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Tuesday, October 11, 2016 8:49:51 AM

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I noticed many investors wondering why this is moving. Everyone needs to remember the Ironridge guys are crooks, and they were the primary cause for dilution. All principals of their group have fled the country. The SEC will have their say in a week and if it gets ruled where VELA gets shares returned, Ironridge will need to buy them back in the open market. This stock will go up 10X immediately. If the ruling is to cancel their agreement, the stock should go up 5X. The call with IR takes place in a week! This is just the beginning of a massive move up (12X-25X) to a normal valuation of 50-100MM.


A few facts to stop all the clutter
1. There are about 4 Billion shares outstanding. Multiply 4B X price of .0008 and the value of the company is only 4Million- a 25X from here is certainly possible.
2. Yes the company issued shares to pay off liabilities/debt in the past. This ended around 18 months ago. IR has not been issued more shares since the SEC has investigated them.
3. The liabilities of 50Mil or so, was based off deals in Montenegro and Peru (and others), but majority was Peru. When the assets in Peru and M were sold, the liabilities went with those assets. Current liabilities are under 10 Million, maybe 5M.
4. IR vs SEC, the SEC will win this because they win these ALJ cases 95% of the time. Will IR owe Vela? Will they owe shares? Will they simply terminate the deal? Whatever the outcome, it will be in Vela's favor and could be substantial. Regardless, no more shares of dilution are coming.
5. My friend who runs a hedgefund told me the China motion mobile CMM company that was bought 3 years ago had over 100K users and made 1-2 Mil profit per year on over 10Mil revenue. Vela owns about 50% of that CMM.
6. Upgrading...Vela and investor AQT put in $5 Million into CMM to upgrade from 2G to 4G. They also improved capacity from 100K users to 5 MILLION users. Why would they pay to upgrade to 50X in size?? Whatever their business was in China 2 years ago, it must be MUCH larger now.
7. Guessing value of CMM... We have seen it reported that CMM had 500K subs last year. So it grew from 100K to 500k or 500% in the first 8 months after their upgrade. It could be at 2-5 million users by now. I could be at 1million, but the Vela guys do deals and it is possible they have 5 million users roaming their system now. These are not organic users, but handed off from NTT Dokimo etc.
8. Current valuation of CMM is $100- 500 per user. The cureent valuation could be as low as 100Million to over 1BILLION. VELA owns half of that. At a minimum, if subs stopped cold at 500K (which no possibility) it is still worth 50 Million.
9. VALUATION...Remember, even with the rally to 0.0008, it is just a 4 Mil valuation for Vela. No reason this shouldn't have a current 100Mil or 200 Mil valuation and possibly higher in a year or two. Is it possible Vela owners want to play dead while SEC investigates IR? Is it possible they don't want SH to execute their option? Can't this easily command a 50-100 Mil valuation?
10. Projection... SEC and IR come to agreement. ZERO dilution to Vela from here out. Current contract nullified. Vela gets nothing more, but that doesn't matter. Option for SH expires. Vela reports 1Q of 2017. Stock goes up 25X to 50X from here if those three things happen. Maybe 100X over next 2 years.

GLTA. Our investor group is holding and will buy more on any positive announcement

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