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Not sure what is going on.... from 0.0001 sakssey23 03/26/21 5:11 PM
SALN SEC Suspension because of questions regarding the Renee 03/16/20 10:01 AM
Steve passed away a few years ago, I G from Brooklyn 04/26/18 3:26 PM
does anyone know if the Casciola's are still uptickrick 04/12/18 5:50 PM
Anyone know why this was running ? Something Yougotthisdude 06/08/17 6:44 PM
$SALN back to .0029 tripil7z 06/08/17 2:55 PM
$SALN: About to go past $0.003s now makinezmoney 06/08/17 2:52 PM
Could move much higher like 0.004+ Tripzerostockplayz 06/08/17 11:56 AM
Yeah moves on nothing Tripzerostockplayz 06/08/17 11:56 AM
$SALN .001 wow shes thin folks tripil7z 06/08/17 10:38 AM
$SALN buying .0005s in lotto account this tripil7z 06/07/17 10:41 AM
On 12/02/14 Steve Casciola Passed Away from a Brooklyn Attitude 12/04/14 4:37 PM
I see the emails of BE have stop! just4fun2 10/14/14 11:09 AM
This is a scam stock. I made a StockSniper00 07/14/14 5:44 PM
I sold out before the close, wish you KrakenTaken 04/25/14 4:57 PM
SALN 0.0019 +0.0016 +533.33% 6,303,547 is wittke 04/25/14 3:40 PM
ahhhhhh hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahahahahah weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee KrakenTaken 04/25/14 3:08 PM
Anyone call this joker , to see what just4fun2 12/11/13 1:15 PM
Today SALN 0.0005 +0.0002 +66.67% 350,000 - - - wittke 11/04/13 1:51 PM
Has anyone heard from this guy?? I still just4fun2 09/16/13 12:52 PM
It will not respond back to any emails, just4fun2 03/12/13 8:55 AM
I emailed 2 weeks ago but have yet Consigliere74 03/11/13 10:08 AM
Has anyone Try calling this Joker recently ?? just4fun2 03/11/13 10:04 AM
Salon City, Inc. Caveat Emptor cash4 03/03/13 7:34 PM
The Big problem is the Guy and his just4fun2 02/25/13 1:58 PM
SALN .0004 379kvs250shares_volume 10day-avg on-watch Always think SuperC 02/19/13 5:03 PM
Whatever happened to this pos lol. I remember Consigliere74 12/19/12 12:38 PM
First post in 2 years. Frasier ( Steve) lisacans 10/17/12 12:35 PM
IMHO I think Investors should start going to just4fun2 02/14/12 12:08 PM
steve is a steaming pile of cow $hit carl2591 02/13/12 6:23 PM
Has any one heard from Steve Lately ???? just4fun2 01/23/12 12:24 PM
GEE Looks Like "STEVE" For Got about his just4fun2 01/11/12 8:27 AM
looks Dead. no heartbeat. cant even get 1 MakinBank 11/03/11 3:47 PM
I held all mine. For better or Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 10:55 PM
7.4M in volume up 90% @0.0021. If Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 2:31 PM
ya i am uncertain whast goin on looks hwllo 10/03/11 2:04 PM
You notice how the price does not keep just4fun2 10/03/11 2:01 PM
now this moves. shhhhiii dshade 10/03/11 1:59 PM
y is this unstoppable and keeps goin today hwllo 10/03/11 1:08 PM
whats going on here? y is this moving? MakinBank 10/03/11 12:55 PM
500k ticked @ 0.035 on ask. Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 12:52 PM
0.003 vs 0.0035 now Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 12:35 PM
Lots of games in this one. But Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 12:20 PM
Don't hold your Breath on it! It's not just4fun2 10/03/11 11:49 AM
I'm still here. And I think we Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 10:54 AM
123k in volume @0.018 moves her to 0.0021 Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 9:53 AM
She's on the move again today.. Welsh_Dragon 10/03/11 9:50 AM
Yep, easy to create huge volume on a Sola Fide 09/29/11 9:49 AM
So much for the News!!!! Lol Pump & Dump!!! just4fun2 09/29/11 9:45 AM
Nada much today. No move at all Welsh_Dragon 09/28/11 11:30 PM
Likes Subject

03/26/21 5:11 PM
G from Brooklyn
04/26/18 3:26 PM
04/12/18 5:50 PM
06/08/17 6:44 PM
06/08/17 2:55 PM
06/08/17 2:52 PM
06/08/17 11:56 AM
06/08/17 11:56 AM
06/08/17 10:38 AM
06/07/17 10:41 AM
Brooklyn Attitude
12/04/14 4:37 PM
10/14/14 11:09 AM
07/14/14 5:44 PM
04/25/14 4:57 PM
12/11/13 1:15 PM
09/16/13 12:52 PM
03/12/13 8:55 AM
03/11/13 10:08 AM
03/11/13 10:04 AM
03/03/13 7:34 PM
02/25/13 1:58 PM
12/19/12 12:38 PM
10/17/12 12:35 PM
02/14/12 12:08 PM
02/13/12 6:23 PM
01/23/12 12:24 PM
01/11/12 8:27 AM
11/03/11 3:47 PM
10/03/11 10:55 PM
10/03/11 2:31 PM
10/03/11 2:04 PM
10/03/11 2:01 PM
10/03/11 1:59 PM
10/03/11 12:55 PM
10/03/11 12:52 PM
10/03/11 12:35 PM
10/03/11 12:20 PM
10/03/11 11:49 AM
10/03/11 10:54 AM
10/03/11 9:53 AM
10/03/11 9:50 AM
Sola Fide
09/29/11 9:49 AM
09/29/11 9:45 AM
09/28/11 11:30 PM

Salon City Inc. (SALN)

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Symbol: SALN:PK


On The Cusp Of A Beauty Revolution!

Imagine a world in which salons and up to 25,000,000 clients belong to a group where they no longer need to rely on other sources of information, news and beauty entertainment - where they can find a source for trusted products, services and information to help them feel more connected, healthy and beautiful. Imagine all of this - seen and or provided through Salon City's worldwide network.

Now, imagine you had invested early in the companies that made it all happen... the companies that will create the content and manufacture these product technologies for millions of people.. for decades to come. Kind of like getting a piece of Apple's stock back in 1984.

Salon City is on the verge of cornering the new media market in the salon industry by capitalizing on revolutionary technology and media developments. Salon City offers media benefits that nurture an ever-growing market, and delivers an enormous amount of business management experience in developing both media and content for the salon industry.

Salon City, Inc. is an emerging public company in the media, publishing and lifestyle sector. Salon City is the first publicly traded media, marketing and distribution company in the history of professional salon industry worldwide. Salon City creates, brands and distributes information and content. It's current distribution channels are consumer, B2B and direct. It uses digital, online, mobile and print mediums to deliver unique Beauty Entertainment, publications, products and services. It markets and brands products through its award-winning web show, online, mobile and digital delivery system, salon network and new media. The company's largest future revenues may come from new products that have yet to be created or released.

Salon City's management, reputation and multi-media marketing skills are considered to be creative, unique and able to generate disruptive technology advancements in the market and industry.

Salon City is the only company in this unique position to collectively market and brand the $100 Billion dollar professional salon industry. Its flexibility is a key strength in the emerging stage of its growth.

Revenues are based on branding partnerships, advertising, sponsorships, newsstand sales, salons and salon customers. Scalable revenues will be derived from sustained memberships, licensing fees and product sales associated with Salon City's network of independent salons and involved clients.

Salon City is firmly entrenched in a continuously expanding, recession-strong market ( personal health and beauty professionals and salons can't have their jobs shipped overseas ) of 250,000 domestic beauty salons. Salon City is in a class of its own; the company owns it's own media, network, content and distribution. In short, a complete circle from beginning to end-user. Because Salon City has its own distribution, it can retail direct to consumers with its network and market though its media. Salon City will be aggregating and collectively marketing the influential 60% of independent salons with its media and distribution products.

Salon City owns its own professional salon distribution channel that can retail Salon City's brands of products and services Salon City is set to license a 'HOT 100' 'network of independent salons" that are marketed under the Salon City umbrella brand 'Salon City' and has the ability to attract millions of consumers to its network, generating valuable retail intelligence.

Salon City has strong ties in the professional salon industry. The company aims to further reach, unite and collectively brand the 250,000 independent salons with Salon City's partnered products and services and media. Salon City's business model is about to move into a breakout phase status after nearly three years of foundation-building and by setting the stage as both an emerging and reporting public company.

Salon City remains focused on its short term, fundamental goals while remaining committed to sustainable, long-term strategies for growth. By aiming for increased shareholder value and return on investment, management feels that its aims to influence millions of conscious consumers to re-direct their purchasing decisions towards a trusted Salon City brand and network will add both tangible and intangible value to the company's enterprise value. From a moral and ethical platform, the company intends to become a world-class destination for aligning individuals who share the common goal to make a positive contribution to themselves, America and a globally expanding, conscious society.

DISCLAIMER: Certain information contained in these materials is "forward-looking" information, such as projections, estimates, or statements of intentions, expectations or plans. All forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are outside of the control of the Company. Results may differ materially from the results contemplated in such forward-looking information. For more information email investorrelations@saloncity.com

  Press Release 10/5/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/535

Press Release 9/302009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5333

Press Release 9/29/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5332

Press Release 9/23/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5330

Press Release 9/23/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5328

Press Release 9/22/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5327

Press Release 9/15/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5325

Press Release 9/14/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5324

Press Release 9/10/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5322

Press Release 9/8/2009  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Salon-City-1041315.html

Press Release 9/3/2009  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Salon-City-1039825.html

Press Release 9/2/2009  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Salon-City-1038990.html

Press Release #2 9/1/2009  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Salon-City-Inc-1038335.html

Press Release #1 9/1/2009  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Salon-City-Inc-1038156.html

Press Release 8/31/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5316

Press Release  8/28/2009  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5315

Press Release 8/24/2009:   http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5311

Press Release 8/20/2009:   http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5306

Press Release 8/13/2009:  http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/5303


Steven and Annie Casciola

Latest Issue

First Anniversary Issue "April 2008"

On Sale across USA 

Salon City Web Series

The above Chart and the following Corporate Overview was released in 2006. Salon City, Inc. has met some of their goals that were laid out in those plans. The Salon City lifestyle magazine is now distributed to approximately 8000 of the best newsstands shelves and bookstores across the States and in over 30 Countries and the Salon City Web Site is up and running and receiving paid Web Show sponsors from some of the top companies in the world.

SALON CITY, INC. 2006 Revenue Distribution (Based on a $50 million model; $ 000) A Diversified Revenue Model Salon City’s branding model relies on a proprietary mix of media, marketing, and distribution, wherein each element synergistically reinforces The other. Within this model, the company will generate revenue in three ways: (i) advertising, (ii) membership fees, and (iii) product and event sales. Advertising revenue is driven by the benefit to manufacturers, distributors and salons to be featured in Salon City’s media (magazine, television and internet) and local and national events (both consumer and industry). Membership fees are derived by the ability of selected salons and distributors to benefit from inclusion within the “Salon City” brand name, and also the myriad special services provided by Salon City to members. Further revenues will be derived from sales of Salon City endorsed products to salons and consumers. Collectively these products and services benefit participants by shifting sales to them directly, and by enhancing the effectiveness of the entire salon industry. Management believes it is uniquely positioned to benefit the industry, and that it will be rewarded as the number-one force effecting change. Salon City is becoming well known in Hollywood circles for its ability to develop outstanding creative content for beauty conscious consumers. The company has been actively engaged in authorized celebrity photo shoots and exclusive cover stories on stars such as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Jamie Foxx, Heidi Klum, Ryan Seacrest and Fran Drescher. Salon City has a reputation for featuring top stars before their television shows air or major films and projects are released. Hollywood agents have come to rely on Salon City to feature their clients, and editorials featuring top designers like Salvatore Farragamo, Carolina Herrera and Pucci are now fully booked months in advance. Salon City constantly strives to excel in content creation. Salon City magazine is already the fastest growing and most influential beauty entertainment magazine in the industry, with current readership estimated at 210,000 readers per issue and circulation that is expected to double on an annual basis in the next few years. Presently, the magazine is published six months a year with an average run of 30,000 copies per issue. Advertising pages make up approximately 35% of each issue. Ninety percent of the present readership is through top salons, who receive the magazine at no charge. The magazine is also offered to select salon distributors, who in turn distribute it to their top accounts. The magazine is offered to both clients and professionals on a non-paid circulation basis. The other 10% percent of Salon City is currently sold on a limited basis for $4.50 an issue on Los Angeles and New York City newsstands. Salon City is prominently placed alongside titles like “W”, In Style and Oprah. Salon City is finalizing a contract for large scale newsstand distribution throughout the United States and internationally. Advertising and subscription revenues will increase dramatically. Salon City's magazine will be available in thousands of newsstands, airports and bookstores. Salon City will add several niche publications to promote its network members on a local basis to their clients.

909 N. Palm Avenue
Suite 311
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 310-358-9017
Fax: 310-358-9015
Investor Relations: investorrelations@saloncity.com

Steven Casciola, CEO/President/Chairman;
Annie Casciola, Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer/Dir.
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