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Tuesday, 09/19/2017 7:39:06 PM

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 7:39:06 PM

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316 SEC Registered stocks that are delinquent in filing Financials for at least one year and are at risk of an SEC Suspension and revocation of their stock registrations. Note: The SEC has been vigorously routing out SEC Registered stocks that are delinquent in their filing obligations and has suspended 139 SEC Registered stocks in 2017, whereby ALL stocks will have their stock registrations revoked.

NOTE: All I-Hub stock message boards have received a post alert with a link to EDGAR detailing the last submitted Financials.

AAGC All American Gold Corp. 2013-08-06
AAIR Avantair Inc. 2013-06-13
AAPH American Petro-Hunter Inc. 2014-04-30
AAST Allied American Steel Corp. 2013-08-19
ADNY Adino Energy Corp. 2013-04-19
AEEI American Environmental Energy Inc. 2003-05-14
AGRS Agristar Inc. 1997-04-19
AFRS American First Financial Inc. 2013-02-14
AFYG Affinity Gold Corp. 2009-12-15
AGIN American Graphite Technologies Inc. 2016-02-16
AHCP Anchorage International Holdings Corp. 2014-05-20
AHFP American Home Food Products Inc. 2013-10-03
AIVI Aivtech International Group Co. 2011-11-14
ALKM Alkame Holdings Inc. 2016-02-12
AMGY American Metal & Technology Inc. 2010-11-17
AMLM American Lithium Minerals Inc. 2011-10-03
AMRR American Metals Recovery and Recycling Inc. 2015-03-13
AMSE American Sands Energy Corp. 2015-08-19
APSI Aqua Power Systems Inc. 2015-08-19
ARWD Arrow Resources Development Inc. 2013-11-09
ARYC Arrayit Corp. 2015-11-20
ASFX American Scientific Resources 2011-11-21
ATCH AirTouch Communications Inc. 2012-11-14
ATIW ATI Networks 1998-11-16
AURM Aurum Inc. 2014-09-26
AUSI Aura Systems Inc. 2015-01-16
AVRN Avra Inc. 2015-12-18
AWNE Americas Wind Energy 2012-06-19
AXCG Eyes on the Go Inc. 2014-11-19
AYXE Ayers Exploration Inc. 2014-05-15
AZRH Azure Holding Group 2013-12-23

BGEM Blue Gem Enterprise 2010-05-31
BHRG Bahamas Concierge Inc. 2016-03-09
BLFR BlueFire Equipment Corp. 2013-11-12
BMSPF Biomass Secure Power Inc. 2012-04-17
BPOL BlackPoll Fleet International Inc. 2015-11-03
BROE Baron Energy 2012-08-13
BTFL Monarch America Inc. 2015-11-16
BWPC Blue Water Petroleum Corp. 2014-07-21

CANL CannLabs Inc. 2015-07-08
CBCA Crown Baus Capital Corp. 2014-09-16
CBDG THC Farmaceuticals 2015-08-19
CBLRF Campbell Resources 2009-03-20
CCAN Canadian Cannabis Corp. 2015-10-02
CCTR China Crescent Enterprises Inc. 2011-08-22
CDEX CDEX Inc. 2015-06-15
CDMC Cindisue Mining Corp. 2015-06-22
CGDI China Growth Development Inc. 2009-11-18
CGFI Colorado Goldfields Inc. 2014-01-31
CGRT CorGreen Technologies Holding Corp. 2015-10-23
CHBU China Agri-Business Inc. 2011-11-21
CHLO China Logistics Group Inc. 2014-01-28
CHRI China Health Resource Inc. 2013-12-30
CKMY Car Monkeys Group 2015-11-20
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agr. Dev. 2015-12-11
CNCK Content Checked Holdings Inc. 2016-02-22
CNCN Cintel Corp. 2011-11-21
CPXP Coupon Express Inc. 2013-06-19
CRGE Clenergen Corp. 2011-10-20
CSOL China Solar & Clean Energy Solutions Inc. 2011-08-19
CTBG Coil Tubing Tech Inc. 2015-11-16
CUAU Casablanca Mining Ltd. 2013-06-13
CYPE Century Petroleum Corp. 2009-03-23

DANR Dana Resources 2010-02-22
DINO Dino Energy Corporation 2014-09-15
DGRI Dutch Gold Resources Inc. 2012-11-21
DKMR Duke Mountain Resources Inc. 2014-11-12
DLII Dixie Lee International Industries Inc. 2005-08-17
DLPM Development Capital Group Inc. 2015-02-23
DPSM 3D Pioneer Systems Inc. 2014-06-23
DSOL Drug Free Solution Inc. 2014-10-02

ECMH Encompass Holdings 2010-01-29
ECOP Eco-Shift Power Corp. 2015-05-20
EFCT EFactor Group Corp. 2015-11-18
EFLS Exercise for Life Systems Inc. 2014-04-30
EIHC Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp. 2013-03-13
ELAY eLayaway Inc. 2014-08-18
EMON eMONEco Inc. 2015-09-21
EMPM Empire Post Media Inc. 2012-10-09
ENCB Encore Brands Inc. 2011-02-14
ESRI Eastern Resources Inc. 2013-11-14
EVTI Eventure Interactive Inc. 2015-11-23
EVTP EV Transportation Inc. 2008-12-22
EVUS EV Charging USA Inc. 2016-01-15
EXRG Ecologix Resource 2010-11-22

FCTOA FACT Corp. 2011-11-21
FEWP Far East Wind Power Corp. 2012-02-22
FHAI Fountain Healthy Aging Inc. 2009-11-23
FLKM Flikmedia Inc. 2016-04-14
FLSR FLASR Inc. 2016-04-01
FPFI Fresh Promise Foods Inc. 2015-08-17
FRGY Frontier Energy Corp. 2010-08-03
FROT Falconridge Oil Tech. Corp. 2016-01-21
FSTC First Corp 2013-02-14

GBEN Global Resource Energy Inc. 2014-11-18
GBLL Green Ballast Inc. 2015-06-30
GBOE Geobio Energy 2013-08-19
GCLL GreenCell Inc. 2012-02-21
GDSI Global Digital Solutions 2015-11-06
GENX Genex Pharmaceutical 2008-05-23
GEVI General Environmental Mgmt. Inc. 2010-05-24
GFOO Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp. 2014-08-21
GGWY Genie Gateway 2016-06-02
GIMU Global Immune Technologies Inc. 2013-11-19
GMEV Great China Mania Holdings Inc. 2015-11-23
GNIN Green Innovations Ltd. 2015-04-10
GRDH Guardian 8 Hldgs 2015-11-13
GRLD Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. 2015-11-23
GRMS Green Energy Management 2015-09-08
GRNO Green Oasis Environmental Inc. 2010-06-12
GRPH Graphite Corp. 2015-11-16
GRYN Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. 2016-03-29
GTCP Georgetown Corp 2012-08-15
GWBU Great Wall Builders 2012-05-21

HBPE HBP Energy Corp. 2013-08-27
HBRK Hedgebrook 2014-05-14
HKWO Hong Kong Winalite Group Inc. 2010-03-23
HNTM HuntMountain Resources 2011-07-26
HPTG HydroPhi Technologies Group Inc. 2016-08-04
HRAA Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc. 2014-08-14
HSTH HS3 Technologies Inc. 2012-02-10

JUNP Juniper Group Inc. 2011-08-22

KABX Kabe Exploration Inc. 2013-11-20
KALG Kal Energy Inc. 2009-05-08
KDKN Kodiak Energy Inc. 2001-11-14
KENS Kenilworth Systems 2011-09-14
KTDR Ketdarina Corp. 2015-11-24
KUSA Kashin Inc. 2015-12-21
KWIT Fuhuiyuan International Holdings Ltd. 2015-03-11

LAXAF Laxai Pharma 2010-11-19
LBAS Location Based Technologies Inc. 2015-07-14
LBTG Liberty Coal Energy Corp. 2014-02-12
LOLI Lollipop Corp. 2015-03-25
LOVI One2One Living Corp. 2013-11-19
LSTG Lone Star Gold Inc. 2013-11-19
LYFE LYFE Communications Inc. 2014-11-25

MAXE Maxwell Resources Inc. 2014-03-03
MBIT Mobilebits Holdings Corp. 2015-02-13
MCTH Medical Connections Holdings Inc. 2012-08-14
MGNU Magnus International Resources Inc. 2013-06-28
MHYS Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co. 2015-08-25
MJDS MOJO Data Solutions Inc. 2016-02-16
MJMD MediJane Holdings Inc. 2016-01-19
MMTC Micro Imaging Technology Inc. 2014-09-15
MNAP MNP Petroleum Corp. 2015-11-23
MNHD Mongolia Holdings Inc. 2015-06-08
MPSP MedPro Safety Products Inc. 2013-11-13
MRPI Mera Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2013-06-23
MSPC MedPro Safety Products Inc. 2013-11-13
MSTG Mustang Alliances Inc. 2013-11-25
MXMG Maxima Group Inc. 2015-10-19
MYCT MyContactCard Inc. 2009-11-23
MYGG MyGo Games Holding Co. 2015-07-21

NBRI North Bay Resources Inc. 2015-10-29
NILA Nilam Resources Inc. 2012-12-14
NNRX Nutranomics Inc. 2015-12-31
NRGT Energy Today Inc. 2013-05-20
NUIN Nutrastar International Inc. 2015-11-25
NUUU Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. 2015-11-16
NWCI Newcardio Inc. 2011-11-14
NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. 2016-01-19

OMGB Omega Brands Inc. 2015-09-10
OMVE Omni Ventures Inc. 2012-08-14
OOGI C2E Energy Inc. 2010-05-24
OPHI Organic Plant Health Inc. 2013-04-15
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings Inc. 2012-11-19

PADR Asia Pacific Boiler Corp. 2015-11-23
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy Corp. 2011-08-22
PCYS PrimeCare Systems Inc. 2011-05-23
PFSD Pacific Sands Inc. 2016-02-24
PGSI Pegasi Energy Resources Corp. 2015-11-13
PIED Piedmont Mining Company 2011-12-23
PIVN Phoenix International Ventures Inc. 2011-05-23
PMBS PuraMed BioScience Inc. 2015-02-17
PMOZ PrismOne Group Inc. 2011-11-14
PNRC Premier Energy Corp. 2010-12-22
POSC Positron Corporation 2015-11-23
PPRW Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc. 2012-11-19
PRKI Perk International Inc. 2015-04-20
PRRE Praetorian Property Inc. 2016-01-19
PSTO Powerstorm Holdings 2015-11-16
PSWS PureSafe Water Systems Inc. 2015-11-25
PUGE Puget Technologies Inc. 2015-09-21
PURT Purthanol Resources Ltd. 2014-03-17
PWRV Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. 2015-11-13
PXYN Praxsyn Corp. 2015-11-16

QATSF Quantitative Alpha Trading Inc. 2012-10-05
QUTR Quture International Inc. 2013-03-22
QWTR Quest Water Global Inc. 2014-11-14

RACK Rackwise Inc. 2014-05-15
RAIO Radioio Inc. 2014-08-13
RARS Rarus Technologies Inc. 2013-01-30
RBCC Rainbow Coral Corp. 2016-02-19
RCKE Rock Energy Resources Inc. 2012-11-20
RCMH Reach Messaging Holdings Inc. 2011-08-22
REDG Red Giant Entertainment Inc. 2015-07-17
RGLG UHF Logistics Group Inc. 2011-01-19
RHSC Robertson Global Health Solutions Corp. 2013-01-15
RIOB Rio Bravo Oil Inc. 2014-11-17
RITE MineralRite Corp. 2015-03-31
RMCP Revolutions Medical Corp. 2014-11-14
RMRK Rimrock Gold Corp. 2015-07-20
RNGC Ranger Gold Corp. 2014-02-14
ROBK Rotate Black Inc. 2015-06-08
ROGI Radiant Oil & Gas Inc. 2014-08-14
RPBC Redpoint Bio Corp. 2012-09-10

SAGA Saga Energy Inc. 2015-06-22
SEVT Summit Environmental 2007-05-10
SFBR Safebrain Systems Inc. 2014-06-23
SFPI Santa Fe Petroleum Inc. 2013-11-18
SGUI Sanguine Corp. 2012-11-14
SGZH U.S. China Mining Group Inc. 2014-05-20
SHGT Success Holding Group Intl Inc. 2015-08-20
SHRK SharkReach Inc. 2016-01-14
SINX Sionix Corp. 2013-08-27
SKKB Stark Naked Bobbers 2015-06-22
SLIO Solo International Inc. 2015-08-14
SLNN Saleen Automotive Inc. 2016-03-24
SLLV Soellingen Advisory Group Inc. 2015-10-22
SMXMF Samex Mining Corp. 2013-09-06
SOLS Sollensys Corp. 2013-03-12
SPAG Spartan Gold 2014-11-19
SPCL Solaris Power Cells Inc. 2015-11-18
SPXA SpectrumDNA Inc. 2013-02-20
STEV Stevia Corp. 2015-02-24
STNT Stevia Nutra Corp. 2013-03-22
SURE Sonora Resources Corp. 2014-04-11
SUUB Sub-Urban Brands Inc. 2007-08-07
SWRI Seawright Holdings 2012-09-11
SWVI Swingplane Ventures Inc. 2015-05-15
SYNG Synergetics Inc. 2015-05-27
SYUP Shanghai Yutong Pharma 2006-11-14

TAYO Taylor Consulting Inc. 2016-02-22
TBSS TBSS International Co. 2012-02-21
TCEC TransCoastal Corp. 2015-08-14
TEHG Technovative Group Inc. 2015-08-20
THEE Tarheel Billboard Inc. 2014-02-19
TIHC Titanium Healthcare 2015-11-13
TITAF Titan Trading Analytics Inc. 2013-08-06
TLPY Telupay International Inc. 2015-02-23
TNGS Titan Oil & Gas Inc. 2013-07-15
TRBX TRB Systems International Inc. 2011-05-20
TRII Trio Resources Inc. 2015-08-31
TRXA Trex Acquisition Corp. 2014-09-30
TSNI TechniScan Inc. 2011-03-25
TSTS That Marketing Solution Inc. 2016-01-22
TTTM T3 Motion Inc. 2013-11-19
TUNG Tungsten Corp. 2014-12-23
TXJK Texas Jack Oil & Gas Corp. 2015-05-20

UBLI UBL Interactive Inc. 2015-08-24
UNIV Universal Infotainment Systems Corp. 2009-12-21
UOIP UnifiedOnline Inc. 2016-02-22
UPOW UAN Power Corp. 2014-10-14
URHY Urban Hydroponics Inc. 2015-11-16
USTU US Tungsten Corp. 2014-04-14
UTMR Ultimate Rack Inc. 2014-09-22

VGEN Vaccinogen Inc. 2015-11-16
VGLS VG Life Sciences Inc. 2015-11-19
VIDA Vidaroo Corp. 2013-02-21
VNSN Vansen Pharma Inc. 2013-12-04
VOQP VioQuest Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2008-08-19
VPRO Viropro Inc. 2012-08-07
VSMR Verify Smart Corp. 2013-03-05
VUOC Vu1 Corp. 2015-05-20

WCYN West Canyon Energy Corp. 2013-03-05
WEDG Weed Growth Fund Inc. 2015-01-26
WEST Andalay Solar Inc. 2015-11-20
WGEI WindGen Energy Inc. 2012-11-16
WILD Wild Craze Inc. 2013-11-14
WLSI Wellstar International Inc. 2010-12-15
WLYW Wally World Media Inc. 2015-05-20
WMEG World Mortgage Exchange Group Inc. 2011-11-15
WPWR Well Power Inc. 2015-03-23
WSTI WindStream Technologies Inc. 2015-11-16
WTKN WellTek 2010-11-19
WWTH With Inc. 2015-11-23

XCAN Chun Can Intl Group fka OPEI Orient Petroleum 2011-02-14
XCLK Cross Click Media Inc. 2015-11-02
XSVT Xsovt Brands Inc. 2011-08-15

YEVN Your Event Inc. 2015-11-27

ZDEC Zenovia Digital Exchange Corp. fka SSTL Inc. 2015-05-12
ZMMM Zoom Companies Inc. fka Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. 2015-11-23
ZVTK Zevotek Inc. 2012-11-19

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