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You are the more than welcome to post here.Maybe you could post that "Agreement" with the SEC with Metaswarm.Which you"BELIEVE" to be true.The only factual info we have at this juncture is that we are de-listed.Prior to that the only factual information we had was the FBN MEDIA website.You know the one with the screens;the WiFi;Billboards etc.Who put that up??I certainly didn't and neither did anyone on this board.I believe it was MSWM are they not FBN?? Many things were promised on that website and "0" was delivered.That is factual.As a matter of fact you could not even contact them.That also is a fact.I tried many times.Their Facebook page was also misleading.They also never responded to any posts.That to is a fact.There was no ban on issuing information at that time.They could have posted updates on their FB page.Photo's etc. Isn't that what Social Media is about. You throw around the word INCARCERATION as if we should be afraid of something...Really???? If anyone should be incarcerated for duping investors it should be MSWM. They are the ones having the problem with the SEC.Not us..
I do have an ax to grind as do others here.You seem intelligent enough to figure out why.Now the deadline according to you is September....(UNLESS THEIR IS AN EXTENSION)...I'm betting on the extension.We have heard so many times from posters..Get Ready...Soon..etc. etc.Maybe jbespress will post for the World Series and tell us all we will be like the winners of the World Series..blah..blah..blah.
Now you state we do not understand the manipulation by AMCN..Really??So all those dumb investors over there more than doubled their money on old news??? You would need to re-read the PR.Their prior PR of which I mentioned to you last year is that they were in the process of exploring WiFi on High Speed lines..You told me then how little I knew...Well it just so happens that their most "RECENT" PR establishes them with contracts on those lines..How mis-leading is that??....We are in the Proverbial ""STUCK IN THE MUD"".....You can blame AUSS if you so choose for causing the problem with the SEC...truth be said MSWM had more than enough time to get their financials filed and this current situation could have been avoided.
You can criticize me all day long of how little I know.I do know one thing for sure as well as others here...We are in 'No Mans Land" we have been there for quite some time.I speak for myself my money is lost as far as I know and I will feel free to speak my mind whether you like it or not....Haven't you ever heard of Freedom of Speech???

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