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Willy Wizard makes more unfounded outrageous promises.....

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fung_derf Member Level  Thursday, 08/09/18 11:29:33 AM
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Willy Wizard makes more unfounded outrageous promises.....

By: WillyWizardClub
15 Aug 2004, 07:17 PM EDT
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What Is Going On!!! VALUATION

Ok boyz and girlz lol I feel the time is coming close for the short squeeze of the 21st century. Most of us know crucial meetings are taking place in Saskatchewan. Out of these meetings we expect major news to be disseminated to shareholders.

Only rumors at this time but we are expecting the true OS/Issued share count to be announced (all numbers floating around imo are incorrect), we are also rumored of more stock dividends and possible cash dividends to shareholders. The outcome of this meeting will imo have life changing ramifications on all shareholders regardless of the size of your stock position.

I have written using many headings and when I put them out to readers I try to be as accurate as I can at the time I write. I am also trying to be accurate in my assuming this and that could take place. If I am wrong I’ll take the heat and if I am right I’ll take the other side of the coin. All my readers know I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong. My feelings toward this company can be seen in my large stock position listed in my disclaimer. I am also profiling CMKX for NO PAY and I am enjoying doing all the DD and reading DD of others as I build my profile. Here is a link to the profile:

Out Standing

Many are asking about the OS and I don’t blame them at all for asking. In my opinion the OS could be set at what ever level Urban wishes to set it at. I am still going with the 200 billion range and I feel comfortable with this number, why?

This is going to sound funny but even if it is 500 billion when you read the valuation I put on this company it won’t make a difference.

Company Valuation

When trying to formulate an intrinsic value of CMKX I look at claims via past press releases and use my limited knowledge of minerals in the area. Here is the quote, “Urban Casavant stated, "These hundreds of anomalies have been filtered for elimination of farm equipment and steel buildings as a probable cause for such an impressive count of anomalies."” This is a serious value. Just one of these anomalies, if drilling shows diamonds present, could be worth more then a trillion dollars if it is mined. Even if an anomalie is not mined it could be worth 20 to 50 billion and CMKX has hundreds. I’ll go over diamond valuation more as you read this commentary. I have a club member that has actual experience who is contributing her research to this commentary.

It is well known the Saskatchewan region has many minerals present, such as Uranium, Gold, Diamonds, Zinc, Oil, Platinum and Silver etc. I believe Urban’s main focus is towards Diamonds and not the rest of the minerals but all minerals have enormous intrinsic value for the company. These are mineral assets owned by CMKX could be sold to mega big companies. ZenInvestor has been covering some of these companies recently. He has written about Lundin Group and Cameco. The Lundin Group has subsidiaries in Gold, Oil and new sub located in Denver which covers Uranium.

Zininvestor’s post at our group from Ihub.


The reason I brought attention to zeninvestor32's post at Ihub, Uranium is a highly priced mineral which is a valuable asset of CMKX. Also the Lundin Group has oil and gold interests world wide. All these minerals are highly valuable to a company such as Lundin or Cameco. This adds enormous potential intrinsic value to CMKX. This Uranium value could go as high as 300,000,000,000 billion just to buy the rights to mine the claims.

Cameco link showing their interests in diamonds also within this joint venture project.


Also consider the value of a block of claims if Urban decided to sell a block. The price tag on this type of sell could be astronomical. The price could reach to 1,000,000,000,000 trillion easily imo.

We can’t discount the value of CMKX’s dividends that are scheduled over the next 30 days.

CIM dividend of 40,000,000,000 shares should be considered valuable in the future. At this time CIM is all futuristic valuation.

Recently CMKM announced UCAD purchased 5% of their mineral claims with an option to purchase 10% more of the claims for $15,000,000 and for this gave CMKX 7.5 million shares of UCAD. This gave CMKX valuable ownership via share ownership of UCAD and Juina Mining, Yellow River Mining, C.O.D. Mining and soon to start up Nevada Magnetics. I think both CMKX and UCAD had more valuation then dollar figures show us but an equitable transaction was made for the long term good of both companies. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. will later issue these shares to all CMKX shareholders of record on August 20, 2004.

You can view all the UCAD subsidiaries and what they do at http://willywizard.com/Profile-CMKX.htm I put together a break down with pictures taken from each subs web site. Very easy to see the intrinsic value they all give to CMKX.

The second stock dividend has long-term intrinsic valuation for CMKX shareholders. CMKX shareholders will receive 40 billion shares of CIM to divide and will receive in return a 10% lifetime royalty on all mineral claims of CIM , specifically including the George Lake Zinc Deposit. This will be distribute pro rata as a dividend to all CMKM shareholders of record on August 31, 2004.

The third stock dividend will be GEMM. Recently purchased 95,502,027 of GEMM and has an option to purchase 127,336,036 more shares for $500,000 which more then likely be purchased and distributed on Oct. 1, 2004. Understand 127 million is 24% of GEMM so if you do the math CMKX will own over 49% of Juina Mining and Juina Mining’s other major shareholder is UCAD owning 51% but CMKX shareholders own 49% of UCAD giving CMKX shareholders even a larger stake of GEMM via ownership in UCAD. This is very interesting. If you look at the flow chart at my web site you will easily see the ownership picture. Here is the link to the flow chart http://willywizard.com/Profile-CMKX.htm

CMKX announced that it has agreed to acquire a 60%, undivided interest in 500,000 acres of potential Kimberlite mineral property in Saskatchewan, Canada. What’s interesting about this acquisition is when you look at UCAD’s holdings you see UCAD owns the other 40% of the mineral rights. Again look at flow charts at http://willywizard.com/Profile-CMKX.htm

Are you all starting to see a pattern? This mixing of company ownership is for two purposes in my opinion. One is to create a conglomerate of individual companies united to add value to two heads, UCAD and CMKX as the main head. The second reason is to create a multitude attack on the short MMs, offshore hedge funds and Individuals with accounts offshore that ruin these small cap Pink and OTCBB stocks.

There is mega dollars of valuation coming into CMKX share valuation. Read the above carefully again and count the anomalies at hundreds of billions. The property value, just think about that for a few minutes. Imagine the value of our claims in Saskatchewan? Uranium potential 500 billion plus value, Gold, Diamonds, Zinc, Oil and Silver etc.. Now add in operating mines via UCAD, such as Juina’s 49% interest in an operating diamond mine joint venture partnership with Emerging Africa Gold, Inc. (EAG) in the Brazilian Company Juina Mining Mineracao, Ltda. JMML holds an 86% working interest in the mining and mineral rights to approximately 1000 hectares (2,471 acres) of diamond bearing land in the District of Juina, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Yellow River Mining with an operating Gold Mine the “Provincia Del Oro” (Province of Gold) in Southwest Ecuador.

Lets roll back to the anomalies once again. We were told in paltalk that the current anomalie CMKX is drilling on is apx. 1 ¾ mile by 2 mile…this is huge anomalie. One anomalie can take decades to fully mine, such as an open pit mining operation. Again open pit mining pictures provided at my web site profile. The diamond cash value of one anomalie could be astronomical in the 500 billion dollar range or more and we have many this size.

Here is where I am inserting a club member’s commentary showing diamond valuation.

Credentials: Londa Groves

“Started working heavy equipment at age 14. Began contracting with Pacific Clay Products in 1975 and continued until 1993 under contract. All in the mining division. State of California Contractor's State License Board. Licensed Contractor in 1975. Certified Mine Safety and Health Administration Instructor 1978 full no restrictions USA and all territories. Certified Department Weights and measures Deputy Weigh Master 1976-1993 multiple locations State of California. Semi-retired 1992. Certified American Cash Flow Association 1997 Certified DCFS. Certified Primerica 2002. Financial Analyst. Loan Originator.

“Currently under drilling by CMKM Diamonds a Kimberlite Pipe measuring 1/ 34 miles by 2 miles in roughly rectangular form. (1.75 mile [survey, US] = 9,240.01848 feet [international, U.S.] by 2 mile [survey, US] = 10,560.02112 feet [international, U.S.]

1 kilo of diamonds = 100,000 carats and a kilo is roughly the size of a brick. A brick is roughly 7.75 inches long by 2.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. How many kilos of diamonds in side of the above described Kimberlite? Only the company assays can estimate that. But 5 bricks laid end to end are approximately 3.23 feet. http://www.onlineconversion.com/length_all.htm

According to the previous CMKX website http://www.casavantmining.com - 80% of Saskatchewans' kimberlite pipes are diamondiferous.

50% contain diamonds over one millimeter in size.

A high percentage of diamonds recovered are clear, inclusion-free and exhibit good crystal form.
Studies indicate cash operating costs of $10.50 per tonne, including overburden removal.
Personal observations and opinions:

Now let's get down and dirty. This company has completed Aero Magnetic surveys on a portion of their claims and ground TDEM surveys on the whole of their claims. They have an established Drilling Program in progress as well as Drilling and Surface Exploration Permits in hand. The company controls about 1.4 million acres in claims in Canada, and has additional associated claims in South America. Has entered into contracts with US Canadian Minerals Inc, United Carina Resources Corp., Consolidated Pine Channel Gold Corp., Juina Mining Corp., Casavant International Mining, CMKXTREME Inc and Nevada Minerals, Angel & Edwards, et al. Has committed extensive resources and a great deal of man power effort to expedite the discovery and exploration process that it takes to found a Diamond Exploration company. The recently discovered anomalies and an aggressive shift of resources toward the exploration of the discoveries shows me that the Casavant Team is dedicated, intent and pivotal on accomplishing what they have set out to do. Each of the above alliances brings with them a specific expertise and knowledge in their respective field that enhances the CMKM Diamond Company and in my personal opinion forges a chain of strength and determination to succeed. The target is in the name and upon proving out the drilling samples and assays coupled with the massive knowledge base being built and alliances brought together I anticipate success.
Monday 31 May 2004 http://www.mmegi.bw/2004/May/Monday31/3107547201778.html
Trans Hex audit reported on developments on its other interests in the southern African region including Angola. Some 84,000 carats from the Luarca concession were sold in Angola during the year under review in excess of US$300 per carat, making it the highest value per carat production in Angola to date”.

5/28/2002 http://gac.esd.mun.ca/gac_2002/search_abs/sub_program.asp?sess=98&form=10&abs_no=598
The estimated size of the kimberlites ranges from 3 million to more than 600 million tonnes. Current grade estimates for the kimberlites most thoroughly evaluated by the Fort à la Corne joint venture and Shore Gold Inc. is on the order of 5 to 30 carats per hundred tonnes (cpht).

The industrial diamond, although useless as jewelry, is as vital a part of today's mechanical industry, as electricity or other forms of power. In the year 1957, for instance, the U.S.A. imported 15 million carats worth of diamonds. Out of this amity, less than 2 million (1,800,000) carats worth were jewelry; the rest - more than 13 million carats, or almost 3 tons - were industrial diamonds.

This is not a solicitation to buy or sell the stock of this company and I do and will continue to own stock in this company. All opinions are my own and I stick by them...Londa Groves”

Readers do you understand what you just read from Londa? Let me break it down in simple form. I believe the current anomalie CMKX is working on is much bigger then the 600 million tones Londa’s research eludes to. But I will use the 600 million tones.

600,000,000 tonnes divided by
20 carates per tonnes
30,000,000 carates times $300 equals
$9,000,000,000 trillion dollars for gross value of the current drilling project if it were completely mined out.

Lets move on to new Short Selling Rules

Because of much pressure from the public the Federal Government has been forced to reevaluate the way the Markets Makers and DTCC do business. These two entities are like a married couple trying to help each other out but not for love but to scalp the public investors of trillions of dollars. These government bodies also fund the Securities Exchange Commission. So we have 3 entities all working in conjunction with each other…do we have any conflict of interests? Of course we do.

The new rule SHO is a rule to assist the shareholder which will stop most of the naked shorting that is done as the backs are turned by the SEC. Also this will stop DTCC from using their authority printing to attach Cusip numbers to illegally naked shorted shares which increase the floats of small companies beyond control of the company. This authority allows the naked short MM to avoid the illegality of the short.

Reg SHO was posted in the Federal Register on Fri. 8/6/04. It becomes "Effective" 9/6/04 i.e. it becomes Federal Law incorporated into the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. The "Compliance" date is 1/3/05. The regulators promise not to bust anybody until 1/3 because of the necessity to update software, etc.

At this point lets once again look at valuation and take into consideration the dates Reg SHO is effective 9/6/04 and compliance date 1/3/05.

UCAD Dividend $ 6,000,000,000 Billion 8/20
CIM dividend $ 20,000,000,000 Billion 9/01
GEMM Dividend $ 10,000,000,000 Billion
Claim Valuation $2,000,000,000,000 Trillion
Uranium $ 300,000,000,000 Billion
Unmined $9,000,000,000,000 Trillion
100’s of
Other Minerals $ 750,000,000,000 Billion
$11,346,000,000,000 Trillion Dollars

The above CMKX valuation is just an attempt to show readers that CMKX, as a company, is worth a lot of money. No way can CMKX mine all these minerals or Kimberlites. I expect CMKX to sell Kimberlites as they show prove they are diamondiferous. I think these unmined anomalies when sold could bring at least what I showed above. Don’t forget the current Kimberlite CMKX has started to drill on if fully mined could be worth the $9,000,000,000,000 Trillion dollars but this could take decades to complete. Will they mine this Kimiberlite or others to full completion? Nobody has this answer but it’s interesting to dream isn’t it.

Last thing I am going to write about is the short squeeze and share price valuation that IMO is about to take place. If there is a short, I believe there is, excitement should start taking place next week as move close to first stock dividend. IMO it will take more then a stock dividend to create a short squeeze. I see it happening like this.

Mid week next week rumor is flying about some type of cash divy with more cash divys coming. Urban has said he wants to make a million millionaires many times. I think with the SHO rules coming into affect and all the press on Market Makers naked shorting this is prime time to announce Out Standing, Float, Shareholder’s on Record, Completed transactions if any and Valuation of CMKX including UCAD Valuation. Also if any completed transactions include cash divys CMKX could have one immediately available this week and then announce a second cash divvy for mid September. Why September? We have on record:

August 20th Divy
Septmeber 1st Divy
September 15th ???? <-------
October 1st Divy

The gap leaves a question what will take place September 15th.

If this takes place cash divvy will show all shareholders CMKX is for real, means much more then a stock divvy. This put liquid cash in all shareholders trading accounts. I think every shareholder that receives a nice cash divvy, knowing another one is on record for 3 weeks in the future, would seriously look at buying more CMKX stock. I have asked many about this and everyone asked said they would buy more stock even if they paid in the pennies and higher per share.

Also add in here the mixing of all the company’s ownership in the stock dividends. It’s going to be tough for the Market Makers to provide shares for these dividend shares.

The above would create a rolling affect on the stock price creating a short squeeze. The share price would be gapping according to cash divvy price out in September. Also with new investors buying stock along with their family members and friends.

Understand dividend stocks will trade higher then the dividends. An example was MSFT just gave shareholders a $3.00 cash dividend. MSFT trades between $24 to $28 per shares. Most divys are approximate 10% to 20% of the share price. The intrinsic value I showed for CMKX and a example .50 cash divvy at 20% would put the CMKX share price at $2.00 per share. Add in a short squeeze and real intrinsic company valuation and this should get real interesting. The stock price could actually go in the $10 to $15 dollar range over the next 4 months. This is possible so we should all keep a close watch on CMKX over the next 30 days. Yes this just my opinion but my research shows this is possible.

Readers, CMKX is a dream coming true investment. I have written many times about my feelings in regards to CMKX. I have changed my feelings towards CMKX many times. What were the changes? I am just getting more and more and more bullish as I write these newsletters…

It’s great to be involved in the Diamond/Mineral Rush of the 21st Century. All of you are 21st Century miners with the newest technology to enhance striking it rich at a very fast rate of speed. LOL Just think about it we don’t even have to get our hands dirty.

Because I have been busy at work I might have a couple typos or fragmented sentences. Please excuse the messy writing. I am not known for spelling and structure LOL.

Good luck everyone and lets get wealthy together as a club. You all deserve the wealth.

Thank you,

Hal Engel aka WillyWizard
- - - - -

Euro plus1


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