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Thursday, 02/08/2018 12:42:35 PM

Thursday, February 08, 2018 12:42:35 PM

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Here is the text of the "Open Letter to Dr. KSS" His editor is apparently trying to do damage control which is why my prior link was disabled. Dr. Kss's current bio on the website shows him as a "practicing physician" which may make Travis Johnson squirm when he thinks "lawyer?" Link and full text follow:

An open letter to Doctor KSS

Dear Dr. KSS:

I have followed you since your first appearance on Stock GumShoe on a Michael Jorrin "Doc Gumshoe" thread in January of 2014 under the guise of “karma swim swami”. You might not remember that I’m the one that started and maintained the DA MAN spreadsheet.

As the months rolled by and your new threads appeared in my inbox, I started to feel that I was reading the work of a literary genius and that SGS was lucky to have you as a guest author writing about investing in biotech.

I did not want to load up the email comment notifications with innumerable “Thank You”s, but I wanted to be a contributing member of the community and to express my thanks for your work in a fashion that would benefit the membership. The DUNGEON spreadsheet was born in the fall of 2015.

But it did not live long. You thoroughly chewed me out, in a totally uncalled for and not-nice way, because I misunderstood one of your comments -- your so-called “nuances” were too nuanced for me. I wasn’t a genius at the time. . . . . not one now . . . .

I did not take your comments personally, though. I still wanted to do something to thank you while contributing to the group, so the DUNGEON evolved into DA MAN.

This is a good place to say that it required no great intelligence to create DA MAN. Any idiot can cut and paste, but the fact that it wound up with 20 pages of information chronicling almost 4,000 instances of your comments about biotech stocks over a period of several years indicates that I admired you greatly for quite some time.

Sidebar: This is a good place to say to other readers of this letter that (a) understanding the need to use quotation marks around cut and pasted information does not require great intelligence, and (b) it’s usually better to just link to information, along with a brief description of the topic, instead of copying and pasting the information. Members don’t want to read long comments unless they are interested in the topic, long posts take up a lot of screen space; and few members are interested in everything . Another KSS – Keep it Short and Simple!

Back to the main topic . . . . About a year after starting DA MAN, you got your testes in a twist about someone’s comment that you saw as criticizing you. To show my support for you, I posted a comment ( searched for it, could not find it ) that I am paraphrasing here:

“Dr. KSS, you have attracted a very impressive group of many highly intelligent members to your threads, people from 6 continents, innumerable countries, and with very diverse professional backgrounds.” [ That part is much truer today than it was then! ] “I have not been able to contribute much intellectually, and it certainly takes no great expertise to copy and paste, but I want you to know that the DA MAN spreadsheet is my way of showing my continuing appreciation for your work.”

Alas, as more and more of your threads arrived in my email, the comment sections became more and more chaotic. You would find some comment personally insulting and say so on the thread. Maintaining the spreadsheet became wading through a phalanx of comments from your many sycophants that jumped and re-jumped to your defense. Navigation on your threads became tortuous.

Another sidebar: A few of your adulators were so emotionally needy that they went overboard in using your threads to make a googleplex of comments seeking “Thumbs Ups”, frequently trying to show the members how smart they are, or feeling important ( in their own eyes ) by saying “Thank you” or “I agree” instead of just clicking on the TU button.

Back to the main topic again . . . . I suggested having dedicated additional threads for non-stock-related topics, but you wanted to keep everything on one thread. I slowly came to realize that seeking praise from your groupies was your only reason for being on SGS. I trudged on, now not so much for you as for the membership. Your followers seemed to appreciate it; by this time there was never a day when I saw fewer than eight members logged in to the spreadsheet at any time of the day. Between 20 and 30 was not unusual. It is still being used by some.

Then AlanH posted a comment about information on ARTH he learned in a private email from you. You had approved his relaying the information to the membership, as long as he did not attribute the information to you. He followed your instructions, but for some reason you pilloried him unmercifully. You even made repeated comments about his being an alcoholic. Maybe he was, but you overlooked the fact that his comments ( made in his own self-defense and some of which were copies of emails from you ), were emailed to the subscribers as comment notifications. You deleted the comments on the thread, but they survived as emails!

I lost all confidence in you, sold my exceedingly overweight holding in ARTH, and, in disgust, quit maintaining DA MAN. But, out of a sense of community, I still kept my mouth shut, even when you unfairly castigated many well meaning members asking perfectly sound questions or making very good suggestions. SaveTheManatee comes immediately to mind, as does Ron Oliver, John Colts, ToddBA, Dan62 . . . . . way too many others to name . . . .

You are a genius in biotech, but you have no common senses in some areas, one of which is how to treat people.

Then you posted a link to a medical journal; I think it was NEJM. The link was to a log-in screen with your name on it. Jumping at the chance to find out more about you, I found courtofrecords.brecordsvwz (google it if you are interested). Using your name, Mark Swaim ( which is a anagram for Karma Swim Swami ) and a few details that you had mentioned on a few threads, for $16.95 I was able to find a plethora of details about your education, professional and employment history, and emotional problems.

But I still kept my mouth shut.

Now that you’ve left, I can ask: Knowing your background, how can anyone trust you about anything? Was your recent reporting on the kerfuffle with Norchi truthful? Did he really get mad at you? Or did you get mad at him?

Now that you have left SGS, and might be starting your own service, I feel obligated to warn members about the dangers of your possible new service. The reason it took me so many words to get to this point is I wanted to prove to you and other readers that I am not a troll. I am an Irregular that cares about the Irregular membership and feels that he has contributed somewhat to the group.

Having said that, I can now say this:

I believe that you have deeply embedded emotional stability problems, and people joining your service, especially people new to investing, could be hurt financially if you have a melt-down similar to what just happened on SGS. If history is precursor, the odds very much favor another meltdown !! . You have abandoned but returned to SGS at least 4 times, most notably when the first Twelve Biotechs of Christmas overwhelmed you.

No investment advice intended; I’m not saying people should not join your new service. I am saying, if they join, they should be extremely careful and double check whatever you say.

I see a congruence between you and President Rump Orifice. He once stated that he could shoot someone in downtown Manhattan and his base would forgive him. Your sycophantic base refused to see the obvious lies about Alan, and it forgave you for a multitude of other shortcomings in respecting your readers. In doing so, they were not doing you any favors – they were enabling your erratic behavior and endorsing the “poor me” side of your personality.

I just checked in with twitter, and saw that some of them are still not doing you any favors . . . . .

You are a genius when it comes to biotech. You have increased some of our portfolios, some a lot. While my biotech portfolio did not grow much, you kept me from losing money several times. I believe that you entertained many people with your articles. You are a tremendously talented writer with a fantastic vocabulary. You infused many of us with some of your biotech knowledge. You have helped an untold number of SGS people with medical advice, me included.

But I think that you expected too much of yourself.

Your true genius lies in your literary skills. You could use those skills and the one hundred or so articles that you have written for SGS as a basis for several textbooks and other types of books -- even novels. Perhaps you should concentrate your efforts in work like that -- work that can be done at your personal pace and that does not put any sort of time pressure on you.

Before I quit blathering, I want to say something about AlanH. Alan was a class act and was a genius in some ways himself. He was a people person and a gentleman, and rarely said anything negative about other people. NO ONE thought more of you than he did; NO ONE loved SGS more than Alan; NO ONE, with the exception of Hendrix Nuzzles, has contributed more to SGS than he did. Alan started the threads for Guidelines For New Members: Posting Rules and Etiquette; Discussion re $ARTH; Club House for the discussion of Religion, Politics and other Unmentionables [ Now up to Volume 8 !!! ]; The arts and crafts of trading; A Quick Reference Guide to Official Forms ie 10k, SI, W4BEN etc.; and a few others.

Three or four months ago, I was mulling about posting a comment [ with similar thinking as above ] warning about the danger in investing in your new service if it ever got started. I contacted him and asked his opinion about doing so and about releasing your name. He advised against both – he is a class act and not out for revenge. Google “Where is your evidence that the doctor you refer to in this article, is unquestionably KSS?” He might have been the best friend you ever had.

But you banned him from SGS for following your instructions and then defending himself when you ferociously attacked him. You could regain some of my admiration for you if you ask Travis to reinstate him as an Irregular with full Irregular privileges.

I know I’ve been rather harsh on you, but I wish you the best of everything and hope you find inner peace. I know Alan feels the same way.

But please be aware that I fear your possible new service could hurt some people financially so much that I am posting this letter to a google docs platform so that it will be available to anyone who searches for “Dr. KSS” or “Mark Swaim”.


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