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GMCC GMC Holding Corporation 286 13 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GLXZ Galaxy Gaming, Inc. 238 1 year ago Gaming and Casinos
GLXY Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. 2 2 years ago Brokerages/Investment Banks
GLW Corning, Inc. 912 3 months ago Electronics and components
GLPI Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc 9 1 year ago Real Estate
GLOH Glow Holdings, Inc. 551 1 month ago Miscellaneous
GLNV Glenville Bank Holding Co., Inc. 3 7 years ago Banking and Finance
GLNG Golar LNG Ltd. 50 10 months ago Basic Materials
GLHD PSH Holding Group Inc. 6 3 months ago Food - Processing and Agriculture
GLDL GoldMining Inc. 339 9 months ago Mining/Resources
GLBXF GLOBEX MINING ENTERPRISES INC 44 1 week ago Mining/Resources
GLBH Globaltech Holdings, Inc. 3,304 9 months ago Miscellaneous
GLBC Global Crossing Ltd. 11 10 years ago Miscellaneous
GIVN Given Imaging Ltd. 279 6 years ago Medical - Equipment
GITH Global IT Holdings, Inc. 7,429 7 months ago Media - Conglomerates
Where the GITS are going (GIT) 142 18 years ago Coffee Shop
GHVI Gores Holdings VI Inc. 6 8 months ago SPAC/Blank Check Companies
GHNA GHN Agrispan Holding Co 5 10 years ago Food - Beverages
GHMG Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd. 14 7 years ago Foreign Stock Markets
GHIVW Gores Holdings IV Inc (Warrants) 1 Closed. Successor 10 months ago SPAC/Blank Check Companies
GGSM Gold and Gemstone Mining, Inc. 10,814 1 week ago Miscellaneous
GGAZF GOLDGROUP MNG INC 46 1 year ago Mining/Resources
GFMH Goliath Film & Media Holdings 16,880 2 months ago Brokerages/Investment Banks
GETH Green Envirotech Holdings Corp.. 16,008 1 month ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GERM ETFMG Treatments Testing and Advancements ETF 2 1 year ago ETFs
GENMF Generation Mining Ltd 1 Closed. Successor 1 year ago Mining/Resources
GENM Generation Mining Ltd. 14 7 months ago Mining/Resources
Undiscovered Gemz - Mid to Long Holds (GEMZ) 974 3 years ago User's Groups
GEMM Juina Mining Corporation 134 15 years ago Basic Materials
GELYY Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. 13 10 months ago Automotive and Transportation
GELYF Geely Automotive Holdings 946 7 months ago Automotive and Transportation
GEATF Radiko Holdings Corp. 161 9 months ago Cannabis
GDYN Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc 1 3 weeks ago Computers - Software
GDRX GoodRx Holdings Inc 38 1 year ago Medical - Drugs
GDQMF Goldquest Mining Corp. 8 1 year ago Mining/Resources
GDNSF Goodness Growth Holdings Inc 550 4 months ago Cannabis
GDNS Goodness Growth Holdings Inc 0 Closed. Successor 5 months ago Cannabis
GDMK Global Diversified Marketing Group Inc. 488 1 week ago Food - Beverages
Berlin Stock Exchange "Berlin Market's Conjuring A (GDAXI) 91 4 years ago Market Trends and Strategies
GCVRZ Sanofi - Contingent Value Rig 282 1 year ago Medical - Healthcare
GCRSF Global Cornerstone Holdings LTD 0 10 years ago Miscellaneous
GCPEF GCL Poly Energy Holdings Ltd 15 3 weeks ago Alternative Energy
GCHI Green Company Holdings Inc. 109 1 week ago Cannabis
GCHA Great China Mining 2 9 years ago Mining/Resources
GCEH Global Clean Energy Holdings Inc. 1,679 1 week ago Miscellaneous
GCAP Gain Capital Holdings, Inc. 100 1 year ago Banking and Finance
GC\Z19 iHub Mining Sector Entrance Lobby 3,551 4 months ago Mining/Resources
GBTS Gateway Financial Holdings Inc. 3 14 years ago Banking and Finance
GBPUSD Pound Sterling vs US Dollar 17 1 year ago Currency Pairs
GBHL Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. 25,541 1 day ago Cannabis
GBDX Global Diamond Exchange, Inc. 82,103 2 months ago Retail - Wholesale Distributors
GBCHF Metaverse Capital Corp (fka Global Blockchain Mini 279 3 weeks ago Cryptocurrency Industry
GATGF Gatling Exploration Inc. 30 3 weeks ago Mining/Resources
GASXF NG Energy International Corp. 90 1 year ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GAME Engine Media Holdings Inc. 519 1 day ago Gaming and Casinos
Climate Change/Catastrophism; Myth and Legend (GALAX) 5,513 1 year ago Other
GAHD Global Agricultural Holdings, Inc. 9 4 months ago Telecommunications Networks
GAHC Global Arena Holding, Inc. 31,107 1 day ago Banking and Finance
GAF SPDR® S&P® Emerging Middle East & Africa ETF 0 8 years ago ETFs
GAAY Triangle Broadcasting 42 15 years ago Media - Television Services
Gorilla & King Investing (G&K) 232 5 years ago Long-Term
FXLV F45 Training Holdings Inc 4 2 months ago Medical - Healthcare
FUTS Future Science Holdings Inc. 1,861 1 week ago Mining/Resources
FUST Fuse Group Holding Inc. 31 9 months ago Miscellaneous
The Closet (FUNG) 534 2 years ago Other
FUNDZ EMERGING MARKET FUNDS 126 8 years ago Foreign Stock Markets
FUJIY Fujifilm Holdings Corp 2 Closed. Successor 1 year ago Foreign Stock Markets
FUJIF FUJIFILM Holdings Corp. 28 9 months ago Miscellaneous
FTLUF Funtalk China Holdings Limited 1 11 years ago Telecommunications Hardware
FINANCIAL TSUNAMI IN THE MAKING (FTITM) 158 5 years ago User's Groups
FTHM Fathom Holdings Inc 1 1 month ago Real Estate
FSR Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings SA 8 1 year ago Insurance
FSFG First Savings Financial Group Inc 2 9 years ago Banking and Finance
FSAMX Fidelity Strategic Advisers Emerging Markets Fund 6 1 year ago Mutual Funds
FRTM Fortium Holdings Corp. 77 2 months ago Miscellaneous
FRSI FIRST RATE STAFFING CORP COM 30 5 years ago Miscellaneous
FRSH Papa Murphy's Holdings Inc 229 2 months ago Food - Beverages
FRMA Firma Holdings Corp. 1,757 1 week ago Mining/Resources
FRLN Freeline Therapeutics Holdings Plc 1 5 months ago Biotechs
FRHC Freedom Holding Corp. 7,813 4 days ago Banking and Finance
FPH Five Point Holdings, LLC 10 3 months ago Real Estate
FOXF Fox Factory Holding Corp. 3 1 year ago Automotive and Transportation
FORU ForU Holdings Inc. 244 7 months ago Medical - Healthcare
Stoning Board! Bets settled HERE! (FOOL) 32 14 years ago User's Groups
FOM Foran Mining Corp 1 10 months ago Mining/Resources
FOEAF Dolphin Drilling 1 2 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Regulation SHO Trading Strategies (FO SHO) 17 16 years ago User's Groups
FNMM Finmetal Mining 49 13 years ago Mining/Resources
FNJNW Finjan Holdings Wts 50 7 years ago Food - Processing and Agriculture
FNJN Finjan Holdings, Inc. 18,730 2 months ago Computers - Software
FNHC Federated National Holding Company 6 4 days ago Insurance
FNGZ MicroSectors FANG -2X Invrs Lvrgd ETN 2 9 months ago ETFs
FNGWF 5GN Networks 6 7 months ago Telecommunications Networks
FNGU MicroSectors FANG Index 30 5 months ago ETFs
FNGR Finger Motion Inc 1,322 1 month ago Computers - Software
FNGN Financial Engines Inc 4 8 years ago Brokerages/Investment Banks
FNGL Four Nines Gold Inc 170 13 years ago Miscellaneous
FNGD MicroSectors FANG Index 3X Inverse Leveraged 77 2 weeks ago ETFs
FNGC Falcon Natural Gas 231 11 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
FMU Focus Morningstar US Market 0 9 years ago ETFs
FMSA Fmsa Holdings Inc. 58 3 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
FMNPQ Fremont General Financing 9% TOPrS 122 11 years ago Banking and Finance
FMNJ Franklin Mining, Inc. 41,934 1 week ago Basic Materials
FMGH Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc. 9 1 year ago Internet - Online Services
FMCN Focus Media Holding Ltd. 123 8 years ago Media - Television Services
FMBL Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach (CA) 52 2 years ago Banking and Finance
FLY FLY Leasing Limited 13 1 year ago Automotive and Transportation
FLUX Flux Power Holdings Inc. 521 1 month ago Miscellaneous
FLOOF Flower One Holdings Inc 257 1 month ago Cannabis
FLIC The First of Long Island Corporation 3 9 years ago Banking and Finance
FLDCUSD Folding Coin 0 3 years ago Coins
fkaLMC Lundin Mining Company 167 10 years ago Basic Materials
fka MEDH Medquist Holdings Inc 3 2 years ago Delisted
Everyday Stock (Re)Investing (fka DRIP) 90 5 years ago Long-Term
FJHL Fovea Jewelry Holdings Ltd. 785 2 weeks ago Miscellaneous
Red Fishing (FISH) 7 19 years ago Hobbies
FIH.U.TO Fairfax India Holdings 0 5 years ago Banking and Finance
FHLD Freedom Holding Inc. 26,232 1 month ago Miscellaneous
FHHI FASHION HOUSE HOLDINGS INC 6 9 years ago Retail - Chains
FHAI Fountain Healthy Aging Inc. 3,177 1 week ago Biotechs
FGC NextEra Energy Capitol Holdings Inc 0 10 years ago Alternative Energy
FG FGL Holdings 0 1 year ago Insurance
FFPM FFP Marketing Company Inc. 43 1 year ago Miscellaneous
FFMGF First Mining Gold Corp. 16,388 4 days ago Mining/Resources
FFLWF Fire & Flower Holdings 4 Closed. Successor 2 years ago Cannabis
FFIC Flushing Financial Corporation 3 5 years ago Banking and Finance
FFH Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 5 9 years ago Insurance
FFCH First Financial Holdings, Inc. 2 9 years ago Banking and Finance
FENG Phoenix New Media Ltd 52 5 months ago Internet - Information/Portals
FDOC Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc. 76 1 week ago Miscellaneous
FDHC Fidelity Holding Corp. 2,483 3 years ago Food - Beverages
fdg Fording Canadian Coal Trust 9 14 years ago Basic Materials
FDBH Founders Bay Holdings 560 8 months ago Electronics and components
FCRS Four Crystal Funding Inc. 200 11 years ago Alternative Energy
FCN FTI Consulting, Inc. 6 4 years ago Miscellaneous
The Penny King's Free and Clear M&A Fund (FCMAF) 450 5 years ago Long-Term
FCH FelCor Lodging Trust Inc 13 6 years ago Real Estate
FCAH First Canadian American Holding Corp 21 16 years ago Miscellaneous
FBR Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc. 44 5 years ago Banking and Finance
FBOD First Bank of Delaware (Wilmington) 2 9 years ago Banking and Finance
FBM Foundation Building Materials Inc NYSE 42 3 years ago Basic Materials
FBIG FBIG - 1 19 years ago Gaming and Casinos
fbgo FIRSTBINGO.COM 2 16 years ago Gaming and Casinos
FBCD FBC Holding Inc. 74,280 7 hours ago Retail - Wholesale Distributors
FAPLF Flying A Petroleum 32 3 years ago Delisted
FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. 179 3 weeks ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
F000000S6A ING Direct Streetwise Balanced 0 10 years ago Mutual Funds
EZIDF Ezion Holdings Group 1 2 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
EZFL EzFill Holdings Inc 4 1 month ago Internet - E-Commerce
EXPI EXP World Holdings Inc. 215 3 months ago Real Estate
EXPH Expo Holdings Inc. 103,335 7 months ago Retail - Wholesale Distributors
EXORF Exor S.p.A. Investment Conglomorate 16 7 years ago Banking and Finance
EXNUSD ExchangeN 0 3 years ago Coins
EXMT Anything Technologies Media Inc. 40,617 1 day ago Cannabis
EXMGF Excelsior Mining Corp. 3,210 1 hour ago Mining/Resources
EXLS ExlService Holdings, Inc. 3 9 years ago Miscellaneous
EXHI Exlites Holdings International Inc 1,303 4 days ago Miscellaneous
EXH Exterran Holdings 3 8 years ago Alternative Energy
EXG EATON VANCE TAX-MNGD GBL DIV EQ INC 4 2 years ago Banking and Finance
EXPORTING AMERICA (EXAM) 13 5 years ago User's Groups
EWU EWU United Kingdom iShares 1 8 years ago ETFs
EWS EWS Singapore iShares 11 7 years ago ETFs
EWPI Emerging World Pharma, Inc. 2,375 1 year ago Internet - Online Services
EWMH Eworldmedia Holdings/Ron Touchard 8 8 years ago Computers - Software
EWH EWH Hong Kong iShares 12 13 years ago ETFs
EVUS EV Charging USA Inc. 1,843 2 weeks ago Basic Materials
EVRRF Molecule Holdings Inc. 6 1 year ago Miscellaneous
EVRI EVERI HOLDINGS INC. 292 10 months ago Banking and Finance
EVOL Evolving Systems Inc 999 1 week ago Computers - Software
EVHC Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc. 23 3 years ago Medical - Healthcare
EVGEF Evergreen Gaming Corp. 27 1 year ago Gaming and Casinos
EVGDF Elevation Gold Mining Corp. 44 2 weeks ago Mining/Resources
EVCI EVCI Career Colleges Holding Corp. 104 2 weeks ago Miscellaneous
EUMNF Euro Manganese Inc. 4 8 months ago Mining/Resources
EUM ProShares Short MSCI Emerging Mark (ETF) 6 9 years ago ETFs
ETTX Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc 19 1 month ago Medical - Healthcare
ETIHY Earthasia International Holdings Ltd 1 9 months ago Mining/Resources
A.I.M. For Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) 1,177 5 years ago A.I.M.
ESYY Royal Spring Water 41 10 years ago Food - Beverages
ESP Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp. 3 9 years ago Electronics and components
ESKYF Eskay Mining Corp 4 2 weeks ago Mining/Resources
ESHY ESYS Holdings Inc. 20 7 years ago Banking and Finance
ESBK Elmira Savings Bank 2 1 month ago Banking and Finance
ERUC ER Urgent Care Holdings Inc 6,572 3 weeks ago Medical - Healthcare
ERPNF Tesla Deal Coming 40 1 week ago Mining/Resources
ERHYF Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL 1 13 years ago Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
EQTD Equal Trading 214 2 months ago Banking and Finance
EQBM Mensa Mining Corp. 38,584 2 months ago Miscellaneous
EPTI Environmental Packaging Technologies Hldgs Inc. 526 7 months ago Miscellaneous
Emerging Penny Stocks (EPS) 607 1 week ago Penny Fundamentals
EPI WisdomTree India Earnings 13 3 years ago ETFs
EPHC Epoch Holding Corp 2 9 years ago Brokerages/Investment Banks
EPGG Empire Global Gaming Inc. 704 1 week ago Miscellaneous
EONGY E. ON SE 7 3 years ago Miscellaneous
ENZH ENZYMES OF AMERICA HOLDING CORP 1,436 9 months ago Biotechs
ENR Energizer Holdings, Inc. 60 3 months ago Basic Materials
ENPC Executive Network Partnering Corp 1 Closed. 1 year ago Miscellaneous
Enliven Marekting Tech Corp (ENLV) 78 7 months ago Industry Specific
ENHD Energroup Holdings Corp 1,337 1 year ago Food - Processing and Agriculture
ENH Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. 3 9 years ago Insurance

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