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NIIIICE BRO! I admit, I'm a little jelly Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 11:59:29 PM
Hmm, I wonder, why would a Whale buy ~ The Saloon ~ Crypto & Stocks ~ 12/25/2021 11:55:35 PM
No not really imho. It has a loyal ~ The Saloon ~ Crypto & Stocks ~ 12/25/2021 11:51:04 PM
Merry Christmas Salooners and xZx! ~ The Saloon ~ Crypto & Stocks ~ 12/25/2021 11:35:22 PM
Looking forward to buying a Tesla with ma Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 05:23:41 PM
Right? Like when peeps say, why can't we Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 04:05:50 PM
Merry Shibmas Bro! 2022 gonna be a hell Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 03:44:40 PM
It would be interesting to see Shib become Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 03:20:36 PM
2021 saw multiple records set here. Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 02:39:02 PM
Same bro. I still go to work everyday Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 01:27:13 PM
Imagine if there could be a burn mechanism Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 01:03:17 PM
Instead of burning coins, send it to Shannon Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 02:45:01 AM
If anyone is burning coins stop it right Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 02:22:03 AM
NICE! We're the 'beginning of a new era'. Polkadot 12/25/2021 02:08:23 AM
EXPLAIN... $1! WORLD MONEY! Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 01:41:27 AM
I will catch that bro TY. Have you Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 01:38:29 AM
SHIBARIUM COMING! 2022! Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 01:09:53 AM
Merry Shibmas Bro! Looking forward to becoming a Shiba Inu Token 12/25/2021 12:22:31 AM
8 days left! 2022 gonna be 1 hell Shiba Inu Token 12/24/2021 04:45:25 PM
In my heart of hearts, I know the Shiba Inu Token 12/24/2021 01:04:42 PM
Now we're talking. Remember, ethereum network needs the Shiba Inu Token 12/24/2021 02:56:37 AM
I love Gavins vision bro! We're so much Polkadot 12/24/2021 02:44:48 AM
In the winter, we can build a Shiba! Shiba Inu Token 12/24/2021 02:28:36 AM
Shiboli for dessert! Shiba Inu Token 12/24/2021 02:27:45 AM
That's a great question and I wish I Starlink 12/20/2021 02:51:18 AM
Not set in in stone yet but Moe Starlink 12/19/2021 04:53:19 PM
Good find! The signature petition to get Coinbase Floki Inu 12/19/2021 02:33:23 AM
Coinbase listing is coming! Starlink 12/19/2021 01:55:28 AM
Is everyone doing their part? Shib playlist and Shiba Inu Token 12/18/2021 01:33:16 PM
Very Nice! Happy house hunting! Remember to get Shiba Inu Token 12/18/2021 01:23:07 PM
BOOMBABY! Congratulations Gavin and the Polkadot team! Here's Polkadot 12/18/2021 09:42:30 AM
Burnin 'Shiba' for you' Blue Oyster Cult! Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 06:22:32 PM
Coinbase blog. It mentions different Metaverse projects and Starlink 12/17/2021 06:07:45 PM
Nice! TY! ~ The Saloon ~ Crypto & Stocks ~ 12/17/2021 06:05:24 PM
I just can't into this token. I dislike ~ The Saloon ~ Crypto & Stocks ~ 12/17/2021 06:04:28 PM
Nice! I like Vegas! Been a few times. Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 06:03:26 PM
Nice Bro! I moved here Centennial year. Was Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 02:40:19 PM
TRANSMUTE---'Don't listen to FUD'. Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 01:51:08 PM
We All Have It! Hahaha IM BURNING UP! Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 01:44:11 PM
Same Bro! A Shiba Meet and Greet at Shiba Inu Token 12/17/2021 01:42:51 PM