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It will give you a head count

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IH Geek [Dave] Member Level  Friday, 02/08/19 02:40:17 PM
Re: Homebrew post# 193084
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It will give you a head count of "Bulls" v "Bears" I suppose, for what that's worth.

That's about it's only value, for what that would be worth.

Personally, I think the exchange and debate of opposing views are far, far more valuable.
... is the information clearly meant to confuse and slander?

Therein lies the rub. One man's "slander" (or, more correctly, libel) is another man's gospel truth. It can only be adjudicated in a court of law. And, confuse? Any opinion be it positive or negative can "confuse," intentionally or otherwise. It's simply a false (e.g., biased) narrative that negative views are somehow by their very nature more prone to be misleading than positive views.

I'm sure there were thousands of calls to silence the bashers/trolls/naysayers on most of these stock boards. Where are those callers now? And how would our acquiescence have served the pubic interest?

CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX), 353295 posts
Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (fka SPNGQ), 346554 posts
MyECheck, Inc. (fka MYEC), 295676 posts
Wave Systems Corp. (fka WAVXQ), 245605 posts
Fortress Financial Group (fka FFGO), 220827 posts
Xechem International Inc. (fka XKEM), 203972 posts
Eternal Image, Inc.(fka ETNLQ), 202891 posts
Conversion Solutions Holdings (fka CSHD), 169037 posts
Aero Performance Products Inc (fka AERP), 162845 posts
Bancorp International Group Inc (fka BCIT), 158768 posts
World Surveillance Group Inc. (fka WSGI), 157244 posts
EP Global Communications, Inc. (fka EPGL), 130506 posts
Aurus Corp (fka AURC), 115162 posts
Eagle Worldwide Inc.(fka ELWD), 114945 posts
Solaris Power Cells Inc. (fka SPCL), 106044 posts
Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc.(fka LLEG), 103298 posts
Ocata Therapeutics Inc. (fka OCAT), 92943 posts
Hartcourt Companies (fka HRCT), 92659 posts
Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. (fka SVFC), 90995 posts
Cotton & Western Mining (fka CWRN), 90903 posts
Inca Designs, Inc. (fka IDGI), 82677 posts
Copper King Mining Corporation (fka CPRKQ), 82414 posts
East Coast Diversified Corp (fka ECDC), 80310 posts
Phoenix Associates Land Syndicate (fka PBLSQ), 79907 posts
Primco Management, Inc. (fka PMCM), 79345 posts
Rim Semiconductor Company (fka RSMI), 78728 posts
Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (fka REDG), 77997 posts
Market 99 Ltd (fka MNTY), 76909 posts
Aisystems, Inc. (fka ASYI), 74728 posts
QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI), 74546 posts
Global Earth Energy Inc. (fka GLER), 74536 posts
Effective Control Transport Inc. (fka EFFC), 72323 posts
Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. (fka ACDU), 68331 posts
Revolutionary Concepts Inc. (fka REVO), 68061 posts
Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co. (fka MHYS), 67990 posts
Boreal Water Collection Inc. (fka BRWC), 66114 posts
Prospect Ventures Inc. (fka IVAP), 65560 posts
Cytogenix (fka CYGX), 64728 posts
Banro Corp. fka BAA, 63700 posts
SPOOZ, Inc. (fka SPZI), 63346 posts
Sierra Resource Group Inc. (fka SIRG), 62038 posts
Calypso Wireless (fka CLYW), 60935 posts
Genta, Inc (fka GNTAQ), 58461 posts
DHS Holding Co. (fka DHSM), 56816 posts
BigHub.com, Inc. (fka BHUB), 56788 posts
Premier Brands Inc.(fka BRND), 56185 posts
Medient Studios Inc. (fka MDNT), 54098 posts
International Building Technologies Group, Inc.(fka INBG), 53978 posts
First American Scientific Corp. (fka FASC), 53854 posts
Cross Atlantic Commodities Inc. (fka CXAC), 53250 posts
Ariel Way, Inc. (fka AWYI), 49937 posts
Hangover Joe's Holding Corp. (fka HJOE), 49163 posts
Secure Point Technologies Inc. (fka IMSCQ), 47867 posts
eMax Holdings, Inc. (fka EMXC), 47854 posts
Trudy Corporation (fka TRDY), 47225 posts
Cdex, Inc. (fka CDEX), 45745 posts
Xun Energy, Inc. (fka XNRG), 44475 posts
Attitude Drinks Inc. (fka ATTD), 44232 posts
American Energy Production Inc(fka AENP), 44005 posts
Evcarco, Inc.(fka EVCA), 43901 posts
BIH Corporation (fka BIHC), 43413 posts
United Western Bancorp Inc. (fka UWBKQ), 42944 posts
Washington Mutual Preferred (fka WAMPQ), 42823 posts
CSG Inc. (fka CYSG), 42703 posts
Artfest International, Inc (fka ARTS), 42439 posts
One Voice Technologies, Inc. (fka OVOE), 41740 posts
GT Advanced Technologies, Inc.(fka GTATQ), 41668 posts
Pharm Control Ltd. (fka PMCL), 39795 posts
Imaging Diagnostic Systems (fka IMDS), 39139 posts
Left Behind Games (fka LFBG), 38579 posts
AmeriResource Technologies Inc. (fka ARIOQ), 38494 posts
SaviCorp (fka SVMI), 37560 posts
Alcar Chemicals Group, Inc. (fka ALCX), 37010 posts
VIPR Industries, Inc. (fka VIPR), 36552 posts
Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc.(fka IFSL), 36407 posts
STL Marketing Group, Inc. (fka STLK), 36237 posts
Sunedison Inc. (fka SUNEQ), 36167 posts
Michelex Corp (fka MLXO), 35813 posts
CSMG Technologies, Inc (fka CTGI), 35633 posts
MedClean Technologies, Inc.(fka MCLN), 35151 posts
United States Oil and Gas Corp (fka USOG), 35087 posts
New Colombia Resources, Inc. (fka NEWC), 35068 posts
The Digital Dev. Group Corp. (fka DIDG), 34936 posts
eTotalSource, Inc. (fka ETLS), 34482 posts
Vision Industries Corp. (fka VIICQ), 34474 posts
China MediaExpress Holdings, Inc. (fka CCME), 34471 posts
POW! Entertainment Inc. (fka POWN), 34322 posts
DC Brands International, Inc. (fka HRDN), 33721 posts
Native American Energy Group Inc. (fka NAGP), 33649 posts
Plasticon International, Inc. (fka PLNIQ), 33330 posts
Cirtran Corp. (fka CIRC), 33187 posts
Saleen Automotive, Inc. (fka SLNN), 31520 posts
Integrated Freight Corp. (fka IFCR), 30837 posts
Cardinal Resources Inc. (fka CDNL), 30822 posts
BioCurex, Inc.(fka BOCX), 30385 posts
U.S Fuel Corp. (fka USFF), 30354 posts
CoreStream Energy, Inc. (fka ZLUS), 30307 posts
Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fka RXPC), 30042 posts
NewMarket Technology (fka NWMT), 29727 posts
Raystream Inc.(fka RAYS), 28021 posts
Market & Research Corp. (fka MTRE), 27881 posts
Brilliant Technologies Corp. (fka BLLN), 27745 posts
Greenstar Lighting, Inc. (fka GRLH), 26833 posts
Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (fka PTQMF), 26623 posts
Carlton Companies, Inc. (fka CTNO), 26544 posts
GDT Tek Inc. (fka GDTK), 26430 posts
DoMark International Inc. (fka DOMK), 25325 posts
AccelPath Inc. (fka ACLP), 25240 posts
AbitibiBowater, Inc. (fka ABWTQ), 24888 posts
Global Leadership Institute Inc. (fka CEHC), 24510 posts
Pop N Go, Inc. (fka POPN), 24286 posts
Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (fka SMKY), 24248 posts
NHS Health Solutions (fka NHSH), 23964 posts
Salamon Group, Inc. (fka SLMU), 23361 posts
Experience Art and Design Inc. (fka EXAD), 23218 posts
Avalon Technology Grp (fka AVLN), 23105 posts
Asia Telecom Ltd.(fka ATLJ), 22533 posts
Kentucky Energy (fka QMIN), 22458 posts
VHGI Holdings, Inc. (fka VHGI), 22426 posts
A123 Systems (fka AONEQ), 22016 posts
CA Goldfields Inc (fka CAGI), 21954 posts
Matrixx Resource Holdings, Inc.(fka MXXH), 21288 posts
Angel Acquisition Corp (fka AGEL), 21127 posts
DnC Multimedia Corp (fka DCNMQ), 20865 posts
Intellect Neurosciences Inc. (fka ILNS), 20727 posts
CoMedia Corporation (fka CMTN), 20677 posts
Telvue Corp. (fka TEVE), 20674 posts
EnableTS Inc. (fka ENTS), 20469 posts
ANTs Software Inc. (fka ANTS), 20404 posts
Locan, Inc. (fka LOCN), 20371 posts
Asia Global Holdings Corp. (fka AAGH), 20076 posts
Watchit Technologies, Inc.(fka WTCT), 19980 posts
Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc.(fka TADF), 19899 posts
AmbiCom Holdings, Inc. (fka ABHI), 19790 posts
Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. (fka CMGR), 19434 posts
GTC Biotherapeutics (fka GTCB), 19308 posts
National Bank of Greece ADR (fka NBGGY), 19122 posts
Aja Cannafacturing Inc. (fka AJAC), 18916 posts
US Precious Metals (fka USPR), 18874 posts
Total Apparel Group (fka TLAG), 18684 posts
USA Graphite, Inc (fka USGT), 18597 posts
Solarbrook Water and Power Corp. (fka SLRW), 18385 posts
Optimized Transportation Management, Inc.(fka OPTZ), 18329 posts
OSL Holdings Inc. (fka OSLH), 18287 posts
AGR Tools, Inc. (fka AGRT), 18214 posts
Superior Oil &Gas Company (fka SIOR), 17796 posts
Inelco Corp. (fka INLC), 17663 posts
Universal Express, Inc (fka USXP), 17604 posts
ProElite, Inc. (fka PELE), 17523 posts
Lehman Preferred Series "J" Preferred (fka LEHJQ), 17452 posts
Mobilepro Corp (fka MOBL), 17376 posts
Safeguard Security Holding (fka SSHSQ), 17274 posts
Addax Petroleum (fka AXC), 17188 posts
Q Lotus Holdings Inc. (fka QLTS), 17162 posts
Shearson Financial Network (fka SHSNQ), 17132 posts
UNICO INCORPORATED (AZ) (fka UNCO), 17013 posts
Corporate Management Solutions, Inc. (fka YDGE), 17004 posts
Sanomedics International Holdings Inc. (fka SIMH), 16999 posts
Seesmart Technologies Inc (fka SEST), 16828 posts
Mesa Air Group, Inc. (fka MESAQ), 16650 posts
Heartland Oil and Gas (fka HTOG), 16568 posts
SEFE, Inc. (fka SEFE), 16251 posts
Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. (fka MFTH), 16191 posts
ingXabo Corp. (fka BCDH), 15869 posts
Netco Investments, Inc (fka NCVT), 15763 posts
Visual Management Systems, Inc. (fka VMSYQ), 15629 posts
Corus Bankshares Inc. (fka CORSQ), 15475 posts
Alto Group Holdings Inc (fka ALTO), 15400 posts
Double Crown Resources Inc. (fka DDCC), 15331 posts
RVUE Holdings Inc. (fka RVUE), 15239 posts
Xytos Inc. (fka XYTS), 15148 posts
NX Global, Inc. (fka NEGS), 15030 posts
Valcom Inc.(fka VLCO), 15015 posts
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Bonanza Oil & Gas, Inc.(fka BGOI), 14712 posts
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Information Architects Corp. (fka IACH), 14700 posts
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America West Resources, Inc.(fka AWSRQ), 13136 posts
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Advanced ID (RFID Technology) (fka AIDO), 12642 posts
Olie Inc. (fka OLIE), 12456 posts
Allana Potash (fka ALLRF / AAA), 12338 posts
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TTC Technology Corp.(fka TCLIF), 11834 posts
Global Holdings Inc. (fka GOHG), 11472 posts
AccessKey IP, Inc. (fka AKYI), 11147 posts
International Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.(fka IARO), 11034 posts
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Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (fka LEHMQ), 10361 posts
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Western Graphite, Inc. (fka WSGP), 8097 posts
Vertical Branding Inc.(fka VBDG), 8097 posts
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Welwind Energy International Corp.(fka WWEI), 8034 posts
Apex Resources Group Inc. (fka APXR), 8009 posts
Echo Automotive, Inc. (fka ECAU), 7992 posts
TAO Minerals Ltd. (fka TAON), 7751 posts
BioPharm Asia, Inc (fka BFAR), 7742 posts
Performing Brands, Inc(fka PFOB), 7698 posts
Tara Gold Resources (fka TRGD), 7627 posts
Sustainable Power Corp (fka SSTP), 7616 posts
Patriot Coal Corporation (fka PCXCQ), 7508 posts
Crystal Intl Travel Group Inc. (fka CINT), 7502 posts
CelLynx Group, Inc. (fka CYNX), 7475 posts
American Addiction Centers, Inc. (fka FTER), 7445 posts
CPI Corp. (fka CPICQ), 7437 posts
Internal Fixation Systems, Inc.(fka IFIXQ), 7364 posts
Molycorp.Inc. (fka MCPIQ), 7321 posts
Tri-Valley Corp (fka TVLYQ), 7283 posts
High Plains Gas, Inc.(fka HPGS), 7280 posts
Motors Liquidation Company (fka MTLQQ), 7196 posts
GEI Global Energy Corp. (fka GEIG), 7147 posts
Allied Nevada Gold Corp. (fka ANVGQ), 6976 posts
Mainland Resources, Inc.(fka MNLU), 6903 posts
World Logistics Services Inc. (fka WLSV), 6870 posts
Harbor Island Development Corp. (fka HIDC), 6841 posts
Clear Skies Solar, Inc.(fka CSKH), 6835 posts
CLX Medical, Inc (fka CLXM), 6825 posts
TMST Inc. (fka THMRQ), 6821 posts
AVT Inc. (fka AVTCQ), 6815 posts
Voice One Corp. (fka VCOC), 6752 posts
Champion Enterprises Inc. (fka CJHBQ), 6700 posts
Global Aircraft Solutions (fka GACFQ), 6691 posts
Exide Technologies (fka EXTC), 6679 posts
Easy Energy, Inc.(fka ESYE), 6614 posts
Nitro Petroleum Inc.(fka NTRO), 6503 posts
FTS Group, Inc.(fka FLIP), 6498 posts
UC Hub Group Inc.(fka UCHB), 6481 posts
RS Legacy Corp. (fka RSHCQ), 6457 posts
Cobalis Corp. (fka CLSC), 6451 posts
Hipcricket Inc.(fka HIPPQ), 6410 posts
Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(fka KDMP), 6405 posts
Assured Pharmacy Inc. (fka APHYQ), 6190 posts
Thrive World Wide, Inc. (fka TWWI), 6189 posts
Innolife Pharma Inc.(fka INNP), 6078 posts
Beacon Power Corp. (fka BCONQ), 5964 posts
TriCell LTD (fka TCLL), 5964 posts
Adarna Energy Corporation. Co (fka ADRN), 5930 posts
Frogads Inc (fka FROG), 5895 posts
Powder River Petroleum International Inc (fka PWDR), 5894 posts
Infinity Medical Group, Inc. (fka IMGR), 5851 posts
Petro Rio S.A. ADR (fka HRPTY), 5825 posts
Biomoda Inc. (fka BMODQ), 5735 posts
Thomas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.(fka TPHM), 5716 posts
Gemini Exploration (fka GMXS), 5678 posts
Club Resources Ltd. (fka CLBO), 5576 posts
Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (fka SLGLF), 5573 posts
Gulf United Energy (fka GLFE), 5534 posts
Pacificap Entertainment (fka PFEH), 5522 posts
Soltera Mining Corp (fka SLTA), 5489 posts
Technipower Systems, Inc.(fka TECZ), 5386 posts
HII Technologies, Inc. (fka HIITQ), 5293 posts
Stratcomm Media Ltd. (fka SMMT), 5284 posts
Clicker, Inc. (fka CLKZ), 5272 posts
Here Enterprises Inc (fka HRTE), 5258 posts
Xenacare Holdings Inc.(fka XCHO), 5204 posts
Lotta Coal Inc.(fka LCOL), 5191 posts
Well Power Inc. (fka WPWR), 5171 posts
Cogito Media Group, Inc. (fka KRMC), 5165 posts
Epicus Communications Group Inc. (fka EPCG), 5162 posts
Certified Environmental Group Inc.(fka CENV), 5145 posts
Cavico Corp (fka CAVO), 5096 posts
Radix Marine Inc (fka RDXM), 5081 posts
New Leaf Brands, Inc. (fka NLEF), 5077 posts

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