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This is where folks come to swap stories, real or flat out lies about those things in life which make us happy.
Some might call it a Liar's Bench, but we should pride ourselves as being above lying and eloquently share our fun, bizarre, wild, wierd tales that defy logic.

Here's a subject list for starters:
Hunting, Fishing, Farting, Telling Crass Jokes, Turning wrenches on your truck or hotrod,
Building anything that you can drive, ride, sit in, shoot, or annoy the jerk next door, like adding so much power that your drivelines exploded.
Yours or a friend's worst drunk, wreck, accident or time you or someone you know made a complete fool of themselves... Sports bloopers you saw or were a part of.

NO Namby Pamby touchie feel crap is allowed!
No talking about computers or cell phones unless there was a pool of blood and you had to Rambo stitch yourself up..
No talking about changing diapers unless you left the diaper on the exhaust manifold of your neighbor's car who's always calling the cops.

Basic Rules for posting.
We're rated R, therefore ...No pornography... Unacceptable Profanity: the C-words.
ALL pic links posted MUST apply to the story at hand or the Pic be worth 1000 words.

[b]Absolutely NO talking about stocks in any part of any post.[/b]

Acceptable Profanity: Ass, Shit, Damn, Friggin, Bitch, Bastard, etc... Some abbreviations: SOB, POS, WTF, RTFLMAO etc... Farscape & Battlestar Galactica profanity allowed.
Use common sense and the same goes for jokes told.
I hate having to remove a great post because it goes too far. It's ok to make a preacher blush, but not faint.

We are not here to compete with the Guy's Room or any other board.
This is like when men are out on a hunting or fishing trip, sitting around a fire and the story swapping gets competitive and you sometimes hear things so outrageous you fall over laughing or you go home and buy that new programmer for your truck so it too will have MORE POWER.

I'm open to suggestions for IBox graphics...PM me the links when you have a good one...We're a work in progress.....Have fun!

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