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Tuesday, 09/06/2016 11:18:49 AM

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F.B.I. REPORTS, WORTH ANOTHER LOOK/ Hillary Clinton - Her Darkest Secrets
World 5 List
World 5 List

Which way will it go this year….. Trump.. or Hillary? Republican… or Democrat… no matter which direction the country is spun into for the next four years, one thing is for sure.. the current election race has been full of twists and turns and outright amazing things. Here at world5, we don’t take sides… we don’t have a bias.. and that’s why both sides are taking a finger in the face. Today we have a look at Hillary, and some of her… not so nice sides.

Hillary is about as safe as a hole in a glass house
If there's one thing Americans value, its their safety and privacy.. two things which Hillary apparently doesn’t have a care for in the world. Her recent email scandal found her in hot water when it was revealed by both CBS and NBC news that her private home email server had been hacked, with many attempts from all kinds of nefarious individuals… and it all leads back to Hillary's refusal to use the government furnished computers and servers, in favor of using her blackberry in insecure areas because she “didn’t feel comfortable or knowledgeable with technology.”

Speaking of security and privacy.. Hillary wants to take yours away.
Imagine all those selfies… messages on Tinder… and your snap chat activity being viewed by the eyes of anyone with government classification. Well that’s exactly what Hillary wants to happen. During her third democratic debate this year, Hillary said she would love to see a Manhattan project style of electronic spying to take place… which would basically lift any electronic encryption and give the government the ability to see everything you do, send and receive online.
But then again… hard work isn’t really something that Clinton is accustomed to. She would rather just take your money for her own pursuits… as is evidenced with her foundation.

Since 1997 when the Clinton foundation was conceived its been mired in controversy and scandal. A long laundry list of dirty dealings, unscrupulous activity and just plain illegal actions surround the foundation and its use of donations.. which include taking money from everyone including Donald Trump himself, to countries that don’t exactly air on the side of human rights.

But then again… it could be her secret health issues.
For years there have been reports that Hillary may not be all there both in body.. and in mind. In 2012, Hillary took a spill after fainting which ultimately resulted in a concussion… and the speculation that she might be suffering from post concussion syndrome.. and this activity was followed by a blood clot and the emergence of Clinton with special glasses for double vision… glasses which she has recently been spotted wearing again, 4 years later..

This could also explain her insistence on staying with Bill, even through his many multiple affairs. Everyone knows of course about Monica Lewinsky… and even fewer know about Paula Jones.. the latter of which tried to sue Clinton for a sizable amount. Years after the scandal, Jones went on record as to saying that Clinton knew about the affair and ignored it… along with all the other scandals and affairs over the years. This could be due to Hillary realizing that she needs Bill for the power play to take her to the presidency, but some authors and insiders have also commented that they think its something much deeper…. And of a sexual nature.

For years rumors that Hillary was bisexual or even straight lesbian have been less than hidden around capital hill. On top of that, something even deeper is said to exist…. In that Hillary may actually be a lesbian who is only in her marriage as a handshake agreement for money and power. Everyone from Glenn Beck to Jenny McCarthy has gone on record with the same view…
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