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Like it or not YOU are on a team with three others. And, like a bad cold, you can't get rid of them no matter what you do. You are stuck for 15 weeks. But, that isn't all bad - as in my case. Thank goodness that after one week, my suckiness is overcome by my great teammates. They're the best. I love them (except for NSOM who made me go to all this work).

For future reference NEVER suggest ANYTHING to me that has to do with stats. I'm addicted. I might have to kill you! Ok, enough of that.

There are 88 contestants. Thus, a (drum roll) 22 teams of 4 per team. The teams were determined by beginning with the top 4 returning players from PSL2 (Team #1), the next 4 (Team #2), and so forth to the end. The newbies were added to the end based on the alphabet. If there is any legitimacy (and that remains to be seen) to the theory that the better picker/traders will (on average) excel, then you would expect the Team #1 to have more wins then the Team #22.

The next post will list all the teams and members. The link to that post will be in the IBOX so anyone can check out who is on what team anytime they want.

The post after that will show which teams won and which lost this week. The results for each team will be the 4 player's average portfolio. I thought about dropping the worst, but that is just that much more work and it would probably all average out in the long run, so why bother.

Each week will be a "game". There are 15 weeks, thus 14 games plus a championship game. The two teams with the best records after 14 weeks will take the court against each other in the final week (championship game). One group of 4 will be crowned something. I haven't determined a name yet. Anybody's help on that would be appreciated.


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