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PR will probably be about the conference call. Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 05:11:22 PM
I agree that the uplisting will not make Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 02:47:39 PM
Maybe people thought the market was closed Friday Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 01:26:54 PM
I'm out....... Sorry but with the way this Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 01:18:40 PM
From the book Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 11:46:10 AM
Who is Frank? I do not see his Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 10:10:36 AM
Watch and learn! Bullet Blockchain Inc. 09/02/2021 03:40:27 AM
I know exactly what you mean by it Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 03:38:03 AM
thanks returned Cuba Beverage Company 09/01/2021 01:50:57 PM
Someone posted on Twitter they thought Sykes group Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 01:33:29 PM
Wow, million share bid filled; I thought that Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 12:52:30 PM
He does incredible IBoxes. I just took the Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 12:10:28 PM
Beautiful Chart I wish they could all be Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 11:58:31 AM
Yes, I hate it! Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 11:42:43 AM
I thought about selling at the opening bell Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 10:24:43 AM
Did I tell peeps not to buy? Mostly Cuba Beverage Company 09/01/2021 06:04:29 AM
That's what I did yesterday!!! Clean Vision Corp. 09/01/2021 04:42:30 AM
Totally agree. Nothing wrong with 100 - 300 Bullet Blockchain Inc. 08/31/2021 08:45:53 PM
Playing what? Protect The Profits? Is that a Cuba Beverage Company 08/31/2021 08:18:22 PM
Dude, I am only responding from your very Bullet Blockchain Inc. 08/31/2021 08:09:42 PM
Dino, you know I love you man. but Cuba Beverage Company 08/31/2021 08:04:33 PM
I know you took some criticism for this Cuba Beverage Company 08/31/2021 07:43:34 PM
Aint bragging dipstick but you were dishing and Bullet Blockchain Inc. 08/31/2021 07:30:18 PM
I'm up over 50% on my overall account Bullet Blockchain Inc. 08/31/2021 07:10:51 PM
LOL, Exactly, send the Posse!!! Don't let let Clean Vision Corp. 08/31/2021 06:09:04 PM
And that's my whole point, why the hell Bullet Blockchain Inc. 08/31/2021 06:03:16 PM
If there was ever a good luck charm Clean Vision Corp. 08/31/2021 02:21:31 PM
AAAAH, IT'S OFFICIAL, CLNV IS A WINNER!!! Droopy's Clean Vision Corp. 08/31/2021 01:01:24 PM
Brewbilt Brewing Co. 08/31/2021 11:16:50 AM
Same; added! Glad my suspicions of it being Clean Vision Corp. 08/31/2021 10:43:42 AM
Ooops, sorry, I meant multi- dimes! Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 09:45:49 PM
I won't be flipping, I never do; when Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 09:00:04 PM
Brazil is NE. Directly South. You must have Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 08:15:39 PM
It is looking great but honestly, could be Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 07:54:53 PM
Contracts with 3 cities in Ecuador, if you Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 07:43:08 PM
Multi dimes; not a matter of if just Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 03:43:35 PM
Glad I slapped that ask at .0268 Bet Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 02:07:31 PM
But going out for a burger now and Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 01:56:46 PM
Thanks, thought I lost the opportunity to get Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 01:55:50 PM
In @ .0368 after watching it for the Clean Vision Corp. 08/30/2021 01:50:32 PM