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Wednesday, June 07, 2000 11:00:34 AM

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Subj: [blackandwhitestocks] ** Emerging Stock Alert--WAMX **
Date: 6/7/00 2:03:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Greetings fellow investors. Our conglomerate of investment newsletters
has had a very successful track record in the past few months. On May
15th we recommended CHST at $19.00, and within two days it reached an
intra day high of $27.00 on very high volume. It subsequently reached
an intra day high of $29.00 on May 31 for a percentage gain of over
50%! We also recommended FEVI at 60c, and within two days it reached
an intra day high of $1.00. In the past we have also recommended: On
May 18 we presented CTWN trading at $1.375. It flew to an intra-day
high of $2.25 and then hit an intra-day high of $2.25 again on May
22. Also we have presented: *WFFT, profiled on 3/7 at $4 3/16,
peaked 3/22 at $17.00 for a percentage gain of 305%. "Highs" may be
Open, Close or intra day. The foregoing represents the best of our
selections and not all selections have performed quite as well.

The Company we present to you today (Wednesday, June 7th) for your
investing consideration has even more potential, on balance, than the
aforementioned selections. The Company: WAMEX Holdings Ltd. (OTC BB:
WAMX). WAMX appears to be *extremely* undervalued. We *fully*
anticipate *excellent* news from WAMX very soon! This is NOT a "one-
day wonder!" With the potential issuance of very good news soon,
coupled with the fact that many other capable and well known
newsletters will also be profiling WAMX today and the rest of this
week, we anticipate very high volume and strongly suggest you give
serious consideration to evaluating WAMX today. Observe the huge
accumulation on extremely high volume yesterday (Tues). This almost
always portends the imminent reality of very good news. This would
appear to be a *most* opportune time to buy in before the masses do!

### About WAMX:

Traditionally, established institutions have set the standards for
access, execution prices, and fees; lately, however, a community of
self-empowered investors has emerged, and they are presenting the
industry with challenging demands that will prove to radically
transform the industry. Despite the Internet and other technological
developments that have enabled these investors to trade in the new
and improved arena of quicker and cheaper transactions, they want to
gain ultimate investor empowerment through direct access to the
transaction, thereby eliminating the middle layer, and to secure the
lowest cost by direct trading within the open market spreads. WAMEX
Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: WAMX) has developed the Alternative Trading
System™ (ATS) to meet this need for an efficient alternative
and exchange by taking advantage of the spread that the markets must
maintain in order to provide liquidity.

The WAMEX ATS, a database management system, allows individual
investors and institutions to trade securities directly with each
other over the Internet, which eliminates the intervention of brokers
and traders. The ATS also provides investors around-the-clock access
at a low cost and with anonymity. In addition, this service enables
investors to trade all registered securities across national borders,
in any major currency, and in nine different languages, and provides
a link to the open exchanges (major markets).

The WAMEX SolutionAdvantages

The advantages of the Alternative Trading System versus traditional
order flow and execution can be seen here on the Traditional Order
Flow Execution diagram and the WAMEX ATS Order Flow and Execution

Traditional order flow and execution usually involves a multitude of
intermediaries and steps in order to facilitate an order execution on
behalf of the investor. These intermediaries all take a fraction of
the investor's capital, add significant delay, and detract from
market transparency. Internet discount trading merely bypasses
conventional broker-client interaction. The red dotted line in the
Traditional Order Flow and Execution diagram indicates a common
experience: an internal market in the broker's limit order book
which the client is not being traded for in the client's best

When using the WAMEX ATS, investors simply enter their desired order
parameters into the system and are matched with other investors.
There are no other intermediaries, procedural steps, executing broker
dealers, sale of order flow, or proprietary trading against
investors. Should the investor not be able to find satisfactory order
parameters that match, he or she may elect to modify, cancel, or
route the order through the company's open market trading
directly to the floor of the exchange.

Keys to Success:

The products and services offered by WAMEX have been designed not to
replace existing methods of buying and selling securities but to
supplement them. The features of the WAMEX trading system incorporate
trends that can be observed evolving in many of the major securities
markets worldwide, such as extended operating hours, decimal pricing,
and currency exchange capabilities. In addition, because consumers
have already embraced the Internet as a medium to execute trading
orders more rapidly, securely, and inexpensively, consumer behavior
does not have to adapt to new markets or procedures. Internet
trading, in fact, is in the growth phase of its product life cycle;
as a result, WAMEX intends to take Internet trading to the next
market participation. This enables the investor to watch his or her
order actually move the price of a stock. The WAMEX interface also
gives the investor the opportunity to interact with other market
participants directly, which could make the purchase and sale of
securities a pleasure. In addition, by consulting with several New
York optometrists and by using WAMEX's marketing research, WAMEX has
designed its interface to be easy on the eye and easy to use.

A multitude of barriers still confront the individual investor,
including minimum capital requirements to enter a market, exclusivity
for institutions, prohibitive setup costs for participation in
trading systems, the inability to trade across markets, currency
conversion, loss of arbitrage advantages, lack of guarantee of
delivery, different clearing methods, and English-language dominance.
Before the development of WAMEX, the only entities that could employ
investment strategies based on the solution of these problems were
institutions and institutional investors, but now with WAMEX, the
solution is available for the individual investor.

Finally, when it comes to the cost of conducting trading activities,
investors have historically been concerned with the buy and sell
prices of their orders. Recently, investors have grown more aware of
the cost of execution for trades. This awareness has caused a
reduction in commissions and charges; as a result, some firms now
offer certain types of execution services free of charge. WAMEX's
pricing structure exposes spreads—the final frontier of revenue
generated in securities transactions. By not conducting proprietary
trading, WAMEX offers lower execution prices.

Functional, Flexible Software Architecture

WAMEX has completed the entire software production and has begun the
initial construction phase of building the server and the database
management system. Contracts have been or are being negotiated with
Sun Microsystems for the hardware needs, Oracle for the necessary
software platforms, UUNET for the Internet capacity, Lion Trading for
order execution, and iCap for the broker dealer sponsorship

On January 13, 2000, Oracle issued a report on WAMEX's 3D Alternative
Trading System software. Anil Gupta, senior database consultant at
Oracle, said, "Overall, the system is clearly outlined, defined
documented, as wells as functional. It is based on a flexible and
powerful architecture and can be expanded with relative ease if
future demand for new functionality arises. . . .

"Also, the IOMS (Intelligent Order Management System) module,
is currently in the development phase, is going to add good
functionality to the application within the near future after going
live with the current platform. IOMS, which is already designed and
outlined in a working paper presented to us by WAMEX, will feature
even more ease of use and flexibility for advanced users than the
current WAMEX trading system does and will be another advantage of
the WAMEX software in the future.

"Thanks to the well structured design of the current WAMEX
these features and others, which might be invented and added in the
future, can be implemented with relative ease by in house programmers
and/or the assistance of Oracle Consulting."

Mitchell Cushing, chairman of WAMEX, responded, "This sets the
for final development of the ATS. We appreciate Oracle's input
suggestions regarding enhancing the architecture to ensure maximum
efficiency and power. The company plans to utilize Oracle's
in the final testing and development of the project. I am personally
confident that WAMEX has found the best partner to assist us in
accelerating and completing our implementation strategy."

WAMEX's chief technology officer, Hans-Michael Schobinger,
added, "[Oracle's] report provides independent verification
that the
base platform of the WAMEX ATS software program is powerful and
fundamentally sound. Certainly, Oracle's respected research
our proprietary technology with additional credibility."

Within a week of Oracle's favorable report, WAMEX announced that
entered into discussions with what could be a major online group to
provide investors with the opportunity to participate in a number of
investment vehicles, previously not available to individual
investors, through its Alternative Trading System.

Russell Chimenti, WAMEX's chief administration officer, stated,
company's strategy and mission involves growth through
technical superiority, and product enhancement. It is with this at
the forefront of our activities that WAMEX has entered into
preliminary discussions with an online entity which focuses primarily
on their SEC approvals which would allow them to provide IPOs, DPOs,
Secondary Offerings and Regulation S and D offerings online."

Hans-Michael Schobinger added, "The company is conducting a
preliminary evaluation of the technology and programming. The initial
review indicates that product integration and synergistic product
offerings could become an integral part of the service offered
through the ATS."

"The self-empowered investment community is growing . . . as is
interest for services that WAMEX is presently evaluating. The
objective of these discussions is to ascertain strategic goals and
best employ our combined technologies and concepts to create
additional industry superiority. Based upon the successful conclusion
of these discussions and due diligence, WAMEX will have completed
another significant milestone towards achieving its goal of creating
the . . . ATS," Cushing concluded.

### Some recent press releases:###

***Thursday May 25, 1:05 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
WAMEX Holdings Inc. Enters Into Negotiations with Financial Portal
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 25, 2000--WAMEX Holdings Inc.(OTC BB:
WAMX), an internet and technology company dedicated to creating and
dominating an alternative market and exchange for individuals and
institutional investors, today announced that it has entered into
negotiations with a financial portal.

Russell Chimenti CAO, stated, ``WAMEX has entered into discussions
with one of the Web's most exciting new financial portals to provide
ATS members with real-time dynamic streaming financial information.
We are presently discussing a wide range of strategies that would
include a strategic partnership or possibly an equity participation
in the portals future.''

Mitchell H. Cushing, Chairman and CEO, stated, ``Business to
business, trading and financial information are the fastest growing
and strongest sectors of the internet. We believe it will continue to
grow exponentially. Yesterday's Congressional vote, which paved the
way to open the doors of China and link Chinese investors to the
global financial community was an event that should magnify this
perception. The Asian markets have an affluent, active and savy
investor base that have the potential to grow to a quarter of the
world's investment community. WAMEX contends that as this population
grows and integrates with the global financial community, they will
be seeking alternatives to the present structure of e-trading which
will effectively be obsolete when ATS's are deployed.''

``The discussions in which we are presently engaged, have very far
reaching effects on the overall strategy of the Company to capitalize
on these developments and to expand beyond ATS applications and
become a financial universe of products and services,'' concluded

The WAMEX lead product, the WAMEX Alternative Trading System (ATS),, addresses one of the largest and most active
industries worldwide. The proprietary system enables a community of
self-empowered investors to consummate transactions more efficiently
and at a lower cost.

***Wednesday May 10, 3:53 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
WAMEX Holdings, Inc. Locates ATS Operations At 14 Wall Street
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 2000--WAMEX Holdings, Inc. (OTC
BB:WAMX - news), an internet and technology company dedicated to
creating and dominating an efficient alternative market and exchange
for individual and institutional investors, today announced that it
has procured space for its ATS activities at 14 Wall Street.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Russell Chimenti, stated, ``We
have procured office space at 14 Wall Street for the operation and
administration of the ATS. We will be continuing to operate our
Investor Relations activities at 1 World Trade Center until the
transition to the new facility 14 Wall Street is complete.''

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mitchell H. Cushing, added,
``We would like to thank all of the parties involved for their effort
and patience expended in closing this transaction. Management feels
that this elite location will assist in the effort to bring greater
exposure to the Company as well as providing a determinable reference
point for the millions of visitors looking for the NYSE.'' Cushing

The WAMEX lead product, the WAMEX Alternative Trading System (ATS),
addresses one of the largest and most active industries worldwide.
The proprietary system enables a community of self-empowered
investors to consummate transactions more efficiently and at a lower

***Tuesday March 28, 7:33 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
WAMEX Relocates Corporate Headquarters to the World Trade Center On
Interim Basis Commencing April 1st
Company to Launch Corporate Website on April 17th
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 2000--WAMEX Holdings, Inc. (OTC
BB:WAMX - news), an Internet and technology company dedicated to
creating and dominating an efficient alternative market and exchange
for individual and institutional investors, today announced that it
has secured temporary headquarters at the World Trade Center.

The Company concurrently reported that effective April 17, 2000, its
corporate website - will be available to shareholders
and interested investors.

Commenting on the recent developments, Russell Chimenti, Chief
Administrative Officer, stated, ``The Company is pleased to have
secured interim space to act as corporate headquarters commencing
April 1st while it is finalizing lease negotiations in progress.
Additionally, it is our contention that the corporate website will
provide a comprehensive overview of the Company's industry and
activities as well as providing updated information concerning recent
developments. The site will be both informative and interactive
providing an open forum for shareholders while maintaining strategic
and conceptual integrity.''

The WAMEX lead product, the Alternative Trading System, addresses one
of the largest and most active industries worldwide. The System
enables a community of self-empowered investors to consummate
transactions more efficiently and at a lower cost.

***Thursday February 3, 9:37 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
WAMEX Signs Agreement With Oracle for Final Deployment of the
Alternative Trading System
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 3, 2000--WAMEX Holdings, Inc. (OTC
BB:WAMX) , an Internet and technology company dedicated to creating
and dominating an efficient alternative market and exchange for
individual and institutional investors, today announced that the
Company signed an agreement with Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL - news), the
world's leading database management corporation, for final deployment
of the Alternative Trading System (ATS).

Mitchell H. Cushing, Chairman and CEO, stated, ``This agreement
represents another significant milestone for WAMEX in that it will
assist the Company in expediting final implementation of software
programs requisite to bring the ATS to the consumer. Coupling our
proprietary software with Oracle's expertise provides a formidable
platform from which WAMEX will move forward.''

The WAMEX lead product, the Alternative Trading System, addresses one
of the largest and most active industries worldwide. The System
enables a community of self-empowered investors to consummate
transactions more efficiently and at a lower cost.

*** Tuesday February 1, 9:37 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
WAMEX Explores Foreign Exchange Co-listings
To Garner International Presence for the Alternative Trading System
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 1, 2000-- WAMEX Holdings, Inc.
(OTC BB:WAMX), an internet and technology company dedicated to
creating and dominating an efficient alternative market and exchange
for individual and institutional investors, today announced that the
Company has entered into discussions with several international
brokers to sponsor co-listings on foreign exchanges.

Mitchell H. Cushing, Chairman and CEO, commented, ``The Company has
been contacted by several international investment banking firms
concerning the potential of co-listing on several small-cap stock
exchanges. They include the Frankfurt, Athens, Luxemborg and London
Stock Exchanges. We are presently evaluating the sponsorship offers
and their function in creating an international presence for WAMEX
and its lead technology, the Alternative Trading System (ATS).''

``WAMEX represents the first truly global financial solution for a
level playing field of investor inclusion and access. The Company's
level of exposure, as a result of its activities and strategies
justifies the level of international interest the Company continues
to receive, representing significant validation of the WAMEX business
model and the ATS technology,'' concluded, Sascha Mundstein, Chief
Operating Officer.

The WAMEX lead product, the WAMEX Alternative Trading System (ATS),
addresses one of the largest and most active industries worldwide.
The proprietary system enables a community of self-empowered
investors to consummate transactions more efficiently and at a lower

Safe Harbor Statement: This release may contain certain forward-
looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor
provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Actual events or results may differ from the Company's expectations.


BlackandWhiteStocks(BWS)is an electronic advertisement providing
information on selected companies. All statements and expressions are
the opinion of BWS and are not meant to be either investment advice
or a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities.
Readers of this BWS e-mail message, stock profile, are cautioned that
small and micro-cap stocks are high risk investments and that some or
all investment dollars can be lost. We suggest you consult a
professional investment advisor before purchasing any stock. All
opinions expressed by BWS are the opinions of BWS. All information is
received directly from the companies profiled and/or outside
interviews conducted by BWS. While BWS believes its sources to be
reliable, BWS, its officers, directors, employees or any affiliated
parties make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the
information provided. Readers should not rely solely on the
information contained in this publication, but should consult with
their own independent tax, business and financial advisors with
respect to any investment opportunity, including any contemplated
investment in the advertised Company(s).

We recommend you use the information found here as an initial
starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own
due diligence (DD) on the featured companies in order to determine
your own personal opinion of the company before investing in these or
any other companies.

BWS assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, we
cannot warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. All
statements contained herein are deemed to be factual as of the date
of this report and as such are subject to change without notice. BWS
is not an Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Service or a Stock
Brokerage Firm and in accordance with such BWS is not offering
investment advice or promoting any investment strategies. BWS is not
offering securities for sale or solicitation of any offer to buy or
sell securities. An offer to buy or sell can be made only with
accompanying disclosure documents and only in the states and
provinces for which they are approved. The owner/management of this e-
mail alert has received 50,000 free trading shares of WAMX from a
third party for the dissemination of this stock
profile/advertisement. Since we have received compensation and hold
stock in WAMX there is an inherent conflict of interest in our
statements and opinions and such statements and opinions cannot be
considered independent. We stand to benefit from any increase in the
stock price of WAMX. Further, we retain the right to liquidate our
position in WAMX at any time, including immediately after the
issuance of this e-mail alert, a custom we have engaged in on
numerous previous occasions. Safe Harbor Disclosure: This stock
profile/advertisement contains or incorporates by reference "forward-
looking statements," including certain information with respect to
plans and strategies of the featured company. As such, any statements
contained herein or incorporated herein by reference that are not
statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking
statements. Without limiting the foregoing, the words "believe
(s)," "anticipate(s)," "plan(s)," "expect(s)," "project
(s)" "anticipate(s)" and similar expressions are intended to identify
forward-looking statements. There are a number of important factors
that could cause actual events or actual results of the Companies
profiled herein to differ materially from these indicated by such
forward-looking statements.

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