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Top Gun Trading is an investment strategy developed by two individuals (Mav & Goose) who work together strategizing stock selection, entry & exit points, based purely upon technical analysis, volume & Level II support/resistance levels. These are generally short-term play's seeking a quick 10% - 30% gain, before moving on to our next play. Selection is based upon stocks, generally on the OTC/OTC BB markets, which are downtrending. We look at PR's only to determine if that's whats caused a recent rise or fall. We perform very little Due Dilligence on the actual companies and do not look or hope for future events to change a stocks direction. We utilize several indicators to trigger our alerts and initiate coverage on a declining stock, but inevitably 80% bounce within a short period of time. Of course we have our losses too and wear them proudly, as a reminder that we're only human and keep us from becoming over-confident. Although the majority of our play's are in the OTC BB sector, these same strategies can be applied to any NASDAQ/AMEX or NYSE play also, providing they meet our stringent criteria. In closing, this is a technical based approach to trading and goes against many so-called expert's opinions. However, it is intended to remove any emotional involvement from our Buy & Sell decisions. To many novice and inexperienced investors fall prey to the abundant rumor mills prevelant at most investing forums. We know, we have been there, which is the very reason we created the Top Gun Trading strategy. We are both highly ethical and honest traders, who only want to see the Blue Collar investor succeed, trying to turn his losses into gains!!!


Disclaimer: Top Gun Trading announcements are NOT intended as Buy or Sell recommendations for any mentioned security and will hold no responsibility for any individual losses incurred. We strongly recommend individual investors perform his/her own Due Dilligence before investing in any Top Gun play. Top Gun plays are posted purely for educational purposes, to assist our readers in better assessing/understanding Top Gun Tradings techniques.  Goose Sends!

For details about Real-Time Calls, please PM TheRealTitan or any of the board Mods, or email

Thank You!




Top Gun Trading Radio   (presented by blogtalkradio)

We're expanding! Top Gun Trading is proud to present our weekly stock discussion show.
Bring your picks and let's discuss them. It's  the "Blue Collar Trading Tour".  We're here to
educate and take the fear out of trading stocks. Topics  to include "stock dilution"
and "technical analysis" along with my commentary of chart setups of your particular picks.


Available Shows

Orange, Mav & Titan Mix it Up -

OrangeQuant Intro -

Stock Trading -

January 25th Show -

  February 1, 2009 TGT Radio Show:

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PAID Investmant professionals slowshoes 04/09/2010 11:15:43 AM
#15697 Were POPN to .0019.....come on baby give us .002 slowshoes 06/14/2010 11:15:08 AM
#15696 WoooHooo...POPN is forrest run....LOL slowshoes 06/14/2010 10:25:28 AM
#15695 Hey Titan! it's been awhile-- what do you stocksurgeon 06/12/2010 12:51:34 PM
#15694 Hey All..Anyone know of a good pink sheet drugtester 06/12/2010 11:31:35 AM
#15693 I have a list that won't fit on BooDog 06/11/2010 02:13:34 PM
#15689's free.... slowshoes 06/11/2010 01:23:15 PM
#15688 nothing is free. BooDog 06/11/2010 01:12:37 PM
#15687 well...well...well....things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm slowshoes 06/11/2010 01:09:14 PM
#15681 i deleted that puppy off my list. Hell, BooDog 06/11/2010 12:17:13 PM
#15680 that's a shame had a nice looking slowshoes 06/11/2010 12:05:05 PM
#15679 That JBIIE is on some shaky ground, hope The Real Titan 06/11/2010 11:54:46 AM
#15678 EVXA....Congrats right back at ya Titan...."+) drugtester 06/11/2010 11:44:35 AM
#15677 EATR's doing well also, just waiting to see The Real Titan 06/11/2010 11:19:23 AM
#15676 EVXA gone wild. nice going. BooDog 06/11/2010 11:08:38 AM
#15675 Congrats you guys, it's been a solid play The Real Titan 06/11/2010 11:03:45 AM
#15674 Congrats!...My goal for today is to get my drugtester 06/11/2010 11:03:22 AM
#15673 Nice...I sold half at .004 so I'm riding slowshoes 06/11/2010 10:50:39 AM
#15672 yep shoes...I have sold 10% so far. Last drugtester 06/11/2010 10:49:11 AM
#15671 Making a nice move this morning.....I hope it slowshoes 06/11/2010 10:12:35 AM
#15669 EVXA...0055 and climbing! I forgot about my first drugtester 06/11/2010 09:56:49 AM
#15668 MFLI--.0145, was at .047 in Feb. of 2010. growthstocks 06/11/2010 02:56:37 AM
#15667 Sold half so pretty much riding free shares.....feels slowshoes 06/10/2010 01:43:57 PM
#15666 NICE GOIN SLOWSHOES!! BooDog 06/10/2010 01:39:44 PM
#15665 Not to bad.....I learned the last time this slowshoes 06/10/2010 01:02:16 PM
#15664 Luke use the Bet you were The Real Titan 06/10/2010 12:53:28 PM
#15663 back to .0035....come on now.....up, up and a slowshoes 06/10/2010 12:47:22 PM
#15662 EVXA .0039 WHOOO WHOOO The Real Titan 06/10/2010 12:40:21 PM
#15661 ohhhhh, i went to the web site for BooDog 06/10/2010 12:37:24 PM
#15660 Maybe it's just a new Quality Stocks flunky, The Real Titan 06/10/2010 12:25:45 PM
#15659 LOL...never been one to beat around the bush, The Real Titan 06/10/2010 12:24:18 PM
#15658 just took a look at quality stocks and BooDog 06/10/2010 12:16:33 PM
#15657 Don't beat around the bush there Tiatn...say what slowshoes 06/10/2010 12:11:25 PM
#15656 Oh trust me, these aren't really investors from The Real Titan 06/10/2010 12:04:59 PM
#15655 CAS is UP 8% and trending ... vilhiem 06/10/2010 12:02:28 PM
#15654 no interest there for me, but i do BooDog 06/10/2010 12:00:20 PM
#15653 I don't even know why people pay for The Real Titan 06/10/2010 11:57:45 AM
#15652 They are hollow candles, there simply isn't any The Real Titan 06/10/2010 11:52:32 AM
#15651 just show me the moon!! :-) lol BooDog 06/10/2010 11:44:53 AM
#15650 couple nice candles, but that resistance looks brutal BooDog 06/10/2010 11:43:29 AM
#15649 Been watching that one off and on...nice bounce slowshoes 06/10/2010 11:40:28 AM
#15648 STEM .9389 BooDog 06/10/2010 11:37:00 AM
#15647 Doesn't look like this ETNL Pump & Dump The Real Titan 06/10/2010 11:14:19 AM
#15646 Hey that works for da moon...LOL slowshoes 06/10/2010 10:30:36 AM
#15645 Agree my friend. I was hoping for a drugtester 06/10/2010 10:12:48 AM
#15644 Lets just keep EVXA moving up now..... slowshoes 06/10/2010 10:10:47 AM
#15643 Roflmao... Looks like ETNL has yet another Promotional The Real Titan 06/10/2010 09:52:15 AM
#15642 BGP ( Borders Group) is setting up a slowshoes 06/10/2010 07:29:16 AM
#15641 as i mentioned before, watch the dilution... BooDog 06/09/2010 03:23:19 PM
#15640 Nice pincher Boo....thanks....on the list... slowshoes 06/09/2010 02:45:18 PM
#15639 FBP 1.02 -0.12 -10.53 2,804,361 1.01 1.02 BooDog 06/09/2010 02:29:00 PM
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