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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 12:31:05 PM

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The first source was a PR from the beginning of July. The second is an article written a couple of days later by someone paraphrasing a PR (Many people confused "Amiga Games Inc" and "Amiga Inc." in the beginning.) When the sale closed mid-August (weeks later), WRIT elected not to buy the existing Blackberry line of business. WRIT could release new titles for Blackberry, but the titles Amiga Inc was selling in the Blackberry store at the time of the sale stayed with Amiga Inc.

So you are saying you provided materially false information and didn't bother to PR a correction?

If the sale didn't include 300+ Amiga games for the Blackberry and didn't include Kickstart ROMs or OS, what exactly did it include besides misleading fluff to artificially inflate the share price?

Yes, as a matter of fact it does run on fairy dust. You're now mentioning there might be alternatives to the official Kickstart from Cloanto. This is good progress, considering the number of times you've fud'ed here about the Cloanto ROMs.

There are no alternativeS. There is only one altvernative, which is the AROS replacement Kickstart ROM and AROS Workbench replacement also needed by some games.

1) You have not contacted AROS asking to use their code in a commercial product
2) AROS is nowhere near fully binary compatible
3) It is nearing mid 2015 and you have sold no Amiga games


Correct. Why? WRIT wanted some of Amiga Inc's assets, not all of Amiga Inc.

What assets exactly? It is well known that Amiga Inc (Washington) have been nothing but a single person and a file cabinet for over a decade, since the shell game that transferred assets from Amiga Inc Delaware to Amiga Inc Washington. Even that file cabinet got rather light with Amiga Inc essentially losing lawsuits to Hyperion and Cloanto. There was nothing left but the name and a false claimed lineage to the Commodore Amiga.

Everything of any value once related to the Commodore Amiga is owned by others, such as Acer, Cloanto and Hyperion Entertainment.

Even the name/trademark isn't much better. Here is an excerpt from an Amiga history site.

Things never were much better on the trademark front. When in 2006 Amiga Delaware had to file to renew the "Amiga" trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in order to satisfy the requirement to illustrate that the name was indeed in active use on actual products, it had nothing better [114] than the photo of a 20-year old 1200 baud modem (a model from 1985-1986). By USPTO standards, this might be a fraudulent filing.

That would be defunct Amiga Delaware even.

Assuming by "you" you mean WRIT/AGI/RII and not me personally, since I'm not part of WRIT/AGI/RII.)

I thought you were claiming to be THE Patrick Roberts, President and COO, Retro Infinity and Amiga Games Inc? Backtracking now and claiming not to be him?

I'm happy you get it now. It's unfortunate you didn't understand this all the times you've posted Amiga Inc news here, especially negative Amiga Inc news, as it sounded like you were portraying the two businesses as fundamentally connected, as if somehow bad things happening to Amiga Inc meant those bad things effected WRIT and Amiga Games Inc.

There are no separating the two. Amiga Inc haven't shown ownership of a single thing and you haven't shown evidence of purchasing a single thing.

I agree. People shouldn't believe things random people post on forums. They should do their own research.

Finally something we can agree on. People should do deep research before buying shares in an OTC company without a single penny of revenue and not believe message board posts, nor fluffy/misleading PRs from penny stock companies.
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