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Sunday, 04/24/2016 4:01:27 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2016 4:01:27 PM

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How to cut the cord. Thanks to Excel. Depending on where you live this will work for TV but not necessarily internet. Verizon for instance will allow me to use my phone as a hot spot for wifi but I'm limited to data usage. I could probably increase the monthly allowance but since I'm in fiber optic I'm not thinking of going there.

On the TV side I did try his recommendation with an RCA antenna and since I had an old analog TV and a converter box free when the government converted to digital it worked like a charm. I installed it in the barn I built behind the house and I get every channel perfectly on an analog TV.

Included in the antenna box was an add for Sling TV. That may help convince me to entirely cut the cable cord.

What would really help though is the rental charges for the set top boxes. I eliminated one by buying my own for wifi and getting better speeds. My ISP's little dirty secret.

Excel raises a good point and as more options are avavilble they might be worth looking into.

I finally cut the cord on both cable internet and tv.

First the TV info .............

You can learn about antennas here .........

On the home page at that link plug in your zip code for a look at the channels you have a good chance of receiving.

I was blessed and got way more then they said.

They have a link which recommends based on your area what kind of antenna would work best for you.

Another link you can check also for channels........

Bought the antenna I needed for my place here because it was cheaper ........

Cut the cord info site with lot of good links to alternative pay tv links like sling box etc ........

After installing the antenna the picture is everything I ever wanted.
When I bought my tv last year at the store it was quite a good picture only to get it home and not be happy at all.

Went around and around with the cable companies corporate marketing scam talk they give to their employees but the fact is their picture is compressed and unless you get lucky and get a good signal you'll never have anything close to true HDTV.

They replaced the cable from the road all the way to my set and still not better. That was the final straw.

I have better picture now then in the store.

After reading about cutting the cord doing my research and hearing one person after another go nuts over what a great picture from different websites I thought no way can this be like where they stack reviews for products this has to be real.

I had no idea how real it was till now here I am watching tv not only for free, but with a picture that is so clear and intense it amazes me.


So my next problem was ok I want to dump Wave so bad but what are my choices for internet.

I have limited choices because I live quite a ways from Seattle so out here not to much to choose from and if you don't bundle it they nail you.

So because I already have t-moble as my cell provider I thought ok I'll try their hot spot modem and see if I can pick it up good enough.

They provided me with a booster box for my cell service because we are right on the border of their reception service so I didn't have all that much hope good internet.

BTW .......
Wave internet is just like their TV signal. SUUUUUUUUUUCKSSSS!!!

So I asked t-moble if I bought it could I return it with no fees and because I've been with them over 2 years no restock fee.
You get 14 days to try it out.

So after a $109.00 charge which includes activation fee and the box got it home today and it's not only faster then wave I now can take my cell phone in other parts of the house and still get good net which I couldn't do before.

This service will cost me $25.00 a month normally $35.00 but since I have family cell phone plan I get $10.00 off.

So after one time charges of $165.00 for antenna and modem I only pay $25.00 a month saving over $1,000.00 a year.


It's going to be a good day when I return all of Waves equipment and tell them I'll be telling everyone in my neighborhood who are fed up with the quality of your service how to not only change it having $$$$ in your pocket, but also have WAY BETTER TV picture and Net speed!

Waving GOODBYE to WAVE Broadband!

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