of a defined set of companies to broker-dealer firms that are member firms of that exchange. Each market maker displays buy and sell quotations for a guaranteed number of shares. Once an order is received from a buyer, the market maker immediately sells from its own holdings or inventory of those shares to complete the order.

Thus, market making enables the smooth flow of financial markets. Without this, investors and traders would not be able to buy and sell as easily. Less transactions in a market naturally translates to less investing, overall. Investing less would reduce funds available to companies and tend to decrease prices of shares of smaller companies without as wide a base of investors.

Exchange rules often have more than one category of market maker. Within the rules, a market maker firm can decide to commit to more responsibility for the smooth market performance of the specific securities in which it agrees to make a market. The market maker’s commitments include continuously quoting prices at which it will buy or bid, and sell or ask for securities. Market makers also have to quote the volume in which it is willing to trade and the frequency of time it will quote at the Best Bid and Best Offer (BBO) prices, and how it will do all of the above during all kinds of market hours and conditions. When markets become erratic or volatile, market makers need to keep a cool head to facilitate smooth transactions.



Post# 10099
MAXM owning 49% + Commons bought on open market proves this is legit and also there’s no way in hell any other MM is going to be overly aggressive shorting this because they know damn well they don’t have the power nor the money to compete with MAXM and their massive connections
This will uplist to a higher exchange, the share structure is favorable so there won’t be any split to uplist either which is why I say this will be above 5.00 before March
It won’t take much to get it there either
MAXM didn’t invest their money, time, and most importantly their reputation on LFAP for a quickie
They are here to make hundred of millions in the long run and they’ll eventually do it
We found this early, so thank whoever told you about this because once your account is up by 1000%’s+++
They’ll deserve atleast that.
The company hasn’t even made public their plans yet and when they do expect a mad rush from the public buying up whatever is left of the tradeable float and then the possibilities are endless.

No need to even think outside the box, in fact don’t overthink things here
Read read read this link
Read it again and again until you fully understand what’s happening here and then you won’t be nervous to load up with the rest of us Monday!
If this doesn’t run to 1.00 minimum I will delete my ihub account and never post my thoughts ever again!
Have a good weekend




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