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Suretrace Security Products and Applications

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Suretrace Security Products and Applications

Sure Trace Security Corporation is in the business of bringing advanced security technologies and solutions to the global marketplace.
Through marrying chemical and biometric engineering, and advanced scanning technology with proven security procedures and asset solutions, Sure Trace is positioned to become the global provider of security systems, services and products.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become the world leader in the provision of anti-counterfeiting, brand and product authentication, and security products and services.

Our marking process involves the application of a combination of inorganic elements. These elements penetrate the surface of an object and a molecular bond is formed. The method of application can vary depending on the item to be marked. The coded elements may be placed on an object using a colorless carrier rendering them invisible to the human eye, or can include a fluorescent element so they glow under UV light. The specific ratios of elements that make up the synthetic DNA create a unique identity code for a specific client, or a specific product, division, or product run within the client's area of concern. The number of potential mix ratios or identity codes is in the billions.
Depending on the surface structure, between 75-80% of the chemical penetrates and bonds with the item's molecular structure. Once the SDNA has entered the item, its removal, whether by chemical solvent or abrasion, is extremely difficult. Total removal of the SDNA that has penetrated the item is impossible without destruction of the marked item. We have tested and proven our capability to introduce a synthetic DNA into a product during the manufacturing process. This enables us to invisibly attach information about the product via this chemical DNA. SDNA can be applied to industrial parts, garments/apparel, VCR's, jewelry, CD's, sporting goods, and many more products.

This technology works hand-in-hand with our SDNA. Like the common commercial bar code scanner, our wireless hand-held analyzer is used to identify the synthetic DNA codes and present specific information associated with the marking. This analysis can identify, for example, the legitimate owner of the marked item, the production run it came from, or whether the product is genuine, or a counterfeit or contraband product.
Each of the atomic elements present in a product produces a unique set of characteristic x-rays that is a 'fingerprint' for that specific element. Our analyzer determines the chemistry of a sample by measuring the spectrum of these x-rays emitted by the different elements in the product when it is illuminated by high-energy photons (x-rays or gamma rays). When a product is measured via our XRF scanners, each element present in the product emits its own unique fluorescent x-ray energy spectrum. By inducing and measuring a wide spectrum of the range of different characteristic fluorescent x-rays emitted by the different elements in the product, our hand-held XRF analyzers can rapidly determine the elements present in the product and their relative concentrations - in other words, the 'fingerprint' of the product.

I.D.ology's Document Security Program works to help private-sector organizations mark and verify critical documents such as security and bond certificates, legal contracts, corporate ID cards, etc. Public-sector applications include National ID cards, passports, and currency. Our SDNA and hand-held scanners offer immediate and absolute verification of original documents. The SNDA can be applied either post-production or during the production process where it is incorporated directly into the ink or paper.
Our Document Security Program is divided into two phases. The first is the investigative and development phase whereby the ideal application of the SDNA is determined. Third party testing is provided to ensure that no toxicity is introduced to the documents, that our SDNA is compatible and won't denature the ink or paper, and that sufficient amounts of SDNA will be present to ensure an absolute read from the hand-held scanners. Threat/Risk Assessments can be provided to those clients who are unfamiliar with how to safeguard, store and handle security products.
Upon completion of Phase 1, the customer is presented with a Production Plan detailing how our SDNA will be integrated into the document production process and where on the document the mark is to be placed. It includes third party test results and the complete implementation strategy, including the provision and training of field inspectors for the hand-held scanners. There is a sign-off portion for the client to contractually commit to the full implementation of the Production Plan (Phase Two).
Hand-held scanners are sold to field inspectors. For security purposes, the field inspector changes from application to application. For example, in private-sector applications where a corporation uses our product to mark employee security passes, the security guard personnel would be the field inspector; for marked bond or stock certificates, it may be their transfer agent.
In public-sector applications, the field inspector would also change based on the application. For example, if Passports are the marked documents, Customs and Immigration officers would use the hand-held scanners to spot-check passports for authenticity. In the case of currency, the central bank and commercial banks would use the scanners to authenticate questionable notes.
In all cases, I.D.ology provides all the necessary training and support to the field investigators to ensure the proper use of the hand-held scanners.

Our turn-key process takes the client from beginning through to the field authentication of their products step-by-step. We integrate our SDNA into the production process with as little interruption as possible, and ensuring its integration through third party verification of toxicity, compatibility and durability. These Medical Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided to the client as part of our production plan, to assure them that our SDNA will not adversely affect their product or packaging quality or their customers' enjoyment of the product.
Phase One of our process is the investigative and development phase whereby the ideal application of the SDNA is determined. This process culminates in the presentation of a Production Plan. During this initial process, our chemists and production staff work with the client to determine where, how and when to introduce our SDNA into their production processes. We use samples of the client's product, applying SDNA and performing a series of tests to ensure that it can be read by our field scanners with absolute accuracy. I.D.ology offers a Threat/Risk Assessment service to assist our clients in protecting the integrity of those assets which are secure in nature and require special 'confidential' treatment in their handling, storage and awareness.
At this point, a Production Plan is presented to the client. The Production Plan includes a comprehensive outline of how the field/audit investigation program will be implemented. This portion of the plan describes how traditional sources of tips, such as field sales reps, distribution chain intelligence reports, customer feedback, and secret shoppers, will be incorporated into the program to trigger in-depth investigation by the client's security firm.
The Production Plan also outlines our pro-active audit of product in the retail chain, providing another source of counterfeit or contraband leads. This document details the procedures and policies for when these leads trigger an investigation by the security provider, outlining what action is to be taken when the investigator uncovers counterfeit/contraband product, and guidelines on how, and to what degree, the investigation should proceed.
Using highly qualified independent security investigators provides the critical Chain of Custody and Chain of Evidence needed when the client chooses to pursue civil or criminal proceedings against a counterfeit dealer or distributor.

I.D.ology's Loss Prevention Program is a complete solution to help our clients reduce and eliminate theft by employees and/or subcontractors. Our program includes perforated labels, similar to those used on automobile license plates, and our SDNA with fluorescence added to allow for immediate field verification of the asset. It also includes a complete array of education and awareness brochures and demonstrations to assist our clients in communicating their loss-prevention program to their employee community.
Our label is affixed to the asset, with the SDNA applied over top of the label. The chemical permeates the label through the perforations, bonding molecularly with the asset. Even if the label is forcibly removed, and the area beneath sanded, heated, or subjected to an acid bath, our SDNA remains intact, ensuring that it remains in place indefinitely for laboratory testing. It is worth noting that awareness of the program and the power of the fluorescent SDNA proves to be enough of a deterrent that our clients rarely need to use laboratory testing to prove ownership.
On average, our clients have experienced a drop in employee-related theft of 50%-80%, and in some cases, theft has been reduced by as much as 90%!
An effective and ongoing educational program is the foundation of all successful asset protection programs. It is important that all employees, management staff, contractors and their employees, as well as visitors, be included in this program. The educational component should impart all corporate policies, their objectives, the technologies used, specifics on how each technology works, and how the program mutually benefits the organization and its employees, supervisors, management and asset protection staff.
I.D.ology works with your staff to develop the curriculum for each group mentioned. We are also committed to assist your organization in its efforts to publish in the following formats, noting that education can take many forms dependent on the audience. These can include:
• Classroom lectures
• Brochure and handout memorandums
• Video tape presentations
• Power point presentations
• Interactive company website

On completion of Phase One, the Production Plan is presented to the client, which becomes our agreement to proceed with the delivery of our products and services as defined within the document. The client's approval signature on the Production Plan contractually permits us to begin the full implementation of our Anti-Counterfeit Program (Phase Two), setting in motion the full production of the SDNA, and scheduling the delivery of the products and services described in the document.

The objective of I.D.ology's Threat/Risk Assessment services is to assist our clients in protecting the integrity of those activities and assets which are secure in nature and require special 'confidential' treatment in their handling, storage and awareness.
I.D.ology can provide a comprehensive security threat/risk assessment that helps our clients understand the various policies and procedures to be considered when implementing our security product into their product production. Assessment areas include:
• All sensitive information is properly designated, classified, and secured
• Secure storage site survey, including access control, surveillance, personnel security checks, etc.
• Records maintenance, including video and entry/exit information and data storage, etc.
• Security breech protocols and procedures - overall security protocols and procedures
• Identification and listing of important assets
• Security designations and/or clearances for employees and contractors with sensitive duties and positions
• Clearly indicate security requirements for work performed under contract
• Continuous review of security in regard to data and assets visa vie threats and risks.

In order to develop evidentiary material acceptable to district prosecutors charged with the responsibility of bringing counterfeiters to justice, or for use in civil litigation, the gathering and documenting of evidence must be accomplished by either law enforcement personnel or licensed investigators. I.D.ology works with a number of investigative service providers, to supply training and certification on our scanner-analyzers and to integrate their activities with our programs.
The owner of the asset works directly with their own security firm to develop a complete field investigation plan. This investigation plan traces the counterfeit source to the counterfeit producers and helps advance the investigation through the court system. When suspected counterfeit sales locations are identified through the brand owner, sales force, dealers, distributors, or I.D.ology's Field Auditors, the security official establishes an investigation plan with their investigative security provider. The brand owner's investigative services force will use the same portable scanner used by our Field Auditors, allowing them to confirm suspicions immediately, rather than waiting weeks for laboratory findings.
By making it possible to confirm counterfeit or contraband materials on the spot, our scanner gives the investigator the critical ability to react immediately, initiating surveillance, establishing rapport with the suspect, or buying out the remaining inventory to trigger a reorder of counterfeit/contraband product, thereby providing an investigative path to move closer to the counterfeit production source.

Authenticating documents in the field requires a comprehensive approach to marking and auditing documents. It begins with a well thought out marking plan that identifies where on the document the Synthetic DNA is to be applied. Proper documentation of all marked items and the use of the powerful scanner-analyzer in the field allows for immediate authentication of documents at a variety of client-established checkpoints. We develop a field authentication program with our clients to train the necessary field personnel in the proper use of the scanner. This ensures positive identification every time.
The field auditor will change based upon the application. Potential auditors in the private sector might be:
• Stock and Bond Certificates - Transfer Agent
• Legal Contracts - Corporate Counsel
• I.D. Cards - Security Personnel
Potential auditors in the public sector might be:
• Passports and National I.D. Cards - Customs and Immigration personnel
• Paper Currency - Bank personnel
• Bills of Lading - Port Authorities or Private Security

Authenticating corporate assets in the field requires a comprehensive approach to marking and checking of assets. It begins with a well thought out marking plan that identifies which assets are to be labeled and marked, and where on each asset the label and Synthetic DNA is to be applied. Proper documentation of all marked items and the use of the powerful scanner quickly identifies products as they enter and exit corporate facilities. Our Loss Prevention program augments our SDNA with a color fluorescence that reflects an easily identifiable color when exposed to UV light. I.D.ology provides high-powered UV lights that are effective in triggering fluorescence from marked items from a distance of several feet.
Should an asset be found to be in the possession of someone who should not have it, laboratory analysis can further identify the unique SDNA code embedded into the item, providing the rightful owner of the asset with irrefutable evidence when prosecuting theft.

I.D.ology employs, on a subcontract basis, security personnel as Field Auditors. Their only role is to uncover counterfeit/contraband evidence in the field. Using I.D.ology's Field Auditor services, brand owners can substantially reduce many of the out-of-pocket costs previously associated with the Secret Shopper model.
Our Field Auditors use our portable scanning technology to determine authenticity in the field, thereby eliminating the need to ship products to the laboratory for verification, and doing away with shipping and laboratory costs. In many cases, it is possible to return authentic products for refund, which will reduce out-of-pocket expenses even further. Our Field Auditor model eliminates blind shopping and significantly reduces non-labor expenses.
Our Field Auditors maintain a level of experience comparable to law enforcement or military personnel. They are not uniformed, are bonded, and report to area supervisors that are licensed investigators. Area supervisors confirm and report to the brand owner all instances of counterfeit/contraband found by the Field Auditor. The responsibilities of the Field Auditor are limited to stimuli development and they are not involved in any follow-up investigations, which is the responsibility of the brand owner's investigative services provider.

Benefits of Licensing
• Payment of license rights and annual administration fee easily recoverable from possible sub-licensing and royalties
• Increased market penetration
• Market expansion through sub-licensing
• Introduction of new products into established licensee's group
• Protected specific licensed markets
• Protected specific licensed territories
• Potential cross-marketing between licensees in one market with another in a different market
For more information about becoming a licensee, please fill out this form

License Information Request
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How do you see integrating our product in your business?

Frequently asked questions

Q: What can the product be applied to?
A: We can incorporate our technology in virtually any product or material, including metals, plastics, ink, etc.
Q: How is my code different than the next one?
A: The technology has been referred to as a synthetic DNA because of the number of codes that can be reproduced.
Q: Can the technology be incorporated directly into packaging materials?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the tag visible?
A: Most of our clients prefer the invisible tags, and some implement both covert and overt tags.
Q: If it’s invisible, how does anyone know it’s tagged?
A: During the implementation process, we attach WARNING labels to each asset that is tagged, and large WARNING signs are posted on the premises. We also implement an awareness program.

Q: How do we inform our employees of the program?
A: During our consultation process we will identify the best methods for the implementation of the awareness program. We may use one or more of the following: Power Point presentations, brochures, posters, newsletters, demonstrations, etc.
Q: What kind of information can you attach to a tag?
A: There are various customizable fields of information available to each item tag, such as 'Manufacture:', 'Warranty:', 'Buyer:', 'Order No.:', etc. The instrument can also be linked to a database, providing unlimited information.
Q: How is the product applied in asset protection?
A: For Asset Protection, the product is very similar to a drop of water. It can be applied using a brush, roller, stamp, pen, etc.
Q: How is the product applied in product authentication?
A: Our product can often be implemented into an existing phase of production, keeping implementation costs low.
Q: What is the cost to implement the technology?
A: The technology is the most cost effective technology currently available for asset protection. Depending on volume, the cost can be as low as pennies per application.
Q: What kind of track record does the technology have?
A: Our technology has been used for over 14 years by many major corporations. Many of our clients reported reduced losses of up to 90%! Program costs have been recovered in as little as 3 weeks.
Q: What about detection?
A: Once the asset protection program is in place, security or management personnel can quickly and easily identify market items by using I.D.ology's special detection equipment.
Q: Is it possible to have custom applications?
A: I.D.ology will consult with management to create a program unique to the client. In one way or another, nearly all of our programs are customized.
Q: Does the I.D. ology program enhance employee relations?
A: Yes, we have many companies that report an improved workplace environment as a result of taking steps to protect corporate assets.

The Market

I.D. theft has been identified as the world's faster growing crime. According to 2 studies done in July 2003, approximately 7 million people in the US became victims of identity theft in the previous 12 months. The incidence of victimization increased 80% between 2002 and 2003. The estimated cost in time and money to correct identity theft in the US was over $52 Billion and over 297 Million hours in 2003 alone.
Identity theft is more common that one might think. The most common identity theft victims had new accounts fraudulently opened in their names, misuse of their existing credit cards or credit card numbers, or misuse of other types of accounts. Fraudulent access to drivers' licenses, passports, and other identification documents is another common type of identity theft.
Passport Fraud:
...As the world we live in becomes more and more 'global', criminals - just like legitimate business people - are looking abroad to extend their trade. Since criminals need ID papers to cross international borders and they generally travel under a false identity, passport fraud is an increasingly widespread problem...
- The British Council © 2003

Currency counterfeiting is one of the oldest crimes in history. In earlier times, coins were exclusively counterfeited. This changed when banknotes were first introduced, in the middle of the 19 th century. This forced governments to act in response to this new trend. For instance, the US Secret Service was founded in 1865 to suppress counterfeiting.Counterfeiting has been substantially reduced since the establishment of special law enforcement units designed to fight against this crime in all major economies. However, with computer technology and modern photographic and printing devices making the production of counterfeit money relatively easy, this crime continues to represent a potential danger to a country's economy and a source of financial loss to its citizens. Governments continue to try to stay one step ahead of the criminals by implementing new security features with the production of their currencies that are difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce. These include such things as watermarks, security threads, and color-shifting ink. But the counterfeiters often do not even bother to try to reproduce notes with these features, instead gambling that the cash-handlers and the public will not check their money.
Currency Counterfeiting:
...Today, counterfeiting once again is on the rise. One reason for this is the ease and speed with which large quantities of counterfeit currency can be produced using modern photographic and printing equipment...
- United States Secret Service

One of the fastest growing economic crimes, intellectual property abuse and counterfeiting is costing companies around the world a staggering $200billion - $400billion per year. Research and investigations have linked counterfeit products with a number of criminal and terrorist organizations around the world, including Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Mafia, Triads, and drug cartels, to name a few. Piracy and counterfeiting is highly profitable for these and other groups, providing funding for them to expand their criminal activities. Intellectual property abuse damages economies and stifles innovation and creativity.
Product and brand counterfeiting is much more than the knock-off 'Rolex' watches, pirated videos, etc. Extremely vulnerable products at this moment include pharmaceuticals, clothing, and computer software. Counterfeit goods also include auto and aircraft parts, baby formula, cosmetics, medical devices - in fact, nearly anything.
The cost of counterfeit products and brands include safety, jobs, tax avoidance and business losses. Airliners and helicopters containing counterfeit components have crashed. Counterfeit automobile brake pads have caused deaths, and counterfeit shampoo has caused hair loss. US businesses have lost an estimated $200billion per year, according to the Department of Commerce. 'Replica' auto parts cost the US auto industry approximately 210,000 jobs. Many counterfeiters pay only a fraction of their true income tax liability, if they pay any at all - which is, of course, made up by the rest of us.
The Cost of Counterfeiting:
...A major perfume designer had to abandon a very successful line of perfume because it had been counterfeited with a dramatically inferior product. Unwary customers who thought they bought the real product complained to the designer of skin rashes and rancid odors from 4 week old products...
...A Norwegian plane crash in 1989 that killed 55 people resulted, in part, from substandard shear bolts and sleeves of an unknown origin..In 1987, 7 children died when a bus they were riding in flipped over. The brakes that were just installed on the bus bore a well-known trademark. Further examination, however, showed they were made of sawdust...
...The World Health Organization (WH)) estimates that counterfeit drugs account for ten percent of all pharmaceuticals. That number can rise to as high as 60% in developing countries. According to WHO, 16% of counterfeit drugs contain the wrong ingredients, 17% contain incorrect amounts of the proper ingredients and 60% have no active ingredients whatsoever...
- International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition

Anytime an employer issues, or makes available, assets to its employees, it will inevitably experience some degree of theft. Some statistics suggest that as many as 85% of all employees will steal from their employer. In most cases, this amounts to paperclips or pencils, but it is common for tools and portable electronic devices to be taken without authorization.
The Association of Fraud Examiners states that employee theft costs most organizations approximately $9 per employee per day, or $2400 per year for every employee! These losses are passed on to the consumer through increased product and service costs.
Employee Theft:
...The average organization loses about 6% of its total annual revenues to fraud and abuse committed by its own employees...
International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition

A New Type of Property Insurance becomes Available
On the afternoon of 1 st Nov. 2005, Mr. James R. Mackay, Chairman of SSTY, Mr. Li Ning, President of True Product ID (TPID) Co. Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Jianyong, Vice President of TPID Co. Ltd. had a meeting with the following:
Mrs. Zhang Aimin, the General Manager of Hua Tai Insurance (HTI) Co. Ltd., Ms. Yu Li, chief of Commercial Underwriting Department of HTI, Ms. Song Lifang, chief of Business Insurance Department of HTI, Mr. Wang Hong, Risk Engineer of Commercial Underwriting Department of HTI, and Ms. Wang Wen, Manager of the 5 th Business Department of HTI.
A meeting took place concerning the issues of the procurement of insurance for TPID from HTI, and the cooperation between these two companies through applying the S-DNA technology exclusively possessed by TPID to the Property Insurance and the Product Insurance of HTI.
Product Authentication Reliability Insurance has been being very popular in foreign countries, but this type of insurance is not broadly available to the public in China, though many insurance companies are very eager to try and sell it, especially because of the limitation of current identification technologies.
With brand counterfeiting becoming more serious in China day by day, the S-DNA technology can ensure the authenticity of products. This technology, the most advanced identification technology in the world, is owned and put forward by TPID. During the meeting, the two sides agreed that if the new type of insurance could be practically applied, the Chinese Insurance Industry would be improve a lot, and this would have a profound effect on all aspects of industry.
Further, Mr. Li introduced the important effects of the specific applications for Object Insurance Identification, and Property Insurance Responsibility Identification. The example he gave was the case of Automobile Insurance: Traditionally, compensation from Automobile Insurance only depends on empirical assessment for the condition of a specific car, rather than using advanced technologies to do the assessment. Actually, one of the reasons for many cars to have problems, such as brake malfunctions, tire blowouts, etc, is that the drivers have used counterfeit products. Theoretically, according to relative regulations of Insurance companies, it would be unnecessary for an Insurance company to compensate the policyholders, who caused problems themselves by using counterfeit products. However, the importance lies on how to effectively, duly, and justly find out the direct causes of accidents. For example, find out whether the accidents are caused by using counterfeit fittings or products. TPID has the technology to do this, which can solve the complex technological problems caused by Responsibility Identification and Brand Identification. Using the S-DNA technology exclusively owned by TPID will make insurance companies be able to decrease and perhaps eliminate instances of unnecessarily compensating money. This will not only create a huge profit, but will make insurance companies much stronger and so more able to pay in genuine cases. Having heard Mr. Li’s remarks, the participants of HTI indicated that they would seriously consider Mr. Li’s suggestions, and they would design and discuss relative business and political questions on the issuance of the new type of insurance in China. The representatives of TPID indicated that if the people involved in the insurance industry would like to develop the new type of insurance, and are very clear about the great social influence and remarkable profit it will bring, TPID will be pleased to provide the most advanced Identification technology for product identity and strong technology support for the development and successful implementation of the new insurance type.
The Demonstration of True Product ID Security Authentication and Management in the Great Hall of the People is a Great Success

This autumn, Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited ceremoniously held a Demonstration of True Product ID Security Authentication and Management in The Great Hall of the People, which is connected to the People's Congress in Tiananmen Square, on the afternoon of October 31st, 2005. In the demonstration, Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited introduced their technologies to the relevant national departments, enterprises and institutions, and the media, etc, through a field technology demonstration. The demonstration played a strategically significant role in promoting the application and popularization of this world-leading technology, namely the Authentication and Management of Identity Security.
The more than 70 people attended the demonstration, including: more than 20 leaders of the Security Guard Department of the most important National Divisions, the leaders from The Customs General Administration of PRC, Division of Security of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China Banking Regulatory Commission, the head office of People's Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, the National Energy Conservation and Development Office, China Mobile, China Unicom, Tianjing International Trade Corporation, Everbright Investing Management Limited, The parent company of China Metallurgic Mining Corporation, Beijing ZhuDe International Business Consultation Corporation, HuaSheng Logistics Corporation, Zhongcheng Satellite Technology Center Co., Ltd., etc., the journalists of XinHua News Agency, People's Daily, GuangMing Daily, Legal Daily, Economic Information Daily, Sci-Tech Daily.
The attendance of so many leaders and managers sufficiently shows their faith and eagerness to intensify the security, anti-counterfeit, effective anti-terrorism and the development of their business, through the use of the technology business of Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited. James Mackay, the chairman of the board of directors of SSTY, William Chan, the CEO of Sure Trace Technology (HK) Limited, Li Ning, the president of Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited made the speech; Zeng Yi, the general manager of Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited, and Zuo Lie, the vice general manager of Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited introduced two of True Product ID's technologies, S-DNA and Biometrics, as well as give a field demonstration of their application. The high performance and amazing effects of these two world-leading technologies deeply impressed all the guests. During the demonstration, all the guests and leaders paid great attention to the new technologies; and they believe that it will make the security guard much more effective and play a more significant role if the technologies can be used in the highest national security guard divisions and the security system of the People's Congress Meetings and People's Political Consultation Meetings. The success of this demonstration will promote the application and popularization of the technologies, making the product become the most powerful weapon for the security guard, effective anti-counterfeit and anti-terrorism.

Sure True Technology (Beijing) Limited & EDU INC. Became Strategic Cooperation Partners
On Oct. 27th 2005 the Chairman of the Board of EDU INC. Wilson Chan, together with his colleagues met with the top managers of Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited at the conference room of our company. In the meeting, both parties agreed that they would combine their technologies and resources advantages to promote the “Great China Region Logistics Business Plan” which aims to provide comprehensive logistics and superior quality services for the clients. For this reason, both parties have entered into a close strategic cooperation to negotiate and communicate, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
EDU INC. was founded in "BVI" (British Virgin Islands) as a modern Logistics management company. The EDU services include the line business of semi-products and materials, products across industries from starting-point to end point, whilst providing related information, effectively running the whole process. EDU is not simply providing cargos transportation, but covering the whole process of commodities distribution, including transportation of semi-products and materials before manufacturing and the storage of goods before sale. They also perform an extra function, logistics procedure planning, which has never been provided to commodity manufacturers and distributors by the traditional transportation industry in past. At present, it includes China Railway Parcel Express Co., Ltd which covers the railways across the whole of China, Zongheng Liantong International Logistics Co., Ltd. which occupies 80% of the aviation cargo in China, China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Cooperation which occupies 60% of the Changjiang River post cargo, Shanghai HongDa Wuliu Co., Ltd. which is the one of the top ten synthesis logistics enterprises. Many other large scale logistics enterprises are now successively participating in the logistic synthetic services platform .This platform is provided by the Great China region logistics management plan, which was established by EDU .The aforementioned companies signed the strategic cooperation agreements.
Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited possess the best technologies of their kind in the world, such as Synthetic DNA, GEOTRACK, IDOLOGY, BIOMETRICS, etc., which can be widely applied in various fields of the social economy, playing important roles in product logistics, the authentication of product property, the anti-counterfeit of various goods exchange notes, anti-loss of assets, maintaining brand authentication, responsibility tracing, etc. Its next generation GEOTRACK technology, which combines GPS, GPRS and GMS, can play a significant role in the management and service of logistics through transport.
The estimation of the scale of the third party logistics market of China by the International Monetary Fund(IMF) is about 20 billion dollars. This number is increasing, it will reportedly reach at least 1.335 trillion Yuan RMB in the future. In order to greatly reduce the logistics cost effectively, improve the security and accuracy of the logistic goods, and advance the competitive ability of Chinese brand products across the world, both parties agree to set up the strategic cooperation in the fields of establishing logistic synthetic services platform provided by the Great China region logistics management plan, by providing high-quality services, etc. EDU INC. will apply the technologies of TPID to the Service Platform. Through mutual strategic cooperation on financing, operation and implementation, TPID will provide technological help to more effectively solve the relative problems of the secure operation of the material circulation, and EDU INC will actively promote the broad application of the technologies of TPID on the Service Platform, provide better supply chain logistics services, and so contribute to the healthy development of the national income of China.
News articles
The New Anti-counterfeit Security Technology Presented in Beijing
Beijing-Guang Ming News Daily-31 st October 2005

(This article is translated by a certified translator from
True Product ID, original chinese article can be found at
http://www.gmw.cn/01gmrb/2005-11/01/4453_b.htm )

Regarded as “the new anti-counterfeit security technology”, the S-DNA technology presented in Beijing today, which attracts the attention of relative experts and medium.
According to the Joint Venture, True Product ID ( Beijing) Co. Ltd, the S-DNA technology is an advanced international technology, which uses different elemental compositions to do the work of verifying authentication of objects. It is possible to avoid losses caused by counterfeit products and give a real product a special identification by placing the S-DNA solvent in an object during the process of its production or on the surface of the object. Though the mark of the S-DNA technology is invisible, people are able to use a professional and portable scanner to recognize it at their ease. In accordance with the introduction, the number of the code of each elemental composition is so huge that it is impossible for people to duplicate or repeat it. During the demonstration, the scanner could still recognize the mark of the burned paper, which shows that the scanner is able to recognize marks of an object, only if the carrier of the marks exists.
Meanwhile, the new Biometric Identification Fingerprint technology turned up in the demonstration. Compared with other Fingerprint technologies, the new one possesses two strong advantages:
• It uses polymer (plastic) as the media of the fingerprint technology instead of silicon, and it overcomes all the problems caused by using silicon as the media of other fingerprint technologies, such as brittle, expensive, etc;
• It makes bioelectricity and fingerprint become symbols of identification for revolutionarily combining one’s bio-electricity with his or her fingerprint.
The diplex identification method can find out whether the marked person is dead or is being threatened in time. Once the bioelectricity is proved to be abnormal, the original authorization will be automatically cancelled right away, by which the security and the reliability of fingerprint technology are greatly improved.

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October 20, 2005
Sure Trace TheSubway.Com Daily Stock Pick (http://thesubway.com/mydefault.asp) for October 20, 2005
NOTE TO EDITORS: The Following Is an Investment Opinion Being Issued by Peter Antipatis of Capital Research Group Inc.
WESTON, FL, Oct 20, 2005 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- TheSUBWAY.com announces the following stocks to its Hot Stocks List: Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC: SSTY), QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW).
Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC: SSTY) announced that True Product ID Technology (Beijing) Limited, formerly Sure Trace Technology (Beijing) Limited, has completed a cooperation agreement with The National Brand Cartel Anti-Counterfeit Cooperation Network -- Brand315.com. Brand315 provides security labels to the top 600 of China's national brands. Their clients cover all areas of consumer goods and collectively their clients distribute substantially into the billions of units of goods. Sure Trace produces integrators for anti-counterfeiting and security surveillance applications and is a provider of integrated tracking devices.
Other stocks highlighted include QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM): Hot Stocks List, up 4% on 19 million shares, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC): Hot Stocks List, down 1% on 91 million shares, Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW): Hot Stocks List, up 1% on 24 million shares.
"A few disappointing earnings releases and some disparate economic data have done their part to stall the market's advance, and political developments abroad have kept investors cautious. But overall tame inflation numbers, though rising over the past few months, solid growth in the domestic economy, and lower unemployment are buffeting the averages from below." More is available at: http://www.thesubway.
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Globe Staff Consulting and Sensor Media

Sensor Media
We are Sensor Media Corporation. Every product that we create strives to be environmentally and user friendly. The benefits to you - our customers include products that are safe, reliable, competitively priced and all with outstanding customer service.

Our business and product portfolio includes:
Our solar collection technology product provides a viable energy solution that saves you money. Whether you are a large corporation with multitude of offices/facilities or you're a residential developer looking for alternative energy source, we have a practicable solution for you! Our product is ready for commercialization on a global scale. Licensee opportunities are available.
Environmentally Friendly Energy Now and for Generations to Come Imagine a world where you can produce limitless low-cost energy even when the sky isn't blue.
Imagine no more!
SMC Solar Inc. a division of Sensor Media Corporation has developed a state of the art solar collection system.
By using the sun's energy more efficiently than ever, we can help save our planet's resources and significantly reduce pollution. With SMC Solar Inc., it's easy to do, it saves money and it helps the earth too!
There is nothing else like SMC Solar Inc's. solar collection technology. Solar technologies use the sun's energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry. Our solar energy collection technology is a renewable energy source. The materials are made from a thin film polymer based solution that uses screen-printing techniques in the manufacturing process. This dramatically reduces raw material costs and allows for mass production in a low cost manufacturing facility resulting the most efficient and cost effective solar system available yet.
The solar collection material is extremely flexible. It can be applied to various frameworks such as Plexiglas, woven fabrics, roofing materials and much more.
Our production method is easily adapted to allow for unique client needs across a broad section of industrial, commercial and residential applications. A single manufacturing line can produce approximately 130 megawatts of sustainable and renewable energy per year.
Every product that we create strives to be environmentally and user friendly. The benefits to you - our customers include products that are safe, reliable, competitively priced and all with outstanding customer service.
Our business & product portfolio includes:
SMC Solar Inc Solar Collection Technology:
• There is nothing else like SMC Solar Inc's. solar collection technology in the world!
• Our solar collection technology product provides a viable energy solution that saves you money. Whether you are a large corporation with multitude of offices/facilities or you're a residential developer looking for alternative energy source, we have a practicable solution for you!
• The materials are made from a thin film polymer based solution that uses screen-printing techniques in the manufacturing process
• The material is extremely flexible. The solar collection material can be applied to various frameworks such as Plexiglas, woven fabrics and roofing materials and much more. It can meet specific industrial and personal use requirements.
• Our product is ready for commercialization on a global scale. Licensee opportunities are available
SMC Biometrics Fingerprint Scanning Technology:
• Our fingerprint scanning technology is truly revolutionary!
• It provides a workable and doable security solution for various applications such as a homeland security division or for a company seeking quality security methods
• Our product is cost effective too. When compared to other types of products we can provide a cost savings of up to 60%.
SMC Biometric has developed a prototype of a fingerprint scanning technology that is truly revolutionary!
Using a modified version of the same thin film technology used for the solar collection technology, SMC Biometric has developed a thin film imager. This is a substantial leap compared to current silicon technology since our product is thin, flexible and can be deposited onto a card (credit card size).
Since the events of 9/11, many governments around the world have been seeking a national identification card. Based on numerous surveys completed by many of these countries, it has become clear that the vast majority of citizens approve of the concept. However, regarding their privacy and personal security, they do not approve of a national database for fingerprint impressions.
Current fingerprint technology requires the use of a central database to store fingerprint images. Whenever the ID card is used a network of computers are accessed to confirm the validity of the print image on a per use basis. The vast majority of those surveyed believe that once such a card is introduced it will quickly become a national medical card, drivers license, credit card, passport, etc. The primary concern is how the central database will be secured as it will receive records from each use of the card in all of its forms.
A significant feature of SMC Biometrics' technology is that it is made out of inexpensive flexible plastic as opposed to silicon, a glass product, which is very expensive. Moreover, SMC's overall technology proposition does not require a national database as the card and security algorithm is completely self-encapsulated. This single feature will reduce the cost of a national ID card by more than 60%.
SMC Biometric expects to launch this exciting product in spring/summer-2005.
Check out the website in early-2005 for additional details.

SMC TV Large Format TV Screens:
• This soon to be available product is groundbreaking… actually "visual" breaking piece of technology!
• We've developed a television back plane (screen) that is made from plastic and high quality electronics. It is ultra thing and lightweight with capabilities of been large format (40 - 200 square inches) in size
• Plus, our product is available for a fraction of the cost compared to plasma TV screens. Depending on the solution, we can offer a cost savings between 50 - 500%
Sensor Media Corporation has a third division, which is SMC TV Inc. SMC TV has created an innovative technology that produces a television back plane (screen) made from plastic and high quality electronics.
The back plane (screen) is made from an imager pixel technology that was initially developed for the fingerprint biometric. However, it can also be used as an alternative to current LCD and upcoming OLED (self-emissive organic light emitting diode) television backplanes. Our product will be produced using a polymer/silicon hybrid.
While still in early stages of development, SMC TV believes that it can offer a substantial improvement in monitor size and price efficiency whether it's an individual customer or a business affiliate. This means that it is less costly to produce and in turn, a significant reduction in costs compared to the current technology of plasma screens, LCD technology, etc.
In addition, SMC TV is poised to deliver an ultra thin and lightweight viewing monitor that can be produced in sizes ranging from 40-200 inches. The product will be available at a fraction of the cost of current comparable technologies.
SMC TV expects to begin licensing this exciting product fall/winter-2005.
Check out this website in early 2005 for additional details on this technology.

Home » Licencees
Licensees and Sub-licensees
Environmentally Friendly Energy Now and for Generations to Come!
SMC Solar Inc. is actively marketing its solar collection technology globally.
Are you seeking a viable business opportunity in a state-of-the-art solar energy business? Are you enthusiastic? Team focused? Customer service oriented? Do you have a 'can do' attitude and like working in a fast paced environment?
If this sounds like something that you'd be interested in … then, perhaps Sensor Solar Inc. and our solar collection technology business is something for you!
If you are looking for a viable business opportunity, then, please review the following. If you are serious about learning more, then contact us directly at info@sensormedia.net.
SMC has recently signed its first major licensing agreement with Direct Energy of Houston, Texas USA. Under the licensing agreement, Direct Energy has exclusive rights for the solar collection farms in North America.
Now, we are seeking licensees to resell our state-of-the-art product in the following markets:
• Asia
• Europe
• South America
• Africa
Licensees will manufacture the solar collection product within their region or country. SMC provides training and support for the manufacturing facility.
In addition, subsidiary business opportunities may be viable depending on the volume requirements through smaller sub-licensees pending available production capacity by National Licensees.
Available Market Sectors:
• Industrial & Commercial Construction: airports, warehouses, office buildings, recreational complexes, retail malls and large retail "box" stores
• Land Reclamation: landfills, mining sites water plants, sewage plants including swamps and marshes
• Agriculture: tobacco dryers, meat processing plants, large scale farms and greenhouses
• Transportation: freight, courier companies and fleet vehicles, recreational vehicles
• Marine: cargo freighters, ferries, passenger and cruise ships, personal water craft fleets
• Oil n' Gas: mobile rigs, remote pumping stations, etc.
• Residential Construction: condo complexes, apartment buildings, senior resident villages, etc.
• Electronics Industry: handheld electronics such as, calculators, PDA's, cellular phones, etc.
• Tourism: hotels, recreational complexes, theme parks, etc.
• Military: remote training stations, mobile security units, field hospitals, etc.
Innov-X Scanners
Get your hands on the lightest, smartest alloy analyzer in the world, new Alpha Series from Innov-X
The Innov-X Alpha Series delivers alloy chemistry and grade ID in an instant. With nearly 1,000 of our tube systems at work in the field right now – from the arctic cold to the desert heat – you can depend on Innov-X Systems. Now, with the Alpha series you have:
• Smallest, handheld tube-based analyzers available.
• Versatile PDA platform.
• Rugged probe head for tests to 800° F+.
• Removable handle to reach tight areas.
• Easy-to-read display.
• Suitable for any environment.
Decades of engineering experience in x-ray tube technology and ergonomic instrument design has made the Alpha Series smaller, lighter, tougher and smarter than other XRF analyzers.
Rugged, tapered probe head allows operators to perform thousands of tests per day, every day. Removable handle with belt-mount battery pack lets you test in hard-to-reach places.
Optional holster lets you take the Alpha Series with you virtually Anywhere.

One of my favorite articles
New Technology Hopes to Knock Off the Knock-Offs

Counterfeiting has had an adverse impact on all corners of the CPG market, ranging from high-end items like Rolexes and electronic equipment to far less costly products such as CDs and DVDs. But they are all tied together by one common thread: Knock-offs create an enormous drain on the economy, particularly when they insidiously make their way into the mainstream marketplace.

According to the Washington Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, counterfeiting costs North American businesses $300 billion annually. Worldwide, the problem carries a $1 trillion annual tag. A new technology offered by Philadelphia-based Sure Trace Security Corporation has the company positioned to become a leading global provider of security systems, services and products.

One of the largest areas for the origination of counterfeit goods is Asia. Sure Trace has recently concentrated its efforts on working with the Chinese government to ensure that the products manufactured and imported from the world’s largest market are, in fact, authentic.

According to Michael Cimino, president and vice chairman of the company, the willingness of the Chinese to actively join the struggle against the counterfeiters is directly proportionate to their desire to join the World Trade Organization.

While a stroll down virtually any street in Manhattan – or a visit to most flea markets in Anytown, USA – will turn up dozens, if not hundreds, of knock-off items. One of the more publicized events occurred in 2000, when Adidas filed suit against Wal-Mart, alleging that the world’s largest retailer had been selling knock-off Adidas and Nike t-shirts at its Sam's Club stores. Similar claims had been made by other designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo (by Ralph Lauren) and Nautica.

In order to protect against the scourge of knock-offs, Sure Trace and its wholly owned subsidiary, I.D.ology Laboratories Inc., have developed a process of tagging items with a specialized ink that contains codes able to trace the product each step of the way in the production and distribution chain.

The process, which results in a product called "SDNA" (synthetic DNA), was originally developed to track plutonium rods in the nuclear industry. It creates ink that not only contains coding unique to that product, it also is as indestructible as kryptonite.

The development of SDNA involves the application of a combination of inorganic elements, which penetrate the surface of an object (except for diamonds or cut glass) to form a molecular bond which is impossible to remove. The method of application can vary, depending on the item to be marked. The coded elements may be placed on an object using a colorless carrier rendering them invisible to the human eye, or can include a fluorescent element so they glow under ultraviolet light. SDNA can be applied to industrial parts, garments and apparel, VCRs and other electronic products, jewelry, CDs and DVDs, sporting goods, and many more products.

With the 2008 Summer Olympics coming to Beijing, Sure Trace may have an effective and high profile test with applications including marking the tickets as well as all the other "official" Olympic merchandise.

Current applications, events, contracts and upcoming events
SSTY Delivers First Shipment of Labels for Brand315.com During the China Trademark Festival; Releases Video Update to Shareholders. (We should be hearing about the results of this test most likely after the new CEO takes over.)
SSTY Announces Plans for New Venture with Affiliate of China's Ministry of Industry and Commerce; Venture to Have Ability to Police Consumer Counterfeit Products Including Authority to Search and Seize. (Again more information will be forthcoming after the new CEO takes over.)

Sure Trace Security Corporation Announces New Contract in China for JV
In the transaction TPiD will provide its S-DNA technology to a major Chinese automotive parts distributor whose largest export client is General Motors. (This is in my opinion just the beginning of the application of s-dna in the auto parts industry, not only in China but worldwide.)

Sure Trace Security Corporation Announces New Contract in China for JV
In the transaction TPiD will provide its S-DNA technology to the Palace Museum of China to mark the items in its collections. Chairman James MacKay stated: "This contract again shows the wide range of items that can be tagged and protected from fraud ... from labels to precious antiques. (What a great statement for our product that the Chinese Government has approved it for use on it’s most treasured pieces of artwork and artifacts. This contract speaks volumes as to how the Chinese Government views our company and its products.)

SSTY Opens Joint Offices With Affiliate of China's Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Feb 07, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC: SSTY) previously announced that its joint venture partner, True Product ID Technology (Beijing) Limited ("TPiD"), a joint venture of its 85% subsidiary, True Product ID Technology Limited, and Beijing Suneray Zexin Technology Limited, has signed a cooperation agreement with the China Consumer Journal which is a subsidiary company of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
Through the cooperation with the China Consumer Journal, which also produces anti-counterfeiting labels similar to Brand315, TPiD will work with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to provide them with SSTY's scanning and KMACK technologies.
Under that agreement, SSTY is to provide its proprietary solutions for loss prevention and anti-counterfeiting purposes across an entire spectrum of products and goods. Now the 315 System has said that it also plans to use TPiD's technology to enhance other anti-counterfeiting technologies themselves ... not just goods and services.
SSTY Chairman James MacKay stated, "Our technology will now be used by the 315 System to provide individualized and integrated anti-counterfeiting solutions to different industries and products possessing different anti- counterfeiting technologies, including digital, holograms and fabrics/textiles ... in addition to our own S-DNA technologies."
TPiD and the China Consumer Journal have established a working group, in which each of the two parties will assign staff to work jointly on the projects and those offices have been set up inside the China Consumer Journal's offices.
(This piece of news is so much bigger than most people realize. The China Consumer Journal is bigger than Brand 315 and controls most of the brand supervision and protection and police the entire spectrum of IPR for the Government of China.) Also as you can see they love our kmack system and will use it in their offices as well as many other applications throughout China.)

SSTY Announces Deal to Acquire NASDAQ Bulletin Board Company
Feb 10, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC: SSTY) today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the controlling interest in a company presently trading on the NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board.
The agreement calls for the acquired company to be renamed True Product ID-US ("TPiD-US"). TPiD-US shall be granted, at closing, a Master License from SSTY to conduct all marketing and administrative rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations presently held by SSTY and its subsidiaries (except for those granted/reserved to SSTY or other parties prior to closing), including the rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations for the company's activities in China and the rest of the world.
SSTY will receive all but between 5 to 10% the shares of TPiD-US in exchange for cash consideration. TPiD-US, as a consequence of the transaction, will become a subsidiary of SSTY. SSTY's board intends to then approve the spin-off of TPiD-US through the dividend of 100% of the SSTY shares of TPiD-US to all shareholders of SSTY. The dividend will be payable on a record date to be determined by the SSTY board. Fractional shares of TPiD- US common stock will not be issued and any SSTY shareholder entitled to receive a fractional share will instead receive a cash payment. The shares issued to SSTY shareholders shall be restricted. SSTY shareholders will retain their present shares in SSTY.
The dividend has been structured to qualify as a tax-free stock dividend to SSTY stockholders for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Cash received in lieu of fractional shares, however, will be taxable.
Shortly after the dividend record date, SSTY will mail an information statement to its stockholders of record as of the close of business on the record date. The information statement will include information regarding the dividend and the business and management of TPiD-US following the distribution. In addition, SSTY and TPiD-US intend to file important information related to the spin-off, including this release, with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Form 8-K.
Closing is anticipated to be March 16, 2006 but may be moved in advance or back upon mutual agreement of the parties.
The terms of the Master License to be granted to TPiD-US will call for TPiD-US to pay a monthly minimum payment to SSTY in addition to a five percent (5%) royalty of the gross revenues received by TPiD-US under the worldwide license.
"We hope to follow this template (that is, a monthly minimum will be paid to SSTY and shares in the public company will be delivered to SSTY's then- present shareholder base) with at least one other subsidiary of SSTY, Globe Staff," said James Mackay, SSTY Chairman, although he cautioned that no specific plans exist for Globe Staff at this time.
Michael Cimino, SSTY President, said: "This arrangement will allow SSTY shareholders to hold, in addition to their shares in SSTY, shares in the acquired company, for which there will be publicly disclosed bids and asks, as well as the other features of the OTCBB. The arrangement will also provide a potential source of regular income to SSTY. We foresee no further need to raise additional funds for SSTY, which would eliminate further dilution of SSTY stock. In addition, it transfers the funding burden from SSTY to TPiD-US and Globe Staff respectively, along with the responsibility for their operations." He continued: "This new company will have new management, with specific experience in building global companies and their worldwide operation systems. Our plans are to have that management in place prior to the closing date on the acquisition."

SSTY Announces Record Date for Shareholders to Qualify for Dividend Shares; Also Announces Press Conference to Introduce TPID President/CEO

BEIJING and PHILADELPHIA, March 10, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC: SSTY) today announced that its Board of Directors has set the date for shareholders to qualify to receive the dividend shares in the planned spin-off of its soon-to-be-acquired subsidiary, which will be named True Product ID, Inc. SSTY had previously announced on February 10, 2006 that it had signed an agreement to acquire the controlling interest in a company presently trading on the NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board.
The Record Date is set for after the close of trading Wednesday, March 15, 2006.
Folks I have done a lot of research on this company and this part shows the products, applications, the acceptance by the Chinese Government and finishes with current events and events that will come in the next week. I would like to speculate about what I think the new CEO and new management team will do with our products and technology, however I will not speculate at this time. The proof is in the products, the progress the company has made over the past 11 months and now we are being taken to a new level with a new CEO that will take this company to worldwide acceptance.
I believe we have China in the bag and although this is very huge, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Hold on to your shares and hold on to the seat of your pants because we are in for a heck of a ride. I want to congratulate all longs that stuck this out with the cliff hanger it has been, hopefully our white knuckles will return to their regular color soon. LOL.

Thanks, John C.

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