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The list for outreach events will be on the Bible Boards I-box if you ever need it again.
Hope it is used.
If you ever have new event for list please contact me.

You will notice I list "The Fathers Love Letter" a lot.
I find it to be material that moves the heart.
Find out all about it here.........

Food banks - Great way to be scriptural!
Feed the hungry Jesus said.
Take care of the poor.
Many churches doing this but just think if 50% more did?
What an impact it would have on our communities.
What if you had bands playing gospel music while they got their food? Had special day for that which you knew would attract lot of people on a Saturday due to giving out turkeys?
Have info booth set up about your church Prayer tent or room set up
Food banks are a huge opportunity to go fishing.
These people are hurting.
Stuff "The Fathers Love Letter" in their bag with a number for them to contact for more info.

Here is the problem with the above. In the State of Washington and I suspect else ware even if the food bank is located on the church property certain rules apply.
Here is what I was told..............

In most food banks, the government rules prohibit us from proselytizing, but we have Bibles, Dobson tracts, scriptures sheets, and a sign that Peg and I will pray with them. If they come to us, it is okay. We can't approach them.

We can put them out and let people take them on their own. They ask for Bibles. I found a place that sends a good sized packet of scriptures. The people take them every week. They are hungry, not just in belly, but in their souls. Yes, they want it. Yes, they take it. We can talk if they ask. Many don't. You were right about their pain. They are all hurting sooooo much. Some of them come drunk, some on drugs. All things to mask their pain. Each week, before our prayer time, I remind the helpers that these people are all hurting----inside. We MUST treat them kindly. Many times it falls on deaf ears. Some of our helpers are cruel in their remarks. Oh, to only have people with huge, loving hearts.

Harvest festival on Halloween. Same situation.
Lot of churches do this.
Yet, I see lot of churches not marketing it right.
Take advantage of the fact you have new people there by using different marketing tactics to have kids return.
This can be done by announcing some prizes will involve them to attend Sunday School in order to pick up their prize.
Make sure the prize is good enough to entice the fish to return also have it listed on flier in BIG letters!!!

Thanksgiving meals - Another excellent way to get out into the community.
Another opportunity to give " The Fathers Love Letter" with contact info.

Purchasing angel tree gifts - Absolutely!
By also volunteering to deliver the presents which brings you into the home. Another way is to chaperon on the bus to camp if your AT program does Camping.
If they don't do Camping find out why not?
Maybe this is your opportunity to start it?
Hard to change those kids lives with just one visit.

Concerts - This is one that is very high return rate for your time. A church I use to go to has been very successful doing a bluegrass concert with a magician to open the show.
Their way that ensures heavy turnout is free hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pop. In-between songs is a great way to give testimonies proclaiming the gospel as well as have info booth for your church.
What I'd like to see is prayer tents at events like this.
Make sure you change your type of music to change your audience type.
A popular Youth event would be a battle of the Christian Rock bans from all the churches within 100 miles.
What a great way to attract youth.

Firework displays - Another way to promote your church. Make sure you have a way to get info to people. Another great opportunity to hand out "The Fathers Love Letter".

Car shows - Great way to attract a different type of people. Why not give out the trophies at your church service? Got to be thinking out of the box.
Have a bunch of prizes. Make sure in advertisement you have that stated so it is up front.

Skate board show - This can involve serving hot dogs and pop while the kids watch different demonstrations as well as have them interact with the youth teaching techniques.
Between demonstrations this is the time for them to present the Gospel by giving their testimonies.

Car wash day. This is an old idea but very effective.
Chance to give info out about your church along with "The Fathers Love Letter".

Winter time - Snow Shoveling - Why not get that youth group busy as well as some adults? Go ask people if they want their sidewalk cleared. Another opportunity to give of YOURSELF!
When people see you working hard just for the opportunity to hand out info about your church that has an impact. Anyone can give money. When you give of yourself that has an impact.

Summer time - Fishing Derby - Find a lake where you can get a permit to have a derby there. Have food and prizes.
Info and prayer tents. Great time to place an emphasis on your youth groups future camp outs and other summer activities. Or Men's groups next fishing outing.
Hand out "The Fathers Love Letter."

Hot day - Hand out cold water bottles with info to your church along with "The Fathers Love Letter" at parks, intersections where safe to do so. Downtown sidewalks.

Street Side Prayer Tents - Make uplifting signs like "Have a Great Day". Need Prayer? Visit our Prayer Tent!
Get out your Christian Business Directory and find a business person who wants to serve God!
Hopefully business is on a busy street with enough room to put up prayer tent. If able, serve hot dogs and pop.
Bring the church to the people. Hand out info!

Hay Rides - Another great way to have the ride end up at a place where they can do some type of an activity and hear the gospel along with promoting your church.

Clean up - Take youth group with some adults and go into the city and clean some area's up. Wear T-shirts with your church name on them. When people thank you for cleaning hand them info. Talk with them. You never know how God will work through these encounters.

Balloons- Go to park or anywhere you find kids. Hand out free balloons with "Jesus Loves You" on them. Have big bubble wand to attract kids. Have wands for them to use and have fun.
Bring your youth group to work with the kids.
See if they want to sign up for your Sunday School Bus ride.

Community Welcome Group - Bring a desert. Information about the area. Invitation to your church. Leave contact number.

Bus them! - Have the youth and adults go door to door inviting kids to be picked up for church. Invite the elderly.
Have an adult bus for the elderly.

Awana - Some of them get out into the homes of the non - church families.

Life Choices - A ministry to unwed Moms and offer alternatives to abortion and present the gospel to them.
They get a free ultrasound so they can see that the baby is a living created being and not just some blob of cells inside them.

Community services - Such as construction or maintenance work for the disabled, elderly. Clean the beach. Wear T-shirts with church name on them.

Prison Bus - Take families of Inmates to go see them.
There is a huge need for this out there.

Beach Party - Get a permit to have bon fire, music, serve food, share the gospel.

Church In The Park - Get a permit.
Have your church service in the park.
Advertise Special music and message that relates to the person you are trying to reach.
Prayer tents. Info Booths. Have food games after wards.

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