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I hope that building up of Marketeers/distributors/sellers does Else Nutrition 10/12/2021 11:06:30 AM
"What I post is always up for debate" Ethema Health Corp. 10/12/2021 09:23:21 AM
Considering what we went thru over the last Ethema Health Corp. 10/11/2021 11:36:24 AM
In anada it's called 'YUM' Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/10/2021 02:52:48 PM
Real issue but at least he did recently Ethema Health Corp. 10/08/2021 01:59:42 PM
I also bought my first shares at $0,38 Else Nutrition 10/08/2021 01:55:16 PM
Anyone can tell me where to find financials Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/08/2021 11:41:57 AM
With all due respect, number of O/S and/or Ethema Health Corp. 10/08/2021 11:27:40 AM
The company works a lot at setting up Else Nutrition 10/08/2021 09:32:26 AM
1000% + ??? I suggest you manage your Ethema Health Corp. 10/08/2021 09:21:51 AM
Else Nutrition Receives Key U.S. Patent Notice of Else Nutrition 10/08/2021 09:16:20 AM
Nice recap Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/07/2021 04:37:23 PM
I will make a deal for 'quasi-startup' or Ethema Health Corp. 10/07/2021 04:35:37 PM
I for one plan to just sit on Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/07/2021 11:06:57 AM
At current PPS, even if there was 4 Ethema Health Corp. 10/07/2021 11:05:20 AM
The guy is a frustrated JA who probably Ethema Health Corp. 10/07/2021 09:03:38 AM
I personally move a very important part of Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/04/2021 10:18:33 AM
By the way (to follow on you hypothesis) Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/04/2021 10:11:52 AM
Right, looking 1 year down the road is Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/04/2021 10:02:10 AM
If next financials (October) show a progress in Ethema Health Corp. 10/04/2021 09:51:43 AM
The discussion should not be around PPS out Ethema Health Corp. 10/04/2021 09:43:36 AM
OUPS wrong board Else Nutrition 10/04/2021 09:35:06 AM
Else Products to Launch on Kroger Ship, Enabling Else Nutrition 10/04/2021 09:07:22 AM
Personally I believe market cap ($20M) to be Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/01/2021 02:58:38 PM
I probably am the one herein having been Ethema Health Corp. 10/01/2021 02:53:12 PM
To all you efforts to disparage this, 2 Ethema Health Corp. 10/01/2021 10:02:06 AM
1 year ago the revenue of Else Nutrition Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 10/01/2021 09:22:29 AM
Personally I think $2.50 (market cap of $250m) Else Nutrition 10/01/2021 09:07:56 AM
Even if it's not my type,this week selling Ethema Health Corp. 09/30/2021 09:11:01 PM
Maybe you did not yet noticed but this Ethema Health Corp. 09/30/2021 09:02:47 PM
GRST is currently an almost undefined startup, developping Ethema Health Corp. 09/30/2021 08:59:56 PM
Let's realise that one month ago the pps Else Nutrition 09/30/2021 08:33:03 PM
FWIW ... According to morningstar (this morning) YUM Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 09/30/2021 09:30:39 AM
Good luck (LOL) Else Nutrition 09/30/2021 08:40:45 AM
I do not get angry, just borred to Ethema Health Corp. 09/30/2021 08:33:57 AM
One of these days SEC will have to Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 09/29/2021 03:46:47 PM
No competition but I must say that after Else Nutrition 09/29/2021 03:40:37 PM
I understand but by then, one will definitely Else Nutrition 09/29/2021 09:21:24 AM
Gee thanks. What an incredible news. I'm selling Ethema Health Corp. 09/29/2021 09:14:29 AM
Not necessarely the explanation but markets were pretty Ethema Health Corp. 09/28/2021 04:44:04 PM