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Scam or not, why would anyone be foolish MBEANS 02/17/23 1:43 PM
$TZPC yes this pink sheet SCAM does a wickerman 02/17/23 12:21 AM
Agree! Stock can easily run very quickly.
MBEANS 02/15/23 6:51 PM
Nice to see. Wonder whats next for DawgTrading 01/23/23 1:01 PM
Pink current this morning… cameron86 01/20/23 9:36 AM
Love to see 5$ again cameron86 01/09/23 3:09 PM
Address recently updated on otc cameron86 01/09/23 12:23 PM
I think this might be the company in cameron86 01/09/23 12:23 PM
$TZPC: Not a bad lil bounce........ worthh holding makinezmoney 01/09/23 10:33 AM
Waking up…? cameron86 01/09/23 10:08 AM
Still has some potential imo cameron86 11/22/22 3:41 PM
I remember when this was fun lmao cameron86 11/22/22 3:40 PM
$TZPC oh the horror a 5.8m float .03 wickerman 07/20/22 11:26 PM
Exactly! Diluting machine, look at Outstanding Shares now, hondaboost 04/28/22 1:14 AM
Low float pump and dump most likely. At Big Brother 04/11/22 1:51 PM
Why did it hit 39 last time like JMoneyHoops 04/09/22 1:01 PM
$TZPC which would make the float 23.8K if wickerman 03/31/22 1:47 PM
Really not that surprising at all honestly, took Big Brother 03/31/22 11:56 AM
Yep, real tough rwalto 03/31/22 10:36 AM
On January 25, 2022 the Company filed a Big Brother 03/31/22 10:36 AM
Let's go baby. rwalto 03/31/22 8:34 AM
Reverse Merger just got real. wickerman 03/31/22 4:30 AM
Either .04 or news and .06 through .08 Neweconomy 03/25/22 2:23 PM
Whats price target here picked up some .. ALIENZ 03/23/22 1:25 PM
Love to see it move like it did cameron86 03/23/22 12:46 PM
Starting to gain support. Good be in for cameron86 03/23/22 12:45 PM
Waking back up here?? cameron86 03/21/22 9:23 AM
Yes it’s coming Life is great 03/16/22 1:47 PM
Level 2 building, basically no selling compared to rwalto 03/16/22 1:46 PM
We will see Life is great 03/16/22 12:57 PM
Ran to $40 over a year ago. So Imarket13 03/16/22 12:57 PM
Couple thousands percent today? Maybe Life is great 03/16/22 12:04 PM
One of the best OTC moves over the rwalto 03/16/22 11:58 AM
Could see $5 first. tiger3 03/16/22 11:53 AM
Well anyway a great trade today $$$ Timing101 03/16/22 11:44 AM
Wow what a move rwalto 03/16/22 11:41 AM
39 bucks again? Lol! Wouldn't that be hysterical jdes 03/16/22 11:35 AM
too myself not to anyone in here shurtha2000 03/16/22 11:34 AM
f shurtha2000 03/16/22 11:29 AM
Woooo boy rwalto 03/16/22 11:29 AM
Np, looking for a nice runner here. She rwalto 03/16/22 11:26 AM
Thank u my friend lowfloatmaster 03/16/22 11:19 AM
Finally sold some of these mothers shurtha2000 03/16/22 11:15 AM
Sorry, *AMG* Gaming and Tech rwalto 03/16/22 11:09 AM
Delaware is weird with website links since you rwalto 03/16/22 11:07 AM
Link ?ty lowfloatmaster 03/16/22 10:55 AM
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ThermaFreeze Products Corporation (TZPC)

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ThermaFreeze Videos


How to Use Video


The product is dry and made up of 3 thin pieces of material. It can be stored efficiently, freeing up cabinet or freezer space. To use ThermaFreeze, the pads are hydrated and then frozen. The unique properties of ThermaFreeze provide greater thermal protection in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing product spoilage. When the product is used in a cooler it provides more hours of cooling power than ice, gel packs, or ice bricks.  It also may be refrozen and reused many of times!


For commercial applications, ThermaFreeze pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper.

For consumer applications, ThermaFreeze pads can go into lunch bags and coolers. They are flexible and can be wrapped around bottles and cans. ThermaFreeze provides unparalleled cooling power, unlike any product on the market.


ThermaFreeze pads are manufactured dry, in rolls measuring 6 cells x 1500 cells. Individual cells measure 2.5" x 2.5", laminated together in a waffle pattern. The pads are constructed with a plastic film on one side and a non-woven fabric on the reverse.

A 6-cell x 4-cell pad, measures 15" x 10" and weighs one ounce when dry. Each cell contains a biodegradable, non-toxic, crystallized polymer compound that absorbs water on contact, and holds the water in a gel-like state.

When hydrated, the pad weighs 24 ounces. Hydration takes only seconds per pad and is done by spraying the non-woven fabric side of the pad with warm water.


Once hydrated, it is ready to be placed in a freezer and will be fully frozen in approximately 2 hours. When used as a hot compress application, it can be placed in a standard microwave for approximately 30 seconds and is ready for use.

ThermaFreeze is a dry gel pack alternative to ice and ice substitutes.

ThermaFreeze is also unique in that it is flexible when frozen, so it fits the curvature of the product being chilled or the body part needing relief.

ThermaFreeze is plastic on one side and soft cloth on the other side offering a comfortable refrigeration temperature for up to 90 minutes versus 25 minutes for traditional gel pack products.

ThermaFreeze sheets, which can be cut to virtually any size, are ideal for keeping food and beverages chilled in portable ice chests, protecting foods during shipment, keeping school lunches cool, and serving as a cold compress.

ThermaFreeze costs less than alternative products in the same category, lasts longer under a wide variety of conditions, and weights less when shipped dry then any other ice alternative.

For commercial applications, ThermaFreeze pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper.

For consumer applications, ThermaFreeze pads can go into lunch bags and coolers. They are flexible and can be wrapped around bottles and cans. ThermaFreeze provides unparalleled cooling power, unlike any product on the market.


Test Results

icon 10-Hour Comparative Product Lab Test of Insulin Shipment

icon 72-Hour Lab Test for Veterinary Vaccine Shipments

icon Boxes of Steak

icon Cold Compress Test on Patient’s Thigh

icon Test for Shipment of Kosher Meat

icon Hershey’s Temperature Testing – 48-Hour Summer

Substantial Reduction of Inbound Freight Cost

ThermaFreeze pads are shipped dry, gel packs are water-filled and ground shipped in pallets loads. A single pallet of 44 cases of gel packs weighs approximately 1,600 lbs. A study of UPS Ground shipping charges from Mobile, Alabama to a dozen US cities resulted in an average cost of $0.41 per pound, or $656 per pallet. Two cases of ThermaFreeze with a total weight of 48 lbs. produce 1,600 lbs. of equal refrigerant, at a cost of $19.68.


Superior Thermal Performance and Substantial Reduction in Outbound Freight Costs:

ThermaFreeze is flexible when frozen and its flat, flexible properties distribute cold evenly. It stays frozen 25% longer than an equal mass of gel pack under the same conditions. ThermaFreeze pads allow a perishable product to be partially or completely encased, resulting in significant reductions in spoilage rates.


When thawing begins, a pad continues to provide a cooling affect. Due to the non-woven fabric side and because of the same technology that allows for a pad to be hydrated, the water that is suspended in gel state will begin to evaporate out of the cell. The water will not appear in a liquid state, creating a watery mess, but rather sublime or evaporate into the atmosphere as water vapor. Through this process of sublimation, ThermaFreeze continues to provide cooling, until the pad is fully dehydrated, typically over a period of 7 – 10 days.


This increased effectiveness in the distribution of cooling throughout the shipping package, provides a longer shipping window. Twenty-four hour shipments can be increased to 36 – 48 hours or more, resulting in significantly reduced outbound transit costs.

Outstanding : 97,933,240 as of 2008-05-08
Authorized : 100,000,000 as of 2008-05-08


ThermaFreeze™ Products Corporation
65 Mechanic Street
Suite 104
Red Bank, NJ 07701

5770 I-10 Industrial Parkway,
Theodore, AL 36582-1666

Phone: (877) 777-TFZP
Fax: (732) 676-7697
Jim Bolton
(877) 777-TFZP (8397)

under "filings" section:

Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information Dec 31, 2007 May 9, 2008
Articles of Incorporation May 9, 2008 May 9, 2008
Corporate Bylaws May 9, 2008 May 9, 2008
Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement Dec 31, 2007 Apr 14, 2008

TFZP Yahoo message board:

View Thermafreeze video presentation

ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation and Recover Gear Announce Pact for Line of Compression Garments
Marketwire(Tue, May 6)ThermaFreeze Products Corporation Announces Coconut Bay Trading Co. Adopts ThermaFreeze in Perishable Shipments
Marketwire(Thu, Apr 3)ThermaFreeze Products Corporation Reports Begins Offering ThermaFreeze Compresses
Marketwire(Thu, Mar 27)ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation Announced Today That BioScan Screening Systems, Inc. Has Adopted ThermaFreeze(TM) Refrigerant
Marketwire(Thu, Mar 6)ThermaFreeze Products Corporation Increases Production Output to Meet Projected 2008 Demand
Marketwire(Thu, Dec 20)Repeat: ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation Announced Today the Adoption of ThermaFreeze(TM) Refrigerant by Hershey Gifts

Thermafreeze NEWS headlines

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ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation and Recover Gear Announce Pact for Line of Compression Garments
Tuesday May 6, 8:17 am ET

RED BANK, NJ--(MARKET WIRE)--May 6, 2008 -- ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation (Other OTC:TFZP.PK - News) and Recover Gear/Fizio (, announced today the adoption of ThermaFreeze™ in Recover Gear/Fizio's compression product line.

Steve Petitt, CEO of Recover Gear, stated, "As a former professional baseball player and World Class triathlete, I got tired of balancing ice packs on injured areas of my body. Recovery Gear/Fizio is a recovery system that incorporates compression and hot and cold therapy in 6 different garments with pockets able to insert ThermaFreeze™ to provide relief to muscles, joints and tendons. We have tried every gel pack on the market, but they all proved to be too heavy and cumbersome, and don't have hot and cold capability. Our research showed that ThermaFreeze™ stays cold 4 times longer than conventional gel packs and is much lighter and flexible, so it doesn't weigh down our garments when inserted into the pockets of our garments. I'm pleased to announce that Recover Gear/Fizio will be using ThermaFreeze™ exclusively as our hot and cold modality source. There is no other system on the market today that combines our unique technologies. Ice and compression has been around for a long time, but until Recover Gear/Fizio, incorporating ThermaFreeze™, there has never been a more effective and efficient way to provide hot and cold therapy."

Jim Bolton, Chief Operating Officer of ThermaFreeze™, stated, "Recover Gear/Fizio is a great compression product line. Serious and recreational athletes, along with anyone that experiences joint and muscle pain will find Recover Gear's compress products beneficial."

About ThermaFreeze

ThermaFreeze(TM) Products Corporation ( manufactures and markets a patented, innovative refrigerant product designed for use in the commercial shipment of perishables, and for use as a consumer compress and chiller product. ThermaFreeze(TM) refrigerant, is flat, light-weight and flexible, even when frozen. In addressing industry needs, the goal was to produce a non-toxic, low-weight, flat, highly efficient refrigerant. ThermaFreeze(TM) pads act as the refrigerant packaging component designed to maintain optimum, full-coverage temperatures throughout the cold-chain process. ThermaFreeze(TM) pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper. ThermaFreeze(TM) pads are also used in a variety of consumer applications. Because the product is dry and made up of 2 thin pieces of material it can be stored efficiently, freeing up a cabinet or freezer space. Once needed ThermaFreeze(TM) can be manually hydrated and put into the freezer a couple of hours before use, or can be kept frozen for use as needed. ThermaFreeze(TM) can go into lunch bags, coolers and even be wrapped around bottles, cans etc.

About Recover Gear/Fizio

The Recover Gear System ( combines the properties of a compression garment with the healing aspects of hot and cold modalities.

The concept of sewing pockets on the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles of compression tights was the birth of Recover Gear. This creative yet simple concept has evolved into a patented system like no other. Recover Gear's product line includes:

Tights - quadriceps, hamstrings & calves

Shorts - quadriceps & hamstrings

Shirt - shoulders & lower back

Elbow Sleeve - elbow & forearm

Knee Sleeve - knee

Ankle Sleeve - ankle, foot & Achilles.

For ThermaFreeze Products Corporation
Jim Bolton
(877) 777-TFZP (8397)

For Recover Gear/Fizio
Steve Petitt
(904) 853-6578
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