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Wednesday, 06/27/2018 8:40:21 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 8:40:21 PM

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I haven't seen him in 2 weeks and I'm kind of anxious to see how he's doing myself. After a week or 2 weeks, he seemed to think it was doing something. He was up to 6mg a day, 2mg every 8 hrs. I was going to have him up it to 9mg a day, 3mg every 8hrs to see if that helps better. 6mg to get him use to it, and then 9mg to give an extra kick to getting his immune system under control.

Here's the mouse video,
This is a presentation Dr. Mullan did on their research using a mouse model of MS. If I remember right, there's even a peer reviewed published report on it. As you can see, they dissected the mice and you could see an actual physical difference between the mice that got anatabine and the ones that didn't. Hopefully anatabine will get the immune system to stop doing damage. And then if they're really lucky, it might be able to then slowly start repairing the damage. Cross your fingers.

I wouldn't go to crazy on the dosage to start. Keep it to 6mg a day to start with. 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 2 before bed. About every 8 hrs. Then after a few weeks, you need to let your body adjust, we're literally changing how it works, then you could up it to 3 every 8 hrs, so 9 a day to see if that gets you anything extra. I've heard reports of people taking 15-20 a day, but that's really over doing it. Not going to hurt you, but probably not going to get you anything extra.

About the most you might notice if you ramp up the dose too fast is you might not feel like sleeping. And that is mostly you're feeling so much better you don't notice that you're tried and still need your sleep, which you do. Your body actually has two operating modes. When you're awake and it's working like it normally does, and then when you're asleep and it goes into a cleaning and repair mode. And it hits it's peak repair mode between about 3-6am. So it's really important to be asleep then. Your immune system actually shuts down while you sleep and it's most shut down while it's doing repair work. They in the last few years found out that your brain cells actually shrink a little bit and open up the spaces around them so your body can clean out all the waste products they produce during the day. It's what sleep is about, cleaning and repair. It's what circadian rhythms are. Your body switching between operating modes and stuff. 8hrs a night would be good amount of sleep. Your immune system slowly starts turning itself off 11-12 or so. And it's pretty much shut down by 3am and then starts ramping back up 6-7 or so. When it's shut down your body is cleaning and repairing.
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