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UncleFester Member Level  Monday, 07/17/17 02:45:07 PM
Re: Oshinko post# 12685
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And that’s just for starters…Here’s what most people are missing about this stock. It’s not your typical OTC play where you jump in and ride momentum for a day or two and sell out. It’s not a stock to flip either, yet the overwhelming trend over the past few months is just that…the majority of investors jumping in on momentum only to jump back out or attempting to flip. Meanwhile, there’s a small group of people who have been around for months that “GET IT”. What makes them different?

1. They see the value in what’s being created and they won’t sell you even one share of their stock…period.

2. They saw that the stock went from 17.6M shares to 43.7M shares, but remained unfazed due to the behemoth of an operation that is being set up here. Even at 100M shares, this stock will be THE best possible play in the OTC arena over the next 12-18 months hands down. This is a NASDAQ level company in the making. They've watched our following go from 61 board members in February to 300 today.

3. They’ve witnessed the massive undertaking of Knightscope and the hype and ridiculous amounts of money being thrown at that operation all the while looking at our version of the same thing and coming to the conclusion that the “all terrain” capabilities and the Verizon and NVIDIA technology, not to mention the team of RAD experts puts these units heads and shoulders above the competition when you apply just a little logic, rationale and common sense.

4. They look at the 50M invested in SMP that provides the base units as an indication of how serious this whole project happens to be. They’ve read between the lines and many of us believe that SMP will become a component of this operation and part of OMVS if they haven’t already. Yes, you read that right. I’m speculating based on everything that I’ve read and seen that SMP will want to and will become a part of this company as well due to the infrastructure that’s being put in place that will provide SMP a long term exit strategy for all of their original hard work and investment dollars put in. That also creates asset value for us that is tremendous!

5. They look at a PR announcing 15 units and 1.5M in revenue only to be followed by a PR announcing a doubling of that to 30 units and 3.0M and know instinctively that this is probably old news or what we would consider to be part of a series of timed releases and that the growth that has already taken place is most likely much more than what we know now. The company is privileged to have so much "growth" news that they can afford that luxury.

6. They trust Garett Parsons and Steve Reinharz as both have made it crystal clear where this company is headed and there’s no doubt that these two are taking a lot of satisfaction in creating an investment for the record books. Their experience, knowledge and passion is palpable and it’s contagious amongst those who don’t just do your typical OTC DD, but dig deep to find all of the various components and how they fit together to form what’s coming.

7. They listen to the comments about the liabilities on the books from the past company and of new liabilities and realize that Garett, who has experience with three other companies before this one, knows how to handle what’s there, how to structure debt in a way that is going to provide THE best terms for lines of credit, long term loans and financing. I’m speculating that once the smoke clears, most of the notes on the books will never see the light of day as over the long term, they’re simply a means to an end.

8. They know that Allied Universal is THE largest security firm in the country with 150K security employees. If RAD deploys only 1 unit for every 100 employees for this one company, that’s $150,000,000 in contracted revenue and that’s before any other security firms are added to the mix, that’s before the announced energy companies, that’s before any other F500 or F100 announcements that have been mentioned. This one partnership alone at 100M shares outstanding puts us at $3 per share on a P/S basis and somewhere between $8 and $12 per share on a P/E basis. SIDE NOTE: I texted Garett to ask if that 1/100 ratio was reasonable and his answer was he didn't know, but it looks like Allied may not even be their biggest client in the near future.

9. Some would argue, yeah but all of this is weeks/months away; further down the road…why not flip or trade in and out now while there’s so much interest? If you know what you’re doing, go for it.

I’ve been doing this 20+ years and it’s not that easy to do effectively despite what others will tell you. Sure you can make some short term gains, but why are you in this whole racket in the first place? To clear a couple hundred bucks each week or amass significant wealth? Here’s a company getting ready to place a golden opportunity for each of us on a silver platter. If you’ve done your homework and you know what’s coming, then why would you not buy up every share you can get your hands on and join the longs that have committed to the amassing of wealth vs the gamblers mentality that consumes a lot of us? That’s what I would strongly recommend.

You want to know the person other than me that I’m aware of that’s done the best with this stock? A friend who bought 250K shares back in February based on my recommendation. You want to know who’s going to do well 12-18 months from now? That same gentleman who is not bogged down here on the boards; doesn’t even know it exists. All he knows is that a trusted friend has given him a great stock tip and he’s going to ride it through the ups and downs because he believes in the narrative that I’ve laid out for him that I’ve gleaned from Garett and Steve.

10. And finally, there’s a trust amongst the longs on this board, no matter how few of us that there are, that is unlike anything you’ll see on most boards. We keep each other informed, we share everything we can get our hands on, etc. A subset of this same group have formed their own Twitter group. You hear all the time about locking up a float, but I can assure you that at some point in the near future, the commitment of this base of longs combined with the company following through on everything they’ve promised to this point will in fact contribute to OMVS having a float that approaches LOCK DOWN, at least more so than any stock that I’ve been a part of in 20+ years.

When that day comes and it’s coming, will you still be a day trader, a flipper, a momentum chaser or will you look back at the last few trading days prior to the August 10 or earlier close as the time where you realized that it was the perfect opportunity to buy and hold every share of OMVS that you could get your hands on?

To all my long buddies here…it has been a pleasure to date working with you guys to ensure that we all benefit from this opportunity. As we add to our ranks, I would hope that the board stays as positive and as well informed as it has become since that first day in February. Here’s to all those who have climbed on board the OMVS train and to those who will be joining us prior to August 10th.


"One 5Bagger to 10Bagger per Quarter."
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