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...ok my first 2019 new pick: ACRL@.0023:

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...ok my first 2019 new pick: ACRL@.0023:

-simply put: ACRL is next to Kirkland Lake Gold in Ontario, Canada - the worlds second highest-grade gold producing mine (yes, can you believe it Links below...), of which Kirkland is right now putting $350 million more into this area in a new gold mine shaft, and ACRL is on the same gold geological fault line as KLG, and last week uncovered 7 drill samples from 1930 on their property. Now these drill samples did not have to be made public because it was before a 1936 law that said so: the #6 hole (again links and dd below) shows an astounding 8oz and 4oz gold per ton, which is 224 grams per ton and 112 grams per ton.

These numbers are off the charts. This is extremely exciting and what the mining world is all about: massive possible gold strikes underground. Especially one right next to one of the world’s best.

Btw: Gold can be profitable even around ONE GRAM per ton, and certainly so for 5 grams per ton. And this lol subpenny stock with an AS of only a billion, owns this property that if proven to be true, would be a ‘super-strike’ of gold and all this in very safe Canada near the United States border in Ontario, with all the modern roads, infrastructure, water, electricity, equipment etc. all at hand.

-and new development on 1/09/19!! - new gold find 6 miles south (10 km) of Kirkland Lake Gold by a new Junior Miner! :

“A subsidiary company of Transition Metals has discovered a new gold zone near Kirkland Lake.

Canadian Gold Miner has identified a zone – dubbed the Behold Zone – on its South Kirkland property, 10 kilometres south of town.

In a news release, the company said the zone is located near the northwest edge of a recently identified 800-metre long anomaly, which they’ve traced for more than 1.5 kilometres along strike......Canadian Gold Miner is focused on gold exploration in the Larder Lake Mining District near Kirkland Lake.....Our work has highlighted a large exploration target located just south of the heart of the Kirkland Lake gold mining camp,” said Canadian Gold Miner CEO Greg Collins in a Jan. 9 news release.”


They mine the Larder Lakes region, putting ACRL’s land almost in the middle of the two - this be insane...see map - the Allsopp-Hutson claim with the star in the map below show this:

Proof of their Allsopp ownership in their 10-k, Page 11:

“Allsopp Properties: Mineral Rights acquired in the Kirkland Lake Gold’s Macassa mine Complex Ontario Canada. Consists of 1,680 acres.”

-and btw they have thousands of other acres and rights to diamond, graphite and cooper listed properties too on Page: 11:


IF THIS AINT EXCITING FOR ACRL, or any penny stock mining company, or any mining company: then what is? The stock is at .0025 of ...a cent. And so whatever happened in the past is past, but IF ACRL is sitting on say millions, tens of millions or billions of dollars of gold....then speculation comes in NOW. The time for me at least to consider buying is now...cause if their is gold in the ground, how is that for a real asset? Thats as real as it gets - as money and things are often related to gold of course, so talk about a penny stock that could more easily be accumulated and actually held longer. And with an AS unchanging and OS under 800 mil - well this is an extremely easy buy and hold for me...even buy on way up under a penny.

IF you can find a more exciting, better located, or potentially lucrative penny mining stock then this, epecially factoring in their Cobalt and Graphene mining properties they also have, rare elements of the future world - then let me know. Cause at .002, and no RS claimed clearly last week in the CEO’s ‘ramblings blog:

“...I was asked about the Company's plans regarding a future reverse split. As CEO let me say categorically that the Board has no plans at all to do a reverse stock spit. none whatsoever.”

- (which these blogs started in late November, 2018 meaning to me here we go) or AS increase, this is to me an amazing stock and think that many people will find their way here and buy shares, as EVERYONE can relate to the value of gold so shares can be held longer with a legit/promising gold stock then most others.....once they learn about ACRL and the following:

(now this is a long DD with many links, so you are warned or maybe just stop here if impatient lol):

First let’s start with the CEO and what he has been posting recently:

“Our in house Geologist explains to me that the faults running through our gold properties have folded over one another which means that rock that would normally be down deep is thrust up towards the surface, This explains why we have found high grade gold values right on the surface. I have attached a photo which reveals the visual gold evident in the quartz vein:


(Here he explains about their huge gold neighbour Kirkland Lake Gold and their Mancassa Mine) : “The 231 foot headframe and shaft sinking infrastructure is now in place at the Macassa Mine. It is all part of a $350 million expansion program which will extend the life of the gold mine for another 15 to 20 years. Eventually the shaft will be to a depth of 7,000 feet( nearly a mile and a half deep).  The gold values increase the deeper you go. When completed it is expected to help Macasssa reach production of 400,000 ounces of gold per year.

Why this is of interest to Atacama Resources International is that our three gold properties are all just west of the Macassa Mine and along the same geological fault line. “


NOW FOR THE 1930 DRILLING RESULTS on some of the ACRL property, OF WHICH THE COMPANY JUST BROUGHT IN TWO NEW GEOLOGISTS SPECIALIZING IN DRILL SAMPLES and all the work that goes into doing new surveys and completing 43-101 forms etc:

Report of past work, assay results, diamond drilling, IP results on Atacama 1 claims in Eby-Otto Twp.in the Larder Lake Mining Division. (There’s Larder Lake mentioned....the new large gold strike on 1/9/19 was just found here-!):
In 1930 Todora Syndicate diamond drilled 7 holes as follows

...(drilled hole #6):

363' to 374' Greenstone, heavy sulfides: GOLD 8oz (or about 224 grams!! Per tonne)

446' to 450' Vein matter Quartz stringers fine sulfides: GOLD 4oz (or about 112 grams! Per tonne!)

The assays for the seven diamond drill holes detailed above have been retained for 88 years and presented in this report. These assays were apparently not recorded with the Ontario Mining Commission because mandatory filings were not required until 1936.or thereabouts.
This report is generated to confirm the results of the assays conducted in 1930. These results are important because they indicate significant gold concentrations in several holes and a very high result of 8 ounces in hole #6. Because we know exactly where hole #6 is located, Atacama will conduct early analysis of the area around hole #6.
The fault intersection analysis being conducted by our geologist team for Atacama 1, 2 and 3, coupled with these historical data will provide the basis for a cost reduced and efficient plan to achieve proven reserves for the company’s gold claims in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.


NOW HOW HARD IS IT TO MINE GOLD? Well, lets look at one of worlds largest gold companys, Barrick:

As you can see from the numbers below, some sites are more rich with gold than others. But the bottom line is that it takes tremendous amount of rock to yield just specks of gold. In Q1, it took Barrick anywhere from 2 tons to 91 tons of rock to produce just 1 ounce of gold”.


..or here is another...not even an ounce per ton but a third or an ounce:

”As a spectacular example, Aurelian Resources announced intercepts of 216 metres grading 12.8 grams gold/tonne from its Fruta Del Norte deposit in Ecuador, now owned by Lundin Gold. This result is truly exceptional in terms of grade and thickness, and propelled the stock from $2 to over $22 in 2006. However, this extreme grade and thickness only comes along once every 10 years or so.


Then Check out the awesome infographic below.   It a shows how rare +2.0 g/t Au deposits are and that the average grade of producing deposits is 1.06 g/t Au.


And here is the list of the world’s top ten open-pit and underground gold operations in terms of ore grade, based on available 2014 data. (Number two HIGHEST GOLD ORE GRADE in the WORLD is ACRL’s 4 mile away same gold vein neighbor, Kirkland Lake Gold(!)):


(And all this in most friendly Canada - with its of course modern logistics, friendly government and roadways and not dealing with some crazed-country around the world and then have to transport everything back overseas), and not way up in Yukon but right behind Lake Huron and N.E. From Michigan) More on this from ACRL CEO Glenn:

All Atacama properties-diamond-graphite-gold-cobalt are strategically located. Atacama could have selected all sorts of mineral properties but if they are located where development costs are prohibitive and therefore unlikely to be developed into producing mines, why bother.  All Atacama properties are accessible by existing highways or roads. Electrical power is available to all sites. Rail service and airports are nearby. Water is existing on all sites in support of drilling. Five mining communities are within a fifty minute drive to provide necessary personnel and assay services.  All infrastructure to develop a mine is available locally. This concept of "Ease to Develop" has been foremost in Atacama's decision making.  To make my point," You can order a pizza for delivery to the mine site" for each of our properties. Few other mining companies could make a similar claim.”

There are no diamond mines in the USA and only a few in the distant far north of Canada. Cobalt and graphite have been designated as STRATEGIC MINERALS by the US Government and by the European Union because of the role they will play in the immediate future. Gold properties were selected by the Company simply because they were located on the same fault break as that of the most  valuable gold mine in the world.  Also, Atacama is committed to location, location, location


...and Glenn talks more about their Cobalt ambitions:

...”the founder of the US private security company aims to raise as much as $500 million to invest in deposits of metals such as cobalt, lithium and copper.
I am sure that most of you are aware of the USA firm Blackwater. I will not say any more but to simply say that its founder left the firm a while back but has again entered the business world in a very progressive and aggressive way. He, like those of us at Atacama, see the future as being a future including electric vehicles on a worldwide scale. As the former  Blackwater founder sees it, a mineral of the future will be cobalt, most of which is being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo - one of the poorest and most corrupt countries on earth. There, cobalt mining occurs to keep unscrupulous, corrupt, dishonest and lawless politicians and their business cronies in place to continue exploiting the people for only their own gain. Is this where the world wishes to source its cobalt? I think not, especially when there are sources in Canada. Atacama has a very promising cobalt property and we plan to be part of the action moving foreword. I am Glenn Grant, CEO

Atacama Resources International is focusing much of its future exploration and development work on the claims of cobalt which it holds near the town of Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. The attached article explains why.

Ever since Atacama obtained a graphite deposit and started work on it many people have contacted me who were unfamiliar with its significance. Its significance and value cannot be overstated. There is a reason why the US Government and the European Union have designated graphite as a "Strategic Mineral". It is crucial for the future of electric storage batteries re products like electric vehicles, smartphones, laptops, solar, wind and tidal energy development, etc... On top of that is the fact that it is the critical material in the development of GRAPHENE the wonder material of the future. In fact, GRAPHENE is the future especially as it is applied to military hardware, transportation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the like. I have included the article below if you wish to obtain further information on the emerging and exciting product.




—so that’s it and too much info i know lol for now: but seriously consider a position as to me this is what penny stock, especially a gold and rare earth penny mining stock, low-hanging DD fruit speculation is all about: location of gold properties next to and around other current massive producing ones or new gold strikes, with proven massive historical gold drill samples, also owning other properties with diamond, cobalt and graphite the later two rare earth elements important to future world and labeled as Strategic Elements by USA and EU, and right near Michigan/USA in friendly Canada where ALL modern logistics are there with no crazed-foreign government concern or transport of equipment and goods thousands of miles overseas.

ACRL: the penny markets perfect little mining stock.

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