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Elephant Talk Communications Corp. provides mobile proprietary Software Defined Network Architecture (ET Software DNA® 2.0) platforms for its growing base of strategic partners and clients, which includes some of today's world-leading MNOs and technology companies, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Zain, HP and Affirmed Networks.

Targeting its share of the broader $1.4+ trillion telecommunications market, Elephant Talk empowers MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs with a full suite of applications, reliable industry expertise, and high quality customer service. Understanding that partnership is crucial in enabling and delivering the highest level of quality of product capability and professionalism, Elephant Talk also closely collaborates with other expert organizations and leading service providers.

ValidSoft UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Elephant Talk uses personal authentication and device assurance to secure transactions and help customers reduce fraud losses. As part of its multi-factor authentication, ValidSoft integrates its leading Voice Biometric engine into multivendor solutions or as a standalone system. ValidSoft serves multiple clients in the financial government and business automation sectors and is the only company to have been granted four European Privacy Seals, reflecting its commitment to promoting strong data privacy.

Elephant Talk has implemented rigid structures and processes to ensure corporate integrity and the responsible oversight of all business activities. This vision starts with executive management and extends to every employee. Elephant Talk is guided by a visionary leadership team with a rich history of success in key markets pertinent to both the company's current and desired market positions. In order to achieve and maintain world-class system performance, Elephant Talk leverages this management team along with collaborations with the world's best technical partners.


Investment Highlights

  • Innovative Business Approach with State-of-the-Art Solutions and Platform
    Active in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia
    World Class Mobile Cloud Management and Security Delivery Platform
    Positioned for Recurring Revenue Growth Driven by Contracts with Industry Leaders
    ValidSoft Subsidiary Continues to Advance Extensive IP and Patent Portfolios
    Strong Client/Partner Bases For Outsourcing Services Complemented By Powerful Pipeline Of Mobile Platform Outsourcing Opportunities



The Need

Current market conditions create need for innovative, state-of-the-art solutions

For many MNOs and MVNOs, voice, messaging and Internet access revenues are already – or close to – terminal decline. While legacy systems lag behind the trail of development, profit generation is dramatically slowing down since SDN and NFV systems solutions are not yet complete.

These market conditions result in high cost for legacy network and systems and contribute to the core issues shaping the MVNO market:

  • MVNOs need to find the way to differentiate with other aspects than only pricing.
    They have to stay competitive and no to get squeezed between wholesale and retail pricing.

Based on the growing collaboration between MVNOs and MNOs, the MVNO market has to deal with the same issues as the current MNO market.

Elephant Talk is a game changer.

To stay ahead of the game, MVNOs and MNOs must make significant, strategic changes, and this is where Elephant Talk comes in to play with:

  • Full SDN and NFV system initiated 12 years ago.
    Expert knowledge on APIs and API integrated systems.
    Innovative full solution and extensive product Catalog for the MVNOs.
    Simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and stability.



The Solution

As the creator of sustainable MVNO business and win-win propositions, Elephant Talk emerges as game-changing leader

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Elephant Talk's primary offering is a full suite of secure cloud-based mobile communications software that enable companies to create value and drive revenue through mobile telecoms services and go to market rapidly at low cost.

The company's solutions are ideal for MNOs who need a flexible and scalable architecture to provide services to their MVNO customers, as well as for full MVNOs. In certain markets (e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium), Elephant Talk also provides services directly to MVNOs or companies planning to become MVNOs using its existing MVNE platform.

Together, these solutions make mobile networks cheaper to operate, faster to deploy, easier to manage, more reliable and more secure. Elephant Talk provides global MNOs and MVNOs better network capability through its integrated mobile platform. Mobile solutions enable non-telecoms companies to offer mobile services and enable fixed line operators to become an MVNO swiftly and without investments in infrastructure.

Elephant Talk's all-in-one IP based solution conducts every function of a standard mobile network. As the network is software from end to end, hardware and maintenance are much lower than traditional solutions while deployment is rapid.

Solution includes (among other functions):

  • Core Network (connected to MNO's RAN)
    Retail and wholesale billing
    Payment and wallets
    Revenue assurance
    Control and reporting

Value added services include:

  • Premium messaging
    Small cells and WI-FI offload solutions
    Voice/SMS/Data VPN for corporates



ValidSoft Subsidiary

Providing the next generation of mobile services

ValidSoft uses personal authentication and device assurance to enable secure transactions, helping its customers reduce fraud losses and improve overall experience. As part of its multi-factor authentication, ValidSoft integrates its leading Voice Biometric engine into multivendor solutions or as a standalone system. ValidSoft serves multiple clients in the financial government and business automation sectors and is the only company to have been granted four European Privacy Seals, reflecting its commitment to promoting strong data privacy.

Security and Fraud Detection & Prevention

The strategic cooperation combines ValidSoft's best in class proprietary software with Elephant Talk's telecommunication platform to create the market's best electronic fraud prevention total solution. Elephant Talk can service the needs of ValidSoft's requirements to deliver its leading solutions while also providing a platform to enable ValidSoft to process up to 400,000 transactions per second, to "carrier grade" level (i.e. industry standards in telecommunications).

Elephant Talk's MVNE/MVNO software provides ValidSoft the opportunity to service the security layer needs of this capability. While the synergies between a telecommunications security solutions provider and an innovative telecommunications company may seem obvious, Elephant Talk's growing intellectual property capability bears testament to this integral dynamic. As the convergence toward the smart phone crystallizes, the need for the security is paramount, and telecommunications is at the core of the capability. Together, ValidSoft and Elephant Talk innovate, leveraging each other's core capabilities and strengths, to be the global leaders in managing and securing the mobile cloud.

ValidSoft offers a real-time, risk-based, Out-of-Band Multi-factor Authentication and Transaction Verification platform, designed to prevent fraud across a variety of transaction types and channels including: Card Present (ATM/POS), Card Not Present, Internet Banking, NFC and the Mobile Wallet, M-Commerce, E-commerce, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking, Extranet, VPN, Remote Access.

ValidSoft's security solutions include:


VALid® offers a strong, mutual, multi-factor authentication and transaction verification process that combats fraud across multiple banking channels (web, phone and contact center). It protects bank's customers that use online banking, M-banking, telephone banking and contact centres. For telephone banking and contact center authentication the solution can utilize Voice Verification which leverages the power of ValidSoft's voice biometrics solution, VALid -SVP™, and provides a highly intuitive and simplified transaction process for the customer. Voice Verification can also be included for Web and M-banking transactions.

Transaction Verification not only authenticates the customer but also ensures the integrity of the transaction detail itself. This counters even the most sophisticated electronic fraud, including "Man-in-the-Middle" and "Man-in-the-Browser" attacks. This solution increases consumer confidence, reduces operational costs and protects the integrity of electronic transactions.

  • Combats the latest electronic fraud – phishing, vishing, smishing, pharming, man- in-the-middle and man-in-the browser
    Makes sure that the bank and the customer are really who they say they are
    Guards against transactions being tampered with
    A single, consistent approach across all electronic channels
    No need to provide users with special equipment like tokens or card readers
    Matches the level of security to the risk
    Supports millions of users


VALid-SVP™ is VALid® voice biometrics plug-in, based on a completely modular architecture, which allows organizations to easily integrate voice verification, into a broader authentication framework. VALid-SVP™ includes a leading-edge voice biometrics engine, 100% IP owned and developed by ValidSoft R&D team. It can also integrate third-party engines. VALid-SVP's™ voice biometric engine includes:

  • Text-dependent and text-independent voice verification mode
    Secure voice print database manager
    Enrollment module with control of voice print quality
    Real-time and interactive extension for smooth operation
    Anti-spoofing and replay attack detection


VALid-4F™ is the world's first commercially available four-factor authentication solution utilizing a single integrated platform. Four-factor authentication comprises the traditional factors of "something you know," "something you have," and "something you are" with the additional dimension of "somewhere you are." In the case of the latter, ValidSoft use its unique anonymous proximity correlation logic, VALid-POS®, which was awarded the European Privacy Seal in March 2010.

Apart from having a fully integrated proximity engine based on the global mobile telephone network, Valid-4F™ also boasts its own biometric Voice Verification engine, providing the highest level of user authentication available through its use of text dependent, text-independent and conversational voice verification. Coupled with its out-of-band authentication and transaction-verification model, VALid-4F™ provides all four authentication factors utilizing a single consumer device, the mobile phone.

The second European Privacy Seal is awarded for VALid-4F™which applies to self-certification solutions, those being especially relevant to governments. In an increasingly mobile and global world, it is becoming more and more important that individuals can quickly and simply certify, by and for themselves, over a mobile phone, who they are, and that they are fulfilling certain conditions, including whether they are, or not, in a particular country or jurisdiction. It is also crucial in such circumstances that the relevant self-certification is reliable and verifiable. The product achieves this without privacy-intrusive processing, in a way that is fully compliant with European data protection standards.


VALid-POS® is a real-time out-of-band card-present fraud detection and prevention solution. Designed to combat ATM and point-of-sale card fraud, it determines, in real-time, that a physical transaction involving a payment card is in proximity to a mobile phone linked to the actual cardholder in less than 400 milliseconds. VALid-POS® is invisible to the card holder and can be used to combat cross-border and domestic card-present fraud. VALid-POS® creates a paradigm shift in eliminating false-positives and fundamentally changes how card-present fraud is managed today.

ValidSoft is the only software security company in the world to be awarded the prestigious European Seal for its VALid-POS® solution, demonstrating total compliance with European data protection and privacy laws.

Key advantages:

  • Integrates with existing risk engines
    Operates in real-time, near real-time or batch
    Virtually eliminates 'false positives'
    Increases fraud discovery rates and creates additional capacity
    Operates in an invisible fashion
    Provides automated resolution via voice and text
    Reduces costs
    Improves customer satisfaction
    Fully compliant with EU data protection and privacy law



Strategic Partnerships

To meet the varied business goals of its customers, Elephant Talk works in close collaboration with other expert organizations and leading service providers. Elephant Talk understands that the right partnerships are crucial in enabling and delivering the highest level of quality of product capability and professionalism. To ensure this vision is met, Elephant Talk has teamed up with world-leading partners and service providers.

Expert partners include

In order to achieve world class system performance, Elephant Talk works together with the best technical partners worldwide.

Technical partners include




Client Testimonials

"Our ambition is to deliver real added value for our customers and sport clubs, with features like mobile ticketing and loyalty programs. We believe we can achieve these goals by utilizing the Elephant Talk platform, industry expertise and developmental power. As an added benefit, we needed a supplier that could service us going abroad on very short notice, and Elephant Talk can meet this goal."

Frans Nomden


"Elephant Talk's fully integrated platform will be used to host the mobile services and to support the various communication needs in The Netherlands. The platform will also support our future roadmap to maintain our presence within the Dutch market. We will be joining our efforts together with Elephant Talk to let our Antillean and Surinam customers gain profit from the global presence of Elephant Talk's network and termination possibilities, as well as connect the home markets of UTS. This is an excellent agreement for us, Elephant Talk and the customers we will serve."

Paul de Geus


"Zain will have many new options to offer to mobile customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will introduce new brands that Zain can use to create unique selling points to outplay the competition. For instance, with the rapid increase of smart phones, the popularity of data applications is growing fast. Working with the Elephant Talk platform supports our strategy to set a trend in utilizing the mobile phone to its maximum extent of tomorrow's capability."

Saad AlBaraak

"Cleartech is very proud to be partner with ET. This partnership allows us to continue providing the Brazilian market with world class services. With our Telecom and Business experience in Brazil together with Elephant Talk ´s experience in the MVNO domain, we are certain we have the best platform for our customers with a flexible business model and strong competitive advantages."

Marcos Bellotti

"Yon Moreira (CEO Surf Telecom®): We are confident that Elephant Talk will help us launch a new wave of Brazilian MVNOs thanks to its unique ET Software DNA® 2.0 Platform that will enable Surf Telecom to be the first real MVNE platform unburdened by the legacy-based services currently offered in Brazil. Supported by the ET Software DNA® 2.0 platform, Surf Telecom® now is able to deliver MVNOs what the market demands: speed, flexibility and affordable prices."



Global Reach

With offices in the U.S., UK, Bahrain, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Belgium and Indonesia, and a worldwide partnership with Hewlett-Packard, Elephant Talk has established a core market reach that currently covers the entire globe.




Steven van der Velden - Chairman & CEO

Steven van der Velden has extensive entrepreneurial experience in logistics, telecommunications, e-commerce and investment management. He is involved in various ICT ventures throughout Europe, North America, the Far East and Caribbean, and formerly co-founded E-commerce Park NV in Curacao, which developed a 50,000-square-foot data center and Internet hosting facility, the International Telemedia Association (known today as Network for Online Commerce), and InTouch Telecom SA/NV, where he served as CEO until the company was successfully sold to GTS in 1999. He earned his MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and his master's degree in law from Leiden University.



Dr. Armin G.Hessler - Co-President, mobile platform business

Dr. Armin G. Hessler previously headed Vodafone's Global Data Center Management, Service Excellence and Enterprise IT, Strategy & Innovation. Before that he was director IT Operations & IT Customer Services and director of Global Web Enablement at Vodafone. Hessler has also served Terenci AG (Mobile b2b Solutions), Mannesmann AG (director of international projects), AT&T-Unisource NV (director of operations). He also served Telefónica de España (Spain) and was Associate Professor (University of Technology Aachen, Germany). Armin holds various university degrees, studied/served at the University of Technology Aachen, Universidad de Barcelona and as "Visiting Doctoral Fellow" at the Wharton School of Business.



Martin Zuurbier - Co-President, mobile platform business

Martin Zuurbier has over 15 years of direct experience in the telecommunications industry. He was the chief technology officer of Benoit Telecom Holding AG, a telecom service provider in Europe. Zuurbier later served as director and founder of Vocalis Telecom Group located in The Netherlands and Switzerland. He was responsible for building, maintaining and operating a telecommunications network spanning eight countries in Europe including all back-office billing and CRM capabilities. He has been instrumental in developing new switching technology for the telecoms industry.



Pat Carroll - Founder and Executive Chairman of ValidSoft

Pat Carroll has over 20 years of experience in information technology and financial markets. Throughout his career, Carroll has been at the forefront of industry thinking, representing organisator on industry bodies and leading participation in industry initiatives. At ValidSoft, he leads the R&D function and is responsible for intellectual property and new patents. ValidSoft is regarded by leading research analysts as an innovator and a leader in the field of security having received many name checks in key research notes. Prior to founding ValidSoft, Carroll was employed as head of Electronic Trading Technology in Europe for Goldman Sachs International where responsibilities included technical strategy related to electronic trading, client connectivity and straight through processing (STP). In addition, Carroll co-headed European Equities Technology and was a technical advisor to the Investment Banking Division (PIA). Carroll has extensive financial services and technical experience (over 25 years) and has previously worked in a senior capacity with J.P Morgan, Credit Suisse Financial Products and Bankers Trust Company.



Paul Burmester - ValidSoft CEO

With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Paul Burmester still continues to be amazed and excited by the latest developments. Burmester has driven six successful exits during his career and has focused on building up early stage privately funded technology businesses to the point of market success and profitable exit through IPO or acquisition. The most recent of these being four in the mobile industry with SpinVox, a leading developer of "Speech to Text" technology being sold to Nuance for $103M; ViAir, the first company to develop real time mobile access to Exchange & Notes, was acquired by Visto for $65M; Paragon Software, the inventors of SyncML, was sold to Phone.com for $515M & Mobile Systems International, the leading designer of mobile networks, sold to Marconi for $618M. Currently based in London, Burmester has lived and worked in various countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.



Mark Nije - CFO

Prior to becoming CFO, Mark Nije was general manager Europe for the Benoit Telecom Group, from 2004 and later for Elephant Talk, after the acquisition of the Group. Nije is experienced in project and investment management, business development, logistics and telecommunications, with primary responsibilities in accounting, finance and business control. Nije started as project manager and management consultant for Tebodin Consulting Engineers and for Reitsma and Wertheim Merger & Acquisition specialists in the Netherlands. In 1990 he co-founded Logistic Management International NV (LMI), an international cargo transportation and airport handling company at the airport of Curaçao, former Netherlands Antilles. He also served as board member and vice-chairman of the Curaçao Exporters Association. From 2000-2002 he was a partner of QAT Investment SA, the Luxembourg venture capital fund, where he has been active as investment manager and/or board member in various ICT related ventures of QAT. Within the Benoit Telecom Group, he was GM/CFO and specifically managed the various asset acquisitions and audits. Since 2008 he is CFO of Elephant Talk. Since then Elephant Talk grew from a 'small business filer' to an 'accelerated filer' and was upgraded from its quotation on the OTCBB to a listing at the NYSE. Nije earned his MBA with focus on finance & marketing from the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University, the Netherlands, including an exchange program at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management from the University of Reading, United Kingdom.



Alex Vermeulen - General Counsel

Alex Vermeulen worked for 20 years as manager with ING, one of Europe's leading financial groups. Amongst others Vermeulen served as general manager for the Caribbean area and as general manager of Postbank Insurances, a leading direct writer in the Dutch market. In Italy he was responsible for all the life insurance activities of ING and was director of various ING entities, including the investment funds company. In 2003 Vermeulen started his own consultancy company in Italy, initially with advisory services in the life insurance market and broadening later on to other sectors. In 2006 Vermeulen started working for Elephant Talk as consultant. In 2007 he joined Elephant Talk full time as general counsel. Alex studied law at the Leiden University and took his masters in 1981.



Willem Bekkema - Global Manager Human Resources

As the global manager of human resources (HR), Willem Bekkema is responsible for the development and execution of an international HR management strategy designed to meet the growth ambitions of the Elephant Talk Group. Before joining Elephant Talk, Bekkema managed human resources for Atradius Collections, a global leader in business-to-business debt collections with twenty offices across the world and a presence in 220 countries. For driving the company's HR agenda to fit its new international plans, he was awarded a Star Performance Award by Atradius. Earlier in his career, Bekkema served in various senior HR positions for Arcadis, PA Consulting Group, and TomTom International. As global manager of HR for TomTom, Bekkema was key in growing the company worldwide, staffing new branches in Europe, Asia and Oceania. Bekkema has a business law bachelor's degree from the Hanze University in Groningen and also a master's degree in organization and management sociology from the University of Amsterdam.




Elephant Talk Communications Corp.
100 Park Avenue, Suite 1600
New York, NY 10017
3645 Marketplace Blvd.
Suite 130-280
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-941-8975

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