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Elderly Dumping - A mystery American man with dementia, who can only remember his name, may have been dumped in Britain by his own family.

Roger Curry, was discovered face down outside a bus station near Hereford on November 7 last year and has now become the subject of an international investigation.

The grey-haired pensioner 'He had no money and no ID, and has not been able to give any details about himself.

He has been cared for in a nursing home since being found by a woman and man.

The man had an American-sounding accent - and the woman was local and has now answered a police appeal for information.

She told officers the younger American told him he had found 'Mr Curry' lying face down a country road in the village of Credenhill nearly five miles outside Hereford.

The pair started to walk the pensioner towards Hereford County Hospital and they flagged down a passing ambulance.

But as soon as the paramedics stopped the younger American disappeared - fuelling suspicions that he was a relative who was trying to abandon the frail man.

The elderly man was taken to the hospital where he gave doctors the name Roger Curry but said he could not remember anything else about himself.

West Mercia Police say the younger man could be Mr Curry's son or another relative, and not a random Good Samaritan who coincidentally also happened to be American. But they stressed that it's one of a large number of possibilities.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Bennett said: 'It's one of the lines of inquiry that we are pursuing. 'This is an unusual situation and we are desperately hoping that we can reunite Roger with his family, wherever they may be.'The local came forward after a police appeal to say he was one of two men helping Mr Curry in Hereford's bus station car park on the day he was first 'found'.

West Mercia Police have begun an international investigation involving Interpol, the National Crime Agency and the Canadian and American embassies.

After a video of Mr Curry was shared by the Canadian Embassy - many people suggested his accent was American.

It's understood a linguist is to be brought in by police to pinpoint exactly where his accent is from.


Elderly, or granny, dumping is when people bring elderly relatives into hospital and then disappear.

The term was coined in the US in the mid-1990s and the phenomenon is becoming increasingly familiar across the country as families crumble under the strain of caring for relatives who are living longer than ever.

Some people leave their relatives and then disappear on holidays, while others are unable to cope with the demands of being full-time carers.

Police have issued a new appeal to identify the American who was with Mr Curry. He was described as being white, in his 40s, slim and around 5ft 8ins tall, with dark, wavy hair and glasses.

He was wearing a jacket with long sleeves, combat-style trousers and black boots.

Mr Curry is currently living in a care home run by Herefordshire Council.

Spokeswoman Mandy Appleby said: 'He says odd words in an American accent to his carers, only words not actual sentences.

The staff are very upset, and it would be nice to find somebody that knows him and find a family for him.'

Do you know Mr Curry or any of his family members? Get in touch with us by calling 0203 615 1875

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