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Friday, 05/13/2016 4:37:56 PM

Friday, May 13, 2016 4:37:56 PM

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There are companies claiming that they invented DaaS, and considering I've worked on this issue since 1994 and registered in 2011 it's pretty hard to dispute our early intent to get to this.

So what does this mean? It means our experiment with setting pricing for a or is winning over other distributors and like others before us, the platform that powers our model get used by others for their needs.

Moreover, we had to do this while pouring buckets of money we didn't plan on spending into acquire this non filing, non incorporated shell, getting it cleaned up and now filing an S1. ERGO, putting funds into this platform is the next main task beside getting more content. We can now appoach this in two ways via DaaS and then moving up our Entertainment part realitive value of artists. Meaning we started at the bottom with Theo and now have some pretty major artists. And with this stock and the other services that DaaS partnership brings in we're in the catbird seat.

However, let's want to be very clear about, AVOZ is a company with a Platform, we have very, small test group of labels and artists (most other digital physical distro companies are tens of millions to billions in market cap) and that's why we needed this stock.

Our offer to the artists, bands, distributors, groups and labels is that and we'll give them a pathway to ownership of the public company. Artists ownership is the only thing no one has really tried in my 22 years of distro.

BTW In order to do this we had to do this alone, since only one VC in 20 years, Jeff Osborn, thought Distribution was worth investing in; So we built this model with only family and friends helping right up to 4 months ago. Ergo, I'm not a huge fan of VC and other than said F&F and the folks that held on to the stock that is the #AVOZfamily

There is also news out about our Manufacturing on Demand Music MODM. Songs of Phillip Carter

BTW I'll be at next #musicbiz16 week repin AVOZ and then at the Billboard Awards where we have the ad on the inside cover my Twitter is @SonofNels

Please out City Music Deal it's our city by city approach to opening opportunities and if you know if someone that wants to be an ambassadors info is there how to connect.

Also, make sure if in Jersey to come out to the reps from AVOZ will be there just look for the

PS you'll know it from me cuz of misspellings it's the same on /r/avoz and that is because I'm generally doing more than one thing at a time. just cycling through it.