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After the Rapture, What's Next?

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After the Rapture, What's Next?

By: Richard B Barnes

This book contains information on what happens after the Christians are taken out of the world in what is known in ancient Greek as the snatching away, or as Christians refer to it, the RAPTURE. I also look at Isaiah 17 and discuss why I think it has not likely taken place as of yet and is likely going to in the near future.

The new testament of the Bible was written in ancient Greek and so when a Christian said that they believed in the rapture, others would say that the Bible does not contain the word "rapture" and they would be both correct and wrong. The Bible uses the ancient Greek word that means to be caught up. The ancient Greek word was basically, harpazo (sorry, my PC does not do the ancient Greek alphabet) Harpazo was translated to the word rapere, which is Latin as part of the 5th century Vulgate translation for the pope. Anyway, rapture the meaning was taken from it. However let me be clear on this, the Bible does talk about the Christians being taken out of the world at the return of Christ. When we talk about the second coming of Christ many of us believe that it has two phases.

The first phase being the rapture or "catching up". This will happen fairly soon and thus I am writing this book to maybe help those who become brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ after the rapture occurs. After the rapture occurs, there will be a large push to form an overall governing world body. The man in charge of it at some point will be loved by the whole world. He in reality is the "anti- Christ". There will also be an agreement made in the middle east with the Arab states and others with Israel. Israel's temple will be rebuilt and that may be a part of this agreement as well. The agreement will be for a term of seven, 360 day years or to keep it simple 2520 days. However this will be the most turbulent time in world history, with all types of problems cropping up not long after the government is up and running. However, other things will seem quite nice apparantly as the world will love the anti-Christ. However at the mid point of the seven years the worst war in history will start. In mathematical terms I believe that's at the 1260th day into the seven year agreement. Billions will lose their lives. Those who accept Jesus forgiveness for their sins will have their souls saved and those who don't, won't. More on that latter. The second phase of the second coming of JesusChrist will be to the earth and will be after or at the end of the 2520 days is up. Jesus will raise his children from the dead that were not part of the resurection and the rapture BEFORE the tribulation, and take them into his Kingdom. However the sinners who are raised from the dead will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire. This is how I understand the phrophecies in the Bible. For now however, let's get to the basics.

First things first. Jesus is the son of God. He was sent to earth to live as a true man and true God. He had mans abilities, but he wilfully denied his own Godly powers and trusted God the father and God the Holy Spirit as we must also do, and yet he overcame sin and did not sin himself. He was born sinless. The virgin Mary his mother was forgiven her sins because she believed God's word and believed that her son Jesus would someday provide forgiveness of her sins and the sins of the whole world. So when she gave birth to Jesus, he was not born in sin as other men were. He was conceived of God and a righteous women. He lived a sinless life so that he could give his life up as a sacrifice for us. As a replacement death for you and I. Just as a lamb was sacrificed in the old days for the Jews, Jesus gave himself as our sacrifice. When a man or woman admits that they are sinful and want to follow Jesus and do God's will. Then all they need to do is admit they are sinful and ask for Jesus gift of forgiveness of their sin. If they do this then all sin they have ever committed or ever would in their life has been instantly forgiven. They are reborn spiritually and placed into the resurrected body of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus raised from the dead and returned to heaven and promised to return for us we will also be changed and made like him when he raptures the church. Many of us who have accepted God's gift of eternal life in his son Jesus Christ are expecting the rapture of the Church very soon.

If you pray to God a prayer like this:

Dear Saviour Jesus, I am a sinner, I want to change my life and live according to your will and no longer mine. Please forgive me of my sins, I accept your free gift of forgiveness of my sins and I thank you for it. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Amen, just means that you Really mean what your saying. If you just prayed that, then congratulations, you have just been saved in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ!

What you need to know now!

First off, the world government run by the anti-Christ will cause everyone on earth to receive some type of mark on the skin or some type of computer chip implant under the skin. Whatever it is going to be it CANNOT be taken by you!!! If they come after you to get you to willfully take the mark then you need to totally refuse and tell them it is a sin against God. God is one in three persons. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Don't worry too much about that right now, just accept it. They may toss you into prison or just leave you on the streets or perhaps kill you if you refuse. Without the mark, the Bible says that you will not be able to buy or sell; it sounds like you will be a non-person of sorts and cannot even hold a job. I do not know for sure at what point in the tribulation period the mark will start being forced on the people, so my advice is to start preparing for life without money as quickly as you can. The going won't be easy, but God will not forsake you! If you find other Christians you may be able to pool your resources, land, food, medical etc...

Remember God will be with you! Have faith, God will provide for you. The Bible says that many Christians will be murdered by the non believers of that time. However, they CAN'T take away your salvation and those that do have to lay down their lives will be greatly rewarded in heaven. There will also be several punishments that are brought on the world by God during this 7 year tribulation period, but these are not meant for you when you become a Christian, but that does not mean that you will not suffer as this will be a very troubled time.

I expect that the tribulation period is about to start. ISAIAH 17 is very likely to unfold and may be the trigger that causes the world to form a one world government.

Well, as of right now (Nov 2013) I see that the war described in the Bible in Isaiah chapter 17 looks to be about ready to start. The agreement with Assad that has been made to get rid of his chemical weapons is taking place, but the problem is that this could take years and we may not have the time before these could be used in a conflict. The deal also does not address biological weapons that Syria may have. Assad has warned that if NATO or Turkey invade Syria that he may use missiles and try to destroy the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel. If he does this, Israel has stated that they will destroy Damascus and if the missile attack continues other cities will be attacked. I don't have the exact threat but the meaning is clear. To me that means a likely nuclear strike against Damascus. HERE'S THE KICKER, Damascus has been defeated in war over the thousands of years of it's exitance, however it has never been destroyed to the point that it was no longer inhabited. As far as we know it has always remained a city and the Bible in Isaiah chapter 17 states that it will be taken away from being a city and will become a ruinous heap. It's claim to fame is that it's the oldest CONTINUOUSLY inhabited city on earth. The Bible also states that the cities of Aroer will be forsaken and not inhabited except by flocks. Aroer was a city in Jordan on the banks of the Arnon river, close to an ancient trade route that started in Damascus and went on into Egypt. It seems that God could have destroyed Damascus and caused people to never return to the cities of the area of Aroer, but not a human army as some scholars point out. No army could have destroyed the city of Damascus and killed everyone over night and then traveled down some 140 to 150 miles to the area of Aroer to drive people out. It's just physically impossibe, in ancient times. So to put this in a nut shell I'll say this. If cities are attacked with weapons of mass destruction in the middle east, coupled with the world's economic system already on the ropes, I think the economic system could likely fall.

Especially if Iran becomes something of a problem and oil from the gulf is slowed or stopped. Under those conditions, with an economic system dead in the water and millions dead due to weapons of mass destruction in the middle east, a one world government will have an ideal type of moment to step in and convince the whole earth that a world government is needed to avoid this type of economic trouble in the future and to work out and control the best way to stop wars. Now many of us Christians would see this for what it is and would vote against this, so it's likely to me that the rapture of the Christians is about to happen. At that point the newly born one world government could use forgiveness of debts both public and private as a sugar cube to get people to accept it. It would also give the new monetary system a better starting point, rather than unsolvable debt. I also want to point out that the war that takes place in the middle of the tribulation period, listed in Ezekiel 38, does not list Syria as one of the nations involved. Having said that, there is no guarantee that Isaiah 17 is about to be fulfilled, however it looks very likely that it may take place soon and may usher in the new world order. When this world government takes shape a leader will be chosen at some point. Either he will step up before it is formed or at the point it is formed or after it is formed. However you may be sure that this man will be the anti-Christ. He will do miracles of all sorts. He will be wounded to the head at some point and seem to raise himself from the dead. He will perform wonders and almost everyone will love him and follow him. At one point he will go to Jerusalem in Israel and go to the newly made Temple of God and stand in the temple and proclaim that he is God.

So the general outline is this as I believe it in the Bible. The rapture of the Church will happen very soon and a one world government will form. It may form just prior to the rapture or just after, but it will be soon, not likely years down the road. It will have a great leader either push to get it started or he will come to power after it is formed. The only thing that I know is that in either case the rapture of the Christians will happen before the anti-Christ is revealed. That great leader will perform wonders and is known in the Bible as the anti-Christ. After the church is taken out of the earth some people will start to think about what they have learned before about the rapture and other events they now see happening and turn to Jesus Christ as their savior. When millions of people around the world go missing, I'm not sure what the governments lie will be, but I can tell you for sure, it won't tell you that the rapture of the Christians has actually happened! Maybe it will say they were all killed due to alien activity, or that the new atom smasher created a weird condition and people just went missing, who knows, but it will sound possible so don't be fooled by it! During the tribulation there will also be 144,000 Jewish people who become saved in Jesus Christ and become great evangelists. At about this time there will also be two witnesses sent by God who can not be killed by anyone but the anti-Christ. They will witness to many about Jesus Chrst. Now it is important to know so I will restate it quickly that a peace treaty in the middle east will be signed by Israel and handled/guaranteed by the anti- Christ. When this treaty is signed it will mark the start of the tribulation period.

The tribulation period is going to last for 2520 days. This is also known as 7 lunar years. 7 years that each consist of 360 day years. At the end of this period Jesus Christ and his saints will return down to the earth itself to establish Jesus Christ reign on the earth. This tribulation period will start out looking like the anti-Christ is the greatest ruler of all time, but God will be punishing man for their continued rejection and the punishments will get progressively worse. Listed below are a basic outline of the judgments that will take place as I believe it. There are three groups of judgments:

The 7 seal judgments, the 7 trumpet judgments and the 7 golden bowl or vial judgments. These are listed below:

The Tribulation Judgments

These judgments are started after the rapture of the church in my belief. Each group of 7 judgments are played out with the 7th and last judgment starting the 1st judgment of the next group. They start with the 7 seal judgments which are presented as a scroll which has seven seals. Each time a seal is broken it presents more of the writing on the scroll. Jesus Christ breaks the first seal and the judgments are started.

1st seal: The white horse. It is believed to represent - The judgment of the anti-Christ being made the conqueror of the earth.

2nd seal: The red horse. It is believed to represent - The judgment of war, where the peace treaty that was made for 7 lunar years is broken, which I believe represents the war listed in Ezekiel Chapter 38. I will briefly state that I believe that this war will start in the middle of the tribulation period and will start with an invasion of Israel and Egypt of what I believe are people that likely represent Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya, and Ethiopia and likely others that I don't clearly understand. This will really start a whole series of terrible judgments.

3rd seal: A black horse. It is believed to represent - The judgment of starvation because food is scarce and costs a great deal of money. My advice here would be to anyone that is a Christian and living before the war started is to save a huge amount of food and hide it and yourself as best as you can devise. Preferably with other Christians. And as you likely can tell, you must be very careful about who you would share the word of God with.

4th seal: A pale horse. Also known as an ashen horse. It has as it's rider death and hell follows it. It shows that 1/4 of the earths population has died, likely due to the war.

5th seal: The Christians that have been saved during the tribulation that died for Jesus Christ are under the alter of God and ask God when will he avenge them of those on the earth and God gives to them white robes and tells them that they should rest yet a little time while their brothers and sisters in Jesus who should be killed, should fulfill their course. I'm paraphrasing of course but the point is made.

6th seal: A great shaking of the earth. Due likely to earthquake, volcano's or to my mind the most likely possible cause, Nuclear weapons. It speaks of the sky's darkening.

7th seal: When open there is a 1/2 hour of time in heaven of silence and 7 angles with 7 trumpets prepare to sound off. This 1/2 hour could be literal or it could simply represent a short period of time that will pass before the next set of judgments starts. It may even represent a few days or weeks but the exact amount of time I can't be sure of.

The Trumpet Judgments

1st Trumpet: 1/3 of the earth is set on fire. All green grass and likely grain type crops will be destroyed with the grass.

2nd Trumpet: 1/3 of sea life is killed.

3rd Trumpet: 1/3 of all fresh water is polluted and poisoned. This is a tough one, but I would recommend finding a spot under ground where a large amount of water could be stored and stirred to keep it fresh and out of the open air, to protect it from radiation fall out or pollution.

4th Trumpet: 1/3 of the light of the sun, moon and stars will be darkened. This may mean that the day light is reduced by 1/3 and the light at night by 1/3, or it could be a literal 1/3 blockage that I cannot figure out at this time. I am paraphrasing this information in an attempt to keep it as simple and straight forward as I can. It is far better to take this information and open up a Bible and read it and see what you think. I would recommend reading a King James version or American Standard version Bible, but you may have to use whatever you can find.

5th Trumpet: This is a judgment of locusts that sting men like scorpions. These are likely creatures that literally sting non-Christian people during this time period. They will continue tormenting men for 5 months. These locusts will not have an interest in Christians, so don't go poking at them. My best advice is to leave them alone and they will leave you alone. This torment is not meant for Christians. I do wonder if the mark of the beast is in fact some type of chip implant and if it is, it may emit some type of signal that will be irritating to the locust but that is purely speculation.

6th Trumpet: 4 angles are let loose that have been bound at the river Euphrates from the time of Noah's flood. They will kill 1/3 of the men still alive at that time. An army of the kings (nations?) of the East. The number of soldiers will be 200 million and they will be riding some type of armored vehicle that seems to fire what may be nuclear war heads. It's hard to say because it's something that I have not yet seen. But the US used to have short ranged nuclear artillery for small nuclear warheads in the 1950's I believe. With that in mind and the fact that today it's 2012, it's possible that China has devised a mobile tank like vehicle that can fire small nuclear warheads. My advice? Try to find somewhere well below ground that is not in a weak geological place where they normally have earth quakes. I know that's pretty vague, but that's the best I can offer. Your number one help is prayer to God.

7th Trumpet: In heaven are heard great voices that say: "The kingdom of the world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ: and he shall reign for ever and ever". At this point God has taken his kingdom but is not done yet with the tribulation period. Next in chapter 16 of Revelation we have 7 more angels with 7 golden bowls or vials as I will talk about in the next section below.

The Seven Golden Bowl or Vial Judgments:

"And I heard a great voice out of the temple, saying to the seven angels, Go ye and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God into the earth." ~ Revelation 16:1

1st Bowl: Is poured out into the earth and it became a noisome and grievous sore upon the men that had the mark of the beast ,and that worshiped his image.

2nd Bowl: Is poured out into the sea and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living soul died, even the things that were in the sea. So at this point there is no more sea life at all.

3rd Bowl: Is poured out into the rivers and the fountains of water and it became blood. So now the fresh water is undrinkable.

4th Bowl: Is poured out upon the sun and it was given unto it to scorch men with fire. Again under ground housing would be preferred.

5th Bowl: Is poured out upon the throne of the beast; and his kingdom was darkened.

6th Bowl: Is poured out upon the river Euphrates and it's water is dried up. This will allow the army of the kings of the east, that has already killed 1/3 of the remaining population, to cross into the middle east. The nations will gather for battle in the valley of Har- Magedon.

7th Bowl: Is poured out upon the air and there came forth a great voice out of the temple, from the throne saying, It is done: Now several more things in Revelation are spoken of and then it returns to this point in Revelation chapter 19 verse 19:

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat upon the horse, and against his army. (this is talking about Jesus Christ and his saints returning to earth). And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought the signs in his sight, wherewith he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshiped his image: they two were cast alive into the lake of fire that burneth with brimstone: and the rest were killed with the sword of him that sat upon the horse even the sword which came forth out of his mouth: and all the birds were filled with their flesh. After this battle, Satan is then bound in the abyss for 1000 years and Jesus sets up his kingdom here on earth. All those who became Christians during the tribulation rather alive or dead will be saved. After 1000 years however, Satan is released for a short period of time and deceives men and they take up arms against God again and then they are destroyed when they apparantly surround God and his saints. The remaining people who are not found to be believers in Jesus Christ are thrown along with Satan into the lake of fire. After that happens, a new heaven and earth are made.

It is at this point that we enter eternity. What we will be doing is'nt fully known, but death and pain are no more. The Bible conveys that the wonderful things God will have us doing for eternity have not even entered the imagination of men. I hope that this is a help to some if not many people either now or after the rapture. Now, I would like to encourage you to read the Bible for yourself and with other Christians if possible. Pray often and have faith in God and your salvation in Jesus Christ.

It's my hope that this booklet will bring many to salvation in Jesus Christ and be an aid to those who become saved during the tribulation period.

My name is Richard Barnes, if you have read this before the rapture of the Church and have any questions please feel free to email me at barnesx1@cox.net and I will try to get back to you. If I can't be reached please follow-up with other Christians and be sure to pray to God about all of your troubles and read the Bible. May God bless my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Where will you spend ETERNITY?
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