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Sunday, November 05, 2017 2:54:20 PM

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Good afternoon mick, thank you -
yes, potassium and bicarbonate also help
to make the body more alkaline and not
as bad acidic -
nearest herb and spice
store to you can help to get it etc. -

The important is to detox and make our body
alkaline were no virus etc. can grow -
the best remedies I know of is -
The Veloci TEA and Coral Complex3 -
has made my body alkaline & ph balance right
so no sickness can grow -
it only take 3-4 days to get from order it
@ (866) 549-0267 -

Our mission is to optimize our overall health and well-being -
to survive I do daily detox, detox, detox -
3 times/day at least with the Father God creation of herb
remedies -
the cost is about the same as coffee and
makes me to feel much better -

IMO its a must to survive chemtrails, monsanto. GMO etc. etc.
nuclear fallout heavy metals pollute and nuke us all -
Gentle Detox Veloci Tea its simple and easy to follow
to drink about 3 cups/day is all I need to be and
feel like 28 again smile) to follow Him its a Blessing -


Gentle Detox Veloci Tea -
It saved my life;
I been blessed with it daily for >10 years -
Father God made as remedies for us -


God Bless

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