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So you got KILLED by MrMarket

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This board is for all those that have taken a whooping in the market and need a place to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back into the game. There is only one rule here and that is respect for your fellow posters. Every opinion will be respected, both positive and negative on any given topic or stock. If there is one thing I've learned it's that things are not what they seem and following the HERD will get you slaughtered. Lock in a base hit and forget those PUMPS about hitting a home run. Take your initial investment out at the earliest moment and play with the house's money. Hopefully this board can be an unbiased place providing the wealth of experience and knowledge that is available from the IHUB community and its members. The goal at the end of the day is to NOT get KILLED by MrMarket. -kojira The truth according to the crustacean: "99% of pinksheets are probably scams or borderline scams. At the very least, they are being diluted into oblivion in order to provide financing for one of the CEO's other! The rest are riddled with toxic financing and deadly convertibles waiting to be triggered like landmines. There is no regulation or oversight of the pinksheet market, nor any requirement to file or provide any transparency to investors. Pinksheet shareholders are asked to go on 'faith' that the company is who and what they say they are. But 'faith' in pennies can be a financial death wish. If the pinksheet is incorporated in Nevada, they can dilute at will, with extreme prejudice. I would say to beware of any company with a gagged transfer agent. If they are hiding their OS, it's because they know shareholders wouldn't like what they'd find out. imho. Also be aware that dilution generally is eventually followed by it's dreaded sibling, the brutal reverse split. OTCBBs may have many of the same problems, but at least are required to file 10ks with the SEC. Financials are not a gift to be doled out every leap year on a whim, but a requirement. Failure to file will bring about an "e" on their ticker and a delisting to the pinksheets. Therefore, OTCBBs are a little better, but there still are no guarantees. Many have the same problems with debt and deception. FHAL/CSHD was an OTCBB, fwiw. In the penny market, it is safer to assume the stock is a scam, and let them convince you otherwise. The veteran traders around here have learned to ignore the story, and most trade only the mometum and the volume. Even scams can make you money, but only if you trade them. Maybe one in 1000 penny stocks has the actual potential to become a genuine company. I won't rule it out. But while you're waiting, trade the rest and exit your positions when the PPS starts to fall below your pre-determined level. You'll sleep better at night. Post by Stock Lobster Spotting a potentially bad investment or dare I say "SCAM", red flags to watch for: Safety tips for penny players: Some pearls from lowman: lowman's Money 101 board:
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#71   when is pypr going to see anything? bizzygrrl81 12/13/06 10:40:09 AM
#70   this was a good read bizzygrrl81 12/13/06 10:38:04 AM
#69   Thanks for correcting me on that! I will Stock Lobster 11/19/06 08:08:22 PM
#68   I hear ya'. Time for a some consolidation DeepBlue1 11/19/06 08:06:07 PM
#67   No, but it doesn't matter what I think, Stock Lobster 11/19/06 08:01:51 PM
#66   Not sure "revelations" is the word I'd use DeepBlue1 11/19/06 07:56:36 PM
#65   Actually, the alarm went off yesterday: Stock Lobster 11/19/06 07:45:28 PM
#64   What happens when you wave your BS detector DeepBlue1 11/19/06 07:42:18 PM
#63   Thank you Many! Y'never know when I might Stock Lobster 11/19/06 05:56:20 PM
#62   Yes, I saw what I called the 'SLJB Stock Lobster 11/19/06 05:50:49 PM
#61   That's all true ... thanks ... manysevens 11/19/06 05:33:05 PM
#60   Another cycle of "weeding out"...[note the date of DeepBlue1 11/19/06 05:17:40 PM
#59   I guess because many of us are in Stock Lobster 11/19/06 05:07:35 PM
#58   Have to agree with that too. manysevens 11/19/06 05:03:05 PM
#57   fyi: Many Pinksheets are created to be destroyed: Stock Lobster 11/19/06 04:56:28 PM
#56   Problem with this is, newbies won't even know DeepBlue1 11/19/06 02:41:22 PM
#55   Congrats on the new board Kojira, I like it. manysevens 11/19/06 01:39:31 PM
#54   Have to agree with that. manysevens 11/19/06 01:37:23 PM
#53   Yes, 100% true. We make the decision kojira 11/19/06 01:23:40 PM
#52   Excellent Scam Checklist: Stock Lobster 11/19/06 12:22:16 PM
#51   Ah, lowman and laptoptrader, two of me fav starboy 11/19/06 08:27:04 AM
#50   And for those of you who have ALREADY DeepBlue1 11/19/06 06:34:56 AM
#49   "Newbies need to be warned but you can't lowman 11/19/06 05:39:24 AM
#48   Perhaps if a few others suggested to Matt, Churak 11/19/06 05:31:22 AM
#47   Some excellent posts already, on this very young lowman 11/19/06 05:09:30 AM
#46   I Think the Point I Am Trying to fringe_remnant 11/18/06 08:55:30 PM
#45   One secret in "pinkyville" is diversification. atout 11/18/06 05:27:16 PM
#44   Thanks Fringe. It's great to see you kojira 11/18/06 04:08:40 PM
#43   MACDad...thanks for the kind comments. If we kojira 11/18/06 03:54:25 PM
#42   GLTY with the Board and future trading. originunknown 11/18/06 11:03:18 AM
#41   kojira fringe_remnant 11/18/06 10:43:03 AM
#40   On a lighter note..Safety Tips for Penny Players: Stock Lobster 11/18/06 10:19:43 AM
#38   Several Great Posts SL - hopefully your well MACDad 11/18/06 09:46:57 AM
#37   Doesn't he talk to the moon people? Maybe Stock Lobster 11/18/06 09:43:23 AM
#36   man thats a great idea!!! i love it!!! BerryBuck 11/18/06 09:42:40 AM
#35   I wish someone like Stephen Colbert would go. Stock Lobster 11/18/06 09:39:54 AM
#34   I AM GOING!!!! no ifs ands or buts BerryBuck 11/18/06 09:32:34 AM
#33   I had just seen the special "by invitation Stock Lobster 11/18/06 09:28:40 AM
#32   lobster!! the imperial wizard(rufus paul harris) is going BerryBuck 11/18/06 09:04:26 AM
#31   LOL! This week I just broke my own rules Stock Lobster 11/18/06 08:48:56 AM
#30   you might as well add #10 to that list: Churak 11/18/06 08:41:04 AM
#29   Churak, I agree with all you have said. Stock Lobster 11/18/06 08:32:45 AM
#28   Haha, I call that. Don't beat me mjm2005 11/18/06 07:15:45 AM
#27   mjm2005...the results probably wouldn't suffer much...burp. I kojira 11/18/06 07:06:16 AM
#26   PDC, I am begining to thnk you have Churak 11/18/06 06:36:58 AM
#25   LOL, you don't drink? Sometimes it seems mjm2005 11/18/06 05:59:12 AM
#24   Best of luck to you, Kojira. The Stock Lobster 11/17/06 10:00:56 PM
#23   Thanks SL. I hope you drop by kojira 11/17/06 09:48:31 PM
#22   Kojira, good luck with this board. Stock Lobster 11/17/06 09:41:50 PM
#21   Spin...welcome to the board of extreme pain. kojira 11/17/06 09:37:32 PM