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Peeling back layers on ole "Advanced Stem Cell Rx":

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Peeling back layers on ole "Advanced Stem Cell Rx":

Per this AM little apparent vague hype "PR" about a "strategic alliance" whatever the hell that exactly is????

So, got a little time to do the "GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND" method and the "common sense" method to "analyze" another GRAND SOUNDING OLE USRM "PR" special from this AM. The ole supposed "agreement" PR.

Lets peel back the stink onion and see what's found inside just so far:

1) The PR, like nearly every USRM/Bioheart PR I've ever read is classic "one sided". That means that USRM is the only verifiable info, they then supposedly quote someone, in this case "Dr J.S. Landow", but give ZERO way for an individual, or an investigative journalist or other "common sense" person to contact the "other side" of the deal and verify anything.

2) AS IS COMMON with USRM/Bioheart PR, when one Googles the PR names, places, businesses supposedly in the "agreement" or in this case what's being called a "strategic alliance" (whatever the hell that is from a business contracts legal language meaning?) one typically finds that all they get back from Google, the world's most powerful search engine, IS THEE USRM ISSUED PR ITSELF, LOL !! CLASSIC. Meaning, none of the entities "as described" exist anywhere else typically. In this case the one other "entity" Google returned was a cheap, hastily built, almost nothing website with the name "Advanced Stem Cell Rx" and not much else. It's about a 5 page website special, literally just simple template and txt pages, can be built in a matter of hours by any semi-competent web person.



3) NO PHYSICAL ADDRESS OR CONTACT INFO for the "other side" of the agreement is typically ever given in these USRM PR's. Almost never. TRY AND CONTACT WHO THEY MADE THE SUPPOSED "strategic alliance" with, let alone find some damn FINANCIAL TERMS OF THE "deal" etc? You get nowhere, as the info does not exist in the PR. RED FLAG number 3 or 4, I've lost count?

4) SO, one must resort to the GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND METHOD and see what they can find. IS THERE SOME "BIG NETWORK" of blah, blah per this "AGREEMENT" with "a REACH OF 20 STATES" or whatever the damn "claims" of the PR state? Is it capitalized as in financed, why no office building address, no phone number, no way to get any facts about this apparent VAPORWARE "business" etc????

Well Google starts to peel back the onion, but this one is a tough one, gotta admit. I'm pretty good at this (lets just say) and can "find" things, almost always, but this one is a "deep search" special so far.


A) The biz name "Advanced Stem Cell Rx" is trademarked to a firm out of NY, Phenixx Management Corp., who SHAZAM, lists themselves as "healthcare" related, etc. Cool, so who the hell is "Phenixx Management Corp", eh?


Well, it lists a NY address for Phenixx Management:


So, OK, cool.

B) So I ran just a general "corporation search" on ole Phenixx Management and SHAZAM, whata ya dang know, comes back as FLORIDA. Bingo.


B) So, no brainer is to head to the Florida Secretary of State and plug it in and see what comes up?




A ONE PERSON micro corp, with really no apparent operations, just two filings with the state and one amendment, as they listed Gloria's address as "Garden City, FL" originally and not "Garden City, NY" which is where she's located, 85 or so years old it looks like.

BAMMO AGAIN. There she is. Gloria Landow of NY, running a little ONE PERSON FLORIDA CORP, while she lives in ole NY. Beautiful. She's the whole show- the President, the Secretary, Treasurer, the whatever, it's a CLASSIC MICRO CORP ONE PERSON SHOW as filed with the State of FL corp board.

C) So, brain thinks LANDOW, LANDOW, where did I hear that name recently? SHAZAM, the PR this AM lists ole "J.D. LANDOW M.D." as part of the ole "Advanced Stem Cell Rx" ole "team". TYPICAL USRM "PR" again, list a person's INITIALS, NOT THE FULL DAMN NAME to make um hard to find. What freaking M.D goes by "J.D."?? Ya think that's on his medical license if a reporter wanted to verify it?

d) Sure enough, the corporation as filed is in Florida, it's a RESIDENTIAL APARTMENT TYPE LOCATION in NY as the "address" but registered in good ole FL, in USRM's ole backyard, with WHO, WHO...SHAZAM... a Gloria LANDOW as President and owner of the trademarked name and her "relatives" include who, JONATHON LANDOW, who happens to be a NY M.D.. SHAZAM AGAIN. Imagine that? Ole "J.D." is JONATHON sure looks like to me, and his "mother"(my guess as she's about 85 and he's about 57 yrs old according to public records found via Google in about 28 seconds) so I'd guess she's the mother.


For relatives, he has listed who? GLORIA LANDOW, the President of the little FL micro Corp who owns the trademark to "Advance Stem Cell Rx"...bingo....the connections are forming.


And there is ole "J.D.", aka Jonathon it looks like to me.

NOW, the GIANT PUZZLE PIECE, is how do these people connect back to Comella or Tomas or Murphy per the little website and new little biz thingy and why AGAIN, are they apparently sub dealing to some little micro corp? Also, an extensive Google search I did, I find ZERO vast 20 state "business network" or "medical marketing network" etc connected to M.D. Jonathon Landow or Phenixx Management Corp his apparent mother Gloria Landow who at 84 or 85 years old, apparently owns the trademark to the new little biz, aka "Advanced Stem Cell Rx".

ONE THING OF NOTE. is ole J.D. Landow did attend the University of Miami. SHAZAM, who's got a lot of ties and connections there and to Florida International University? Miguel Tomas, that's who. He did his MBA at Miami U and he'd be close in age to this J.D. Landow, but need to do more investigating to try and see what the hell exactly this latest little "thing" is that they're setting up?

AS A PREVIOUS POSTER STATED, AND STATED CORRECTLY IMO, WHY, WHY are these things always done as separate legal micro corps or LLC's or similar and not legit sub-division or operating divisions of the parent public traded company? WHY? WHO THE HELL DOES BIZ LIKE THIS AND WHY??? HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT PUBLIC SHAREHOLDERS and not the damn insiders? How is it transparent and "above board" for a public traded company to seemingly always do biz like this, w/ these seemingly screw-ball ONE PERSON or whatever mirco corps, that somehow always seem to lead back to the insiders or their relatives or some "connection"???

It's very OTC-ville ish to me. YOU CAN NEVER VERIFY THE "agreement" or this time supposed "strategic alliance" (again, whatever the hell that means in biz legal terms and contract terms?), NO FINANCIAL TERMS STATED, NO ADDRESSES FOR THE "other side" of a supposed "business deal", NO TERMS AS TO WHAT THE PUBLIC TRADED COMPANY SHAREHOLDERS GET or how they'd even benefit.

THEN, THEN you go to the damn slap together lil website, and who's there, FREAKING COMELLA AGAIN, LOL!!! Gawd, how many sub and sub-sub little corps and LLC's and crap is she on now, all while supposedly being the CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER OF WORLD LEADER USRM and blah, blah, blah? When the hell does she do her work for the public traded company, when she's on like half a dozen or more micro corps as the Prez or owner or whatever?

Remember, she's now running her little "ACADEMY OF REGENERATIVE PRACTICES" NOW TOO, another little "creation" they're co-mingling with the public traded corp USRM.

NONE OF IT makes a damn wit of sense to me. Screw-ball to the max. Just like USRM doesn't even own the DAMN "clinic" biz, only a lousy 33% of it, making them minority owners, but per SEC filings, it's them shoveling funding and stock shares and NOTES OWED and crap to it, while no one even knows who the other mystery owners are, except I'd bet Comella is one of um, as she formed the LLC with the state of Florida, filing for it.


AND the former "vet" biz thingy was in her name too:


AND, her family was set up as supposedly the "medical kit manufacturer" for USRM/Bioheart:


Hell, Tomas was gonna "BUY OUT" that corp for CASH AND STOCK and it was just Comella's sister, a ONE PERSON SPECIAL, LOL !! Imagine that one?


I'll keep digging, now I'm really intrigued about this "Advanced Stem Cell Rx " stuff and ole PR "strategic alliance" with what looks to me like classic VAPORWARE AGAIN, REALLY, REALLY wanna find the deep details. FASCINATING TO ME. Gonna crack it, I've got other resources still to check, if needed. We'll see.

Posts are only my amateur opinions, personal views and thoughts. They are not any type of investment advice. Do one's own due diligence.
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