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RYJO   Wednesday, 09/20/17 09:52:13 PM
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WELCOME TO ABHI – Ambicom Holdings it’s been a long journey. First, I will show you the catalysts we are looking at here, mainly a STOP SIGN REMOVAL by nature of GOING CURRENT which is why this stock is totally worth the look at prices under $0.0010 (and even under $0.0020, really). I’ve taken the time throughout this post to pepper it with the opinions of one of our resident posters, HE GONE, who has been a faithful long throughout 2017, like myself.


1. Going current through release of past financials
2. Stop Sign removal from
3. Revenues coming in soon
4. More deals in the making
5. Huge court case continues with potential multi-million dollar profits
6. Patent Protection Letters and the results that will come from them
7. The end of the dilution/start of new financing perhaps the selling of remaining notes for non-dilutive financing

Here is a link to the OTCMarkets page for ABHI -

Authorized Shares 2,700,000,000 a/o Sep 01, 2017
Outstanding Shares 1,469,707,001 a/o Sep 01, 2017

THE STORY OF ABHI – in Laymen’s Terms

So basically the story of ABHI is that they are a holding company for Voosh, a private company which owns a piece of software called Veloxum. ABHI also holds the patent for the technology that Veloxum uses. Velxoum basically is a program that makes tweaks to the hardware and to the drivers of operating systems, mainly on servers, and it optimizes them in a way that I think can be best described by, overclocking certain hardware and drivers to make your system better. They claim you’ll get 30-500% better productivity from your computer if you use it. I’m a computer nerd, and when I saw the program on the conference call a couple weeks ago, the program appears to be quite legit and looks to me as if it’s doing what they say it is. Voosh is owned by the Cornell Family, Kevin Cornell, and he has a bunch of restricted shares, I think 1,000,000,000, or what I believe is more than 60% of the Outstanding Share count. The Cornell family is who is in charge of all of this, Kevin, really.

So to make an extremely long story short, the former CEO let the company go south, fast and hard- bad notes, debt, let the patent go and they almost lost the patent to a company that sold their program - PC Drivers.

10/8/2015 and earlier - Old News from days of the Old “Bad” CEO -

The problem with PC Drivers, is that they were selling the product in a different way…from what I understand it is PC Drivers’ contract with ABHI says that they had the rights to sell one specific license, and PC Drivers was selling other licenses (as they were under the impression that they were about to successfully steal the software from the nearing-delinquent ABHI (back in 2015/2016)). Read more into this on your own, but I believe it was that PC Drivers didn’t have the rights to sell Enterprise Licenses of Veloxum, but ABHI says that PC Drivers sold the Enterprise Licenses anyways because the old CEO was about to leave Ambicom in “default” on their patent.

So then, ABHI got a new CEO, Alain Lewand on Feb 1st, and at the same time got a new line of credit and filed a lawsuit against PC Drivers, to get their patent back. ABHI was the defendant in this lawsuit and, in the end, was ordered to pay for all of the OLD CEO’s mistakes, but in the end, ABHI was officially awarded the patent back in their hands (seen through updates).

2/1/2017 - AmbiCom Holdings Inc. ( OTC PINK: AMBI ) Announces New Management, Line of Credit, and the Filing of Lawsuit Against PC Drivers Headquarters L.P. -

So, since ABHI was the owner of the Voosh patent, Voosh and ABHI decided to make a licensing agreement, which helped their case when they won back their patent.

2/23/2017 – AmbiCom Holdings Inc (OTC PINK: ABHI) Announces Licensing Agreement with Voosh, Inc. -

The CEO, who is very transparent in emails with investors, and also in a press release, has said that they are seeking more than $10,000,000 in damages from PC Drivers for mishandling the licenses, and are looking for $10,000,000 to $40,000,000 total in damages.

3/9/2017 - AmbiCom Holdings (OTC PINK: ABHI) Files Additional Lawsuit Against PC Drivers; Updates on Financials -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “MARCH- ABHI secures the all-important US patent from receivership…an optimization patent worth potentially hundreds of millions or even billions. ABHI proceeds to launch a 10 MILLION PLUS lawsuit against PC drivers alleging patent infringement amongst other things.“

The CEO is also notorious for not releasing press releases the right way, and also to media outlets such as AccessWire, instead of a more popular NewsWire that iHub subscribes to. I would imagine this is because it costs like $800 to file a PR. Unfortunately, these PRs don’t even hit OTC Markets, which is the governing body for the determination of Stop Sign removal and tier increases. Furthermore, the CEO has chosen to release news and information only through the website, which is also inefficient.

In the beginning of his tenure, newly appointed spitfire CEO Alain Lewand dragged investors along all through April and May saying that there would be an 8K, and told investors how the company doesn’t want to be on OTC anymore, and wants to do everything they can to become a fully reporting regular company – which first begins by losing their OTCMarkets Stop Sign. CEO Alain Lewand told investors in emails week after week that the 8k would be out “next week” or “in a few days”. If I had a nickel for every time he told investors “there will be an 8K”…which at the time would prove to be the first SEC filing in nearly a year.

Finally after TWO months of the run around from the CEO, and 8K finally came out (and the CEO hasn’t dragged investors along like that ever since this point in time) but the 8K merely confirmed every rumor we knew, and it wasn’t coupled with a PR because ABHI’s Investor Relations is clearly not their strong point, but they did provide all of the information that we all thought was already true based on emails, including a long timeline of events:

5/5/2017 – SEC Filing with many, many company updates, one of the only things that iHub actually alerted investors of being released because it was an actual SEC filing -

Suddenly out of no where, this PR appeared:

5/24/2017 - Ambicom Holdings Inc Announces New Board Members And Adding Wlmg Holding Inc. As An Additional Sales Agent -

And the next day, they released the terms of the agreement with Voosh (which I would imagine is going to be negated when ABHI and Voosh merge officially (merger announced 3 months later on 8/25/2017).

5/25/2017 – SEC Filing with the terms of the Voosh Agreement -

There’s a ton of information in those SEC filings and I suggest you read them carefully, they are very well written. You’ll find things of interest in the few filings I’ve linked you to, such as the fact that, if memory serves me correctly, the CEO gets paid $5,000 every month, along with 5,000,000 shares of ABHI (which is good to know that he has a vested interest in ABHI as well).

After about a week or so of investors generally getting angry that there hasn’t been any mention of a timeline for going Current and Stop Sign removal (because the CEO told investors emails that we would be updated by end of Spring), this PR was released:

6/6/2017 – AmbiCom Issues Patent Protection Letters -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “JUNE- ABHI sends out dozens of "PATENT PROTECTION" letters out letting several companies know that they may be in violation of the law by not paying ABHI royalties for their optimization software. (This is a shot across the bow to everyone that ABHI will pursue you if you attempt to use their patented tech for free).“

The stock notoriously did not break $0.0010 for the entire spring, no matter how bad it got. As you can see by charts, it generally traded between $0.0028 and $0.0020 -- $0.0020 and $0.0013 – and $0.0013 and $0.0010.

But then sadly, one day VNDM and BMIC showed up and began providing ABHI with pesky dilution, and as you know from other stocks, though it does have a retail section to it, the Market Maker VNDM dilutes like crazy. Once they showed up $0.0010 broke and that was that. There were some $0.0003 taps and a bottom of $0.0004 established as dilution plummeted the price down below $0.0010.

Finally, the CEO finally made public that ABHI plans to be SEC Compliant heading into Q4 (October), where, they have another court date on 10/3/2017.

7/21/2017 - AmbiCom Begins Process to Become SEC Compliant -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “JULY- ABHI begins the process to get current by hiring Business Executive Facilitators accounting firm, with the goal of being fully complaint by the beginning of the 4th quarter. (The CEO stated in an email that once current he has several "high net investors" waiting to invest in ABHI). Also according to the CEO Auditors will begin their process in early SEPT.“

Out of no where a marketing partnership was announced with Bravatek (BVTK), which sent both stocks soaring, though ABHI topped out just above $0.0020. As you can see by looking at a chart, it bounced off resistance of the main downward trendline created this year.

7/26/2017 – Bravatek (OTC PINK: BVTK) and Voosh form Strong Strategic Alliance through MAP -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “JULY- Bravatek (BVTK) joins WLMG holdings as an official sales agent for ABHI's Tech. Bravatek is extremely motivated to get the ball rolling so they can begin to bring in revenues. So motivated it took only a few weeks for them to register ABHI's tech under the NASA SEWP V contract.“

Bravatek also registered Voosh products under government contract lists.

8/2/2017 – Bravatek (OTC PINK: BVTK) registers Voosh products for sale under their NASA SEWP V contract -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “AUGUST- VOOSH and Kaseya sign a partnership agreement where the 100 million dollar generating Kaseya company will offer for sale ABHI's technology. So to summarize ABHI now has WLMG, Bravatek, and Kaseya selling the technology.“

Also around this time OTCMarkets updated with information about the Outstanding Share Count increasing by about 300,000,000 shares. Doing a little math, noticing that VNDM generally sits on the ask at $0.0008 and $0.0009, and seeing a clear bottom at $0.0004, I have deduced that the shares that were diluted this summer were probably sold around a price of $0.00045, which is $130,000 at 300,000,000 shares (and by the looks of the Outstanding Share count, they appear to have diluted an additional 100,000,000 shares approximately in August, which may have given ABHI an additional tens of thousands of dollars). I would imagine that ABHI did this to pay for things such as legal fees, the financial 10Ks and 10Qs, and auditors.

Dilution continued, and all of a sudden, Ambicom and Voosh announce that they are going to simply merge as one company, which should help get all their ducks in a row as they try to settle the PC Drivers lawsuit and collect some cash on that.

8/25/2017 - AmbiCom and Voosh sign letter of intent -

A Quote from HE GONE:
HE GONE wrote: “AUGUST-THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT OF ALL: Voosh and ABHI are now one- a merger. Not a shock to those who have been here, but huge news as now instead of dividing profits up with Voosh, ABHI/Voosh share 100% of the earnings!!!

Then, ABHI announces that there will be an online presentation where investors could ask questions, a bittersweet moment where investors in a pink sheet stock get a chance to learn all of the good and bad things about ABHI, Voosh, and Veloxum – as well as see Veloxum in use.

9/1/2017 – AmbiCom Announces Online Presentation -

The 9/7/2017 Conference call wasn’t very well advertised, and in the end they didn’t release a copy of it after, or the presentation, or even a PR. However, they did talk a lot about their future, and even showed us their product, which was great to see out of pink sheet stock. AmbiCom is the holding company for Voosh, which has a product called Veloxum, and Ambicom also is the owner of the Patent for Veloxum. So, they showed us the product iPTE Veloxum and we got to see it being used and like I said it’s pretty nice to be quite honest. More for servers than anything, but they sounded like other companies have had a real interest in the product since it really can tweak your system to have up to 500% better performance - and Kevin Cornell really knows his stuff. I wish I taped the conference so we could watch it again.

[b/]9/7/2017 RYJO’s Notes - Some highlights from the Conference Call

1. Financing – They are seeking financing, and do have some sort of income from Veloxum from what I understand. I don’t think they profit enough from it to sustain the company at the moment.
2. Dilution – They don’t know when it is going to stop exactly, they anticipate within the next “month or two” that it should “resolve itself” and they said there is “nothing they can do about it” as the noteholders can do what they want at this point.
3. NO Authorized Share Count Increase – “WILL NOT INCREASE AUTHORIZED SHARE COUNT”
5. Financials – 10Ks and 10Qs have begun to be created and are being finished and finalized by the end of September, and will then be in process of moving into the hands of the auditors, who will be finished by the 3rd week of October, according to the conference call (he said it will take them 2 weeks, but I’ll believe 4 weeks to be safe). This makes sense because I personally have been saying current by Halloween.
6. Timeline for going Current – Mid to Late October.
7. New Deals ahead – They said that they are working on new deals like they always say, but as they get more marketing partnerships, we (investors) are starting to expect a new revenue deal at some point.
8. Lawsuit – Should get depositions and discoveries this month ahead of 10/3/2017 court date
9. PR System – The CEO said he is sorry that he only releases PRs on the website and AccessWire. IT was recommended to him during the conference call to use NewsWire instead.
10. Share Price – The CEO was asked what he thought the share price of the stock should be within the next 3 to 6 months, and he actually answered the question which I don’t necessarily think was a great idea for him to do, but he said “I fully believe we will be in the .03 to .04 range” when this is all over.


Unfortunately, there has been more dilution since the conference call, not too much the Week of 9/11 – 9/15, but there has been some decent dilution this week, the Week of 9/18 – 9/22. However, the CEO has assured us that this should be finished this year, potentially within the next two months. All of the catalysts that I mentioned earlier (and have copied again after this paragraph) point to huge upward share price momentum. Like many of you, HE GONE and I have been here a while, and finally, we should see our patience pay off. While the CEO stated that he thinks the price could go to $0.03 to $0.04, and it most certainly does look like ABHI has a lot of potential to do just that – from a realist’s perspective there’s no reason that ABHI should not at least to get back to $0.0044 – and truth be told if the dilution tapers off like the CEO said, ABHI should provide shareholders with that infamous penny stock run - a test of $0.01.


1. Going current through release of past financials
2. Stop Sign removal from
3. Revenues coming in soon
4. More deals in the making
5. Huge court case continues with potential multi-million dollar profits
6. Patent Protection Letters and the results that will come from them
7. The end of the dilution/start of new financing perhaps the selling of remaining notes for non-dilutive financing


First the creator OF THE PATENT: Michael Lazar (He's Kevin Cornells partner at VOOSH LLC, which ABHI has the exclusive agreement with.)

United States Patent 8,438,378
Lazar May 7, 2013
Systems and methods for tuning an operating system, application, or network component

A method, system, apparatus, and media are directed to tuning a device. Values are stored for each of a plurality of device parameters based on device metrics. The device parameters are constraint-matched over changes to settings of the device parameters to identify at least one point within each range of the device parameters that optimizes a performance measure for the device. Tuning values are selected for each device parameter based on the identified point. The tuning values are provided for tuning the device. The device is tuned with roll-back based on the running values.

Inventors: Lazar; Michael (Lafayette, NJ)
Name City State Country Type

Lazar; Michael
Assignee: Veloxum LLC (Lafayette, NJ)
Family ID: 41444888
Appl. No.: 12/488,362
Filed: June 19, 2009



The Voosh LLC team has a combined industry experience of over 80 years and cover the disciplines of networking, servers, applications, operating systems and high speed data transfer. Individually, they designed some of the most advanced WAN, LAN and Fibre Channel analyzers available today.

The founders knowledge has been incorporated into Veloxum’s iPTE (intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) to deliver an automated, highly adaptive tuning application that allows IT departments to unlock the hidden potential in their existing infrastructure.

Founder & CEO
More than 30 years experience at Silicon Valley notables such as Oracle, Borland, MIPS, Symphoniq, and Finisar

Michael Lazar is the chief architect of the Veloxum product software. Mr. Lazar has worked at Network Physics, Datatec Systems and Spirian Technologies, Inc.


The headline taken from PC Drivers website, BTW PC drivers charges $9.95 per month for this tech.

Over 4 Million Users, Let’s See What Some Have To Say!

When ABHI lost it in 2016 from the official court document, due to the past CEO Hwang not having the funds to oppose the motion:

Proceedings before this court commenced in June of 2016 when PC Drivers registered the default judgment in the Northern District of California. Dkt. No 1. Initially, matters proceeded quickly for PC Drivers, as the court granted its unopposed motion to appoint Michael Warda ("Warda") as the receiver for U.S. Patent No. 8,438,378 ("the Patent") in August 2016. Dkt. No. 19. In support of its motion to appoint a receiver, PC Drivers filed a communication from Hwang indicating that AmbiCom would not oppose Warda's appointment and that it would cooperate with the receiver in selling the Patent.

This email from 4-19 (Wednesday), the current CEO confirming ABHI purchasing the patent back after the latest round of court hearings:

We've paid for the patent yesterday and now have the rights back. Their are different components to the judgement, which included the patent on the monetary side, that we would like overturned. Our Texas attorney filed an appeal yesterday in regards to those components. Most have to deal with the licensing and distribution aspects.


Alain Lewand
AmbiCom Holdings




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