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$OMVS Ultimate DD Post with Conservative Valuation

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Computerbux   Sunday, 10/01/17 11:38:38 PM
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$OMVS Ultimate DD Post with Conservative Valuation

Where did this all begin?

The previous management of the OMVS shell tried to start an Uber-like Trucking company. The idea never took off, and OMVS became a shell. On January 31, 2017, Garrett Parsons bought the shell.

Garrett was able to connect with Steve Reinharz of Robotic Assistance Devices, the Master Distributor of the SMP Robotics S5. Steve Reinharz wrote a book on Artificial Intelligence when he was 19. He is a very transparent CEO, often communicating with shareholders through Twitter.

PR’s Showing Due Diligence and Merger/Acquisition of RAD

What and who is RAD (Robotic Assistance Devices)?

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence and robotic solutions for operational, security and monitoring needs. RAD is founded on the belief that next-generation robots can help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI and strengthen business. RAD robotics technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services, and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers augment the capabilities of existing staffs and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at drastically reduced cost.

These robots are huge and over 250 pounds!

How are they related to SMP Robotics?

RAD and SMP share a dual headquarters and dual employees, such as Willem de Lange. Robotic Assistance Devices is the Master Distributor for SMP Robotics. SMP provides the base robot, and RAD customizes each robot to the client, adding artificial intelligence, radios, chipsets, software, mobile apps, WiFi, 2-way communications, cameras, etc. SMP and RAD are connected very closely.

Many options for Bot configurations are available, although at the moment, we are focused on the S5

Growing Robot Commitments, Reservations, and Contracts

Guidance on Growth and Revenues


F100 Co-Branding Involvement

F500 Involvement


US Government

Allied Universal Services

Allied Universal is THE LARGEST SECURITY GUARDING FIRM in NORTH AMERICA, with revenues of $4.8 BILLION.

Here is the language which suggested that we were going to partner with Allied Universal

And here is what Allied Universal said about Robotic Assistance Devices

And here is Allied Universal now proudly displayed as a Partner on our website!

Mojave Spaceport Purchase Order

This is an Allied Universal bot guarding the Rotary Rocket at the Mojave

Hedge Fund Buying

NVIDIA Connection

RAD uses NVIDIA Jetson chip technology with human detection in their robots. What’s exciting is that NVIDIA featured RAD Bots in THEIR booth at ISC West!



And more than just security!

Romeo Power

If you have been following on Twitter, RAD has been working with engineers from Tesla, SpaceX Amazon, Samsung, Apple, etc from Romeo Power and how it will work with RAD’s artificial intelligence, which gives RAD IP (royalties), i.e. cash flow.

Biggest day in RAD History

Details coming soon!!!

ASTOR DHS Award Nominee

Oustanding Shares


Prepayment of Notes

Garrett Parsons has been pre-paying notes so they don’t convert. This can be confirmed by emailing him directly. Or…you can see evidence of it on the last 10Q.

Outside Independent Media from the largest North American Security Magazine

Per GP, we are expecting some disclosures coming soon…

1. Disclosure of the biggest day in RAD history, which CEO Steve Reinharz has said on Twitter, has been eclipsed already!! As indicated, many of these deals are under heavy, large NDAs.
2. Disclosure of a contract with a Large Major North American Green Energy Company with over 50,000 employees
3. Details on the Romeo Power IP deal
4. Disclosure on the Verizon Contract
5. The current standing of notes left

The LONGS group

There is a dedicated group of investors who are continually buying shares, and the count to date is close to 50,000,000 shares owned collectively. The investors in this group have no plans on selling for years, as they see this as a long term capital gains situation, and are banking on the fact that this is disrupting an entire industry while introducing a viable AI market.

According to Garrett Parsons and the IR, notes continue to be paid off at a frantic pace. Most likely, I opine that we are paying them off with CASH from the Romeo IP deal and other yet to be disclosed sources. I also opine that some of the notes never converted (per the 10Q) because they were in paper cert form, which requires an accompanying opinion letter from OMVS attorneys; since the Series F shares can convert to beyond the current AS, the attorneys cannot issue these opinion letters, giving the CEO of OMVS leverage to pay them down for face value. We also know that Eagle Equities has been buying up converted shares so that they do not affect the float. Lastly, we have seen the maturity dates being pushed far forward into the future, where they will have little to no impact on the share price because they will convert to only a few hundred shares. With these things combined, I would expect that OMVS will continue relatively debt free or with minimal impact going forward.
With that said, we know now per guidance that at the end of 2018, we can expect 560 bots deployed, and under contract for $110,000 each. That will yield approximate revenues of $60,000,000.

Lease contracts typically yield close to 40% profits, but for the sake of staying conservative, let’s use 20% profits. The S&P 500 has an average PE of about 25%. For forward valuation, we can do the following to get a conservative share price:

$60,000,000 x 20% profits = $12,000,000
$12,000,000 x PE 25 = $300,000,000
$300,000,000 / 107,000,000 Shares Outstanding = $2.80 price per share

OMVS was certainly headed in that direction. We know from the IR, that he was informed by large shareholder group that they sold 30,000,000 shares into the market at the merger announcement over a period of about 30 days. Combined with that, we know from Interactive Brokers and confirmed by Tim Sykes, there was a large short group working in conjunction with them. Hence the sharp decline in price that has absolutely zero to do with dilution – the CEO and the IR both confirm that it wasn’t dilution.

What does this mean? It means a few things. First, the market will have to absorb the 30M shares in order to get back to above $.28 again. Second the 30M shares will be absorbed by a large number of shareholders, so the future price fluctuation will be much less severe. Third, I would expect that as our F500 contracts become bigger and bigger, and more news is released, we will start attracting more hedge funds and much bigger Wall Street Investors. IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME AT ALL TO SEE A RAPID AND QUICK ASCENSION TO ABOVE $2.00. I’m not the only one who has realized how big this company is and what’s coming. The early bird will make the most money.

This is not a flip stock, a short term ride, etc. This is a retirement maker, a zip code changer, a massive wealth builder. It is akin to buying Apple, or FB, or Intel, or Microsoft on opening IPO day. It takes time, but it’s going to happen.

As Mark McCourt said, OMVS (RAD) IS THE LEADER in AI right now.

Basically, the stock IS WORTH $2.80 right now, and it is my opinion that IT WILL get there. So any buying under that level, is a great investment. A lot of folks see this and are loading the boat as we speak. I expect some pretty large PR’s to be unveiled soon.

All the best,

Greed is good
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