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Getting the flippers out early this morning; Metal Arts Company 09/08/2021 09:53:01 AM
That can't be true, I see Penny Stock Metal Arts Company 09/08/2021 08:27:35 AM
Anybody know the SS or how to find Nukkleus Inc 09/08/2021 06:35:46 AM
And who's that? Not listed as an officer Nukkleus Inc 09/08/2021 06:29:02 AM
I was referring to this part of her message! Clean Vision Corp. 09/08/2021 12:12:04 AM
I agree totally, nothing other than what we Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 11:06:05 PM
Wonder how many shares that cost? They do Wee-Cig International Corp. 09/07/2021 09:19:20 PM
Conference call can only be heard on Zoom? Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 07:31:13 PM
I believe Dino is referring to if there Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 06:23:02 PM
Be incredibly awesome if that happens!!! Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 04:35:11 PM
BOOM - 8600 SHARE SLAP @ 4.75 and Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 03:26:13 PM
Exactly. Flippers are what has caused the mid-day Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 12:21:36 PM
Even with convertible debt, it's still only 200 Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/07/2021 11:22:00 AM
That's the best place to trade from. Market Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 10:54:22 AM
Bid is building! It's about to take off!! Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 10:23:15 AM
If we were to see volume like DLPN Metal Arts Company 09/07/2021 10:09:59 AM
C'mon CLNV, pull your britches up! Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 09:45:42 AM
Yes, save 27% on taxes while the stock Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 07:52:23 AM
I hope so. I hear Sykes is pumping Clean Vision Corp. 09/07/2021 02:02:54 AM
If $10 dollars makes you hollar, MTRT is Metal Arts Company 09/06/2021 07:19:22 AM
Just getting started with that share structure. Not Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/05/2021 06:57:33 PM
CEO might have discovered that BABL had baggage Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/05/2021 05:15:29 PM
Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/05/2021 05:07:46 PM
Found this on Twitter but have not gone Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/05/2021 11:41:33 AM
How do you find the presentation? Does Edgemode Fourth Wave Energy Inc 09/05/2021 11:13:54 AM
Monday of last week, CLNV closed at .042 Clean Vision Corp. 09/05/2021 07:20:01 AM
Hey buddy, good to hear from you; hope $Pistol Pete$, $Mick$ & Friends Stock Picks /news, DD and charts 09/04/2021 01:58:05 AM
Moves so effortlessly when Dan let's off the Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 01:40:36 PM
Come on, let's get a .04 range close Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 01:29:50 PM
Thanks, Have a holiday weekend. Have a great Metal Arts Company 09/03/2021 01:27:36 PM
Dino, MTRT has already hit $5 today and Metal Arts Company 09/03/2021 01:18:36 PM
In @ 3.60 Metal Arts Company 09/03/2021 12:56:16 PM
15 Mil AS 13 Mil OS; let them Metal Arts Company 09/03/2021 12:55:44 PM
Conference Call News! Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 12:25:14 PM
For 19 million shares so far for the Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 10:59:30 AM
Either Frank or Dan is a liar imo! Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 10:27:57 AM
That's true Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 10:04:31 AM
Frank mentioned yesterday in a tweet a PR Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 09:14:56 AM
Does not look like we are getting our Clean Vision Corp. 09/03/2021 09:01:20 AM
Boos come from EVERY seat if people have Clean Vision Corp. 09/02/2021 08:59:17 PM