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A new era with Steve Kirkpatrick that sounds

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fung_derf Member Level  Thursday, 08/09/18 11:37:54 AM
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A new era with Steve Kirkpatrick that sounds to me as bad as ever...

Hal Engel
2. Juli um 04:49

Good set of notes! Thanks guys.


SK begins by saying interesting meeting tonight, see how many show up. Happy 4th of July weekend, have lots of fun, family, good food. As always, he opened with a prayer.

Well folks, he's been doing this for over 4 1/2 years. Most interesting and difficult thing he has ever tried to take on. He has mixed emotions and going to lay it all out there, will be speaking with an open heart about things going on. Back from the total destruction fiasco, Criminal Enterprise and a lot of goofy stuff going on.

Litigation is most important agenda. Criminal trial is still set for August, he hopes, from John Edwards pushing the buttons in getting re-evaluated. SK says to John Edwards, if he's listening, which he might be, it ain't going to as easy as you think. It all catches up and will reap what has been sown.
Collections are the final bullet on judgments. NHHI needs to be capitalized, NNHI will see if there is or isn't enough to grow the company. He can't really disclose what's happening, what the company is doing in this webinar, he will when it is safe to do so.

Misc Topic

Urban Casavant is dead! Rumors of him still being alive are rearing their head. Said before, will say again, he's sorry that Urban died. If shareholders want to email Steve, he will provide a copy of Urban's death certificate by request. It's 150% for sure. SK wants to stomp out the brush fires and wants to stop wasting time over that.

The history of the Criminal Enterprise is in the Indictments, if you haven't, read through them. The theoreticals, smoke and mirrors, won't be read in there, only proof. The rest you see is distractions, back ground noise. Shareholders holding on to that, he doesn't know why, but they do. You'll see what kind of people you're dealing with.

JEFF EX Clearing.

He asks for undivided attention so you don't miss it. Issues to stir things up, trying to damage the company, like to see it go away because it's not going to work.

Two (2) brokers, ex cleared 111+ billion shares. SK said he would reveal the names after Wells Fargo settled. What the heck difference does it make who they are, it's a simple matter? He was given 2 names, accurate or not by Bill... Shepherd attorney in WF case, out of the blue. He wrote them on a note pad on his desk. By request he called the FINRA Office of Ombudsman and gave them the names. SK said the guy could have cared less about it.

They were left with a $95,000 counsel bill. Bill Shepherd wasn't particularly interested. Burned Bridge by local counsel, Reade, in the middle of the WF case, lost his law license and was indicted. Shepherd didn't pay that legal bill as was agreed he would do.

As of yesterday (the day before webinar) SK didn't know some information. There's every kind of insane thinking on the boards - RB. With help of some very good people digging into testimonies, the Principal of NevWest depositions, NevWest cleared huge volumes through Jeffries and Empire Financial Group, also a tiny company named Hudson. John Edwards dumping Billions. Sergey clearly stated that one broker is NevWest. The other broker isn't in the depo. The other is one SK had never heard of. He thinks it was just initials and started with an "N" Steve has been in Texas a long time, before that Florida and no where near where the massive info is stored. SK stated he will at some point go through that information looking for it. He said, It doesn't make on iota of difference, won't help the company. Wells Fargo isn't one of the brokers.

(Note Empire went out of business in 2008)

Speculation Ameritrade bought, soaked up by the company, no voting rights, that's a bunch of bull. Been a pain wasting too much time, the lengthy emails, webinars on this. It means nothing today. Nothing will come from it, zilch. They'll dream up something to discredit the company, counsel and it isn't going to work

Shareholders ? with an agenda

Trouble makers mostly from Canada and supporters of Urban, tried to organize mob shareholders at the webinar. They've tried it, their schemes, slam the company, last time. They won't talk on the phone. On pro boards, create several aliases, talking to themselves, in order to get agenda online. He's sorry Casavant's dead, that's up to God. Evidence SK sees is very clear at trial, Urban was a womanizer, drug addict, drunk, gambler, thief that helped steal $250.000,000. Why do they do this? SK doesn't know. SK is no longer going to deal with it.

Edwards pumped billions they created out of thin air. NevWest didn't get Indicted, they are out of business a long time, they were enforced by the SEC and NASD. What is that going to do to get money back?

Steve states he's been working for the shareholders, anyone wanting to go to civil court is fine with him. Settlement with Kozic. Steve honored it, problem is, this group does not have proper purpose. No court will allow it. Kozic had a heart of gold in reality, once you got through the crustiness. He cared about shareholders, he finally figured out, Steve and he, were on the same page. Frankly, New Horizons, name Jerry came up, Jerry was killed, SK said it's only fitting the name Jerry suggested, SK liked and now becomes in memory of Jerry.

A poster on RB says to cut Steve a break, wait 1 or 2 months and then he will join in. Steve said there is no reason him, he's working for you.

Be aware, there are forces that don't want the company to make it, but the company now, is too far down the road. All it's about now is, how fast can they raise cash from the collection? 700+ billion shares on the master shareholder list they have, is what we're going with, minus all this other talk out there.


11 need re-work. 16 wells getting ready, to sell 3 for nice little profit. He did some math on 25 barrels total = $55,000. Assumed at $45 a barrel. No one has bought production this cheap. Could something go wrong? Yes but he will keep working, make it happen

Q & A

TRUTHSHALLSETUFREE: Thanks for efforts, make some of those people making trouble, just get out of the way. Your Uncle Urbie got out the easy way. He croaked. Concentrate on value Steve will bring to the company

Has there been any revenue in assets NHHI recovered?

SK: All the time he has put into knowing shareholders, long emails, conference calls, is not happening again. st8diesel guy sent him 10 emails, won't call Steve. Stuff he emailed him tonight, same crap. Urban's a great guy. We have some semblance of good. Back when he came in, they sold the property in Georgia, mortgaged to the hilt, Lowden and Steve worked on. what they got was $15,000, that was the first money to come in. finally settled Wells Fargo, you'll see on the tax return, which will be filed Sept 15th, the corporate deadline.

Something out of the Durr case. Company got the deed to a property they've been working on a long time. Not an A+ property but $100K - $150K, after fees will be money left in NHHI, it will help. NHHI can't go out on its own and buy oil wells right now. Company will target things on file, hundreds of thousands. Need 12 months few hundreds of thousands, He wants to make it happen, some bigger ones not engaged yet but they are working on.

Told we're going back to trading. How are we going to do that? Legal counsel lined up to do that process? Road map, months, years, decades?

Good question, talk about trading again for a long time and more important than ever, in an industry, lots of value. Can't do it t his year would be a miracle. We could get lucky with an asset that would put us on the map, in millions. Believes there are assets that much. SK says Hey John, he could be listening, See You In Court. Amount of capital, no real money to work with. Speculates it could be a matter of 24 months but they could hit a home run and take to market quickly. Hundred grand herm hundred grand there, it's a slow process.

Q Regarding Mr. Frizzell had some proof of NSS - going back to trading - have evidence could play out in trading?

Always said or said a long time, what BF has in evidence, face to face, Steve's in Texas now BF can't escape, he means that in being funny, Bill's doing a good job. Company can't afford massive subpoena's, discovery, to see if there is or was uncovered shares floating. Need to trade again. See if we can enforce a cover? SEC won't concede it. If they get wind, they'll shut us down. See if, uncovered, they will enforce? He wasn't involved when all that was happening. In order to s atisfy shareholders, we have to try. Given shareholders who want out, get their investment back out, we have to keep pushing that way, see what happens.

Q Does BF have evidence to enforce rules?

Steve will talk to Bill Frizzell and ask again. They haven't been talking about stuff like that right now. the company found it inconclusive.

Steve will try to do it before next webinar. Is it a waste of time, try to trade without? He doesn't know or had time for that discussion, since we haven't been close to trading.

Q What if government wins and defendants get convicted? Will they compete on assets we're going after?

Steve can't say much, he could really unload, but can't say. SEC had big judgment against Edwards. The collected $40 -$50 grand. DOJ hasn't made much effort. DOJ restitution order is mandatory. Steve thinks the DOJ might think the best way to help shareholders is for their company to survive. Most defendants have claimed to be destitute, he doesn't think the DOJ will collect much.

It's 4th of July weekend, have somewhere I have to be. Finish what is left, not much in a couple questions, when I can.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July

(Reminder from me, the company won't post the death certificate on their website because they don't have permission from the family. If shareholders choose to do so, it's at their sole risk what steps the Casavant family might take. They were not willing to provide it shareholders)




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