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No stop losses here...just diamond hands and buying Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 03/05/2021 02:13:45 PM
The others were because of non-disclosure agreements. This Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 03/05/2021 08:54:57 AM
solid...a PR with an actual company listed in it. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 03/05/2021 08:40:10 AM
Unfortunately this type of news only goes so Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 03/01/2021 09:47:57 AM
Yup, here’s another picture from his Twitter account. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 02/12/2021 06:09:40 PM
Chart is looking good! It’s setting up for Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 02/12/2021 01:02:05 PM
Look at the chart, this is normal after Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. 02/12/2021 12:57:14 PM
Agree, typically there is at least some info Wellstar International 02/10/2021 03:43:36 PM
9’s are up Wellstar International 02/10/2021 01:36:31 PM
Crazy...wonder if 8’s will hit today Wellstar International 02/10/2021 12:47:06 PM
Crazy 6's are hitting already Wellstar International 02/10/2021 10:33:51 AM
.0004’s hit Wellstar International 02/09/2021 10:36:09 AM
Cya Minerco Inc. 02/03/2015 01:08:48 PM
They need an organic line... Minerco Inc. 02/03/2015 11:23:04 AM
Yes they did when they announced all bad Minerco Inc. 02/03/2015 08:12:08 AM
Gristedes is know for being pricey. Shouldn't be Minerco Inc. 01/30/2015 01:28:24 PM
I agree and there are no other pictures Minerco Inc. 01/30/2015 01:01:20 PM
With the deal with Gristedes market that puts Minerco Inc. 01/30/2015 12:51:05 PM
Ordered a case with my PRIME membership...just in Minerco Inc. 10/15/2014 01:44:41 PM
This is the way PRIME works: Minerco Inc. 10/15/2014 01:37:17 PM
Hmmm...I can see it now VitaminFizz being offered Minerco Inc. 10/14/2014 03:39:26 PM
They need to get in the commissary...that is Minerco Inc. 10/14/2014 01:24:08 PM
Here is a REALLY long article/review on Amazon Minerco Inc. 10/14/2014 11:09:37 AM
This makes sense considering I have been arguing Minerco Inc. 10/14/2014 10:43:36 AM
Maybe he will taste it then go buy Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 04:11:45 PM
I am afraid so. That is how they Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 03:56:39 PM
First let me say I want PRIME dearly. Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 01:50:39 PM
If you are talking price per case it Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 10:38:51 AM
The elephant in the room is who is Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 07:40:29 AM
And my etrade account is cash. Your statement Minerco Inc. 10/10/2014 07:21:51 AM
Only applies if you are using a margin Minerco Inc. 10/09/2014 04:33:57 PM
There are plenty of people that own shares Minerco Inc. 10/09/2014 04:25:15 PM
TA doesn't know the float and if they Minerco Inc. 10/09/2014 04:23:29 PM
Principle is why...I can buy 1343 shares for Minerco Inc. 10/07/2014 04:06:14 PM
Ditto...I haven't bought any yet because paying $9 Minerco Inc. 10/07/2014 02:38:43 PM
There is truth to that statement. $MINE Minerco Inc. 10/06/2014 03:17:54 PM
This is what I am talking about...I can Minerco Inc. 10/06/2014 10:22:12 AM
Exactly and anyone that questions otherwise needs to Minerco Inc. 10/01/2014 08:24:16 AM
I sent them an email to see what Minerco Inc. 10/01/2014 08:20:37 AM
Exactly and it isn't just the budget. Everyone Minerco Inc. 10/01/2014 08:18:06 AM