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Ten 2017 1,000%+ runners called at bottom:

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Q7 Member Level  Thursday, 12/27/18 06:00:15 PM
Re: None
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Ten 2017 1,000%+ runners called at bottom:

1. ICNB called @ .0012

Hit .0339, 9 weeks later.

2,800% gain


Wednesday, 12/07/16 10:26:25 PM
Re: None

Post # 32017 of 81927 

"ICNB @ .0012 now, potential eoy runner and 2017 beverage super-nova penny stock -- setting up as i think a massive beverage runner. I work in the beer and wine isles @ the big chain stores and at the end of the day, the Buyers at corporate level and stores where the wine stewards have more power - everyone of these chains i am convinced would be very interested in taking this product on because of Christy. Period. I could see small racks and shelf space on endcaps with signs w Christy on it ...the organic info and thats all you need in a world of like a thousand diff wines and brands that many stiil do well just cause the label looks good lol with no story behind that or anyone like Christy thats for sure.

Waiting on the deal with A list Christy Brinklely's Prosceco to finalize with ICNB and the debt situation to be taken care of. With both done in the days and weeks to come, i dont see why this wouldnt run huge with all the literal Wall Street money knowing about it (the media and visit to Dow videos from the other day say it all of late).

CEO DeCicco has a unique opportunity to create a penny run for the ages....cant wait to see what happens. Got a starter and looking to buy dips, that may come from converts till a standstill deal or debt deal can be done. Either way just w the closed deal this should run well past a penny last days of 2016 - then prob .03 by Feb1st, 2017.

Thats my prediction with everything going right....which as we all know is rare in pennyland. - but i stand by my prediction with confiedence, as much as i can have in this krazy penny world lol..cant wait to see what happens-!!"


(side note: it hit a penny last days of 2016 and .03 just before Feb 1st as predicted above (got lucky lol and most accurate huge prediction ive ever done: great start!).


UAMM called @ .0025

Hit .0239 13 weeks later

950% gain

(Hey close enough and i really liked this one so am gonna post it lol)


Saturday, 01/14/17 11:57:40 PM
Re: StockRocket post# 1

Post # 3 of 2400 

"..hello StockFalcon cool board name!: UAMM before March 1st i think could be over .05 cents. The pps right now is .0025 though was painted at close......002's and maybe even some teens can be gotten this week.

-No dilution for two years recorded so that is rare and great, and even better that float is just a 260 mil float....all his and incredibly NO convertibles out there so the no D shall continue....they also said in last weeks PR a SS reduction coming (probably AS)......they have two weed websites where to find it, but Everything just changed with the PR last week:

". Management is pleased to reveal the introduction of a turn-key modular indoor growing station, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and an efficient nutrient delivery system. The station will be made in USA, and can be utilized for growing organic vegetables or medicinal cannabis. The system is expected to be available for purchase by the end of this quarter. "


So with California coming online for legal weed, products and services like turn-key fast indoor grow stations that can be delivered anywhere, will be needed for years to come. So possible major growth for UAMM is coming, and best of all, UAMM is already based in California.

With such a low unchanging float, no dilution or converts which can really send these penny stocks to incredible gains like we see with OWCP and BMXC and even ICNB of late .....and providing such needed MJ business tools like turn-key pre-made grow stations, and already based in California which will be the biggest MJ legal market by far: UAMM is one of those Mj stocks that could have crazy spikes and gains in the weeks and momths to come. So people very quietly load up these weeks, till maybe more significant news comes in February. Next to look out for is filings to get them current, and volume days of consistently over 5 to 10 million - as with a float unchanging even this amount would be fine for serious Accumulation as the weeks go on.

....and that is my Weeeeeeeeeed Rocket's first post and prediction....we shall see bro!"



NWAV called @ .0025

Hit .0295 5 weeks later

1,180% gain


Thursday, 01/26/17 06:45:10 PM
Re: lawomen21 post# 80912

Post # 80919 of 84337 

NWAV 6 new clinics -->> catalysts into 4/20

....i really like nwav @ .0025 by 4/20 could be .033 or even more. i think the ticker 'NWAV' is what throws people off --its what did to me before i read more of iHub poster 'lawomen21's' dd posts: they are the PAO Group now. You know all those new MJ store fronts opening everywhere selling either MMJ or MJ these years? Well thats kind of what they are going to do, but in a more professional clinic setting where other holistic medicines are sold to their patients....
...SO: thats it....and a 393 mil Float and unchanging OS of 605 mil and AS of 985 mil last 6 months. Dont YOU out there think NWAV should soon start to garner interest and excitement from the penny stock MJ crazed world ? i do...and got a starter in case and looking to buy more. Cause this seems like low hanging fruit, and perfect rally set-up into famed 4/20, doesnt it?"



RSII called @ .0025

Hit .029 2 weeks later

1,100% gain


Wednesday, 02/15/17 10:16:20 AM
Re: christalball post# 16969

Post # 16971 of 24725 

"...any stock doing biz w NWAV, is a stock i get at least a starter.

Feel free to bid whack any impatient sellers...cause this is starting to consolidate just like NWAV did last month in the .002's after it quickly leaped up from Trip Z. See the chart. Then after about a week of this churning out Trip Z guys....it quickly went to .01 area. SS is even smaller here....if this isnt a strong buy on real rumor and hint then what is? "



IBRC called @ .0002

Hit .0063 2 weeks later

3,100% gain


Wednesday, 02/08/17 09:34:32 AM
Re: None

Post # 4063981 of 4069816 

"...ibrc .0002's going: $est $13 mil CBD oil order end of this month...please see yesterdays huge PR, which gave it long legs with also the recurring monthly orders worth over $2 mil...hot sector, this one is starting at bottom...is Pink Current...half the AS is owned by CEO...float under 3 bil so a run into .003's is possible!...and L2 doesnt look bad"



USRM called @ .0056

Hit .179 cents 4 weeks later

3,200% gain


Tuesday, 02/21/17 03:24:30 PM
Re: TheHungryHippo post# 19599

Post # 19602 of 68791 

"thanks. cause a Phase III almost done, and pps is less then a penny? Insane. utterly. undervalued.

Nothing runs like biotechs that get Phase 3 positive results; this is such a big deal trading firms have teams dedicated to working just on these stocks.....or that CNBC will stop what they are doing and announce a Phase 3 final results.. Crossing fingers and buying in then...cause here could be one of those circumstances where Wall Street comes down with positive results...and the rise in pps would be epic."



FRZT called @ .0007

Hit .0148 4 days later

2,000% gain


Wednesday, 06/07/17 10:49:16 AM
Re: Beamer00 post# 21722

Post # 21727 of 37067 

"...i grew up reading Garfield and buying Jim Davis's Garfield books i loved them! lol

..so an easy buy in Trips for me here.....very exciting Garfield GO! real life game coming in a week?

Yeeeeeeeeees! "



Wednesday, 06/07/17 10:58:35 AM
Re: None

Post # 4132769 of 4137319 

"attnetion old Garfield comic fans: FRZT ...Garfield GO! game is released next week the 13th...and normally blaaaaahhhhhh about any of these new game apps these days as it rarely moves pps....

BUT: this is the one and only lol Garfield....

...and, its a real world game like phenom Pokemon GO! last year one of biggest games of all time...you go out in real world and find stuff and with Garfield GO! you can gitz prizes.

So: im a big buyer @ .0007 area as Garfield name and brand been established for the last 40 years as many of you know....this be big for a penny stock.... "



AZFL called @ .0002

Hit .0075 10 weeks later



Friday, 06/30/17 09:29:41 AM
Re: usgirls post# 4145491

Post # 4145522 of 4178448 

AZFL '1st' alert: i think, finally, its time to buy this stock as it hit the Goldilocks point in the rock bottom chart where its either been short covered with huge sells at bid yesterday or diluted to bottom (and or dumped by company to pay for the growing of the crops) -

--cause we have the 200 acres of MJ finally starting to robustly grow in the field...cause first pics just started coming out.....and i guess next week a vid is coming out....so we can all see a penny stocks clear and massive potential cause each plant is so lucrative (please see below).

and...here is a pick he has from the CEO of new plants just starting to grow...(!):


...and here is a link to the AZFL rock bottom chart starting to grow too lol: (...aint dis the time to buy, at year low right before all these pics and vids start coming in and the market realizes the massive run that could happen by Fall when harvest comes based even on a tenth of the numbers above?):


..this is from poster 'linkvest's' sticky post on the azfl board -- so we have massive possible revs per plant and crop...AND the company wants to build out their own labs and processing plants next to fields this summer? yeeeeeeeesss!:

Condensed DD's:

Amazonas Florestal Ltd. Its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Amazon Hemp Ltd., Achieves Registration With The Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Completed the planting of 236,700 High CBD Hemp seeds in the 100 acre field located in Weld County.

Amazon Hemp Ltd., Has Completed Planting Its Second 100-Acre CBD Hemp Field in Weld County, Colorado.

Just one acre of weed can produce 3.25 million dollars times 200 acres is about $650,000,000

"Ricardo Cortez, Company Chairman of Amazonas Florestal, Ltd., said, "Planting this second field completes our seeding process and allows management to move forward with its plans to purchase a property nearby these two fields where the harvested product can be securely stored, dried and processed. The properties that are under review for purchase include sufficient acreage for the kitchen and lab facility where our contractors in Colorado will set up operations to use the CBD Hemp flower, once dried, in the processing of High CBD oil, distillates and islet crystals.

Management intends to close on one of these properties now in the month of June and order the construction and lab equipment in July so that it can be installed in time to receive and process the dry flower starting in October."

-so this extremely cheap Trip Z .0002 penny stock has it all then. Huge future events and possible massive revenues, with a SS that is in Goldilocks zone and a rock bottom chart. Im buying .0003 today and .0002 if i can like a mad man ....as i can see in that pic my investment literally grow -- and that excitement should only grow as the Summer goes on.



ONCI called at .0012

Hit .018 6 months later

1,500% gain

Tuesday, 03/28/17 02:26:13 PM
Re: None

Post # 4094214 of 4175639 

...ONCI lotto .0012 IF they land just ONE of the 4 large either Korean or Japanese automakers in next week as PR'd just now....this could break .03 cents on a new run i think....so im getting a starter in case they do. Chart recently bottomed too so perfect timing for new run.


Friday, 03/31/17 12:51:54 PM
Re: TheLastOneSitting post# 74335

Post # 74375 of 93258 

...yes there is 'too much coming' - making this stock, to me, the penny with the most potential for a mega run.

This trading is perfect, as if anyone notices at times it seems like no bid support and big ask walls after say a tiny run..,,.then some lose hope and sell or flip out: exactly what MM's and us need for a sustained, longer pps run.

We flipped out MANY Trip Z holders, and even some that had large ask blocks thinking they could hold it down. BUT:. Too much upcoming possible HUGE news, and also just great news like CEO coming back to Florida in a couple weeks to possibly close 10 more dealerships with the drive safe app. And : the large AS and OS reduction he said coming. And lol revs just began with this company last Q meaning major growth just staring. So that rright there takes a lot of Risk out.....leaving minimal small 'r' risk for me, as the possible reward is just many times too great to not buy shares.

But IF CEO comes through and lands one car manufacturer overseas...lights out!


Q7 Wednesday, 04/12/17 02:46:56 PM
Re: stockstreamer post# 11246
Post # 11270 of 127932
...CEO worked for Office of Homeland Security under Bush and Obama adninistrations, read stickies and DD the CEO: very impressive bro.

His tweets the last several months point to exactly the kind of circles in the U.S. government he worked with why is the United Nations, Trump a surprise if he was working at Homeland Security under Bush and Obama?...that now that he is out: he can take advantage of in the private sector.

Like so many ex-gov. employees from top down....they often go successfully in the private secotor and whether we all like it or not, they usually find getting government contracts and business much easier then...the old boy network....though looking at his resume i think his work and positions stand for themselves, and its a great cyber-security fit for such an expert to be doing new business now with the U.S. government.

A rare penny play here man......looking for dips as this kind of set up, pending news, insaaaane volume, growing boardmarks, excitement, Story, Potential....and CEO of his experience and caliber:

...well...what more do you want from a .0018 stock, lol?

This has massive long pps run written all over it cause of the above.


GIGL called at .02 cents

Went to .25 cents two months later

1,250% gain

Q7 Wednesday, 01/18/17 11:21:00 PM
Re: Carjockey2 post# 2380
Post # 2382 of 30342
...hey Carjockey2 ...this is the rarest of news even for an established say Naz stock: Giggles and Hugz is wanted so bad that the Mall owner in extremely expensive San Fran will pay $1.4 mil for entire build out.

Then brand extensions, like Gig and Hugz ice cream or whatever it may end up being, lol?

...just incredible events happening here...i would be dumb to not buy some kind of position here sister!


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