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My Compiled DD of Bravatek Solutions (BVTK)

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My Compiled DD of Bravatek Solutions (BVTK).

Who they are:
Bravatek is a high technology security solutions portfolio provider that assists corporate entities, governments and individuals protect their organizations against both physical and cyber-attacks through its offering of the most technically-advanced, cost-effective and reliable software, tools and systems.

What they do:
1. Cyber Security- Through its Patent pending product Ecrypt One, they provide data leak prevention and email security.
*Ecrypt One is a security-first, full service email system. It combines email server technology, with a variety of security methods and solutions.

2. Telecom- Builds towers to suit the major carriers and utilities.

What we have here is a sub-penny stock that is in the Right business at the Right time. Cyber attacks are happening more often than ever and are becoming popular. Major companies are getting data leaked or having data stolen and are asked for ransom money in return. BVTK can prevent that! Also we are in the middle of 5g roll out. Meaning all major wireless carriers are going to switch from 4g to 5g. 5g networks requires a lot more towers than 4g. Hundreds of thousands of 5g towers are going to have to be built. BVTK builds, operates, and maintains towers as well!
Market Potential:

Also Below I have a picture outlining Critical Infrastructure and I highlighted what i believe to be potential market for BVTK.

Healthcare: Huge industry

Translates to HUGE potential

We already have a pilot program with a fortune 1000 healthcare company.

We also have ties with Kaiser Permanente through Jim Browns (VP of Sales) wife.

FYI- Kaiser Permanente is a Billion dollar company!

Government & Military:
This is what caused the first run with rumors of a $20 Billion contract.

Bravatek was placed in a Government contract with a $20 Billion ceiling.

Although that $20 Billion is split among many companies, I'm sure Bravatek will see a good chunk of the pie. Especially with all that has been happening recently regarding cyber security.
Tommy boy and Jim Brown will capitalize on this SEWP contract

Timing for this sector couldn't be better.
President Trump just signed an Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure. (refer back to the Critical Infrastructure picture)
Here is a link to the actual order,

The Exectuve Order is designed to improve the nations cybersecurity. The executive order requires that all federal agencies adopt the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The government and military can use Ecrypt One from Bravatek.

The Pentagon says it will start Encrypting soldiers’ emails next year (2018)!

The potential their is Huge with 4.5 million users!

We have had multiple meetings at the Pentagon already!

And it sounds like we closed deals!!

We have also been meeting behind closed doors with NATO!

We received Positive feed back from NATO!

The money from these contracts will be huge!
Here is the potential for a contract with DHS...

That adds up to be about $70 million a year!
here is an outline of it...

And Tommy boy knows exactly how to get these deals done.

BTW, these pictures that I am posting are from Tom himself. In the picture above, look in the blue circle and read who's email address is in there. ( I did edit the photo with the side comments though)

Tommy boy is creating Win-Win alliances with company's to fulfill DHS needs.

BVTK has Market Alliance Partners (MAPs) with...
1. Enterprise Sentinel- is a full featured enterprise caliber authentication system
2. Silanis e-Signatures- is the world’s leading provider of electronic signatures.
3. Whitenoise- is a patented encryption, verification and authorization capability.
4. Cicada- is a non-invasive and scalable physical security solution for computer hardware.
5. Cyber Risk Pro- Services consolidates breach protection solutions and services into a united marketplace.
6. Genesys- is a Government contractor providing specialty equipment, technologies and services
7. innoBots- is a world leader in innovative, unmanned systems and robotics technology
8. QCR- will eliminate omissions and mistakes by forcing adherence to business rules and requirements.
9. CrucialTrak- Specializes in nano-technology driven biometrics, implemented in various types of access control system.

With all these alliances and more on the way, better believe we will be getting major contracts and revenue!

The possibilities with Encrypt One are endless. I know Im leaving out a lot. But lets move on to Telecom now.
BVTK acquired Viking Telecom Services in 2015. Since then Tom has been creating Win-Win strategic alliances with companies to generate more business and revenue.

Timing for telecom couldn't be better either! Major wireless carriers are converting from 4g to 5g. The roll out of 5g will cost 10s of billions of dollars.

We already have expected revenue of $9M in the next 12 months from just 2 Strategic Alliances.

And a 3rd Strategic Alliance still to be announced, worth a significant multiple of the first 2 alliances...

Rumors of the third deal is worth over $100 million!!

There's definitely something huge going on behind the scenes because Bravatek got approved for $20 million funding for Telecom...

Another huge project thats going on right now that we might have skin in the game is FirstNet.

The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. Giving First Responders The Communication Capabilities They Need To Act Quickly!

And they are spending BIG money to do this. $100 Billion Big!

And we have connections to AT&T through some of our partners.
One of our partners submitted a proposal to have their antennas used for FirstNet.

And not any company can provide for FirstNet, they must meet stringent security policies and meet (NIST) requirements...

BTW, Tom did write the book about delivering solutions for First Responders AKA FirstNet

You bet we will get a piece of that pie after writing the book for it.

Now lets talk about this recent Strategic Alliance of ours with CrucialTrak

CrucialTrak Specializes in nano-technology driven biometrics, implemented in various types of access control system.

Products include:
1. Biometric Access Systems- leveraging up to four major technologies (touchless fingerprint, palm-vein, iris and face recognition), provide superior level of security. 4 different biometrics modules simultaneously capture and authenticate user's biological information in a second.

*CrucialTrak Won Best New Product Award at ISC West 2017!

2. Speed Gates- Highly reliable Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking System.

These products are very innovative and will replace card reader security entry/exit points. Not only is it super fast and convenient for the user, but it is more secure and reliable too. It eliminates the possibility of a persons card/badge being stolen and used. Places of high level security, such as government jobs, will be all over this. That is exactly why CrucialTrak partnered with us, to have Tommy boy distribute their products to the U.S. government and military section.

Heres a quote from Mr. Don Lee, CEO of CrucialTrak: "After seeing how effective Bravatek is as a strategic channel partner for the government and cyber security sectors, we are extremely excited to be join forces with Bravatek in our efforts to make the world more secure."

Through BVTK, CrucialTrak is now on the $20B SEWP Government Contract Vehicle.

Now if this product isn't good enough to sell itself, which I think it is, EXECUTIVE ORDER: PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES, will help.
*link to executive order,

Section 7 of the executive order, titled “Expedited Completion of Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking System”, recommends that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security completes and implements “a biometric entry-exit tracking system for all travelers to the United States”.

That means that all U.S. based international airports will have to have biometric entry-exit tracking systems. That is exactly what CrucialTraks, our partner, products are! That makes it a lot easier to sell if they NEED to have it. And according to wikipedia, there are about 100 international airports in the U.S.

How are we going to accomplish everything I mentioned above you ask??
From our dream team board members at Bravatek and all of their connections.



Highlights- His whole resume is higlights.
- Served as the Chief Commercialization Officer at the US Department of
Homeland Security (DHS) and the White House
- Worked directly for President George W. Bush and President Barack
- Has flipped 4 businesses around. His last business sold for almost $1 billion.

Director- Hans Holmer, a retired CIA officer with extensive experience in strategic cyber issues.

Director- Chuck Brooks, has extensive service in Senior Executive Management, Government Relations, Research & Development, and Marketing/Business Development.

Product Development- Ian Treleaven, has 20 years of professional software development experience creating enterprise-class software for thousands of users at some of the world’s largest companies. Former Microsoft Engineer.

Vice President of Sales- Jim Brown, a prominent and qualified sales and marketing executive with over twenty years of sales experience with technology-based firms. turned a business from generating $300,000 in revenue to generating over $1,000,000,000 ($1 billion) in revenue in only 6 years.

BVTK Concerns...

O/S - People are concerned about the outstanding shares(O/S) being a bit bloated...

The picture above is a little off, the O/S is now a little over 7 billion... :(
Ya its a bit bloated but its been said that Tom says dilution is almost over.
Also take a look at the Market cap! At 7 billion the market cap is only about $40M. If we have deals worth well over $100M in contracts, even with this O/S, we should be trading in the pennys(plural).

R/S - People are concerned about a Reverse Split happening which is ultimately bad for the share holders. Tom has stated numerous times that he does not desire a r/s.

Stop Sign - People are worried about the Stop sign on BVTK and dont believe we will ever get current. Thats a bunch of BS. Tom reminds us all the time that they are working on getting current.

Once that stop sign comes down, BVTK is going to go parabolic!

Major Catalysts

-Major Healthcare company
-Major wireless carrier
-Biometric entry-exit systems for Aiports
-Electronic currency firm (Bitcoin)
-Stop sign removal / getting current
-Patent Approval
-Share buyback

-There is an Executive Order on cyber security and we have the product to provide for it and all the connections to do so.
-The beginning stage of 5g roll out is happening right now and we have the team to build, operate, and maintain 5g towers.
-States are now approving FirstNet and Tom wrote the book about it. And our telecom team can provide for it.
-There is an Executive Order on biometric entry-exit tracking systems and we now have the product to provide for it.
What I believe is going to happen to BVTK

Stop sign removed/ become current --> Major Deals announced --> Trading at multiple pennies --> continue to receive major deals --> Share buy back --> Patent approval --> NASDAQ $$$

Oh and did I mention Tommy Boy said "Nasdaq sooner than you think"
Well thats most of my compiled DD and thoughts (all IMO)

Ill be buckled up in this ship waiting for take off if you need me

Millionaires will be made here!

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