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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:55:35 AM

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The way to post a chart is very simple once you get the hang of it.

I don't know if you have been bolding words or italicizing words or making any tables. I don't recall. However, they all are the same principle.

Everything has a link. Every link begins with http://www...blah, blah, blah. Whenever you post a chart you will want to remove the http:// You begin the link with www.

Now, let me back up. If you want to make a word bold, you insert into the text in front of the word [ b]. The only difference is that you remove the space. I put it there SOLELY so that it will show up for you. If I did not put the space in, it would act as a bold tag, but you would not see the parenthesis or the b. So, for the sake of this conversation, I will add spaces so that you can see what I'm talking about. But, when you post, you need to have no spaces. Understand?

To make this word be bold, I stuck in before the w (of word) [ b]. And, to end the bold, I stuck behind the d (of word) [ /b]. To begin you never add the /. To end, you always add the /.

That works for bold [ b] and [ /b]. It works for italics [ i] and [ /i]. It works for underline [ u] and [ /u].

Now, I went through those because they are the easiest to see clearly how to use the parenthesis and the / key.

To set up columns like I have done many times and as exist in the IBOXES of PSL1, PSL2 and PSL3, you begin the table with [ pre] and end it with [ /pre], so that instead of this mess...

Lentinman 15 30 45
SSK 20 25 35

... you see this...
Lentinman 15 30 45 
SSK 20 25 35
Ok, now to the last step - charts. You have to get the internet address (link) to the chart. Once you have it, you remove the http://. You place [ chart] in front of it and [ /chart] behind it. REMEMBER REMOVE THE SPACES!

Finding the link is not necessarily easy. If you have a chart on bigcharts (for example), you need to NOT LOOK AT THE ADDRESS BAR - because that is not a link to the chart - even though you are looking at it. It is a link to the page with a lot of stuff besides the chart. It won't work if you take the address bar link and remove http://

I recommend bigcharts. Open a window for dji (dow) on bigcharts.com. Here is the link to bigcharts.com http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/ Type in dji and hit Interactive Charting. You will be looking at a one year chart of the dow.

Now if you right click on the chart, you will see a box pop up. Click on the word "properties". Another box will pop up. About halfway down you will see Address: [URL]. That is the link you are looking for. As you look at it, it appears to be just two lines. WRONG. It is more lines than that. You need to highlight (grab) the entire link. Hold down the Ctrl and C keys simultaneously to copy the link.

Go to your post that you want to put the chart on and hold down the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously to paste it to that post. This is what it will look like without the spaces.

http: // bigcharts.marketwatch.com/charts/big.chart?symb=dji&compidx=aaaaa%3A0&ma=0&maval=9&uf=32&lf=1&lf2=8388608&lf3=16777216&type=2

If you remove the http:// and place in front of the word bigcharts [ chart] and at the end of the link [ /chart] it will print as a chart. In this case, there is no www. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. But, if it is there, leave it. If it isn't, don't worry about it. The bottom line is, remove the http://

That is it. If you have any questions, ask me.


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