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Go to their website under investor relations, and Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 11:18:31 AM
Not sure, I imagine you can email Surna Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 11:17:38 AM
I say we test Surna and vote no Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 10:05:26 AM
We have to all vote no on proposal 9 Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 09:58:43 AM
That’s a good point, but if it’s not Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 09:26:54 AM
I think they want to uplist in order Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 08:43:58 AM
I read the proxy a couple times to Surna Inc. 03/25/2021 12:16:38 AM
2020 reported backlog does not include the recent Surna Inc. 03/24/2021 07:53:58 AM
Ended 2020 with $2.285mil in cash, an increase Surna Inc. 03/24/2021 07:45:52 AM
Q4 earnings out $3.39mil revenue, $64k profit Surna Inc. 03/24/2021 07:38:05 AM
Potential reverse head and shoulders here? Lots of Surna Inc. 03/19/2021 06:52:50 PM
It’s clear this is a market based correction, Surna Inc. 03/17/2021 03:43:49 PM
Remember what Tony has said numerous times. Surna’s vision Surna Inc. 03/16/2021 12:21:47 PM
I was thinking that as well. Outdoor grows Surna Inc. 03/16/2021 12:20:17 PM
Close at HOD. Love to see it. Lots Surna Inc. 03/15/2021 04:04:29 PM
You’re making baseless claims and are speculating on Surna Inc. 03/15/2021 01:23:45 PM
Just bought 220k shares, someone else bought 500k. Something Surna Inc. 03/12/2021 01:22:20 PM
Watch level 2 today for a big 6 Surna Inc. 03/10/2021 08:35:56 AM
I mean, I flipped for some profit taking Surna Inc. 03/09/2021 12:09:49 PM
Q4 earnings should be at least $2.8mil, as Surna Inc. 03/03/2021 08:48:42 PM
Followed the sector, retested support at .08 and Surna Inc. 03/03/2021 02:01:12 PM
Whoever put up that wall is definitely trying Surna Inc. 03/01/2021 11:32:32 AM
Anything under .10 for me. Surna Inc. 02/25/2021 03:57:03 PM
Over $3.5mil in rev Surna Inc. 02/24/2021 10:54:00 AM
SRNA to the moon! Surna Inc. 02/24/2021 08:11:20 AM
Can you post the link? Upvote to the moon Surna Inc. 02/23/2021 03:20:00 PM
Don’t have enough Karma, if anyone on here Surna Inc. 02/23/2021 11:23:16 AM
My DD, spread the word: Surna Inc. 02/22/2021 11:28:32 PM
I’m buying 200,000 shares tomorrow. Watch for it. Surna Inc. 02/22/2021 05:11:22 PM
Quarter projection at least 3mil in rev, as Surna Inc. 02/18/2021 01:48:10 PM
Looks like handle completion today. Surna Inc. 02/18/2021 01:46:57 PM
55% short. Squeeze em!!! Meta Materials Inc 02/17/2021 08:33:11 AM
Chart looks primed: Surna Inc. 02/16/2021 08:06:39 PM
Handle looking real good, Bollinger band squeeze, holding Surna Inc. 02/16/2021 06:28:13 PM
Should be this week. 45 days to file Surna Inc. 02/16/2021 08:22:02 AM
A company that is growing rapidly requires cash Surna Inc. 02/13/2021 02:48:34 PM
The reason this loan isn’t a big deal Surna Inc. 02/13/2021 02:41:29 PM
8K filed after hours. Looks like they just Surna Inc. 02/12/2021 07:17:04 PM
To the moon! This is just the beginning. Meta Materials Inc 02/10/2021 12:21:31 PM
You do realize this administration is putting us Surna Inc. 02/09/2021 09:00:50 PM