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Re: janicen_98 post# 615

Thursday, 02/23/2017 11:26:17 AM

Thursday, February 23, 2017 11:26:17 AM

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.01 a gud bet, NMGC noww .0061/.019 with Sum aktivity this montf for tha furst tyme since last oktobrr

lookz liek sellfingr Finally cudd be reddy to Kash in tha NMGC chips with Byeout deal at 1 dolla maek me holla,,

Looking at sellfingeers aktivity since Dec. 2014 when He lost all his munny on DRL... Online at until Feb 2015 before going dark, domain now pointing to MERCADOMAGICO.COM

in March 2015 sellfingrr setz up new hedge fund naem to hyde attiva DRL trading missteak 2015-03-25

That domain now also pouinting to MERCADOMAGICO.COM

Then sellfingrrs only othrr 5% steak(exxxxcept SBSA) Goes Bad, COSI drapps liek a rok frum $3 to 50 cent march -> Dec. 2015

COSIQ also end up BK with Sellfingrr going down with tha ship 2016-17

So thar goes Florent Capital hedge fund dreamz

Noww in Dec. 2015 With no munny left and no hedge Fund, Sellfingrr has to dump his LAST 5% steak ---> in SBSA for 5 dolla,
gud Trade as SBSAA iz noww Delisted and 1 dolla on otc

So Noww az of Jan. 2016 Sellfingrr has sum munny butt no 5% steaks left ,, except NMGC at 90%% steak,, Both and domains pointing to mercadomagico means
thar are no othrr deals on tha event horizon... so tha NMGC deal iz finally ONNNN liek donkey Kongg

as of Jan. 2016, NMGC iz Sellfingers ONLY DEAL left on tha Taybull.. So look wutt happinz nexxxxt...

NMGC reboots webiste July 2016,, maeks 2 office relokashuns,, also hott rodd peterson registrrs
new mm domain name so show they mean bizniss 2016-06-30 GODADDY.COM, INC

Oktobrr 2016 ... mystery buyer starts fruntlodeing NMGC

Now this monf Feb 2017 Moar volume, Butt maercadomagiko still at Alexxxxa 4m and prolly Lozing munny munthly...

After 2 office mooves the rent keeps kumming due and Sellfingrr prolly kan no longrr keep throwing gud munny aftee bad at NMGC aftrr lozing all hiz munny at DRL and COSIQ...

With just a few SBSA bucks left frum SBSA stok dumping, Hez down to his last stok play-- It has to be a BYEOUT deal NOW at NMGC ... for 1 dolla maek me holla,,

tikka tikaaa