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Donna Mohlman vs., Inc. (January, 2012)

Second Judicial Court, Leon County, FL
Case No. SC 2012-CA-0040
Eighth Judicial Justice Court, Clark County, NV
Case No. A593513 Dept II

Summary: Ms. Mohlman has issued multiple subpoenas seeking user information from iHub. In most instances iHub has denied production. In this matter, after iHub denied production on the subpoena, Ms. Mohlman filed suit seeking to compel iHub to produce private user account information in connection with a lawsuit she was litigating in Nevada. On March 12, 2012 after motion practice and a hearing, the Honorable Judge Terry P. Lewis denied Mohlman's motion, based on multiple deficiencies raised by iHub in its opposition. There were no further proceedings.

Outcome: Case Dismissed on July 18, 2013.

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