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Re: Poor Man - post# 17295

Monday, 08/22/2016 10:06:38 AM

Monday, August 22, 2016 10:06:38 AM

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Quote, "Below is an article from a newspaper in India that shows a picture of the hospital and features the doctor that co-authored USRM's recent study. "

Adding to what Poor Man- stated, all Google research indeed confirms that is THEE "research hospital" (LOL ! It's just too funny and hard to believe for me, to not laugh. But hey, that's just me and me only and my opinion only), but some Google research indeed confirms there's apparently only ONE, ONE "H. Bansal" who publishes ole "research papers" on "stem cells", as appears in the credits of the paper that USRM Chief Science Officer Comella co-authored.

Notice in the link that Poor Man- located, that it's a LOCAL JOURNALIST, aka she's in India, and so she drove to the location listed for "the research" to see this supposed "hospital" as she's familiar with "India" and knew this to be a very poor district, and thus it raised her journalistic "suspicions" and she went and snapped that picture of the address, personally. (aka, the "hospital" is a run down "clinic" in what is best described in Western medical terms as a SLUM. And NO, it's NOT co-located near some important "university" as confirmed below by a Netherlands based Sr Science writer, investigative journalist)

That article by the female Indian/India based journalist is then confirmed here again, in a totally different source, a Sr Science writer in the Netherlands:

As pointed out by Poor Man-, this info below is straight off the ole USRM "research paper", right in it's own footnotes:

"Taken directly from the footnotes of USRM's study:

Author details

1 US Stem Cell, Inc, Sunrise, FL, USA. 2 Regenerative Medicine Institute, Tijuana, Mexico. 3 Consultant Regenerative Medicine, Mother Cell Spinal Injury
and Stem Cell Research, Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand 263153, India.

This study was partially funded by Anupam hospital, US Stem Cell, Inc., and Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Note common author - H. Bansal: "

NOTICE, "H. Bansal" (aka Indian "doctor" Himanshu Bansal, owner and operator of the " Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur" AND owner/operator of a company called "Revita Life Sciences, among other "dubious" little operating companies) he is one in the same as in this article written by a Netherlands based science journalist (in addition to the article by the female India based journalist that Poor Man cited), this journalist Maarten Keulemmans, Chief Science Writer and columnist for what appears to be a good sized Netherlands based tech/medical news outlet of some sort, or their tech/medical section of their broader newspaper/magazine or similar (it's decent sized as they offer both print and digital subscriptions).

(Might need to have your browser translate it- but it's a FANTASTIC READ IMO, well worth reading it all. Explains this "Dr Bansal" and the ole India "hospital/clinic" where supposed "stem cell research" is taking place, explains it to the tee, in well, well researched, journalistic detail. And it AIN'T A PRETTY STORY IMO, LOL !! (to say the least)

This writer was so impressed with the ole "hospital" facility- that he created a CARTOON of the it. And also confirmed that NO, NO it's NOT located near a supposed "research university" and that this "doctor/researcher" is a well known "swindler" (ripping off desperate people in cash for ole supposed "stem cell treatments" among other dubious "activities"), the other lists a wash-list of other "interesting" tid-bits in the well researched article, about ole "Dr Bansal" and his supposed "stem cell research" and ole supposed "hospital". Again, SAME FACILITY and SAME "Dr" cited in the USRM Comella stem cell "research paper".

Here's a few bits from the article (Again, this is a Sr Science writer, actual journalist for a pretty decent sized Netherlands based paper/magazine who appears to have DONE HIS HOMEWORK and actual "investigative journalism" work to write this). THIS, THIS is thee "Dr. Bansal" and thee " Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur" (India), ONE IN THE SAME as cited in the USRM Kristin Comella ole "research paper", SAME DUDE, SAME "hospital", there's only one guy with this name and that "hospital" name doing anything related to "stem cells" in India.

"Bluff Poker?

The Indian stem cell doctor Himanshu Bansal turns out to be the common denominator of a whole cloud of institutes with posh sounding names such as ‘Mother Cell Research Center’, ‘Dr Himanshu Bansal Foundation’, ‘Institute of Spinal Injury and Stem Cell Research’ and ‘Revita Life Sciences’. They all share the same address: Anupam Hospital, second floor, Bansal’s private clinic. Interesting detail: according to the address information, the clinic is situated ‘next to Pantnagar University’, an agricultural university at least ten miles away. Well, it does sound more impressive than ‘next to the cash dispenser’."

And more from this journalist-

"Scientifically speaking this is an absolute travesty

Neurophysiologist Gea Drost"


"Absolute Travesty

And then, there are the techniques Bansal and Pastor intend to use. They're nothing but a wild gamble, say all the experts when asked. 'Where do these people get their ideas from? Scientifically speaking this is an absolute travesty', says Drost, after reviewing the research protocol.

'Complete bogus. Hocus-pocus', is also Kompanje's response to Bioquark's story about 'intrathecal bioactive peptides', bone marrow stem cells, and 'neuro reanimation'. 'Do they have a chance? No way!', is also the response of Professor Eelco Wijdicks, a world authority in the field of brain death, from Mayo Clinic in the US. "


"It doesn't take long to find out that Bansal is deep into healing practices one is unlikely to encounter in western hospitals. For instance, he claims to be 'professor' at the 'C.H. Medical College', which turns out to be a small homeopathic centre. His company Revita Life Sciences also offers stem cell treatments, Ayurveda, coloured light therapy, mud therapy, and 'naturopathy', a pathology that denies that viruses or bacteria are the root cause of certain diseases. In addition, Revita offers 'miraculous stem cell therapy' in matters ranging from ageing to breast and penis enlargement.

Bansals CV is no less miraculous. It lists dozens of fellowships, positions and distinctive secondary jobs in places such as London, Glasgow, Berlin, Würzburg, Arhus, Prague, Osaka, Lisbon, Italy and the United States, all held by the man who wants to wake the dead. That is, until you make enquiries at the institutes mentioned.

'I have never heard of this person', says Wise Young, the head of stem cell research at Rutgers University, where Bansal claims to have received a fellowship. 'He never held a fellowship with us', we are informed by department head Frank Madsen from the University of Arhus. 'She doesn't know him and never worked with him', emails the assistant of senator Eva Syková, eminent neuroscientist from Prague. Guy's Hospital doesn't know him either - 'besides, he doesn't get the name of our institute right', a spokeswoman pointedly remarks.

He just looked around places rather than doing a formal fellowship

Only at Glasgow University someone actually seems to know the jovial Indian. 'He visited me to see how we made a certain type of cells', says Professor of cellular neurobiology Susan Barnett in an email. But was he a 'fellow in stem cell research', as he claims on his website? Certainly not. 'It was very informal. I am pretty sure he just looked around places rather than doing a formal fellowship.'

A place where they do know Himanshu Bansal, is an Internet chat room for paraplegic patients. Many of them relate in detail how they paid tens of thousands of euros to the Indian doctor for stem cell treatments that they describe as amateurishly executed, painful, and ineffective. The doctor also treated deaf and blind children. 'Luckily my son was too young to remember this', one father writes. 'STAY AWAY FROM HIM', warns another person. 'The man is a fraud', yet another."

SO, THAT "doctor" (cue laugh track here) is one of the LEAD AUTHORS and a freaking "SPONSOR" of the USRM ole "journal paper" (according to the paper's own footnotes, spelled out CLEAR AS DAY IMO) written by USRM'S "Chief Science Officer" Kristin Comella. STUNNING to me. You can't make this sh@t up. USRM has stated in other PR and other places, that "INDIA" is where they are running some sort of tiny "trials" if I'm not mistaken. This Dr Bansal and his "hospital" and his bogus "Revita Life Sciences" BS "company" are one in the same dude. IF, IF THAT is who you're doing your supposed "stem cell research" with and supposed "clinical trials" in partnership with, well.....HOLY FREAKING COW is all I can say..... stunning to me, beyond stunning.....

I'll leave that up to other's to decide for themselves, LOL !! I know sure as H what I think of it all, MY OPINIONS ONLY and MINE ALONE. But those journalists did their work and wrote their papers/articles and it tells me everything I need to know.

NEED ONE MORE PIECE OF "evidence" that there's a connection between this Indian sham "doctor" and his "Revita Life Sciences" and Bioheart, now known as USRM???? Try this Bioheart PR from 2014, just another piece of the puzzle and more FACTS to link this Indian "slum hospital" to Bioheart:

"July 07, 2014 08:00 ET

Bioheart Announces Clinical Trials in India
SUNRISE, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 7, 2014) - Bioheart, Inc. (OTCQB: BHRT) announced today that they have begun two clinical trials in India including the first ever combination stem cell trial in the world. The first cardiac patient has successfully been enrolled and treated in India using AdipoCell™ or adipose derived stem cells. The second trial will involve the combination of AdipoCell and MyoCell® or muscle derived stem cells for congestive heart failure patients. AdipoCell may help to promote angiogenesis or new blood vessel formation in ischemic tissue while MyoCell may help to promote myogenesis or new muscle formation.
Himanshu Bansal, MD, the study manager, said, "With India's population and growing middle class the opportunities with Bioheart are limitless and we have many patients in India who can benefit from regenerative medicine and the Bioheart products. Conducting the first ever combination stem cell trial in the world will provide insights into future treatments."
The trials are fully funded by Bioheart and Revita Lifesciences ( "

SAME DUDE as heavily discussed in the Netherlands newspaper/science article written by an actual journalist who did extensive investigation into who this "Doctor Bansal" is, whether is "credentials" are real or not, tried to validate all his vast "curriculum vitea" (found to be largely BOGUS by the investigative journalist in the Netherlands) and what his "hospital" is all about, AND what this supposed "Revita Life Sciences" is all about.

Posts are only my amateur opinions, personal views and thoughts. They are not any type of investment advice. Do one's own due diligence.