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Tuesday, 07/15/2014 2:48:13 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:48:13 PM

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$$$ ANAS $$$ Share Buy Back!

Just wanted to post excerpts from different PRs Tweets and Letters about the Buy Back...I don't want any investors here on the board to get bent out of shape when the PR comes out and they havn't bought back the ENTIRE 1/3 of outstanding shares...looks like it is dependent on profit received by the company.
Here is my DD for all. Feel Free to Sticky if you want.

PR, March 24, 2014...

Recently appointed President and CEO, Emmanuel Gyamfi, will lead the company moving forward. Mr. Gyamfi makes a vow to the shareholders to be as transparent as possible, and also to avoid a reverse split at all costs. While he feels it would benefit the company to have less shares outstanding, reducing that number will be achieved using several strategies including buying back shares in the open market once the company has a little more cash flow. The decision was made early on to strengthen the company's share structure organically because of the negative impact a reverse split often has on a company's market.

Tweet, May 2, 2014...

Alternaturals @Alternaturals · May 2 Also have some exciting news about a buy back program to decrease our outstanding shares

Tweet, May 6, 2014...

Alternaturals @Alternaturals · May 6 Regarding buyback, we were told by legal that we could not give numbers, but we will update everyone as OS gets reduced

PR, May 6, 2014...

Alternaturals, Inc. today announced that it has plans to begin buying back shares in the open market in order to increase shareholder value and position the company as either a favorable acquisition target, or for listing on a reporting market in the future. However, senior management vows not to reverse split the company.
"We decided right from the start not to reverse split the company because it would hurt the existing shareholders who purchased equity under the previous business model," said the company CEO, Emmanuel Gyamfi, who went on to say, "For that reason, we have to be diligent about using a more organic share reduction strategy, including buying back as many shares as we can in the open market and cancelling them completely. I was very hesitant about setting up a share re-purchase program because it seems like every pink sheet company with a large number of outstanding shares says the same thing, but in our case, we actually do what we say we will, and we have the ability to do it without raising more money, so it only makes sense."
The company wants to make sure that the share structure is attractive to larger firms looking for an acquisition, in the event that becomes the best route to take. The company also wants to be ready for listing on a fully reporting market by the end of the year as a longer-term plan. Since the venture has only recently been launched in the public market, that end game could go either way, and senior management has planned for several strategies since the beginning. The company made sure there was enough initial investment on the table to acquire shares in the market without having to do secondary funding, at least until the company was in a position to turn away any types of money that would be detrimental to the company's short and long-term value. Alternaturals has no plans to acquire more debt or do any "shortcut financing", so share structure was one of the first concerns when putting the original deal together.

Shareholder Letter, May 7, 2014...

Another issue everyone seems to be fixated on is that of the “buyback” program announced recently. We were advised to make our PR disclosure narrow in scope and we did, but I can tell you that we have the money and means to trim our outstanding shares down by 1/3 or more. This will take as long (or short) a period as the market allows, and I plan to be aggressive. Will this help the stock price? I don’t know. This market is based mostly on speculation and until we move up to the OTCQB and then the QX, as is planned for later this year; the share price may not reflect the company’s true value.

The one point that I want to drive home is that we do not benefit in any way by anyone selling stock. We are not interested in selling stock, and nothing we say or do is aimed at making it
easier for anyone to sell stock. We are focused on our business and while the shares price is of great interest to me, it does not effect any of us financially, so there should be no worry of “dumping”, or “Selling” by us, or by anyone we know.

In My Own Personal Opinion Of Course!
Long ANAS!