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April 15th Veltex 04/24/2003 02:29:07 PM
Of 3 thing one: Veltex 04/21/2003 04:48:00 PM
First a disclaimer: "Ì have no idea what Veltex 04/21/2003 03:24:57 PM
With these guys, I would not be that Veltex 04/21/2003 09:26:02 AM
Can you beleive these guys?????????????? Veltex 04/21/2003 09:09:07 AM
I read your note after I wrote my Veltex 04/17/2003 04:01:41 PM
Let's see what you get. Veltex 04/17/2003 03:37:06 PM
DO NOT TAKE ME WRONG... I DO NOT Veltex 04/17/2003 02:11:43 PM
Nice to see the board getting alive once more. Veltex 04/17/2003 11:39:55 AM
Welcome. Personally I stayed away from the other insane Veltex 04/17/2003 11:37:45 AM
Thanks for your R&D profitting us all. Hope Veltex 04/16/2003 10:25:54 AM
I agree with most of what you said Veltex 04/16/2003 09:45:38 AM
Great, I hope you get that soon. Veltex 04/15/2003 04:04:49 PM
Sorry to get you mad but with that Veltex 04/15/2003 03:58:22 PM
If what we read this morning is what Veltex 04/15/2003 02:22:10 PM
Interesting Veltex 04/15/2003 09:14:13 AM
Anyone found a site for : Aaron Sherman Veltex 04/15/2003 08:59:04 AM
Veltex Corporation Publishes Audited Financials for 2001 & Veltex 04/15/2003 08:37:52 AM
Thanks. Looking forward to read it. Veltex 04/10/2003 04:57:55 PM
Having some time to spare (I still work Veltex 04/10/2003 02:54:58 PM
I do not see much action recently and Veltex 04/09/2003 11:30:13 AM
I just realised that if Veltex issues audited Veltex 04/02/2003 02:18:55 PM
This morning release shows that bitching hard enough Veltex 04/02/2003 10:12:11 AM
We are very justified in being unhappy and Veltex 04/01/2003 02:21:30 PM
Thanks for the info. Veltex 04/01/2003 02:14:26 PM
The last day of March is over with Veltex 03/31/2003 04:43:13 PM
Shootker, I took it as humoristic also. Veltex 03/28/2003 03:19:57 PM
Shrotker, If my heart was that fragile, I would Veltex 03/27/2003 12:54:07 PM
Why is it that I expected a delay?????? Veltex 03/26/2003 01:57:39 PM
Based on the volumes of the last few Veltex 03/18/2003 04:19:09 PM
To bad that this is the wrong forum Veltex 03/18/2003 10:40:03 AM
I still remain hopeful about Veltex even if Veltex 03/17/2003 04:59:12 PM
Quite difficult to beleive that within 10 working Veltex 03/17/2003 03:41:54 PM
Two weeks almost since I came in here. Veltex 03/13/2003 11:19:08 AM
My name being roger (note the small "r" Veltex 03/01/2003 03:49:06 PM
Quite an upbeat board this week Veltex 03/01/2003 12:28:35 PM
Initially Matin had committed to issue audited financials Veltex 02/21/2003 10:24:14 PM
Thanks for the reference. I hope he gets Veltex 02/17/2003 08:22:55 PM
Thanks for you patience and I do not Veltex 02/17/2003 08:19:54 PM
That (the Irak affair) is what filled my Veltex 02/17/2003 03:58:43 PM