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Golden cross on the 3 month about to happen Surna Inc. 12/17/2020 09:16:50 PM
Great filing. $554k loan they received they don’t Surna Inc. 12/15/2020 05:38:29 PM
Screenshot all of the tweets Patient Access Solutions Inc. 12/15/2020 02:06:11 PM
We’re very close to a golden cross. The Surna Inc. 12/13/2020 01:13:31 PM
Great recovery today , stayed above 200ma, RSI Surna Inc. 12/10/2020 04:21:25 PM
From the 10Q: “Our next step down this technology Surna Inc. 12/08/2020 10:32:40 PM
Great close above 200 and above .045 Surna Inc. 12/04/2020 04:05:13 PM
Yeah RSI is moving quickly above 70, needs Surna Inc. 12/04/2020 02:29:38 PM
Cannabis bill just passed in the house, 228-164. Akerna Corp. 12/04/2020 01:27:21 PM
The house passed the MORE act 228-164. Probably expected Surna Inc. 12/04/2020 01:26:49 PM
A close above the 200ma will be big. Surna Inc. 12/04/2020 11:24:06 AM
That float is still pretty small Patient Access Solutions Inc. 12/03/2020 08:19:02 PM
What about then is mismanaged? Surna Inc. 11/13/2020 09:44:54 AM
Looks like 3.4mil will be recorded in the Surna Inc. 11/12/2020 09:55:02 AM
It’s a good day for cannabis Surna Inc. 11/04/2020 08:05:52 AM
More cheap shares for me then Surna Inc. 10/27/2020 03:17:13 PM
That fact that their market cap is at Surna Inc. 10/07/2020 01:30:42 PM
Could be someone shorting, but shorting at this Surna Inc. 10/07/2020 01:27:05 PM
Just got the dividend. To me this is Patient Access Solutions Inc. 09/25/2020 11:13:15 AM
Big ol bollinger band squeeze happening Surna Inc. 09/09/2020 01:38:55 PM
As they said in the report, demand for Surna Inc. 08/11/2020 10:37:32 AM
Well assuming the contract was with Cresco, which Surna Inc. 08/11/2020 10:31:38 AM
“During the month of July 2020, we entered Surna Inc. 08/11/2020 10:05:16 AM
You are correct. Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 11:42:37 AM
I do hope I’m wrong, however time and Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 11:37:16 AM
Tell me, bike. The OS was maxed well Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 11:35:12 AM
Sold at 11.60, watching for the pullback today Cleanspark Inc. 08/10/2020 11:17:14 AM
Don’t be upset that the reality is not Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 11:16:48 AM
They don’t have to say anything about it... Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 08:51:32 AM
There will definitely be a reverse split involved Patient Access Solutions Inc. 08/10/2020 08:36:21 AM
Old news. Increasing the A/S from 20mil to Cleanspark Inc. 08/08/2020 12:56:40 PM
I think the contract may be with Cresco Surna Inc. 08/07/2020 11:34:37 PM
Holding strong here. Minimal selling today after a Surna Inc. 08/07/2020 01:10:30 PM
I think this is further proof that Surna Surna Inc. 08/06/2020 09:54:53 AM Surna Inc. 08/06/2020 09:42:54 AM
What is happening on this board.. Surna Inc. 08/03/2020 10:38:03 PM
Probably why they’ve been so quiet. Just focused Surna Inc. 07/29/2020 06:27:51 PM
Someone just bought 2 million shares AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. 07/24/2020 03:41:13 PM
Good consolidation happening today Cleanspark Inc. 07/24/2020 02:53:08 PM
Next resistance at 5.36. Getting real close to Cleanspark Inc. 07/22/2020 12:26:10 PM