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Wednesday, 05/10/2006 8:17:24 PM

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July 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005
76 Participants
Gainers: 64, Losers: 12
Average gain: +28%
Winner: CWS9<b

Top 10 Posters
 1 95.16% CWS9 
2 84.02% BIGPIKE
3 81.11% NILES CRANE
4 71.64% HOGFAN
5 68.19% GUY
6 66.20% ECHOS
7 64.79% RRUFFF
9 61.62% TMCAL6
10 58.94% PHIL (BULLRIDER)
Top 10 Stocks:
 1 RWC     248.10% 
2 BTYH.OB 240.91%
3 HOM 229.41%
4 CXTI.OB 182.81%
5 LMIA 182.07%
6 FPP 177.82%
7 TGIS.OB 170.63%
8 VPHM 166.19%
9 AOB 159.41%
10 HRBN.OB 154.72%

Persons in First Place during the contest.

Skeptical Optimist
Zen Lunatic
The Alice May
Knowledge is King
MIKES 97707

Differential between top and bottom.
Maximum Differential: 177.89%
Final Differential: 133.70%

Took over first place one third of the way into the contest at +93.69%.
Reached as high as +141.70%.
Ended at +95.16%.


What a contest! What a result! The only thing that might have made it even better is if I could have held on to the triple digit returns I carried for most of the weeks I was in the lead. It was not only fun but also a learning experience for us all. Of course, it is much funner when you win. In the words of Mel Brooks....."It's great to be the King!"

So you want some insight into my winning strategies? You know, people pay big bucks to learn how to get these types of returns. But I'll let you know the secret to my success.

As you well know, I was the original "Mr. Sheep". My picks were somewhat a collection of what I felt was the best picks chosen from the various and very astute stock pickers that frequent the VMC Board on I-Hub. With that said, anyone who matched any of my picks might very well have been the one(s) who inspired me.

Starting from the bottom, EZEN was chosen as my lone tech pick. It looked to have room to move up since it had bottomed right before the start of the contest and was coming back. This was actually my last entry but I thought it had a chance to get 50% or more. It actually ended up just under 18%. Not too bad in anyone's book.

Next was ASPN, one of my three O&G picks. I knew very little about this one but alot of people liked it so I figured it had to be a winner. Once the contest got going this one went to about 250%. All the O&G stocks shot up. I thought I had to be a genius for being overweight in this sector but then remembered, so were many others from which I had copied.

Next up is PDGE. This one was my cheapest pick at a little over a buck a share. It returned 62%. This one was a no brainer with the hurricane season about to begin. The experts were predicting an active storm season. Little did they know that 2005 would go down in the history books. It is still unbelieveable to me.

CHAR was one of the biggies for me. Another O&G play that just went nuts. Unfortunately, news brought it down almost back to my purchase price. It came back pretty good to end at 95% which is great but well under what it once was.

Another copy cat pick was AOBO. I didn't know alot about this one but it was sure talked about on the board. Rumor was that it was going to the AMEX. It started off slow in the contest but once it made the jump and got the ticker change to AOB it took off like a rocket. It ended up profiting 159% but at one time was pushing 400%.

And that leaves me with the one and only pick that I can truly say was mine. When FPPC started it's run I posted that it was going to be the difference, or something along that line. I found this little O&G play on my own. I have a friend that owns land with Gas on it down South. I told him I would find a company that would pay for the rights to the gas. I spoke with Mr. Reaves from FPPC and was truly impressed with him. Although the friend ended up signing with a company who was already drilling in the area I kept an eye on FPPC. Once they made the jump to the big boards FPP was well on the way. This one also was up 400% before settling down to end at 178%.

So, my secret at picking was really just following the herd for the most part. There are some very smart investors that read the VMC board. The contest proved what a group they all are. What was the average return for all the entrants? 28%? There are alot of money managers out there that didn't do that well. This is a high caliber group and I am thrilled to be considered part of it. To actually outperform them on this contest is beyond my wild dreams.

One more thing to add - with the rule changes I am sure PSL2 is going to be even better. Unfortunately for me, I can only go one direction in the standings. But then again, I've been studying the VMC board so maybe, just maybe, I can pull a rabbit out of the hat again.

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