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Delinquent Financials by SEC Registrant Issuers at risk

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Renee Member Level  Saturday, 07/09/16 10:29:32 AM
Re: None
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Delinquent Financials by SEC Registrant Issuers at risk of SEC Suspension: *** All dates are for the last posting date for Financials for an earlier quarter or year-end reporting date. Note: As of July 8,2016 123 stocks from the list have been SEC Suspended and have either had their stock registrations revoked or are in the process of having their stock registrations revoked. All are hilited in black.

AADG Asia Dragon Group Inc. 2011-05-31
AAGC All American Gold Corp. 2013-08-06
AAIR Avantair, Inc. 2013-06-13
AAST Allied American Steel Corp. 2013-08-19
ACCA Acacia Diversified Holdings, Inc. 2013-11-19
ACCS African Copper Corp.fka New York Tutor Co. 2013-03-15
ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. 2011-03-24
ADNY Adino Energy Corp. 2013-04-19
AEEI American Environmental Energy, Inc. 2003-05-14
AGRS Agristar Inc. 1997-04-19
AGRT AGR Tools Inc. 2012-03-31
AFYG Affinity Gold Corp. 2009-12-15
AGMC Agent155 Media Corp. 2011-11-21
AHFP American Home Food Products, Inc. 2013-10-03
AITG Air Transport Group Holdings, Inc. 2009-10-15
AIVI Aivtech International Group Co. 2011-11-14
AKRK Asia Cork Inc. 2011-03-31
ALME Alamo Energy 2013-03-25
AMGY American Metal & Technology, Inc. 2010-11-17
AMLM American Lithium Minerals, Inc. 2011-10-03
AMNP American Sierra Gold Corp. 2013-11-13
ANDN Andain Inc. 2013-09-13
APIT Aspire International, Inc. 2011-015
AQUM Urban Ag Corp. 2013-11-19
ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. 2013-11-09
ASEN American Standard Energy Corp. 2013-08-13
ASFX American Scientific Resources 2011-11-21
ATAR Avatar Ventures Corp. 2012-06-19
ATCH AirTouch Communications, Inc. 2012-11-14
ATCI Anticus International Corp. 2011-05-23
ATIW ATI Networks 1998-11-16
ATPT All State Properties Holdings, Inc. 2011-05-23
AWNE Americas Wind Energy 2012-06-19
AZRH Azure Holding Group 2013-12-23

BICB BioCube, Inc. 2013-09-25
BFMC B4MC Gold Mines Inc. 2013-11-29
BGEM Blue Gem Enterprises 2010-05-31
BHRG Bahamas Concierge Inc. 2013-12-23
BJCT Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. 2011-11-10
BLAK Black Sea Metals, Inc. 2012-06-23
BLFR BlueFire Equipment Corp. 2013-11-12
BLUF Bluforest, Inc. 2013-02-12
BMSPF Biomass Secure Power Inc. 2012-04-17
BOCX BioCurex Inc. 2012-09-30
BONZ Bonanza Goldfields 2013-11-14
BRND Premier Brands Inc. 2013-08-08
BROE Baron Energy 2012-08-13
BRPNF Bravo Resources Partners 2012-02-09
BSKS Bluesky Systems Holdings 2011-09-30

CAEH Caleco Pharma Corp. 2011-04-30
CADV CareAdvantage Inc. 2011-09-30
CAST Chinacast Education Corp. 2012-02-24
CATA Catalyst Resource Group, Inc. 2012-08-24
CBLRF Campbell Resources 2009-03-20
CCTR China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. 2011-08-22
CDBH China Domestica Bio-technology Holdings, Inc. 2013-08-23
CDBT China Dasheng Biotech 2009-05-14
CEII China Education International Inc. 2013-03-06
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 2009-11-18
CGFI Colorado Goldfields Inc. 2014-01-31
CGHA Ciralight Global, Inc. 2013-11-13
CGLO China Global Media 2013-08-19
CGMX Cigma Metals 2012-11-29
CHBU China Agri-Business, Inc. 2011-11-21
CHDP China Daqing M&H Petroleum, Inc. 2011-08-12
CHLO China Logistics Group, Inc. 2014-01-28
CHNC China Infrastructure Construction Corp. 2012-04-20
CHPI China Printing & Packaging, Inc. 2012-08-20
CHRI China Health Resource, Inc. 2013-12-30
CHRN China Huaren Organic Products, Inc. 2009-11-20
CHWG China Water Group 2012-12-14
CLKZ Clicker, Inc. 2013-04-22
CMKM China Marketing Media Holdings Inc. 2012-11-14
CMPS Comp Services Inc. 2013-09-23
CNCN Cintel Corp. 2011-11-21
CNTO Centor Energy Inc. 2014-02-20
CPXP Coupon Express, Inc. 2013-06-19
CRGE Clenergen Corp. 2011-10-20
CRPZ Convenience TV Inc. 2012-11-19
CRTCF Current Technology Corp. 2009-09-30
CRWD C2C CrowdFunding Inc. 2013-01-17
CSCE Cascade Energy, Inc. 2007-01-022
CSDT Cascade Technologies Corp. 2013-03-25
CSOC Caduceus Software Systems Corp. 2013-03-06
CSWG Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc. 2012-05-21
CUAU Casablanca Mining Ltd. 2013-06-13
CXLL Chatter Box Call Center Ltd. 2012-03-23
CYIP China Yili Petroleum Co. 2012-09-12
CYLO Cyclon Capital Corp. 2009-03-23
CYNX CelLynx Group, Inc. 2013-11-05
CYPE Century Petroleum Corp. 2009-03-23
CWBYF Carthew Bay Tech 2010-12-31

DANR Dana Resources 2010-02-22
DCGD Discovery Gold Corp. 2013-03-11
DECN Decision Diagnostics Corp. 2013-11-15
DENG Delta Entertainment Group, Inc. 2012-11-19
DEWM Dewmar International BMC Inc. 2013-11-14
DFNS Defense Industries International 2011-11-21
DGRI Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. 2012-11-21
DGWIY Duoyuan Global Water 2012-10-15
DLII Dixie Lee International Industries, Inc. 2005-08-17
DOGO Digagogo Ventures Corp. 2011-11-29
DRGZ Dynamic Response Group, Inc. 2009-11-16
DRSV Debt Resolve, Inc. 2013-05-03
DYER Fifth Season International, Inc. 2012-12-03
DYNV Dynamic Ventures Corp. 2012-09-07

EARH Earth Dragon Resources 2012-10-03
ECCO E C Consulting International, Inc. 2013-12-03
ECDI EC Development, Inc. 2012-11-14
ECMH Encompass Holdings 2010-01-29
ECTH ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc. 2012-08-27
ECMZ EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. 2011-05-31
EDNE Eden Energy Corp. 2012-08-21
EFIR EGPI Firecreek, Inc. 2013-08-16
EIHC Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp. 2013-03-13
ELEV Elevate, Inc. 2012-04-24
ELGO Enterologics Inc. 2013-11-26
ENCB Encore Brands Inc. 2011-02-14
ENSL Entech Solar Inc. 2011-09-30
ERIP Energiz Renewable Inc. 2011-11-28
ESRI Eastern Resources, Inc. 2013-11-14
ETEK Eastern Resources, Inc. 2013-11-14
EVCA Evcarco, Inc. 2012-12-18
EVTP EV Transportation, Inc. 2008-12-22
EXAD Experience Art and Design, Inc. 2013-11-18
EXRG Ecologix Resource 2010-11-22
EYII EYI Industries 2007-11-14

FASC First American Scientific Corp. 2012-05-21
FCPG First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. 2012-11-19
FCTOA FACT Corp. 2011-11-21
FEGR Friendly Energy Exploration 2013-04-19
FEWP Far East Wind Power Corp. 2012-02-22
FHAI Fountain Healthy Aging, Inc. 2009-11-23
FRGY Frontier Energy Corp. 2010-08-03
FSTC First Corp 2013-02-14

GAIMF Gamecorp Ltd. 2009-09-30
GBGLF Great Basin Gold 2013-05-23
GBOE Geobio Energy 2013-08-19
GCHT GC China Turbine Corp. 2011-11-21
GCLL GreenCell, Inc. 2012-02-21
GENM Genmed Holding Corp. 2013-04-16
GENX Genex Pharmaceutical 2008-05-23
GHML Gold Hills Mining Ltd 2013-05-15
GIMU Global Immune Technologies Inc. 2013-11-19
GLFE Gulf United Energy 2012-11-19
GMEI Gambit Energy, Inc. 2011-09-19
GNBA Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. 2012-10-15
GRNO Green Oasis Environmental Inc. 2010-06-12
GROV GroveWare Technologies, Ltd. 2013-05-20
GSAG Global Security Agency, Inc. 2012-11-14
GSPH Geospatial Corp. 2010-11-15
GSTY Green St. Energy, Inc. 2009-11-20
GTCP Georgetown Corp 2012-08-15
GTVCF Globetech Ventures 2010-09-30

HBPE HBP Energy Corp. 2013-08-27
HGII Lansdowne Security, Inc. 2011-11-11
HEVI Heavy Earth Resources Inc. 2013-12-16
HHGM Huiheng Medical 2012-04-24
HIDC Harbor Island Development Corp 2013-09-16
HJOE Hangover Joe's Holding Corp. 2014-08-19
HLPN Helpeo, Inc. 2013-04-30
HMNC Hondo Minerals 2013-11-13
HNIN Horne International, Inc. 2013-11-14
HNTM HuntMountain Resources 2011-07-26
HSTH HS3 Technologies, Inc. 2012-02-10
HVAY Havaya Corp 2013-08-19
HYII All Grade Mining, Inc. 2013-11-19
HZNB Horizon Bancorporation, Inc. 2011-05-16

IACH Information Architects Corp. 2012-11-19
IAGM Interamerican Gaming Inc. 2013-11-07
IAUS International Automated Systems 2011-05-13
IBII Island Breeze International Inc. 2012-11-16
IEAG Iron Eagle Group, Inc. 2012-08-23
IFCR Integrated Freight Corp. 2013-06-25
IGNI Igenii, Inc. 2013-01-24
ILUS Ilustrato Pictures International, Inc. 2013-04-15
INKN Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. 2013-05-20
INLC Inelco Corp. 2013-08-09
INNI Innovaro Inc. 2014-03-12
INVA Inova Technology Inc. 2013-09-16
IPMN Imperial Petroleum, Inc. 2012-06-14
IVOB INVO Bioscience, Inc. 2011-11-21

JUNP Juniper Group Inc. 2011-08-22
JSHG Joshua Gold Resources Inc. 2013-11-14

KABX Kabe Exploration, Inc. 2013-11-20
KALG Kal Energy Inc. 2009-05-08
KDKN Kodiak Energy, Inc. 2001-11-14
KENS Kenilworth Systems 2011-09-14
KLXC Kalex Corp. 2013-06-21

LAXAF Laxai Pharma 2010-11-19
LCMD Life Care Medical Devices, Ltd. 2013-06-28
LGHS Longhai Steel, Inc. 2012-11-14
LOCN Locan, Inc. 2013-03-08
LOVI One2One Living Corp. 2013-11-19
LSTG Lone Star Gold, Inc. 2013-11-19
LTLM Lateral Media, Inc. 2010-02-17
LTSN LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. 2011-11-14
LUSI Louisiana Food Co. 2012-05-11
LUVE Luve Sports Inc. 2013-09-16
LUXR Luxeyard, Inc. 2012-11-19

MANY Plures Technologies, Inc. 2013-11-25
MAXE Maxwell Resources Inc. 2014-03-03
MBCI MabCure, Inc. 2012-04-16
MCLN MedClean Technologies, Inc. 2012-11-14
MCMV MicroSmart Devices, Inc. 2012-11-21
MCTH Medical Connections Holdings, Inc. 2012-08-14
MDTV MDU Communications International, Inc. 2013-08-13
MFTH Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. 2013-07-12
MGNU Magnus International Resources Inc. 2013-06-28
MIGA Migami, Inc. 2007-05-18
MJDS MOJO Data Solutions Inc. 2014-01-10
MKRO Monkey Rock Group, Inc. 2012-02-08
MMED Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc. 2012-11-14
MMEX Management Energy, Inc. 2013-03-18
MNBT Mountain National Bancshares, Inc. 2013-01-31
MPSP MedPro Safety Products, Inc. 2013-11-13
MRPI Mera Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2013-06-23
MSSD Massive Dynamics, Inc. 2013-08-22
MSTG Mustang Alliances, Inc. 2013-11-25
MTBR Metabolic Research Inc. 2010-09-30
MTRE Market & Research Corp. 2010-08-16
MTRO Metro One Development, Inc. 2011-01-14
MTSXY Metal Storm Ltd. 2012-06-28
MXOM Pan American Goldfields Ltd. 2014-01-21
MXOP Maxray Optical Technology Co., Ltd. 2011-03-18
MYCT MyContactCard, Inc. 2009-11-23
MYNG Golden Eagle International Inc. 2013-11-14
MZBY MezaBay International Inc. 2010-06-30

NANI Neologic Animation, Inc. 2014-01-17
NECA New America Energy Corp. 2013-07-15
NEGS NX Global, Inc. 2012-02-21
NEIK Northstar Electronics 2012-05-21
NERO Neuromama, Ltd. 2014-01-17
NFRX InferX Corp. 2013-08-15
NGSX NeurogesX, Inc. 2012-11-14
NILA Nilam Resources Inc. 2012-12-14
NLEF New Leaf Brands, Inc. 2013-06-27
NRGT Energy Today, Inc. 2013-05-20
NSRS North Springs Resources Corp. 2012-03-22
NTLNF Northcore Technologies Inc. 2013-11-15
NWCI Newcardio, Inc. 2011-11-14
NWMT NewMarket Technology 2011-08-01

OKRG Oakridge Holdings Inc. 2013-12-19
OLDW Oldwebsites.com, Inc. 2011-11-14
OMVE Omni Ventures, Inc. 2012-08-14
OOGI C2E Energy, Inc. 2010-05-24
OPEI Orient Petroleum and Energy, Inc. 2011-02-14
OPHI Organic Plant Health, Inc. 2013-04-15
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. 2012-11-19
ORAC Oraco Resources, Inc. 2012-11-19

PABL Parabel Inc. 2013-11-14
PAOS Precision Aerospace Components, Inc. 2013-11-14
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy Corp. 2011-08-22
PCYS PrimeCare Systems, Inc. 2011-05-23
PDKI PDK Energy, Inc. 2013-07-03
PDOS Platinum Studios Inc. 2011-11-17
PEPR Pepper Rock Resources 2011-04-30
PFSF Pacific Software Inc. 2013-08-14
PIED Piedmont Mining Company 2011-12-23
PIEX Pioneer Exploration, Inc. 2013-07-30
PMOZ PrismOne Group, Inc. 2011-11-14
PNRC Premier Energy Corp. 2010-12-22
POTG Portage Resources Inc. 2012-10-15
PPRW Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. 2012-11-19
PRVW Peer Review Mediation & Arbitration Inc. 2012-11-20
PTEL Pegasus Tel, Inc. 2013-04-16
PVRS Providence Resources Inc. 2013-05-20
PVTA Preventia, Inc. 2013-01-24
PWNX PowerLinx Inc. 2007-12-26
PWRM Power3 Medical Products 2011-09-30
PYHH PhyHealth Corp. 2012-08-30

QATSF Quantitative Alpha Trading Inc. 2012-10-05
QUTR Quture International, Inc. 2013-03-22
QLTS Q Lotus Holdings Inc. 2014-02-19

RBOR Rebornne USA Inc. 2012-03-22
RBYC Ruby Creek Resources, Inc. 2012-07-27
RCKE Rock Energy Resources, Inc. 2012-11-20
RCLL RegenoCell Therapeutics, Inc. 2012-05-25
RDSH Roadships Holdings, Inc. 2013-05-31
RGLG UHF Logistics Group, Inc. 2011-01-19
RHSC Robertson Global Health Solutions Corp. 2013-01-15
RIIC Royal Invest International Corp. 2010-11-22
RNRG Revonergy Inc. 2012-01-13
RPBC Redpoint Bio Corp. 2012-09-10
RPID Spot Mobile International Ltd. 2012-03-21
RPHL Rockport Healthcare Group 2008-06-13
RVNG Raven Gold Corp. 2011-03-14
RXMD Progressive Care, Inc. 2013-04-01

SAFC SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. 2013-08-13
SAGA Saga Energy Inc. 2013-11-12
SALTF First Potash Corp. 2013-01-09
SBNK Sonoma Valley Bancorp 2010-08-13
SEFE SEFE, Inc. 2012-12-13
SEVT Summit Environmental 2007-05-10
SFPI Santa Fe Petroleum, Inc. 2013-11-18
SGMG Spectre Gaming Inc. 2007-05-30
SGUI Sanguine Corp. 2012-11-14
SHGP Sharpe Resource Corp. 2012-04-30
SHMX Shamika 2 Gold, Inc. 2014-02-19
SIBN Siberian Energy Group, Inc. 2012-09-12
SIRG Sierra Resource Group Inc. 2013-11-19
SKAX Strike Axe, Inc. 2012-10-15
SLCM Silicon Mountain Holdings, Inc. 2009-08-19
SLGI SecureLogic Corp 2012-09-30
SLGLF Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. 2012-12-11
SLMU Salamon Group, Inc. 2012-09-07
SLVA Silvan Industries, Inc. 2012-04-16
SMXMF Samex Mining Corp. 2013-09-06
SNWR Sanwire Corp. 2013-11-14
SOIS Striker Oil & Gas 2008-11-19
SOLS Sollensys Corp. 2013-03-12
SOFN SoftNet Technology Corp. 2008-11-14
SPBU Spare Backup, Inc. 2013-08-23
SPHT Secure Path Technology Holdings, Inc. 2010-05-28
SPXA SpectrumDNA, Inc. 2013-02-20
SRFDF Starfield Resources Inc. 2013-06-02
SRRL Stellar Resources, Ltd. 2012-03-22
STIV StarInvest Group Inc. 2011-06-01
STNT Stevia Nutra Corp. 2013-03-22
STRZ Star Buffet Inc. 2013-11-08
SUUB Sub-Urban Brands, Inc. 2007-08-07
SVMT SensiVida Medical Technologies, Inc. 2011-06-20
SWRI Seawright Holdings 2012-09-11
SYNG Synergetics, Inc. 2013-01-09
SYUP Shanghai Yutong Pharma 2006-11-14
SYYC SYDYS Corp. 2013-02-04

TAEC Todays Alternative Energy Corp. 2012-12-10
TAON TAO Minerals Ltd. 2012-02-15
TCGD TraceGuard Technologies, Inc. 2008-11-19
TCHL Techlabs Inc. 2007-05-21
TEXX Emperial Americas, Inc. 2012-09-14
THWI Thwapr, Inc. 2012-06-01
TITAF Titan Trading Analytics Inc. 2013-08-06
TLPH Teliphone Corp. 2013-09-10
TNGS Titan Oil & Gas, Inc. 2013-07-15
TRAB TheraBiogen Inc. 2012-07-23
TRBX TRB Systems International Inc. 2011-05-20
TSNI TechniScan, Inc. 2011-03-25
TSOI Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. 2013-11-12
TSOR Tresoro Mining Corp. 2013-01-18
TTTM T3 Motion Inc. 2013-11-19

UMAX Umax Group Corp. 2013-12-24
UPRD Upward Technology Corp. 2002-04-15

VDDA Vadda Energy Corp. 2013-11-13
VEII Voyager Entertainment International, Inc. 2011-11-14
VMPT Vampt America, Inc. 2012-11-19
VNSN Vansen Pharma Inc. 2013-12-04
VPRO Viropro, Inc. 2012-08-07
VPWI Viper Powersports, Inc. 2013-12-12
VSMR Verify Smart Corp. 2013-03-05
VSRV Voiceserve, Inc. 2013-02-09
VTPI Vital Products, Inc. 2013-09-24

WCYN West Canyon Energy Corp. 2013-03-05
WGEI WindGen Energy Inc. 2012-11-16
WIEI Wonder International Education Investment Group 2013-11-14
WILD Wild Craze, Inc. 2013-11-14
WLSI Wellstar International Inc. 2010-12-15
WMEG World Mortgage Exchange Group Inc. 2011-11-15
WNCH Winchester International Resorts, Inc. 2011-05-13
WNEA Wind Energy America Inc. 2010-10-12
WPTH Westport Energy Holdings, Inc. 2013-01-11
WSML White Smile Global, Inc. 2012-07-23
WTMK Whitemark Homes, Inc. 2012-11-13

XCRP Xcorporeal, Inc. 2011-04-20
XNGR Exergetic Energy, Inc. 2011-11-21

YSYB Yanglin Soybean, Inc. 2013-04-17
YUII Yuhe International Inc. 2011-05-16
YZSK Ya Zhu Silk, Inc. 2012-12-17

ZMDC USA Zhimingde International Group Corp. 2013-05-13
ZORM Zoro Mining Corp. 2013-03-25
ZVTK Zevotek, Inc. 2012-11-19
ZWIH Zhong Wen International Holding Co.Ltd. 2012-11-19



For the many other delinquent SEC Filers that I have missed contact

(202) 551-5466.

1454 SEC Filers have Suspended by the SEC for Financials delinquencies. The SEC Administrative Law Judge subsequently revoked (or will revoke) the Registrations of each delinquent SEC Filer.


To bite the worm of incite is to bite the HOOK of the antagonist . They win .
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