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<u> MARIJUANA/HEMP(583 Acres)+$150 M Contract+BITCOIN+SOLAR-Amps Electric ($10*M*Rev)</u>

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MARIJUANA/HEMP(583 Acres)+$150 M Contract+BITCOIN+SOLAR-Amps Electric ($10*M*Rev)

See below DD which shows FutureLand Corp. (FUTL) into MARIJUANA/HEMP + BITCOIN + SOLAR.

Multi Million and Billion dollar business.

FUTL in 3 major Industries with each capable of generating millions of dollars in revenue and each separately capable of putting FUTL PPS in many pennies. IMO.

1. MARIJUANA/HEMP (583Acres)
2. Agreement with HempTech Corp. 150 Million Dollar Contract
3. Solar Technology - Amps Electric Inc - 10 Million Dollar in revenues
4. BITCOIN BlockChain
5. Cash Dividends
6. Very low OS
7. Directors ownership of 52 M common shares
8. St. George Investments, LLC OWNS 45 M FUTL shares
9. 75% of OS owned by Management and Major Shareholders

1. ***583 Acres land for Industrial HEMP-and-Marijuana*Low-OS***


240 acres in La Vita, Colorado  
78 acres in Grants Pass, Oregon 
 265 acre site in Wolfs Creek, Oregon

Read ALL below in FUTL 10Q[/color]

FutureLand Oregon, LLC also purchased 50% ownership on another 265 acre site in Wolfs Creek, Oregon with a purchase price of $250,000 toHSPendleton, LLC. This property already has a Tier II recreational license to grow cannabis and is owned by Groovy Groves, LLC. FutureLand Oregon, LLC is contracted to purchase 50% of the Oregon Recreational Grow license from John Miller of Groovy Groves, LLC and is currently in the transfer of ownership cycle with the state of Oregon. Upon transfer FutureLand Corp will complete the sale with $100,000 of FutureLand stock at an exercise price of .01 per share to John C Miller. Groovy Groves, LLC .


Description of Business

FutureLand Corp. operates its presented business through its subsidiary, FutureLand Properties, is an agricultural land lease company catering to the industrial
hemp, legal medical marijuana and recreational cannabis market
. Future Land was started to capitalize upon the distinct separation of the cultivation grows from
the dispensaries, specifically with respect to Colorado. In the State of Colorado, which has become the quintessential poster-child for what the industry may look
like for the rest of America, at least temporarily, as other states determine what exact direction they will choose to go, there are residency laws that must be
adhered to. For instance, in order to get a license to grow or profit from cannabis in Colorado you must be a 2 year resident. The laws are very specific; anyone
who is not a 2 year resident cannot profit from the sale of the cannabis flower or infused products. Because of this mandate, Future Land Corp must be a land
owner and leaser in order to effectively participate in the cannabis grow industry, which we believe is essential in order to gain a competitive advantage. We also
must own the structures on the land to control the lease and our future position in the industry.
The business model is simple; offer growers the opportunity to grow. We have the land and then we find a growers requiring assist in funding and obtaining their*license and grow facility. Next, we arrange for additional operational items needed, including but not limited to, complete build-outs provided from our associated company, HempTech Corp, in order to capture additional revenue. 

Our current asset will comprise of 240 acres of prime property in southern Colorado and two signed lease agreements for grow facilities on its land. Our
business plan is to continue attracting legal license holders to lease land and grow facilities on our 240 acres.  We have other developmental land use plans for
other projects being pursued as well.
On, October 30, 2014, FLP closed on 239.96 Acres in La Vita, Colorado in Huerfano County for $60,000.  FLP entered into a lease agreement contract
with a lease with Colorado Flower Company, LTD on Dec 1, 2014 allotting 37 acres for their grow facilities.  FLP was formed as a Colorado State company on
October 6, 2014 by FutureWorld Corp.
Prior to FLP being formed, the State of Colorado amended their laws allowing cannabis grow facilities to be separated from cannabis dispensaries
effectively opening up an entirely new business opportunity that FLP entered into at that time. At such time, FLP pursued the business plan to secure a cannabis or
hemp grower to execute their business plan of leasing the land, the structures, the technologies and provide maintenance contracts associated with the grow.
Integral to its strategy is to provide the financing for the entire grow operation so as to establish a position by which to harness a competitive advantage in striking
the right kind of lease in conjunction with Colorado State laws that would allow FLP to make above average returns.  On Jan 20, 2015 FLP entered a contract with
GPS, La Vita, Inc. allotting 5 acres for their immediate grow facilities.  All of these contracts, and land ownings are currently in FLP.

2. 150 million dollar contract and FUTL gets 50% of it! 

FUTL, a leading provider of strategic real estate investment, grow facilities and material solutions to the global cannabis industry, announced today that it has signed a Funding and consulting Agreement with HempTech Corp (OTC PINK: HTCO) to raise money to fund 1,000 grow pods for HempTech in association with their exclusive Master Vendor Agreement to deliver containerized grow systems (grow.droid II) for Tinkerer's Obsession Labs (TOL). TOL, in conjunction with their partners, have agreed to purchase from HempTech a minimum of 1000 "grow.droid II" systems, between 2016 and 2022, to satisfy the growing need for cannabis among Indian reservations in North America. The estimated contract value for the agreed upon term between HempTech and TOL is north of $150M. 

" The company has arranged to get 50% of the revenues HempTech receives on the back end, in perpetuity. If the grow pods network is sold upon maturation, then FUTL will participate in the sale in the same manner. "We wholeheartedly support what HempTech is doing and believe that their business model is rock solid." ;

Hemp Tech Grow Droid install

3. FutureLand Corp. (FUTL) Enters Joint Venture Agreement with GreenLeaf Holdings, LLC. to Deliver Solar Technology to the Cannabis Industry

September 7, 2017 - $$$$$$$$$$$$ 8K on on Completion of Acquisition of Amps Electric, Inc$$$$$$$$$$$$

FutureLand to Acquire a 32% Stake in Amps Electric with $5M in Revenue Through GreenLeaf Holdings 

Denver, CO, July 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FutureLand Corp. (OTC: FUTL), a leading provider of strategic real estate investment, grow facilities and material solutions to the medical and recreational global cannabis industry, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to joint venture with Greenleaf Holdings, LLC. to acquire an established Solar Technology group. GreenLeaf Holdings will be acquiring 80% of Amps Electric, Inc. set to close within the next 14 days. 

Cameron Cox, CEO of FutureLand Corp. said, "Solar Energy has often been seen as the “holy grail” of energy sources and it has come a long way in the last 10 years. I am very excited about the direction of the company and this play as it pertains to marijuana.” 

One truth about cannabis is that is often overlooked by the public is how power hungry it is. Growing in the wild, marijuana just sucks up as much sunlight as it needs. But for indoor and supplemental power needs growers have had to keep pace with the plant. A study by scientist Evan Mills, with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, revealed that legalized indoor marijuana-growing operations account for 1% of total electricity use in the US, at a cost of $6bn per year. And this number is most certainly rising with the increases of legalized medical and recreational marijuana throughout the United States. 

Amps Electric, Inc. is a Massachusetts company that deals in solar energy. Of course, the company supplies solar energy to any power need, but cannabis is going to be a huge addition to their erupting portfolio. Amps currently has annual revenues exceeding $5,000,000 and believes it can achieve as much as $10,000,000 by the years end. Because of the nature of many cannabis grows, being secluded on the one hand, and needing to operate self-sufficiently on the other, it makes a lot of sense for FutureLand to include this opportunity within its canopy of offerings. 

In 2014, a report by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council estimated marijuana operations could grow Washington electricity demand between 60 MW and 160 MW over the next 20 years. Regional demand, including producers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, could reach almost 250 MW by 2035. 

In 2015, Utility Dive reported that Pacific Power experienced 7 localized outages due to demand overloads attributed to marijuana grow operations. 

“This is cutting edge technology that is really going to bring down the costs of some major hydroponic grow operations here in the states”, said GreenLeaf principal Maury Winnick. “John Bianchi, of Amps Electric, is a great operator and we are pleased to join forces with him and his company to help create shareholder value in FutureLand Corporation.” 

Amps Electric, Inc. Hudson MA 5.83 MW Solar Farm

4. BITCOIN and BlockChain - Getting into smart contracts and native Tokens based on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain

1st September FUTL Tweet : Amps Electric Solar deal with FutureLand and Greenleaf looks to close next week!

31st August FUTL Tweet : FutureLand in the process of creating a real estate asset ledger using smart contracts that would apply blockchain technology to MJ sector

Item 8.01. Other Events

FutureWorld announces today that through its three-old business unit, Bitcoin Labs, it is in the process of introducing smart contracts and native Tokens based on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain for HempTech (NUVUS) and FutureLand for their respective businesses. Introduction of the blockchains will proceed with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for the respective applications tailored for each company. We have been researching the availability of a stable blockchain besides Bitcoin and we have found Ethereum ERC20 to be the leading core development technology platform. We are planning to introduce blockchain technologies with respective Tokens to disrupt the current industry’s concerns with banking and seed to sale
The amount of money being raised through ICOs has quintupled since last year. Close to a billion dollars has been raised so far through very successful ICOs. We believe the time has come for the merger of the fastest growing industry in the history (Cannabis) with a technology platform that has shifted our understanding of money and contracts forever.

5. FUTL Cash DIvidends

FUTL filed 8K this week on August 14 that FUTL will be giving CASH DIVIDENDs to shareholders. Which company gives CASH DIVIDENDs in OTC ?

6. Very Low OS and FLoat

OS ONLY - 1,343,534,821

7. Directors ownership of 52 M common shares

FUTL DIrectors own 52 M common shares of FUTL

8. ***St. George Investments, LLC OWNS 45 M FUTL shares*** 

Filed on April 2017 ;

9. ***75% of OS owned by Management and Major Shareholders***  

Below as per latest 10Q

Our major shareholders have significant control over stockholder matters and the minority stockholders will have little or no control over our affairs.
Our major shareholders, being FutureWorld Corp. and Talari Industries currently own approximately 75% of our outstanding Common Stock, and, through the ownership of preferred stock, have approximately 97% of stockholder voting power, and thus significant control over stockholder matters, such as election of directors, amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, and approval of significant corporate transactions. As a result, our minority stockholders will have little or no control over its affairs.


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